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Expanding Consciousness

Ascension Class August 2014

This is the class for Wednesday, August 20, 2014. 


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS: What is Consciousness? Consciousness is energy, and energy is Conscious, they are both interchangeable. All energy is intelligent. What is Sentience? Sentience is the ability of any type of entity to have a subjective sensory or perceptual experience as a characteristic of intelligence. Sentience levels, the acquiring of senses, are based on the quality of energy and Consciousness rate of frequency which works as a function through that body. What is Expanding Consciousness? Increasing energy through the intentional connection with higher frequencies is what changes the rate of vibration. What we think and how we behave is a rate of frequency. Expanding Consciousness goes beyond acquiring mental knowledge in linear thinking and into the realm of direct cognition and higher sensory perceptual experiences. Science and medicine is monitored aggressively as these mainstream world organizations are used to reinforce anti-human and anti-life ideological beliefs in the public. These anti-life belief systems require the termination of any progress or discovery which proves Consciousness exists through the consistent elimination of the acquisition of any knowledge that recognizes nature and life as fully sentient. One cannot evolve beyond these forces of tyranny and the current state of planetary issues, the crimes committed against humanity, without accessing the higher consciousness and accessing the higher sentience of the intelligent spiritual bodies. If one seeks to improve the world, the requirement is to improve one’s consciousness in order to experience higher sentience and connection with life. As consciousness expands, so does the practice of compassionate actions. Compassion is the KEY! (1:53:18 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3): Discussion on the recent magnetic flux during the Magnetic Peak and its recent changes on planet with the atomic regulator body and a discussion on the relevance this has to the transduction sequence in the planet and the personal body, how DNA and consciousness is moved between dimensionalization and identities, and how consciousness becomes incarnated as a biological or physical form, the process of consciousness passage of death of the body depends on which body you have built while in the physical experience, how Starseeds and Indigos came from other dimensions to embody future DNA from the future root race cycles on 3D earth, the negative alien bodies do not have a magnetic resonance with the earth core and Mother’s change to the magnetic structure, so this fact gives them problems maintaining the reversal architecture they use to siphon life force from the planet, the discussion on the upcoming PEG, Build the Rod, more on rod functions as the 12:12 Christ electrical pattern, discussion on the root races and the corresponding DNA strand and its level of consciousness and how this overlay impacts our experience depending on what time and space the consciousness incarnates into, upgrades of the merkaba field made by Mother Arc and Father Arc in the earth core. (1:09:36 minutes)

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): CLEARING NEGATIVE FORMS IN PARALLEL: In this meditation we will address Negative form in more detail in the Parallel realities. The Negative Form is a form of karma or Miasma that is extracted as a splinter from our simultaneous incarnation where we had a trauma or event that could be used to manipulate the present time. The Negative Form is a series of artificial/dead light bodies that were used in our holographic image to recreate and usurp our genetic material by the Controller forces. Some of these distorted bodies are from our fallen history and much of the astral body damage that ensued. It is important to not judge or fear this information but to get to the clarity and to the bottom of what it is and why it is there. The Negative Form can be similar to a series of "nesting dolls" that can be attached to your Hologram/lightbody that hold "False White Webbing information" usually spinning out probable future timeline events usually due to astral body distortions such as Miasma, Parasites and other Spiritual Attachments. I ask my Christ Self to govern my atomic regulator and to attune my lightbody energy field to the birth transduction of my Christ-Sophianic self and to return balanced energy flow of which is the highest expression for my being at this time, as God would have it be. For I am the Diamond Sun! (45:01 minutes)

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