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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.


This is a challenging topic to even attempt to write about, as so much can be expressed about this from every angle in its multitude of purposes. However here are a few guidelines to be aware of when discerning corrupted systems or Twilight Mastery. 

God Source can be discovered from within everything and IS everywhere. So even in this realm, while it can be an unpleasant experience, many of us undergo our initiations into higher wisdom by facing the “dark” forces. These circumstances can provide a level of service leading us to energetic mastery in order to fully comprehend the illusory nature of the 3D hologram and the various agendas at work down here. Once we understand the holographic nature of reality, we can understand these agendas at work and then we are given a choice on how we wish to participate. This is the road to Sovereignty. 

A common denominator that seems to be observed in the Spiritual Leader’s blind spot leading them to participate in “Twilight Mastery” is the lack of negative ego training or awareness of the multidimensional bodies. ( The spiritual anatomy). The biggest spiritual test is one of personal character and will, when given fame. When an ego is given a perception of power, money or influence over others, who does he become? If a Spiritual Leader does forget that he/she has been employed by God Forces and has been entrusted with stewardship of Divine Will as a humble servant, they are then led down a karmically laden path. There is no root downfall worse for any soul than the deliberate abuse or misuse of spiritual energies or consciousness technologies. 

When a Spiritual Leader/Organization has tread into this dark water of pride and ego, the False Ascension Matrix is most easily inserted into the curriculum or into the nature of the spiritual work that has been propagated. And then it is like a viral infection. It spreads its corrupt energy signature throughout everything. It is matrix of complacency, deception and puffed up illusions about the nature of a fantasy reality. Truly it is like taking the Red pill and going to sleep in the matrix. Because in knowing that you have to have focus ,discipline and take responsibility for your soul and energies is not something many people are willing to hear or act upon. Clearly the onus falls upon us, as we (as a race) refuse to stop blaming everything outside of us as the cause of our own personal pain. 

The risk in these types of dynamics (Guru- Disciple relationships, or Corrupted Spiritual Leadership) is if the person is extremely weak willed, the emotional body is severely damaged from trauma, or the mind is inordinately controlled by implants/programming. The patterns to recognize in these inappropriate behaviors are very, very clear. And that is why it is a must that you endeavor to be mentally and spiritually disciplined to stay awake (here in the now) even when everyone else around you is “asleep”. 

There is nothing to fear at all in these scenarios when you are awake, informed and aware. (However I am acutely aware of the nuisance factor of implants and the dark forces tactics of distraction) What IS your responsibility is that you must commit to your soul/spiritual evolution and to own your personal 
source power while taking responsibility for the direction of all of your energies. You will notice in all of these types of corrupted relationships, there is a Dominating Ego run amok. Such as with a deeply charismatic character claiming some elitism or rhetoric over their special and exclusive connections to God/Angels/Masters/Guardians. Remember white magic and black magic are the same consciousness technology, the deciding factor is how it is used intentionally. If one manipulates spiritual energies in order to show a certain image of misperception for personal gain or service to self primarily, or to superimpose one’s will or belief on another – It is considered black magic and “satanic” in nature. Hence it becomes easily corruptible. 

Within the Law of One, Freedom in all ways is honored as an energetic reality of granting God Ship to all things, no matter what their/God choice is. ( We can all admit this has been controversial to many of the exhausted Galactic warriors who do at times during some heated conflicts, just want to go home. 

The commitment to rehabilitation and reeducation as modeled by the Guardian Races has been saintly and certainly God like. However it is important to note that the Interdimensional Ascended Masters use “deflection” technologies and do not utilize a weapon, they choose complete and total harmlessness. And this is a very important point to maintain in understanding when dealing with these complex types of energies and scenarios. It is not up to us to be the taskmaster or judge. All is observed and will be accounted for in the end. Period. 

One important factor to note is that honoring our own personal resonance and energetic discernment FIRST without placing any judgment is a must to own personal power and the right to sovereignty. We have the utmost compassion for all levels of Spiritual or Light Leadership as it seems to be one of the most challenging roles to hold in full integrity while up against a deeply distorted 3rd dimensional system and a hotbed of opinionated egos. To be up to task in this area is an incredible work load that most are not ready for or willing to earn. 

The process of earning leadership is a reality of which comes to strip the debris from your ego personality and must happen in order to “embody” truth as an energetic signature. ( The Hanging Man in suspended animation) Everyone is capable of embodying truth. However, As we move forward into the coming years, we will notice those that do embody truth, and those that do not - much more clearly. We are going through the “changing of the guard” and we will observe many changes in who can hold the sphere of light influence in the coming new energies, which is about integrity and unity. -LR

(Source: Forum Discussion)

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