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Magnum Opus

Ascension Class March 2014

This is the class for Wednesday, March 19, 2014. 


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): MAGNUM OPUS: From this point on, with the Sophianic body correction underway, the alchemical transformation of our consciousness evolution is about to manifest in synchronistic timing and with fully interconnected singularity. Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience a pinnacle event in the planetary ascension. The Great Work of Alchemy in Latin is called the Magnum Opus. Now, we enter the potential of meeting our personal Magnum Opus, which culminates as the Spiritual Ascension Alchemy Laws are being transmitted from within the Master Christos Collective. This is the cycle when we will meet our Master, whether that Master is money, materialism, intellect, ego fears or a loving God spirit. This meeting point, with whoever is our Master, is reconfiguring collective human energy fields into aligning with either the descending cycle or ascending time cycles. Those groups moving into the ascending timeline will enter a new stage of Ascension Alchemy that is completely governed by the Natural Laws through the Master Christos Collective. And so we enter into the mystery of mysteries, the Magnum Opus of the alchemical process which has been attempted to be described, imitated and reproduced by many of the mystics and sages of the past ages. The ultimate goal is to perfect our true humanity, to discover our real inner spiritual being while embodied on this planet. Our Great Work is that we connect to our essential divinity within, to become one with God spirit on the earth. This IS the true divine alchemy of our spiritual initiation and soul purpose during the Spiritual Ascension. As we move into the next twelve months, as the Sun moves through each of the constellation’s zodiac signs, the planetary consciousness will undergo gradual shifts into building architecture of their Alchemical principles. The Zodiac structural principles are both energetic and geometric which are being aligned to the Alchemical Laws of God hosted by the Aurora Ray System. When astrological alignments occur through major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies, forces of alchemy occur which alter frequency current and manifest new creations. This new cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the Sun transmits the influences of the Zodiac in the Ray System throughout our Solar System. (2:01:41 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3):  Discussion around the Gematria code 777 as it relates to the Kabalistic, Hermetic and Thelema teachings of A. Crowley, an artificial control over the Tree of Life on the earth with 10 spheres instead of 12, how this was related to the Malaysia Plane Boeing 777 hijack, discussion about the Crystal Caverns in the earth and their relationship to the crystalline structures as bioplasmic solids, The bioplasma fields are the Three Founder Rays and Christos fields,  how the quartz crystals in the earth act as the amygdala in the limbic system of the planetary brain, therefore impact our human brains,  relationship to minerals as neurotransmitters, dolomite is equal to magnesium balances which impact dopamine levels, Crystal Mapping for correcting the planetary brain and planetary heart through the crystalline structures,  discussion about the Annunaki role with the Sirians, and the Sirian based Annunaki used Sirian A technology to mind control the people on this earth,  shifts on equinox weekend and moving into the 13 constellation Galactic Zodiac, discuss that the masculine and feminine antiparticle rays are merging with their opposite in the particle rays, the grounding of the hierogamic merging of male and female in the Ray structure.  (41:13  minutes)

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): HEALING HYBRIDIZATION TRAUMA: Our intention in this treatment is to command our divine right to reclaim our mind, reclaim our mental cohesion, reclaim our mental health and wellbeing to be restored to balance and restored to integrated thoughts and behaviors. Our thoughtforms are the behaviors we have, and to observe ones thoughts will precede the actions taken through outward behaviors. At this time it is important to be aware of all of our thoughts and what we allow to shape our belief system that inform and influence our behaviors.  Our planet and the human race has suffered alien hybridization trauma. This hybridization trauma is caused from the hidden histories this planet underwent from alien invasion, memory wiping, and removing and destroying the correct historical record of our entire human race. This alien hybridization trauma has manifested genetic damage both physically and spiritual-energetically- which makes human beings brain and mental bodies vulnerable and weak to alien technological mind control strategies. With all of your heart, mind and soul, monad and Krystic intention decide to reclaim your right to own your thoughts , to command your brain, and devote your mind, brain and nervous system to the purposes of the divine mind of Christos. We pray with all of our heart, mind, soul and Krystic Avatar self to assist and support our strength, clarity and alignment to the Divine Mind of God, as God would have it be.  (35:20 minutes)

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