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Consciousness Corridor

Ascension Class October 2014

This is the class for Wednesday, October 22, 2014. 


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): CONSCIOUSNESS CORRIDOR: We must elevate beyond root fears and survival consciousness and clear away toxic attachment. The result of how we synthesize all these polarities into energetic balance is the Law of Strength made upon our core foundation. And the strength of our core foundation in this current cycle is what determines the laws, principles and Consciousness Corridor of our next incarnation or identity. The bifurcation is the framework for the Consciousness Corridors being outlined as the indication for future direction of the individual and where its group consciousness frequency will evolve in the next cycle. The group consciousness coalesce into frequency hubs which act as reality bubbles which synchronize into holographic frequency containers on the earth grid. Recent planet gridwork events and frequency shifts have revealed a deeper purpose in the manifestation of the structure upon the earth which is now capable to hold the mind principle of a particular Universal Law, Service to Others. The Christos Starseed and Indigo races may feel profound sadness now that some of our human family will not be able to adapt to the new Law and will exit this dimension. At the time of their death they will move onto another planet to continue the appropriate level of spiritual expansion or rehabilitation. We were hoping they could stay on the earth and do this while in their physical body. The current phase of Galactic Zodiac Laws are at their sixth stage of alchemy which are designed to purify and distill the inner spirit. The Virgo principle relates deeply to the Mother Earth, the earth body elemental forces, and this highlights the return of Holy Mother’s Mitochondrial DNA record to the earth. That which was always hidden must surface to be revealed for purging and exit. Humanity will perceive these signs in the material world through their own level of developed spiritual consciousness or in the large majority is limited to the negative ego rhetoric. Keep patience and persevere in collecting the pearls of truth on your spiritual journey and never let your gaze sway from the Force of Love that is God. (1:31:47 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3): Discussion of the implication of our families and children choosing careers in medical or military industrial complex, that if that is the intention in a person's heart is (STO) then ascension choices are still available and the importance of prayers for both the living and passed on to help them in their process, discussion of the stages of collecting the consciousness pieces of our male and female lunar aspects and greater implications for our HG Monadic Merges and how the Cosmic Monad aspects return into levels of being on the earth as our genetic equal during the time of Ascension,  discussion of how trigger points are generated through NAA Manipulation of people to create multiple triggers that generate energetic probabilities into manifestation to generate larger or global event horizons, how this is done to manipulate people on smaller scale who are not aware they are being manipulated by the 911 Agenda to activate the Armageddon software. Importance of activated Starseed to help harmonize the planet field, such as when dark energies from massive trauma and death remain un-cleared in the earth and attract more negative energy and dark forces to accumulate. (1:03:25  minutes)

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): LAW OF STRUCTURE (MICHAEL-MARY WINGS):In this meditation we will address the Universal Law of Structure. There are Universal Laws governing structure or architecture exist at both pre-matter energetic levels and physical matter levels for absolutely everything in existence including our own bodies. We will reflect on our human body microcosm reflection of the Law of Structure of which its principle in matter is formed as the Skeletal Matrix, the Bone matrix of our human body. Beloved God please apply the Universal Law of Structure in my consent to your complete authority in Christ and terminate access or infiltration of any imposter spirit, parasite or miasma which I may have inherited through the ancestral, genetic, collective or other means of my consciousness experiences throughout my histories on the earth. I address all ancestral – genetic and collective identities which have been committed to this earth, beloved please witness my declaration of the law now, of sound mind heart and spirit; Now focus on your collarbone, take your fingers and feel the clavicle bone which is the only long bone in the body that lies horizontally. The clavicle is a key to our Michael and Mary consciousness soul body healing, when we carry unresolved pain in our histories from wing trauma, from being separated from or beloved, this impacts our collarbone and its functions, It has an important role in receiving the spiritual key, receiving the spiritual password to the union of Michael and Mary, which is the union of souls to build the spiritual wings. (31:48 minutes)

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