Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Dear Ascending Family, 

The following transcript is a snapshot describing current events in which I am not representing to be a wholistic and complete picture of what humanity is facing with this genocidal agenda playing out in our midst. 

My goal is to empower the females in the spiritual community, to know with certainty that this agenda to attack human reproduction and female fertility is confirmed and real, and to begin to gather all women concerned about female reproductive health together to discuss this issue openly and transparently. Women that are midwives, naturopaths and holistic doctors can begin to troubleshoot and develop counter measures that support rebalancing of female hormones and mitochondrial functioning in natural and alternative ways.  May the following excerpt contain information that is supportive to women and all those that have loved ones that are being impacted with direct physical symptoms that are targeting human reproductive health through this toxic injection. 

I am not a doctor. Please have the maturity and common sense to do your own research outside of cabal paid for science white papers and pharmaceutical marketing efforts in order to take in alternative information that resonates as truthful, and discard the rest. As a gridworker and empath, my testimony from field experiences will not be considered credible. Thus, this transcript is being presented with loving concern for humankind, and to all women that are unaware of the Controller-NAA agendas whom desire to take complete control over the birthing process by taking females out of the equation. 

Beginning of Transcript: 

Certainly, there is the theme of what so many of us are concerned about when observing the current agenda and potentially worried about as we see so much unknown in this particular phase. Let's address some of those questions. We have A and M and several people that are asking the same questions, and some have sent emails talking about what is happening now in the experiment. As we are thinking on this and holding space for this we need neutrality in so we can observe. This obviously requires levels of critical thinking, common sense, accessing intuition, higher sensory perception and inner guidance while melding this into a cohesive understanding, adjusting it as we go through this period of time which indeed is completely experimental.

This is a good understanding as we are in this stage of what's happening on planet Earth, we have never undergone anything like we are experiencing now. Although that can be exhilarating and can be an incredible experience for quantum leaps of consciousness, obviously it leaves a lot of questions in terms of how this will translate into our human experience. How will these energies translate into the physical realm and finding the balance between critical thinking, common sense and higher spiritual intuition and our guidance. Because we have to practically apply what we know in the physical realm and that's really the skill set now, that's really the wisdom required. We take the practical spirituality, the tools we have learned in the energetic realms and now we get to practice it, experience it in the physical realm. It is the practical application of what we know to be true in our spiritual exploration and what we found out during our spiritual seeking towards knowing greater truth. What we know to be true in this moment and so certainly understanding that is the skill needed in this moment.

If we look at the injections, and this is from the position in the United States at this time - in order to understand how big, how massive this controller agenda is that is being orchestrated by nonhuman Antichrist, anti-human entities that exist on and off planet - we have to see this larger picture and understand what their goals are. Then apply it to what we see as patterns that are surfacing now. As we do that, you'll start to see how big picture really makes a lot of sense, but of course we've got to come into a direct relationship with God so that we are strong enough to see the truth. We have to have a body filled with God in spirit or faith in God’s spirit. If you have not had the experience yet we draw upon faith. We have our faith in God until we experience God directly, then when we have the experience, we don't need to call upon faith any longer because we can feel that we know it is a truth for us. As we are all at different levels of development in those stages of connecting into spirit and God, and navigating from that level of guidance we can begin to see the larger truth in events. The injections that are being targeted have many different purposes and so we could take one level of understanding this as one prong of the agenda is to attack the Western power centers with a debilitating illness and target attacks against the population to make the population sick, ill and die in order to create a massive social problem that creates an implosion or destruction of core pillars that are necessary in the operation of Western society. At this time, we also have an attack being made against Western society because it holds the vestiges of democracy or a basis of democracy, which is supposed to be in theory protecting human rights and human liberties. This is in order to have the human right to be an individual, with whatever individual choices you have made that allow you to direct your own life, and to have the self-determination to direct your own life as a sovereign individual. To the controlling entities, obviously both human and nonhuman, they want to attack this, they want to destroy this because we are at a level of ascension on the planet where this is their method, their strategy of attacking us in order to cull the population, to get the population in control.

So as a result, where I'm going with this is that there is an attack on the human reproductive system that is a lesser talked about or lesser discussed issue with this injection. When we start to understand the bigger picture of not only does this contribute to the destruction and breakdown of Western society, such as the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada, this allows an infiltration of technocratic totalitarianism under the guise of socialism and communism. Which is the problem reaction solution that is being set up for these European entities like the UN and the World Health Organization and that which is put in place at the end of World War II by the Nazi groups, to prepare for this infiltration in society. This is what they're attempting to do right now and so indeed the sad part of this, the difficult part of this for all of us is that we are living through the experimental process where the human body and the human being, the collective consciousness in more specifically Western power centers are now starting to suffer the effects of an attack on the human reproductive system.

Obviously the first stage of that consciousness awareness is going to hit the females because that will show us the evidence. It's harder to get physical evidence to measure male sperm count even though that is being affected also. But the first canary in the coal mine is women's menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances and how what's happening is as our mitochondria in our brain is contributing to neurodegenerative issues. The mitochondria itself is connected to the female chromosomes but additionally with an attack made upon the brain and the glands of the brain, this creates imbalances with in the hypothalamus to the pituitary adrenal access. The body starts to go wonky so these are metabolic changes that are impacting on women that are both menopausal and are in childbearing age. This is now starting to be made evident in this injection experiment, to feel the havoc that it has on the reproductive system. 

Unfortunately, you know that the truth of this is that this was designed this way, to attack the reproductive system of both men and women. This will affect the menstrual cycle and fertility. It's creating a massive increase in miscarriages at this time because the shots that include the infection and the nano tech and the biosensors, which are creating an artificial field of reversal magnetism in the human body. This is now creating all the symptoms and the truth of the matter is as horrifying as this is, we need all of our brain cells, all of the critical thinking and all of the common sense we can muster that as concerned, heart based citizens and those that love the earth and love humanity, that we have to come together and explore this together in order to find the practical application of methods to address this outside of the Satanic medical system and outside of the control of this global health mafia.

This is going to take numbers. It is going to take numbers of loving people that wake up to this agenda and finally realize that this is a the most sinister, nefarious agenda that we can see in real time. It is happening. There are people that are beyond sinister, beyond the criminal psychopaths that are doing this on purpose. Unfortunately, the majority of people just can't fathom the level of evil, the level of sinister, the level of hate that is involved in this agenda. This is part of the maturity of waking up to what is really happening right now and then gathering together with those of us of like minds that are having this experience because the bottom line is, we are in an experiment. This is a consciousness experiment. It is also an experiment of what we are being exposed to at this time so there is no pat answer. This is something we are going to live through together and hopefully there is comfort in knowing that. Always with God and spirit anything is possible, and there's always benevolent alternatives that are available to us.

But as a group of people that are starting to be exposed to the symptoms, the facts of the results, of probably one of the most nefarious toxic injections we have ever been exposed to in the history of the human race, this means we are going to have casualties. There will be people that will physically lose their body. Hopefully there is the comfort of knowing that as they lose their body they will not be trapped or subjected to the AI time loops, as they were in the previous timelines with consciousness recycling.

This is something I've seen and I know that is happening in the dimensional planes. I want to preface that by understanding that option is available now. Personally, I have seen defender Guardian teams on multiple dimensions of reality that are retrieving people that lose their body from this injection and have been either branded or sealed with some kind of satanic GOAT mind sigil and put into a past timeline. Where they have been separated from their soul body and soul family and have been used or put there for basically food, parasitic food for these entities.

I know there are active special operations of Guardian defenders that are seeking out individuals that lose their body as a result of this injection and are sent back into on the timeline loops. Even though this is brand-new and we are all learning as we go through this situation, that ultimately these AI timelines will be collapsed. Those that have been pushed back into these vampiric time loops will be retrieved. If you look at the Guardian host information that is in the Ascension Glossary discussing Consciousness Corridors, and the routing that occurs through the group consciousness levels as they are being redirected off of earth, like a fifth dimensional or a higher reality component where that soul is briefed at that level of consciousness and is able to go through a healing process without alien subjugation on a prison planet using technological mind control. This means that a lot of people that leave this planet through the period of this Ascension emancipation and bifurcation cycle, they're not going to stay on this planet to continue their evolution or interaction. Those that are severely impacted at the worst levels with dark mutations that will not be able through their own personal will or through their level of consciousness and brain function, if they're not able to get to a certain level where they can affect healing for themselves, they will be taken to a healing center at a soul body level when they leave this planet. They will be taken to a planet or reality as a transit station to be acclimated and then through a life review type of briefing will then go on to be able to have a consciousness experience without all of this mind control.

So as we delve into this topic it's a difficult one, but I want you to keep this in balanced perspective by understanding that ultimately there is incredible benevolence that is happening in the consciousness fields of our planet to rescue and find people that have been severely impacted by these horrors that have happened on planet Earth. At the same time, it doesn't make it easy for us. For those of us that are awake and aware, and are dedicated to God and doing our best to be a beacon of light. This is what we were asked to do, a lot of us as star seed and indigo people came here for this time to hold it down while this war was going on. It's not an easy job. It's not an easy task because this can affect people we love, people we care about and yet at the same time try to keep that in mind as we discuss this further. There are transiting options that are happening. I know this to be true and I'm directly involved with it. I've experienced it myself. I've had issues in my own family, someone being suicided and I was wondering is this person going to be able to rehabilitate themselves? They are and this is a different time on planet Earth as there is benevolence being set up on the exit points, which is something that is more recent. Do keep that in mind 15:47.

Lisa answered several questions about the impact of the jab on those who are not receiving it, as well as the impacts on women’s cycles and fertility.

Q1 – “if you resonate can you share your understanding and suggestions on impacts from interacting with people who have taken the injection?” she treats people that have taken the injection and can feel a lot of astral or slime energy, or gets dizzy and really doesn't feel well as she's in that person's field.

Q2 - “thank you for that question, ditto here for suggestions. It's been weird it takes so much more energy to hold space, not only in massage sessions but around those were been injected at my other employment.”

Q3 - “I'm concerned that being around others that have received the vaccine or this injection, that my cycles have been excruciating and irregular. Other than doing the 12D shield is there anything that I can do to protect myself now and in the future?”

Q4 - and someone else's mentioning menstrual problems that are showing up, “I would like to ask and add to the mentioned question, of many reports of women friends and family having heavy unusual menstrual cycle concerns. These last few weeks many are wondering if it is ancestral and dark mother clearing.”

Okay, so first of all, understanding that there are multiple levels to addressing this and we could probably have a whole session just talking about this and exploring it. But first of all, I think it's important to say truthfully that this injection is filled with nano tech and this nano tech has biosensors.

Biosensors are sensors that once they are injected inside a human body, it creates a type of handshake for an AI signal. Biosensors are also being used to collect data, biological information, biometric information in the people that have been injected. If you've been reading ES newsletters for the last year; Groupthink/June 2020, Genetic Modification of DNA/July 2020, Bio neurology/Oct 2016, Trans-humanism/Aug 2015, you understand what they're doing. Because there are so many pieces to this agenda it is a massive agenda. Once you start to see how all these pieces fit together because their creating a massive cocktail. This is the most sinister injection we've ever been exposed to, because it's like they’ve put every concoction they can put into it based on the technology they have available for genetic modification and nano tech, which is creating a program which interacts not only with RNA and DNA, but is also including biosensors. Once they are embodied in the bloodstream that person then becomes a signal carrier of AI that is in the environment.

When they spray things like nanoparticles and smart dust through chemtrails, the biosensors that have now been injected in mass in people's bodies have a reactivity and a sensitivity to detect that particular AI signal and then create a feedback loop in their own bodies. They become literally a walking transducer of this AI signal. As sick and twisted as this is, when you understand their desire to create surveillance, biometric measurement feedback, the Internet of things. They are literally trying to connect human bodies to an AI supercomputer type of cloud system that can direct implanted thoughts directly into that person, can direct or ping extensive electromagnetic programming to that individual. To get that person to comply, to carry out an agenda, literally anything that they want. But the issue with this is understanding these people are completely disconnected from their soul or spirit. There's no self-awareness with a person like this and so they are creating and want to create cyborgs. Unfortunately, this injection is a part of that agenda, creating nano tech biosensors that now weaponize the human body to become a carrier and a transducer of AI signals that they're sending.

That means those of us that are not injected that come into the presence of somebody that is running this nano tech biosensor, we’re going to feel we’re going to sense whatever signal is coming off them. That signal can be mind control signals, it can be RNA DNA protein coding signals. I don't want this to freak you out. I want you to be aware of it and understand that the power of your consciousness to know this is happening is what prevents it from spreading within your own body. In this sense knowledge is power in understanding what they're doing, why they're doing it and what the effects are from these biosensors. When you are awake, when you are aware, when you start paying attention to your thoughts and you are committed to be a master of the thoughts and emotions that you are expressing, these biosensors will not have any effect on you. Where it will have an effect, is on persons that are unconscious and just allow their reactivity and impulses or whatever comes into their mind, to just be blurted out in a knee-jerk reaction. That's the person that's going to be the most impacted by these nano tech biosensors.

For those of us that are conscious and aware as we are interacting with this, it obviously does not feel good. We've talked about this many times in ES and the feeling of splitter tech. How AI signals can feel absolutely awful for a lot of us when we are in the presence of a certain threshold, meaning a compacted or concentrated level of AI signal. We get headaches, it doesn't feel good in the body. Even though this is not pleasant this is actually a very good sign, because it means your body is telling you I recognize this inorganic AI signal and it makes me ill, let’s get away from that. Because your body is defending your neurological system by giving you that message, where you're not feeling well when you're in the presence of either a human person that is transducing or transmitting this AI signal. Or whether it's 5G or certain areas that are highly populated which tend to have the most AI signal.

When you're in the presence of that AI signal, again using the 12 D shield, becoming awake and aware, making the commitment to be 100% the master of your thoughts and your emotions. Understanding the consciousness war that we are undergoing right now is a war over our mind. Take it back. You have the power to do this don't forget that for a second, that your power and awareness are more powerful than this. What they are trying to capitalize on is ignorance, a lack of awareness and people that are completely controlled by what we were talking about this evening. Impulsive reaction, emotional hysteria or complete service to self and negative ego type of profile. Once we work on this it is going to become a lot easier, but in the meantime the issue is knowing that the nano tech inside those that have been injected will create a terrain in that individual where their biological information is now being entrained in a feedback loop with electrical signals. If we come in contact with this type of individual, we’re going to feel these electrical signals or this AI signal. For those of us that have an entrained 12D shield, what this will feel like is something we've talked about many times. When we’re in contact with any kind of technology that is using an abundance of artificial signal splitter tech, you start getting a headache, your stomach starts to feel nauseous, or electromagnetic overexposure type of symptoms.

When this happens to you pay attention, start going internally and try to source exactly where it's coming from and if at all possible, get away from it as soon as you can. Meaning that if you're in an environment, in a city where you just got inundated with some kind of sensor or AI signal, or the field is very thick you need to get yourself out of there. You don't hang out for long period of time this is your message to go take care of your body. Unfortunately, many others on the planet are not attuned to recognize the difference between organic and inorganic, of the AI signal. There's a lot of people on planet that cannot feel the AI signal and unfortunately those that of taking the injection, this may happen to them. Meaning that they are going to be a conductor of AI signal and they're not even going to know it, because they are not going to be able to feel it. That is because the soul body is being disconnected from that person and once the soul body is disconnected, it radically impedes our sensory experience.

Remember our soul is our true emotional body, if our soul is not connected to our physical body, we lose our emotional conductivity. That means all of our emotions at a higher sensory level, we lose those faculties. You can understand why they want that to be lost. Understand the nano tech sensors are real and unfortunately, they are transmitting information to us, to those that are not vaccinated.

First of all, understanding that this is happening, knowledge is power. With this understanding that nano tech can send signals that create instruction sets being directed to us when were in this field. Being awake and aware to how your body is reacting and understand that the injection is also an attack against the female, because it is creating a magnetic reversal in the body. When we understand the mother returning, the solar Christ female returning, how the mother and the Sophia their principal in creation is the magnetic tone, the organic magnetism. They have been controlling the magnetism and are trying to control it now. What they are using to control the magnetism is reversal plasmas and these reversal plasmas are starting to become more visible in this current phase.

In my own experience, this is starting to become a lot more present in my awareness of people and things. This is a part of what's being put in the injection, because they're attempting to create fake or false or reversed magnetic signals. Which could be a part of these AI signals, which are actually creating an inverted a reversal magnetism which impacts the female body, and everything that has to do with the female reproductive system.

Where I'm going with this, is at an energy level in order to bring balance to the female menstrual and reproductive cycle and system, there is at an energetic level a correction of magnetism and a correction of magnetic alignment to the organic sources. In ES community we have magnetic alignment meditation treatments, but for some of us in understanding the health levels of the magnetism in being the cause of our own healing and being able to identify noxious energies and imbalanced AI and in inorganic frequencies being directed to us. We have the power to neutralize this and this is something again we have to think on as a community. We can certainly dedicate this to any of the meditations.

But for practitioners dealing with people, I understand the practical difficulties of getting out your HGS manual or doing an hour meditation to prepare for each client is not going to be reasonable for you. The issue is how do we come into more knowledge and share tips in working with energy in the moment, on-the-fly. Understand the very first thing you’ve got to do is identify that something is wrong. I'm feeling ill, this doesn't feel good. If you’re a practitioner coming into a session with someone you have had a previous situation with which didn’t feel good, the first thing you need to do is prepare. To first identify the situation, the person, the information that you have available and recognize there is noxious energy that is impacting you. As you recognize this it’s going to dissipate the relative power of it. But the first thing is to identify it in as much detail as you can, get where this energy is coming from, where this energy is sourcing from. Once you identify it, then you need to intend to clear it and neutralize it. So first identify the noxious energy, then clear the energy, intend to clear that energy and neutralize it through whatever tools you have at your disposal.

The first thing I would suggest is quickly going into your inner sanctum, into your heart intending to amplify your 12D shield and your connection with the solar rishic GSF flame. Seeing that rishic flame extend into your entire aura bubble, whether it's cylinder shaped, spherical or an orb type of shape, send that out with an intent to clear and cleanse the noxious energy, artificial energy, AI energy, black magic, whatever comes to your mind in that moment. Clear to cleanse it and then bring into your mind the energy to heal it. Through the stabilization of your body, this is something that you can do if you have 30 seconds or one minute before you see your client and you know it's a problematic one. That you hold this intent with yourself to identify that energy, clear that energy, cleanse and neutralize the energy. Ask for the energy frequency you need to hold a healing balanced field in that moment. Bring in the colors, it may be rainbow colors, generally the most healing is going to be aquamarine. Anything related to mother the because mother holds the Holy Spirit. So when you connect to Aqualine energy, Aquaray energy, a light azure pastel blue type of plasma energy. This will generally have white streaks or light blue, think of mother, think of Holy Spirit and completely arm your body with this. Intend to place this in your session room or wherever the session is taking place and this kind of sets a gatekeeping for electromagnetic balancing while you're engaged in the session.

I think for a lot of us as we're working with this with other people, being able to call upon immediately in our spiritual toolkit what we need to do. To again, identify this energy is inorganic or AI, clear this AI, cleans this AI. Request the energy frequency you need to counterbalance and neutralize that noxious energy. Then stabilize yourself with either 12D Shield, rainbow ray rounds or again that which holds the animating Holy Spirit of Mother which is the light blue, Aqua plasma energies. Which will bring holy spirit energy into the room, into the space to create cleansing spirals, energizing spirals of energy in that room. You may need to fortify yourself while you're in that capacity especially when you're doing massage or you're touching people, there's a lot of sympathetic resonance that can come through. For people that actually physically touch others as practitioners, this is going to be more challenging. In terms of finding exactly what you need to do to protect your body from not receiving the sympathetic resonance of that nano tech biosensor signal that is being sent out, through that person. Sadly, it may come to a level of boundaries where you're going to have to decide depending on the level of intensity, whether you can work on them. And you'll have to let them know that that's not possible, again this is something we have to navigate in the moment to determine that.

I recognize that right now we need some quick tips in situations like this, to be able to neutralize this energy. I think this is something that ongoing we should probably create a thread and try to gather resources for those of us that are in this predicament.

Additionally, I want to speak to those that are having menstrual problems, it is true I do not want to discount that we are in a lunar transfiguration of the female and that some different and unusual symptoms will happen. With the gender rebalancing in us, that means the electromagnetism of our left right directions are being rebalanced. This may have an effect on females because our magnetic threshold is being shifted between our left side in relationship to our right side. This can create different hormonal issues with the menstrual cycle depending on our age and a variety of factors. But in terms of understanding, this is indeed something that is organic that's happening. The female body is undergoing a lot with lunar transfiguration, in terms of more hard evidence in symptoms that will affect our menstrual cycle and our reproductive system and what we know to be normal for us. There may be things changing around that, like how many days we bleed or don’t, and the days in between.

But the radical changes like obviously, miscarriages no. Menstrual pain that is excruciating no. Fertility problems no. That's the injection. So, the injection related attack on the reproductive system when it's creating extreme menstrual pain, problems with fertility and miscarriages. Now understanding at an energetic level, spiritual level, there are places to focus with magnetic attunement to organic magnetism. Through our meditations through our energetic rebalancing, to keep that in mind. Balance the magnetism and you will balance the female part of the reproductive system. Now additionally there may be substances or things that can be helpful.

The first thing I would feel into is adaptogenic herbs that support hormonal balance in women. This may be something for those of us that have really good and strong intuition, we might be able to do this ourselves or we might need some help from those females in the community that are naturopaths. I really feel that this issue is going to bring together the doulas, the midwives, the women that are in positions as practitioners over female reproductive health. This is going to bring out groups of women that are going to need to come together to solve this problem or to help the females that are suffering with this, because there's going to be some kind of naturopathic type of healing to institute for that group.

What I'm really feeling are things like ashwaganda, rhodioloa, black cohosh, red clover you know adaptogenic herbs that are specific to female hormonal balancing. Because what's happening is the body is sending us a warning, like Mayday Mayday. The metabolic system is off, the hormones are off, I'm not feeling good. What do you do to bring your hormone, your glandular system back into balance? There are going to be different levels of addressing this. There are energetic spiritual levels there are physical things to do, to boost our mitochondria for healing. Because by attacking the mitochondria they are attacking neurological and brain function, which then creates a breakdown in our brain's ability to manage everything it needs to. I would also consider this in a way an attack against our hormonal glands, because once you attack the brain this way it targets things like the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is all about our metabolism, the pituitary adrenal axis is all about our hormones and this starts getting whacked out.

So, the fact that this is happening now is really the canary in the coal mine, where those of us that are in this community will need to go through this period of time in order to address it with naturopathic or Chinese herbs or different herbal supplements that help the hormones restore the balance. Sadly, this is beginning to happen now and my feeling with this is that they were doing this in other countries for a long time. These horrifying biological weapons were being given to people in Africa and they were sterilizing people in India and Africa and all over the world. Because this is a part of the eugenics and the trans-human agenda, to attack female fertility and you've heard me say many times they absolutely despise females. There is a level of misogyny towards the female where they want to take over the birth process, they do not want females to give birth anymore. This is a part of the cycle of carrying out this agenda, it is sick it is twisted, but it is important that you do understand this. We have to face that this is happening.

Understand as well what we can do to gather and help those that are starting to show up with these particular symptoms now. I do believe all of this can be reversed, but it's going to take some effort, because it's a full-spectrum assault against the human reproductive system. It means some serious effort is going to have to be taken to be able to bring balance to this. Unfortunately, this is happening, it's horrifying. I'm so sorry to know of this, again it makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I wish we didn't have to go through this is as a species to see this and understand it. But unfortunately, more people have to wake up and see it, this is a first level of direct symptoms that cannot be denied that are directly related to these injections. And we hope and pray that people wake up and stop enforcing these injections and being the useful idiots of the controllers, carrying out this genocidal eugenicists agenda against humanity. I mean here it is. Knowing that they were holding this weapon back in the western centers, they were using this in other countries and now they have brought it here.

The reason I want to say that is to know that we've been exposed to these toxic substances a long time, because I want to bring in the question about prions. Someone is saying “you know with the mention of these vaccines hijacking our body cells to make them turn out prion like proteins, and that these are pathological prions that they are a type of neuro- degeneration that eat our brain like a mad cow disease.” Now I know this sounds horrifying but to bring this into perspective, they have always put prions in the injections. This is just a part of their super killer vaccine, their super killer injection they put everything and the kitchen sink into this one. Just know they've been injecting prions, so it's not like a scary new thing that they've added. We've been getting prions in chemtrail's and getting prions in injections for at least 25 years already. This is yet another added super killer thing that they put in to the injection mix, but because there is some alternative media really talking about prions right now I want to bring that back into perspective. To understand that these prions have always been here, it's not like it's a new introduction of a completely new synthetic organism.

The mRNA and the programming that are doing with the nano tech is the new thing, that's the experimental part of this. But the prions have always been there. The prions create the Alzheimer's problems, if you look at the increase in neurodegenerative diseases in the last 25 years like Alzheimer's, dementia, MS, ALS. Things that break down the neurological system, all of this is caused by this injection and these pathological prions that they been spraying chemtrails and that they been injecting in people. To know that's the cause of it and we can protect ourselves from this. Again, this comes into that awareness, knowledge is good but keep perspective and understand what they're doing without feeding into the fear and getting too worked up over it, where you can't bring yourself back into balance. I know this is really difficult material to digestive especially if you're new to this negative alien agenda and what they're trying to do here.

With the prions, I believe the rife machine is really good at neutralizing prions and supporting our immunity in any way and is really good for deflecting this. Deflecting all of this, is coming into true immunity and spiritual immunity, which is all natural to us. It's not the synthetic chemicals they are injecting and spraying all over the place. It is natural levels of supporting our body and really working to heal ourselves from that level, especially if we've been taking synthetic medications or we've been a medical consumer. Because the more that we take their flu shots, the more that we take the pharmaceuticals, the more that we are putting this stuff into our body and we’re eating crappy food that is GMO’d and whatever else. It's the combination of all of it, that breaks down our immunity at such drastic levels that creates these problems.

I did want to address the prion thing, because this is something they've been doing. It is absolutely gut churning, as you said it eats your brain. It's about destroying our nerves our bio-neurology so that it doesn't function correctly. These diseases are directly related to that, I do not believe Alzheimer's is organic. It is from the flu shots, it's from getting this stuff in your body and taking this crap for multiple years and finally in your 50’s 60’s and above, after you've been a medical consumer all these years your brain starts to break down very quickly. That's been their agenda all along.

There is also a comment about taking a pinch of borax each day to clear nano tech, and asking if there are any additional suggestions for that? I also take borax. This is something for those of us that are having a severe reaction through this incredible intense menstrual cramping. One of the things I've noticed in myself that I know to be true is that when I was having extremely difficult menstrual cycles, I found energetic rope worms targeted into my solar plexus. I think this was coming from targeted electro-magnetic energies and when I would do MMS enemas the menstrual cramping stopped. I do want people to realize that for women that are having intense menstrual or female reproductive issues, the first place to go is to look at what you can do to bring balance to your hormones. But the second thing is your digestive tract, to look at what you may need to do to bring your second brain online in your intestines and in your stomach. This could be clearing out parasites, doing intestinal cleanses, this may include things like enemas. Here in our community, we've been using MMS and CDS, I mean I've been using it since 2004 and it works. MMS is harsh but I have seen it remove implants like energetic implants, when you take MMS. Or if you do the enema with MMS, this has been amazing for me in terms of bringing balance and support to my digestive organs, when I needed something physical to help me release it. I also would look at some MMS or CDS and things that kill off parasitic imbalances, parasites and rope worms. Because I've seen AI rope worms, they send things to our solar plexus that actually coagulates itself into like an energetic rope worm. That as well can be cleared through enemas or through MMS or CDS protocols, so this is also something to look into if this is impacting you or those you love.

Thank you so much I'm so sorry to be a bringer of that extremely sad news. I can't tell you how much it pains my heart to understand how much traction these controllers have over a certain segment of the population. But it's important that we are mature and truthful and not in magical and wishful thinking, because we are in a time of spiritual warfare and this is what it looks like. So we need to keep that in mind.

So another question is: “the concern I have is are they shedding nanoparticles which are infecting bystanders?” The answer to that question is yes, it's happening. But as I mentioned there are ways around it and the more self-aware and the more mastery we have over our mind and emotions, the less impacted we’re going to be by this. I know it's hard to understand because I’ve been talking about this for so long and I think a lot of people really didn't understand what it meant. I have been talking about clearing the negative ego for 20 years now, the absolute necessity of doing that. It's really hard to understand that when we engage in certain thoughts and behaviors that the vibration of that, actually is a part of the delivery mechanism of nanoparticles. You have to understand the nanoparticles have a very low frequency. When we elevate ourselves to a heart to based existence and we are devoted and dedicated to mastering our mind, our thoughts and emotions, nanoparticles will not connect to us in the way that we think they will. Because you just think these nano things flying around are just going to come to me. No they won't, if you hold a high enough vibration these nanoparticles will not touch you. If you are embodied in your soul, your spirit and higher, these nanoparticles will be repelled from you. You have to remember the nanoparticles are a weapon of the Antichrist and the antichrist attacks our mind. If we control our mind, we deflect the weapons of the antichrist, and so do remember this. I know it all sounds scary, all this weird tech that they're using to attack us and to assault us. But remember that all of it is a control over our mind in our emotions, our goal is to be aware of this.

We don't want to slip into the magical thinking of the rainbows and butterflies of the New Age, we need to understand that there's work to do. We have to clear shadow, there's effort in disciplining our mind. When we meditate and we intend to discipline ourselves there is some effort, we can’t just snap our fingers and say I did that. It's an ongoing process and so if you place an effort these nanoparticles will not be attracted to you. You will be able to deflect them, but we do need to know the agenda and that this is happening to the people around us. I hope that is helpful as well, thank you so much for sharing that.

(Source: Transcript Ascension Q&A April 2021)

Transcript lovingly provided by Paige

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