Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Now for a moment let's bring our attention and group focus on the spirit of peace and feel in this moment what qualities of peace actually mean for us. Peace in our mind. Peace in our body. Peace in our heart. We have to choose peace in the middle of chaos. So, bringing to mind the feeling, the sensation, the cellular memory, the deep knowing that when we connect with God, when we connect with our true spiritual being it is perfect peace. Even when the outer is in complete and utter chaos we are peace in the middle of the eye of the storm of the most destructive hurricane. We still are peace inside our body. So again, bring to mind the spirit of peace to flood your mind. Now bring to mind the spirit of peace to flood your heart. Now bring to mind the spirit of peace to fill and flood every cell, every pore of your physical body and energetic matrix.

Beloved Holy Presence of God, in pure love we open all channels of eternal light. We clear all living light fibres to be fully connected and resonant with the living light code vertically, horizontally and diagonally. As you intend to go within and focus within your own inner vertical channel intending to secure and strengthen your direct connection and relationship with God and Source. Now let’s bring forth the unity vow. As we create the hub handshake with unity vow:

Defenders of truth, sovereignty, and liberation; Guardian Christos families serving the Oneness, from across the omniverses we call upon our Guardian families in Christos-Sophia to join with us now. Our unification is demonstrated in the waves of omnilove as we sound our heart tone to you now. Our energy body is updated renewed and forever perpetuated in the internally sustained light of our Cosmic Source Domain.

This alchemical container is consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of One. As we endeavour to be the knower of God to then become the wayshower of God, please sustain us in the eternal power of our God consecration. We call for gatekeeping in order to hold our mission, our highest purpose in service to the eternal light source, the living light code. Our intention is unification as the Cosmic Christos Principal manifested in this reality here and now.

We request the handshake to fortify our spiritual links to the universal cosmic trinity, the heart and core of One, that which is the source of our genesis. With deep reverence for all of life Beloved God breathe your living life codes into our created form. We state our mutual purpose as One. Please resurrect all inorganic and artificial patterns to the organic and eternal living light as we state our mutual purpose here today to resurrect these patterns. To that we say thank God I AM the living eternal light and so it is.

Further, we anchor our group tone and field in the spherical 360 of Crystal Cathedral Oneness. We set our true North position to align to the eternal crystalline matrix of Christar which holds the organic perfection of the blueprint of all creation as God intended for the sacred diamond sun, to bring forth our GodSelf and to unify together in service to harmlessness, harmony, spiritual healing and deep humility. For those of us connected to the Solar Rishi as we bring forth the awareness of the dimensionalisation of the sacred sun say inwardly: “I am the Sacred Sun”, imagining the magnetic tri-tone burst into ripples from our base shield up to the centre column. We further command this space as sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of the eternal source light.

Now certainly in light of recent events I'm starting with some macrocosm impacts of which streams may be influencing us now and in the weeks and I would say 90 days to come, and how changes in the architecture are impacting us in our personal world. So first let us register together that currently what we are enduring in the world today is unprecedented in our lifetime. The collective consciousness of the human tribe is at a critical stage of which a spiritual battle for the soul of humanity, the soul of the earth itself, is being waged. This year we have entered a singular point in the trans-time alignment in which several layers of historical timelines of human spiritual trauma converge. Essentially what that is saying is that major milestones in hidden historical trigger events impacting humanities soul tribes, all that we are, all that has been erased from us in terms of our identity, we’re in this moment of singularity where all of this converges into which all of that trauma surfaces or can be felt or recognized or processed within us.

Obviously we can see on the outer-scape the chaos this creates, as well as the current level of spiritual warfare that were enduring creates a tremendous amount of chaos, of dark ignorance and of weaponization at various levels. Dark sleepers are being activated. Black magicians that are embodying some level of spiritual decapitation and alignment to the typhon tunnels, they are all being stimulated and activated and put into motion as an army of the antichrist. So we are at the position of the Great Battle in which on the chessboard for Earth that chessboard now within the physical manifest those pieces are positioning.

We need to understand those pieces are positioning and this is a process we will have to live through. We are going to have to walk through this and experience it together. And understanding that through the painful birth of this planetary liberation we are at that apex point of the forces of antichrist and Christ positioning. Again, those that are fighting for the territory of this planet are coming into full view. They are revealing themselves both on this plane and on multiple other planes. This is needed and necessary to see who is who. Even though this is going to be a painful and difficult time that we are enduring please remember this is temporary. It may feel to many that we've lost the war. Or, it's very easy for some people to fall into despair at what may appear to be happening on the outside. We have to gather all of our spiritual strength, all of our faith and experience with our direct relationship with God and draw upon this now because this will be a very challenging time for all of us.

But let's go into more of the information that is showing up so hopefully this helps to connect the dots between the macrocosm and the microcosm, meaning what's happening in the interdimensional fields and how this impacts the surface of Earth and what we are experiencing in physical matter. Currently the most painful and hardest part of this stage of our spiritual journey towards planetary liberation, spiritual ascension and global disclosure is the bifurcation that is happening in the consciousness layers. Many of us are suffering from the impacts of dark force weaponisation of humans around us. This extends to very intimate close relationships that we have had, or we currently have, such as family relationships like our children, our grandchildren, our parents, friends, co-workers, cohorts, and sometimes even our spouses and our partners.

I am so sorry that you have been experiencing this and our hearts have been very heavy with this awareness, knowing how painful this realization can be and how much grief we feel when we feel separated from or bifurcated away from those we love. It is important to understand that this is a real consequence of which some of us now or in the coming weeks are going to experience. Not because we want it, not because we will it, because it is what it is. So we must take a moment to grasp what is actually happening on this earth and remember the context for the spiritual war that we are enduring now to see and recognize how close to heart, how close to home this warfare hits.

Call upon and bring in every ounce of moral courage, unconditionally loving crystal hearts, and fearlessness in order to hold the line and to remain centred. Drop deeply into your core self and find every ounce of inner spiritual alignment which keeps your present focus on pure presence in the moment to stay present to your inner spirit. Keep reaching for God source to direct you and show you the way out of the maze of darkness while we are traversing the most intense part of the battle in which there is a chaotic fog of warfare. The stage we are enduring is the heat of spiritual battle.

Again, remember what is happening right now is temporary. The current state of hiding the massive agendas cannot be sustained for the longer term. The truth of the contents of these shots and the larger agendas, the humans being harmed, all of this is going to be known one day. It is going to surface in the divine right timing. Not our timing, but in divine right timing. And in that moment we will know it is time then to come out from our isolation to come out from the self protective mechanisms of defending ourselves, which is required right now. And further when this happens when the whole iceberg comes to the surface and we begin to see it in the masses, this is when we will know it is time to step into a new role.

Right now if we could define anything in terms of this phase of time, we are in transition. There is a positioning of pieces of antichrist and Christ forces positioning themselves for battle. This is what we’re dealing with right now. This means we don't want to be caught in the crossfire. We don't want to be caught in hero-saviour complex. We need to conserve our energy, draw it in and go deep into the pure presence of self praying for guidance, praying for direction, praying for that which we need to do to prepare ourselves given our environmental or other situations. Each person is unique; it will not be the same for every individual. The messages you get, the awareness that you have, the steps you may need to take in this period of time and again what I'm getting is about a 90 day period of time where we need to adjust ourselves accordingly to where we need to be in placement relative to this transition.

Again, I'm thinking, some time feeling at this point, which is subject to change, approximately March 2022 we will be stepping into a new role. A role where your knowledge and your awareness, what you know as you know it in this moment will be greatly valued and needed by many others around you. All you have been holding as a light bearer for all these years, all you have been holding as a truth seeker for all these years, along with the knowledge you have carried throughout the darkness, this knowledge, this light, this truth will surface through you and it will begin to be seen by others around you. Others will know the truth that you protected, the truth that you preserved, the truth that you held for them. Until we reach that moment together, we must support each other as a group to stay the course and to not give up to despair or what the outer propaganda and character assassination campaigns may appear to be.

Know all is not lost. On the contrary we have won this spiritual war, yet the enemy of freedom, the enemy of self sovereign liberation of this planet must reveal itself to everyone. This revelation, seeing who is the enemy of humanity, this has implications on the material plane and on the spiritual plane. Please recognize and know timing is everything when considering the upward momentum required for positive direction forward.

Right now we face the energies of death on this global scale; there is ego death and there is physical death at a global scale. Now, with all of our spiritual might we dig deep into our hearts and souls and we connect with our inner spirit for our love for God, for humanity and Christ, our love for all living creatures on this earth. We must say with authority in our stance here me now: “There is no death”. Our consciousness is eternal and from one dimension to another we transit. Some will transition to another dimension dropping their current physical body and others will not. Yet remember no matter what it looks like they will still be transitioning with us to a higher plane of existence. As we know the planet is ascending.

Nothing can and nothing will stop this from happening.

Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God. May Peace be with you.

In the Eternal Holy Spirit of Cosmic Christos,