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Ascension Class November 2014

This is the class for November 19th, 2014


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): CONSUBSTANTIALITY: The planet has entered another intense Magnum Opus stage of the Galactic Zodiac Law being transmitted from the Sun, which is currently being directed through the constellation of Libra. Sublimation is used to describe an exchange of bodies and spirits,  similar to a laboratory phase transition made between solids and gases. The process of sublimation is to purify the primary elements within mixtures. The product of this process is called Consubstantiality. This phase of consciousness evolution combines the dual aspect of the spiritualization of the body and the corporalization of the spirit into the matter world. Many different off planet forces are descending into the matter world as the planet is ascending through the harmonic scale, and opening into higher dimensions of future timelines. As these forces of the spirit may become corporeal through a human body, the human body can become fixed and consubstantial with it. To be consubstantial with something is to be identified, associated and enmeshed with it. If we are not aware of our thoughts and actions, we may become consubstantial with undesirable forces without realizing it. At this time whatever force we become identified with, we will become fixed with and potentially consubstantial. Our elemental body will undergo forms of alchemical change, which relate to our consciousness shift, either ascending or descending. Our personal state of mind will reflect how those collective forces of chaos impact us or not. Can you hold peace in the chaos? (1:36:39 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3):  Discussion about recent changes in the planet regarding hyperdimensional pockets of black holes being used by the NAA to feed into the Astral, more about the use of lower kundalini forces of the earth used to birth lunar or lower entities for the NAA Archons in these hyperdimensional zones, how destructive events like the blowing up planets Tiamat and Maldek created structural problems in the architecture that projected the consciousness hologram in this Universe Time Matrix, how these distortions in the consciousness matrix resulted in source disconnection and Metatronic reversals spanning several dimensions at once, into the whole fallen Melchizedek and Metatron collective. That lost their higher consciousness through the electron splitting apart of the Monadic Minds through these destructive events, recent changes with the particle chakras, especially 1D-2D-3D level and the chakra column merging, how the colors are changing and being upgraded. How pharmaceuticals are used by the NAA to block DNA accretion levels by interrupting the blood brain barrier messaging and impulses from the neuronal synapses, to be careful with anything prescribed that is psychoactive. (53:56 minutes)

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): HIEROGAMIC TWIN CLOCK CHAMBERS: In this meditation we will address Adjunct Time Vectors in the Hierogamic Twin Clock Chambers. There is a set of horizontal counter-rotating chambers that move clockwise to bring in energy from the Unified Field of God-Source and disperse it through the vertical Hara lines that impact all time vectors. This works in the concept of Timelines as in looking at the face of a clock with 12 positions that have 12 event horizons in the time fields. All the timelines are linked into the center vertical hara lines and connect to the memory records of all time, the Universal Hall of Records. Each time vector has a chamber that crosses into its adjunct time field. This represents that which is manifest in a time field which has its same quality imprinted with its spirit twin as a time vector. When these twin chambers meet and the Adjunct Time Vectors merge they become manifested as event horizons in the future time fields. The Adjunct Time Vectors that meet in the twin chambers that cross together for potential manifestation into one of the 12 event horizons are 1 and 7, 2 and 8, 3 and 9, 4 and 10, 5 and 11, 6 and 12. This happens at the end of Ascension Cycles when the Krystal Star spiral begins to merge with their hierogamic union counterpart for core Krystal encryption in these twin clock chambers, which creates new elemental currents that combine into Celestalline for consciousness transmutation beyond Time. (49:53 minutes)

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Please note: The first recording is general discussion, second is Q&A and third is our monthly meditation treatment. Please download these files (which are mp3 audio format) to your computer, as we can’t guarantee how long we’ll be able to keep them available. You’re also free to copy them to any other devices you wish.


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