Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Transcript - Coming back into this moment and understanding that as we hold the space in present moment and we understand the truth of who and what we truly are as the eternal God self. We are the eternal diamond sun Christic people that have returned to witness this final conflict and to really take the accounting. Returning things back through cosmic justice into the natural laws through the compassionate witness. We’re enduring the most difficult stages of witnessing that warfare as it is happening on planet Earth. While many of our brothers and sisters on this planet remain asleep to this larger agenda. That is a burden, but it is also a privilege. Knowing the value of that information and higher awareness, while being able to hold calm even in the presence of chaos, of others pain, of watching other people suffer. That is the most challenging part.

I also think it's important to know, and this is something that I hesitate to say. I do not want this statement to be misconstrued, but it is important to understand. We cannot fear the death of this body. There is no death. Anyone in our community that is connected to guardian host and truly is connected at this level with their inner spirit, you have nothing to worry about. Stay in your heart, stay in loving kindness, holding compassion for self and others. There are not going to be any problems if it's time for us to leave. I know that for many of us, we’re very much needed on the earth at this time, as this awakened consciousness is very much needed to help awaken others. But it's important to understand at this time, please don't fear death.

It is the understanding of being able to hold the equanimity in the moment to moment. Whether here, whether there it doesn't matter, our job is the same, our mission is the same. We will not be trapped by the negatives. They will attempt to fracture or fragment and harm people on the external methods, that's what they do. But the issue is - please don't fear death and let those fears control you. Because that is a part of the intimidation tactic, that is a part of the fear program. With the current pandemic agenda in play right now, where is the fear coming from? For many, it is stemming from the fear of death. We don't need to fear this.

We need to understand our fear of death more deeply. We need to pay attention to our surroundings. We need to use our critical thinking caps. We need to have some common sense. We need to work or spiritual tools. But we do not need to fear this.

I think that is important as well, is seeing the hype in motion, seeing the fear being used as a weapon, and seeing the propaganda. The message being broadcast is all about survival consciousness. This is the Achilles heel of where they get us in the fear bondage loop, this is where they torment the human race by believing in this manufacturing of scarcity, and we must refuse it. We must refuse this victim victimizer survival program that they are attempting to saturate us with and refuse to allow ourselves to feel in fear by it. Recognize this aspect of clearing fears that can be manipulated in our minds around the dropping of this body. You've got many other bodies, don't worry about it, stay focused on your inner spirit. Where you know this dropping the body is not really what's going to happen now, because your awakened consciousness is needed here. By understanding what they are triggering in the subconscious, where the propaganda is sourcing from and where most people are reacting, this is at an instinctual knee-jerk level. This is a survival consciousness being spread into the world to spiritually oppress the masses and it's important for us to do our best to stay out of that low vibration as much as possible. Come back into the observer, come back into center with knowing the eternal self. Know you are eternal, you are God Sovereign Free, and that is assured now. There's no turning back, this ascension process is going to happen, although it may not be what you imagined or expected. The ascension is going to happen for everyone at some point in the future timelines. But the issue is now, we’ve got to walk through this pile of deep shadowy rubbish, this mind control debris and this prison planet game that is being played out. This is the rougher part that we’re seeing play out in the world.

I just want to make the point, how profound shadow work actually is and how important it is for all of us to recognize and clear the shadow selves. This inner work never stops. It doesn’t stop for me either. We all have to monitor and assess our behaviors, our reactions and our thoughts, to see what we put out into the world and set into energetic motion. As long as we do that self-observation and assessment, this is a supreme protector of our consciousness and our light body. Our organic higher heart consciousness of the inner spirit, this cannot be assimilated into AI. That's another very important thing to understand, the negative ego can be easily assimilated into AI. When we’re using the negative ego as a means to process reality, it gets assimilated into the AI. Holding the now moment presence, holding self-awareness, being consecrated and dedicated to this higher ethical system of the Kryst-Krystallah of the cosmic sovereign Law of One. Those loving principles guiding our lives and our lifestyle, is a supreme protector of the sacred crystal heart. That doesn't mean we give up critical thinking and assessing our surroundings, we still need common sense in navigating the weaponization of people that are sued as dark portals around us. It's not fun, but it is necessary to be aware of this agenda, because this is factual, this is happening.

I want to help our group understand why the mind control transmission works so well. Why is the mind control so effective in so many of the people around us? To the point where we’re living in the theater of the absurd. We can barely believe the surreal nature of what's happening in the world at large and how they're getting away with this charade. But when you understand negative ego and shadow body and how that can be assimilated into AI, then it really starts to make sense. Because really freeing ourselves from this mind control transmission, is the real shadow work. Really coming into the sacred heart of loving consciousness, is where we can feel our organic being and know that organic being. Know that we can access that zero-point connection if we can maintain our inner stillness. Be Still and know you are with God. We can maintain our power in the now presence, even in all of this chaos. Just breathing and being. Going through it, walking purposefully forward. It is what it is. Just show up, stay calm, pay attention and do the best you can in the moment, it is enough.

Many times, this overcomes the resistance that they're trying to send to stop or derail you. But I do believe that we must stay alert to these kinds of dark portal people. To not to give traumatized, scattered, broken people that are in a lot of pain power in your life, we cannot give them power or authority over our decisions. We cannot allow fear based people to derail our spiritual progress or let them take over the direction of our projects. This is where we have to step up to that level of self-responsibility and personal integrity of actions, and have that boundary. Know where that boundary is for you. It is very important that we continue our spiritual work in the world. That we continue to the best of our ability, taking care of ourselves and whatever else to gain our personal strength, because we have ebb and flow in showing up for the Christos mission. Sometimes we must reset and sequester. But knowing the importance of that. The spiritual warfare is designed to divide and conquer, stop us from progressing in our spiritual ascension and mission, plain and simple.

Everything in your body organic and inorganic, belongs to you. Don't forget that, not for one second. The law can be commanded, that your body is fully controlled by your organic higher spiritual consciousness, your personal Christ, if and when you commit to expressing unconditional love as your highest power.

I want to impart the hope and optimism of understanding the power that is available to us now is so immense. As human beings awakening to what's happening on this planet, the ability to connect to these aspects is so much more viable. There are massive streams of higher consciousness coding and plasmic light entering our system during this time. The higher frequencies and spiritual ascension coding is so much more present, so much more possible, if a human being can stay out of this fear mongering propaganda, that is an aggravated assault on all of us. Obviously, we can't trust the authorities in mainstream controlled media who tell us the answer to all of this fear is to go get our vaccination shots.

We need to do everything we can to strengthen our immune system and to stay away from anything that is genetically modified. That includes vaccinations. Anything created in a lab is being weaponized against the human race right now. Understanding that to the best of our ability, as we make alterations in how we interact with the world at large. Understanding these larger agendas and the reasons behind them. I do believe we have the incredible spiritual support to help guide us through that process. Listening, asking the questions to help us navigate the minefield that is 3D Earth at this time.

The goal is to stay away from GMO and work on supporting your immune system. Keep yourself and your immune system as strong as possible. You can see what their agenda is, it's to assault us with everything at once. If we are eating junk food, we’re out at McDonald's, or we go to the doctor, we’re taking pharmaceuticals and were getting flu vaccinations with aborted fetus cells and foreign DNA material every year, and were being sprayed with heavy metals from chemtrails, and there putting fluoride in our water, and God knows what else. The issue with this and mind control at the various levels of assault with the propaganda, you can see it is a many pronged agenda of soft kill methods that is designed to weaken the human race, all of us. All of that combined starts to seriously break down our immunity. We know what they're doing and so the issue is to take good care of ourselves and to make sure that we limit our exposures to those things we know are weakening us. Our goal is to spiritually strengthen ourselves and to keep our God connection and awareness focused in the present moment. To maintain the calm, even while riding in the storms of chaos, and to know how they're doing this and their expected end result.

Coming back to this understanding of taking good care of your body. If you are exposed to people or you have to be in groups, or what have you. Check in with your guidance but the most important thing to remember is strengthen your immune system. For me I absolutely know with all of my heart that vitamin C in high doses it is extremely effective, in intermittent doses. If you get powdered vitamin C you can take anywhere between 3000-5000 and even 8000-10,000 mg. You can do this with a spoon of crystals in some juice or liquids and just shoot it down, testing your tolerance. That's what we’re doing here, not because of the CV thing mostly because we’ve been feeling so attacked and so much technical interference. It has been very difficult over the past weeks since the metagalactic core newsletter came out and the metagalactic Paliadorian activation. It's just been another level of dealing with attacks and I think many of you have been feeling it too.

But back to strengthening the immune system and seeing their tactics, what they're doing and how absurd and ridiculous it is. This is not that sophisticated if you understand the agenda, if you pay attention and use some critical thinking. You can feel and see and observe the agenda right in front of you. They are banking on the fear taking over your emotional body so that critcial thinking is entirely discarded.  This particular virus is life-threatening to those that have been severely immune compromised, with lifetimes of pharmaceuticals and flu shots, GMO or hospital food, or bad spiritual hygiene. Understand who their target is and why. Don't have any fear about this. Just strengthen and do what you can to know those things that spiritually strengthen you, strengthen your physical body. Again, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, selenium, all of the antioxidants should be very helpful. If you're feeling you're exposed or feeling a little bit cautious and you need to do something, get these separately, don't get a formula. Take them separately so you can dose in higher milligrams and see what your body’s tolerances is. Especially the vitamin C crystals, this is very effective as an anti-viral. The other thing I do want to talk about which has been confirmed, is that Borax prevents nanites or nano tech from bonding into your tissues. As we know this assault is on skin cells they are going for electromagnetic exposure on the skin to infect cells with toxic material.

One of the things we’ve been noting for about a year now, is that our skin has been undergoing a lot of changes. Remember the role up of the lower dimensions meant that we we’re looking at this AI net in the lower fields, that had created a death seal in the skin and in the bone matrix. Again, the skin tissue and bone matrix is very important right now, our fascia matrix alignment. Knowing that Borax is actually effective in limiting exposure to chemtrails, nanites or vaccinations people may need for work. In certain situations, Borax helps the body to collect and excrete the nanites.

For a moment what I'd like to do is to just hold a group space for prayer, for healing. There are so many people to pray for, there is so much suffering with people we care about, with people around us. For a moment if you would, we’ll bring our gathering into a moment of group healing and prayer. Whether it's for yourself or your family, or for someone that you know of that's having a really difficult time. Because many people are having a really difficult time. This is very challenging time especially the more fractured a person is. The more a person is using or seated in their negative ego and mentally fractured, they are subjected to some of the delusions and the lack of coherence. This is really creating a weakness in their auric field. This has been very painful, very difficult for me because the issue is the fracturing of the mental body through those layers of the negative ego, that have been fractured into the pain body. If that isn’t cleaned up, if that shadow isn't integrated and healed, loved and accepted and brought into that zero-point unification, this is an extreme exploitation of people's uncleared trauma at that level. It's very hard to observe that happening. People that are suffering with that kind of trauma and mental fragmentation are really hurting, really having a hard time in this chaotic terrain.

Whoever we may choose to hold in the space, let's prepare to gather in our hearts and connect into our group and share this prayer together.

Beloved holy presence of God we call upon the agents of spiritual healing and the highest God forces of energetic balance, optimum health and restoration of the zero point.

We request the presence of God's Holy Spirit the highest expression of truth, protection and spiritual healing.

We ask for this GSF blessing for our entire ES community, our family members, our loved ones and for all those in the extension of our family of light our family of Christos.

In our connection and love of God, in our communication and connection with the Holy Spirit we know all things are made possible.

We ask for God and our Guardian teams to please walk with us to please hold our hands when it's necessary. Please hold our hearts within your heart.

We pray for all to be directly connected to the healing spirits of Christ and to be renewed and healed in mind and body, in heart soul and in spirit.

Beloveds please bring clarity and truth to all situations in our environment.

With all of our exchanges we ask that grief, suffering, ancestral and genetic patterns and their energetic results be released, be healed completely and totally, as they are clarified in the eternal light of truth and dissolved in the unconditional and eternal love of God in the zero point.

We ask to please give our entire energetic synthesis and foundation community, our family members, loved ones and all those included in this prayer the spiritual strength, the endurance, the diligence to continue to move forward on this ascension path and spiritual mission, which is uniquely and personally theirs.

Please guide us towards improved health and well-being.

Please guide us with the wisdom to identify all healing sources of light that are to our benefit and to align fully and completely with the highest mutual divine purpose in unified cooperation.

We call upon the Christ and Krystallah our Starseed family of God forces to bless and baptize our entire energetic synthesis community infrastructure and architecture, in the Krystal Star algorithms, as well as our families, loved ones and all those in our heart to be protected, sealed in the holy spirit.

May all experience God's eternal love directly, God's compassion and care.

We focus God's healing love and compassion to all body parts, to all aspects and stations of identity, to be released of pain, to be released of grief, to be released and cleared of suffering.

We hold prayers for all of those stewarded into our care in our community and those in our heart who maybe feeling unwell sick or in pain, feeling scared or confused during this time.

We send blessings of God's eternal light, love and power to our entire community and to all people listening to this prayer to be an agent of healing light of God and Christ.

May we be of service to others to bring unconditional love, comfort, peace and spiritual healing as God would have it be.

Holy mother please bring comfort to those who need it most at this time.

May the love, care and healing of the Holy Spirit and our Cosmic Mother and Father presence be with us now.

May peace be with our heart.

May peace be within our mind.

May peace be within our bodies.

May all be with the unconditional love and eternal light of God and the Christos-Sophia.

Thank you God. Thank you God. Thank you God.

We seal this prayer into the infrastructure of our community to be sealed in the founder tesseract of the Christos Sophia Heart Hierogamic template. And so it is.

Beloveds I thank you so much for this opportunity for us to gather and come together.

I hope that it has eased your heart and your mind of some of the burdens that are happening in the external world. It is tough it is a difficult time. We are enduring spiritual warfare.

But with our sacred crystal heart and with our devoted connection to God, all is made possible.

Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. We seal our session and our communication into the silver sanctum and into the eternal light of wholeness, unity and truth. And so it is.

(ES Source: Group March 3, 2020 - Transcript by Paige)