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PEG II Portugal - Week 2 Nazare

PEG II PORTUGAL: Week 2 Nazare
PEG week 1PEG week 1

Planetary Emancipation Gridwork II: Portugal. Week Two Intention: our group has come together to unify in purpose of service, service to the Divine will of the cosmic Sovereign Law which protects Freedom for all. May we join our hearts and minds to bring the overflowing Love of God’s eternal light to emanate throughout our bodies and spirit. Nazare is the west end of the rosy cross pattern that is holding the crucifixion implant that feeds into the black heart in Lisbon. We bear witness to this structure imbedded in the planet and bear witness to the effects and impacts the crucifixion of the inner Christ and inner Sophia has manifested black hearts in the planet, as well as blackened hearts in human beings. Deconstructing the cross: For this reason, We have come together now to bring completion to all that had been unfinished in the parallel timelines, we accept all that is in our divine agreement and our guardianship role to serve and represent Human Ascension and Liberation in the areas of NAZARE PORTUGAL, as God would have it Be. According to the religious text Gospel of Luke, Nazareth was the home village of Mary and also the site of the Annunciation (when Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel that she would have Jesus as her son), so there is a tremendous amount of holographic inserts in this area related to the Christ story line as told from the religious perspective.

Length: 1 hour & 17 minutes.

It is suggested to work with the meditation for seven days before moving on to the next project.


Fortify your 12D shield and dedicate the meditation to the assigned weekly gridwork project within the seven day period you are committing to heal or work within this area of the planet.

Meditate with the architectural recoding for intended individual, ancestral, family of origin clearings, for both personal and group usage. Choose one intention for clearing the self of ancestral or race miasma, while holding healing intentions for clearing the planetary body.  Group leaders are suggested to lead their groups with one meditation every week in order.

As we embark on the PEG project, it is the usual to have dark deceptions afoot or weird and intense energies and scenarios. Please take good care of yourself and pay close attention to your surroundings. 

May all of us together as one heart, hold the highest expression for all involved and support the strength, endurance and truth of our planet project together in unity !

I thank you so much for your kind support and prayers in upholding the integrity, love, peace and truth within our group project and community. May all of us be blessed and protected though the divine grace of the eternal light, and all of the Christos families surround and be as our brothers and sisters in peace and love. May our planet be freed!

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PEG II Portugal - Week 2 Nazare