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Separation of Worlds

Ascension Class September 2015

This is the class for Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015. 


Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email (please make sure you enter your email correctly) with your purchase confirmation and links to 3 downloads:

  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): SEPARATION OF WORLDS:This is a time of great change, evolution and adjustment to the deep subatomic shifting happening on planet that is building for a trigger event in the timelines, and as some of our community have witnessed over the years, the macrocosm plays a part in the microcosm of the ES community energy field and we can see the parallels of this change happening now within the community structure. Because of these shifts and the necessity of change into the new timeline, we will need to take time away to set up the new foundation as move out of California, and so I would just like to let you now that we will not have any newsletters, monthly classes or articles for October. Thank you so much for your prayers of support and prayers for our community as we endure the current challenges of growing pains into the next era, or the next chapter of the Ascension timelines.Currently, we are enduring the bifurcation process with stages of splitting occurring today, another push in the field on the 28th during the Lunar Eclipse. When we undergo such a massive event, it creates schism in the field and this can weaken our energetic aura, we are in-between states of being in the timelines, and subatomic shifts are happening in the quantum world, while we are integrating these changes on earth surface in our bodies,  we are much weaker than normal, and these energetic weaknesses in our LIGHTBODY and physical body are exploited by Satanic force. Some areas of the earth are descending in this current split of timelines, and these areas are losing the ability to communicate with the trinity Christos architecture, so while we are in that descending area, we lose our communication links, it is similar to say that like an internet connection, when we have a bad connection it can be frustrating to communicate with our Christ self or higher support teams, because the communication lines keep turning on and off or getting hijacked. This is a major reason why we are relocating now.This is why we must be very careful right now, and stay strong and take measures to keep our energy body strong, some of us have to move residence or relocate, some of us have quit jobs, some of us have ended relationships, some of us have to leave situations, this is because we must move somewhere that is the most stable and supportive energetic environment we can right now, and we are shift out form the obsolete structures and having relationships that can no longer serve our spiritual purpose. And yet, the people existing at very low frequency, will feel okay being or living in the descending pockets because they do not feel the change or know anything different. Further there are others that are stationed in an ascending frequency area already, and setting up a new timeline there.There are hell realms, that exist at the lowest vibration of black force, gravitational force, moon and lunar force, and the entities of shadow are able to pass through these splits in the field, or what is called the point of divergence in the quantum field, and these Black force entities, satanic forces, demons from the deepest hell realms have made it to the surface of the earth, and they are having a field day with possession and manipulation of peoples energetic weakness.It seems to be rather recent, but the fight between bi wave–geometry of the black cube, and the trinity wave geometry of Christ consciousness, is undergoing a great battle with Saturn and the black force consciousness of that planet, and that manifests on the earth to resolve itself. The core of planet Saturn geometry is a black cube, and it is connected to feeding the black force that animates and feeds into several demonic families, and it is connected to several realms of hell, or Phantom, and some of these black force entities, that are made of these low subatomic particles, extremely black and evil forces, are showing themselves, they are quite brazen, because their directive is to hunt Christos people on the earth while we are weakened. It seems they are functioning this aggressively in the extremely low pockets of descending areas of earth, while other ascending areas it is much more difficult for them to find a space to make their strategy of attack to actually get in.  When these higher order demonics came in form Saturn’s cube, they started to collect their debts of Moloch, and this has something to do with bloodline of Abraham and blood sacrifice, the Curse of Yahweh,, and it appears that there has been claiming of humans related to certain bloodlines that have made covenants with the 666 blood sacrifice, most what I can tell is happening is that these entities are trolling for bodies to take over that have that insignia of Moloch Saturn, Blood Sacrifice,or that quality of behavior.(1:37 min)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3): There is no Q&A for this month. 

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): Preparing for the New Timeline : HGS session for community members to prepare for the bifurcation and new timeline in the subatomic shift. (43:37 minutes)

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