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Restoring Energetic Balance

Ascension Class June 2015

This is the class for Wednesday, June 17th, 2015


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): RESTORING ENERGETIC BALANCE: Over the last six months our planet has been integrating the flow of divine fire-water, a Universal Liquid light plasma, transmitted through the Universal Golden Gate which opened during the Sun's intersection with the Ophiuchus constellation. This transmission has felt like a pressure for many of us, to address personal and planetary imbalances. Some of us may feel we have surrendered it all, only to find during the last six months, that there is yet another level of reveal.  Revelations are also happening for extra-dimensionals, who have been siphoning resources, and are now being shown the door.  There is more support to dig deep, to heal unresolved wounds and to Restore Energetic Balance at this time, as a new age is upon us. To return to energetic balance we must understand that sacred marriage between the gender principles exists within every living thing, and cannot be ignored or rejected. If we discard, abuse or ignore the principles of energetic balance, we create more disease, confusion, mutations, miasma, interference, demonic influence and eventually death and annihilation. These energetic imbalances are manifested as the causal event behind all major problems plaguing humanity today, such as; war, disease, poverty, ignorance, discrimination, slavery and possession. These are all enslavement tools of the Archontic Deception Strategy to promote class wars between victims and victimizers to run rampant on the earth, spreading misery and disease. As we Restore Energetic Balance and establish values of World Humanism, we begin the Apostolic Age of the Law of One. This age starts with the restoration of the planetary architecture and energy grid networks, to be governed by those same Universal Laws. As heaven meets earth, we establish the new laws to be made manifest through our physical body, which is the multidimensional aspect of the Universal Consciousness. For One and for All. (2:00:13 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3): Discussion regarding Consciousness Corridors and how people have the opportunity to adjust their evolutionary direction either in body or when they leave they body, the goal is to create an evolutionary framework which allows that being to continue the ascension process or evolution of their consciousness into an higher stage without mind control, the explanation of the term singularity used to refer to the zero point and the difference between singularity and technological singularity, which the latter implies fusion with artificial intelligence and cyborgs as described in transhumanism or futurist movement,  description of the Starseed blueprint and the path of loving God through experiencing cosmic consciousness, phases of soul growth that include Dark Arts training and use of the Psychic Self Defense Series, gaining tools and discerning emotional manipulation “fishing” and how not to take the bait and drain yourself, comments on bi-location and working together as a group in dream time and other dimensions in collaboration with Krystal Star, the conditions existing in this universal system as team dark are being evicted and how it effects this universe as well as the planet as we are coming to the end of this vampiric system, how the animal and plants are being spiritually controlled and how their process of evolution is starting to open more for them and how conscious humans can help them. (1:19:57 minutes)

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): Reclaiming Mother and Child Bond: Today YOU ARE the true parent of your inner child , feel this role of being a parent and radiate all the love from your heart to this 6 year old child, pick her or him up in your arms and give her or him a great big loving hug, allowing the child to let go and fully release into your arms. Holding he child in your arms, Radiate protection and support to the child and tell him or her how much you love them with all of your heart. With all the love and kindness in your heart tell this child how you will Continue to love and protect him or her, that you are here right now to make things right, to put an end to all trauma and mistreatment, that you bring unconditional love and protection to this child. Radiate the feelings form your deepest heart to let this child to know they are eternally loved eternally protected and eternally supported by you. Every cell and pore of your body is feeling the deep warmth, comfort and peace in a soft blanket of unconditional love, kindness, feeing completely safe, secure, loved and protected, feeling the earth able to hold these qualities with your consciousness now. Bring your awareness to sense the omnipresent loving feeling of God as with you, inside you all around you now. Now in your mind, start to place the deeper connections which penetrate all aspects of your body to be fully deeply penetrated by this feeling of being in love and peace with a Holy Omni-Presence. (35:17 minutes)

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