Ascension Classes
These classes are fundamental to Ascension Theory and building the context to comprehend the nature of the changing physics governing our reality, as well as the spiritual awakening process that all planet earth inhabitants are undergoing now.
Clearing Treatments
Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances.
Krystal Aegis
Sometimes we need some help getting ourselves back to clarity and balance. Krystal Aegis (KA) is a Self study Guardian support program to clear out negative energies. KA Meditations are in the Shop.
Psychic Self Defense
Psychic Self Defense describes the various phenomena related to psychic attack or energetic drain. See the PSD Classes in the Shop.
Planetary Emancipation Gridwork
These are areas of the planet where massive trauma has occurred and as a consequence has deposited huge amounts of blocked/dead energy, as well as trapped many levels of being that exist in those time and spaces. When we feel guided to participate we can bring our compassionate witness and loving heart to help neutralize incredible pain and trauma, not only within ourselves and other human beings, but for the planet itself.

Clearing Treatments

An array of clearing meditation audio treatments (mp3) to apply in a variety of purposes when undergoing ascension symptoms, psychic overload or attack, or with the neccessity to drop dense energy patterns and debris from the aura. Always prepare your clearing space with your personal 12D light Shield, and GSF boundary test. (GSF= I am God! I am Sovereign! I am Free!) See the ES Core Triad for daily use in the free Ascension Tools section.

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Clearing Treatments

Genetic Mutation of Mind Control Correction

Remove all holographic devices of manipulation and interference through the neutral point of balance. Then connect to Mother Arc and recalibrate the Heart to the true Sun and Krystal Star of the ...


Aurora Eye Meditation

Reconnecting the 8D Blue higher heart and permanent atom crystal with the lower 4D green Astral heart to restore organic consciousness vision.


Dan Tien Trinity Activation

Activates and links the three Dan Tien points in the light body on the Hara line, opening the silver sanctum and connecting to higher bodies through 12 D current.


1D Atomic Body Treatment

In depth clearing of dead light harnesses and their related implants and devices, allowing the current self to connect directly to its own inner spiritual source light.


Pathways of the Brain

A human brain is a receiver of frequency impulses and messaging received from a variety of sources that make up the entirety of the Human, Planetary, Solar, Galactic, and then Universal Consciousness.


Brain Social Memory Complex

For clearing the collective human social memory complex from its leakages and influences that reinforce of damaged circuitry located in the 4th Brain circuit and complex.


Earth Core Seals

EARTH CORE SEALS: This meditation is purposed for activating and opening the Monadic earth chakra connections in personal lightbody and into the earth core. The Master Tone Keys are able to be ...


Heart of the Solar King

For activating and opening the Inner Solar Temple in our heart complex through the Double Diamond Body Amplifier and accessing the Crystal Heart Seed and its Permanent Atom within our 8D Chakra.


5D Higher Mind Integration

The 5D Higher Mind Integration Meditation to elevate the mental body from the 3D Solar Plexus and expand into the higher mental body field.


5D Galactic Bridging Meditation

We create a galactic bridge to assist the galactic federation and other beings, who are stuck in false 5D Ascension Programs.


Remove the Negative Form

A community “staple” clearing tool meditation.


Physical Health Upgrade

A Physical Health Upgrade program treatment.


Relationship Closure

Meditation for Relationship Closure. Includes two meditations "Relationship Closure" and "Cord Cutting."


Open 12D Hub Command

Learn how to build your 12 D foundation and increase your field and spin a 12D vortex for environmental/space clearing and personal protection.


12D Shield Core Practice

The 12D Shield Core practice can be immediate once you have attuned and anchored the frequency and shield into your aura. Create your Personal CONTAINER FIRST!


Clear Caduceus, Remove False Kundalini Snake

In this meditation we are intending to identify any residue or remains of the Caduceus network that may have impaired our optimum lightbody function and Diamond Sun embodiment potentials.


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