Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Our ES community has been asked to begin group collaboration for grid work and transits on Twelve (12) weekly assigned planetary networks in partnership with Krystal Host. We have been asked to invite the public that finds resonance with these words to offer another consciousness ring of heartfelt prayers to support the Krystal Host Planetary Emancipation Gridwork (PEG) Project. These “prayers for emancipation and peace” assignments can be completed within the seven (7) day period which is dedicated to a specific key area that has been directed for support from off planet Krystal Star (Christ Consciousness) families connecting with the earthly family at this timeline. This will be published for the public in the weekly Timeshift Blog here, which is every Tuesday to Tuesday. 

We have received our fourth assignment and it is the Inner Gate of Central Mexico  and its wormhole to the linkup into Giza, Egypt for the period of Tuesday, May 28th to the following Tuesday, June 4th. For those who are called to direct energy, focus and attention to help stabilize and support our ascending planet, this blog serves as the clarion call request to those families who are deeply inspired to pray for planetary peace and emancipation.  

Intention Week Four: Set up Meditation or Prayer Session dedicated to the Purposes of the Krystal Star Host communication networks for Inner Gate of Central Mexico and its link into Giza. Krystal Hosting for Planetary Soul and Humanity Tribe 4. 

Ways to Help Support the weekly PEG Project: 

  1. Dedicate your 12D shield practice at the end to send love, peace and liberation to the area of the planet assigned within that weekly period. Visualize that area of the Earth, clean, peaceful, abundant and loving for all humans and earthly creatures. Send your love and peace offered in brotherhood/sisterhood towards all humankind. Here is the 12D Video.
  2. Command your personal space as God-Sovereign-Free being and Meditate on your own as it feels resonant, imagine peace and freedom available to all on the Earth, and specifically at the area of assignment.
  3. Read outloud your favorite prayer for peace on the Earth and dedicate that prayer to the assigned area.

As we move forward with this project, there is not expectation or attachment, learn to relax and be in the flow. We will have a varying degrees of involvement and approach , so allow what is feels good for you to surface. Some of us will be contacted, and when this occurs, there is no ignoring your responsibility. Others may have much more subtle or gentle approaches, in dream state, or sudden animation of intense “feeling”, emotions or intuitions – directed at a particular part of the earth, or her creatures, or human beings. There is no way this is wrong or right, all there is – is what is perfect for you in the now moment when it happens. Allow your heart to lead the way and feel your inner resonances, organically. 

May all of us together as one heart, hold the highest expression for all involved and support the strength, endurance and truth of our planet project together in Unity!

I thank you so much for your kind support and prayers in upholding the integrity, love, peace and truth within our group project and community. May all of us be blessed and protected though the divine grace of the eternal light, and all of the Christos families surround and be as our brothers and sisters in peace and love. 


  • This is heavy Aztec, Toltec and Mayan Indigenous histories embedded in these areas of Central America, with black magic and blood ritual perpetuated into local superstitions and belief systems (bs) by the False Serpent Gods.
  • Nagual lineages of animal-human hybrids and shapeshifter, Shamanic lineages and their reversal black magic infiltration, blood letting, promotion of cannibalism.
  • Zeta factions are (off planet) alien controlled and a part of the Central American drug cartel and their “religious” blood rituals.
  • Guadalupe and Mother Mary reversals tied into many lunar and moon distortions used in ritual sacrifice to promote misogny.
  • Jesus-Mary, Michael Mary turnstile is fed off of these areas (HG reversals and Gender splitting, Patriarchal Dominate worships Mother/Whore complex)


Love in all ways, Lisa