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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension comprises the Science of the Spirit, encompassing the entire quantum mechanics of how spirit and matter travel throughout time and space. At certain levels of frequency conjunction within the spiral of time, access to higher blueprints that create new energy templates is made possible. The planet has reached that axis in the timeline where the gender principle of creation in this world will be tested for energetic integrity on every level it exists. As we begin a new cycle, there are new Krystal Star hosted energy blueprints that redefine gender centers and their “energetic positions” in the instruction sets of the gridwork on the planet. Essentially this is a planetary body merkaba shift between the counter rotating spirals of the masculine and feminine energies. What this means is that everything having to do with masculine and feminine principles of energy on this planet and how humans experience gender is undergoing some kind of transformation at the blueprint level. 

These new energy templates exist in the in-between spaces known as the unmanifest field. Now that this is becoming available in the planetary consciousness field it will have direct impact to transform the embodiments of the masculine and feminine energies in any kind of pattern imaginable. Primarily this will be a time of which all gender issues will be explored, discovered and redefined in each person, and will push many people to transform gender confusion into a larger revelation of personal truth. 

This will greatly impact all relationships with a focus on partnerships, marriages, and other unions, whether traditional, alternative, androgynous, same sex or heterosexual. The goal is to discover deeper self-acceptance and ways of relating to other people as human beings first, with an attempt to be freed of expected roles or archetypes that are set forth in religious or other social sets of programming. On this journey of deep discovery for humankind, learning how to become energetically balanced males and females, we stand at an evolutionary precipice which will bring to the surface all hidden thoughts and behaviors for review. We must look at our history, our social memes and recognize what has happened to shape our culture as a race of men and women and the programing that shaped a false or dual identities in order to cope in the structures, that really are not our true essential nature. As we regain the sense of what it means to live in true humanity united as men and women, with love, acceptance and humanitarian philosophies, we will be pushed to look at the good, the bad and the ugly. We cannot hide ourselves any longer and be in denial of deceptions held up around us without suffering great consequences and personal turmoil. 

As humanity biologically evolves through the Spiritual Ascension process, there is the alchemical process of synthesizing the pairs of opposing forces within the auric (spiritual-energetic) bodies. As we come into exposure with these frequencies they activate our spiritual progress, and we will naturally attract experiences, such as other people and circumstances that are designed to help us further spiritually develop. Most of these types of spiritually based experiences or relationships will push to the surface energetic imbalances, such as fears or unresolved pain that exist in the mental and emotional body. This is the only way we can become aware of our inner imbalances, especially gender principle imbalances. We must look at our deep core beliefs around Mother and Father, and what our belief system is around male and female roles. These issues must surface in our awareness so that we can recognize them in order to take responsibility for them. In making new choices we can regain our energetic balance that is aligned to our true core essence. The challenge that this process presents is that many asleep people that are egotists or selfish may not understand the need for these transformations and thus we encounter great resistance from those people that we may have thought were our friends, family members or supporters. This can feel like a great betrayal. Many of us come to find that biological family does not necessarily mean soul family, and that we should not accept abuse and harm directed towards us by a so-called family member that is not willing to be unconditionally loving or accepting. It is important we have healthy boundaries which allow ourselves to genuinely discover who we really are inside. 

If we do not understand the context of our experience or relationship as a purposed evolutionary journey, we can become stuck on obsolete co-dependent patterns and mired in looping painful issues. The experience to surface energetic imbalances is designed by the higher spiritual intelligence and not ego preferences. This means that until the ego programs are neutralized, the person’s ascension pathway will be littered with suffering through mental confusion and dark manipulation. This is why Ascension context coupled with negative ego clearing is highly suggested in order to experience the easiest and most harmonious progress through one’s spiritual ascension. This awareness is important to apply in all relationship settings by building context that the person appearing in your life right now, is there by either divine design or ego (dark) manipulation. In these next weeks if one is not clear of the current personal relationship design, one will be given that clarity and the responsibility to make required changes to further spiritual development. 

When undergoing the alchemical process of energetic synthesis, the polarities (male or female principles) will amplify in extremes as they appear as manifest forms in matter. Many times this is played out unconsciously by human beings through their gender roles, as gender has a manifested and energetic polarity, as well as overlays of social, religious and other expectations. However, if we can face these polarity extremes with conscious participation and quiet awareness, we will be transparent to the chaos generated from the extreme amplification of these forces. This is especially potent when observing gender reconciliation of polarity extremes as it is transpiring on the planet today. Being the compassionate witness reconciles the opposing forces into the neutral point, which when holding neutral is the point of power that will resolve extremes into aligned synchronicity. 

Synchronicity alignment is that state which is egoless yet aligned and aware to the natural flow of events that naturally self-organize. Through the paying attention to the now moment one becomes aligned to the synchronicity of the natural flow of events. When choosing to be present to synchronic alignments in your everyday life, these circumstances and people will organize to the most coherent resonant pattern. This is so much more effective and effortless in the expending of life force to bring about the most mutually beneficially outcome for all parties that is possible. This synchronistic arrangement is sourced from spiritual-energetic intelligence and not the mental or ego intelligence. The ability to have this awareness will become more important as we observe extreme conflicts between gender surfaces in our personal relationships designed for spiritual marriage. 

Over the last few years during the Ascension cycle a new breed of consciousness has incarnated on the planet, and many accepted the clarion call to help ascend and heal the schism of polarity that impacts the planet with reversal gender and gender splitting. Many Star kids hold a polarity integration template of Androgyny or transgender designed for the Unity of the polarities and now are revealing this outwardly as their core essence. As they biologically advance as youngsters to teenagers, many kids or young people are bewildered at the hostile or enraged responses they receive from the old reptilian calcified regime. This negative response runs the gamut from their biological families, and the inept and ill equipped educational and social systems. 

As we acknowledge these beloveds for their role we can apply the compassionate witness to see them for who they really are and do what we can to support their self-awareness. We may see a teenager and young adult movement into homosexuality, bi-sexuality, androgyny, gender blind and the confusion or bewilderment about their gender roles and sexuality and what it all means to them. We may see more young adults that we cannot traditionally label as a “male or female” and that role is determined through the person’s own natural preferences in order to be authentic. This is an aspect of gender reconciliation designed to integrate and unify male/female polarities that is transpiring within the Indigo or Starseed communities. This is a part of their contribution to redefine male and female roles as exploring new and alternative ways of being that are authentic to them as individuals. 

The issue is that confusion about this gender reconciliation behavior, misguided ego deceptions and dark ignorance from others can be emotionally traumatizing for the youngster. There is an incredible astral delusion used through 2nd chakra seduction to believe deviant and irresponsible sexuality is okay in the name of creative freedom. This ensnares the Indigo desperate to achieve freedom in this enslaved planet through misguided perceptions and internal angst. As we witness more and more Star kids declaring their homosexuality and bi-sexuality the social attitudes need to get a grip on this changing paradigm and clear negative ego judgment and attacking aimed at these youngsters. We will need to open dialogues to teach and support them to learn self-love and self-acceptance first in order to create unconditional loving relationships based on integrity, awareness and energetic responsibility. This group has been highly confused and has a high suicide rate. The goal is the elevation of higher consciousness perception to support their core essence to express themselves authentically without the lower chakra pain and trauma distortion created by the environmental forces and dogmatic or religious belief systems. 

These are affirmations to seal your gender unification:

I Accept the Male and Female within Me. I AM Perfect Balance. 

I AM in Sacred Marriage. My Partner and I serve God’s plan together and share our Love with the World. 

Until next stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other.

(Source: Clarifying Gender Principles, April 2013)

Ryland's story is incredibly moving, of which this youtube video link shares the unconditionally loving parents journey in supporting their beloved child to adjust to social roles and be happy. Hallelujah indeed.


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"Hatred never ceases by hatred but by love alone is healed. This is the ancient and eternal law." ~A verse from the Dhammapada

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