Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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This previous weekend was the cusp transition between ending the Scorpio transmission and moving into the first Law of the Ophiuchus stellar activation that is being transmitted into our planetary system for the first time. This begins a new exposure that is a substance which has both qualities of Elemental Water and Elemental Aethers held in a mixture within these liquid light frequencies. This is the ninth stage of the Galactic Laws being transmitted to the planet as the wound healer phase of human spiritual ascension. 

Stage 9 – OPHIUCHUS – November 30 to December 17 Alchemical Theme: Unification, Wound Healing Element: Water/Aether

This phase is the solar alignment with the Cosmic Aether which is at the core of the Galactic Center, which represents pouring of healing spiritual waters into the earth and humanity from Mother God. Previously, these waters were corrupted by entrapping the Mother principle and Gold Ray Seraphim on earth by the knowledge coveting Serpent. Hence, this is also the symbol for the Fallen Angel. This is why this constellation is both ruled by the Golden Eagle spirit and the Snake. During the ascension cycle this constellation is to return to its original geometry, to represent the union of all polarity as the perfect blueprint of energetic balance and harmony for humanity. Through the embodiment of this energetic balance into perfected unity, in the upcoming Pisces cycle, the knowledge and wisdom is given back to the truth seeker. Therefore, in its highest expression this constellation represents the potential blueprint of divine perfection in a Human Being. It also represents the pending birth of the Christ child growing in the womb of the Divine Mother. It is one with all things and has no opposite. It is capable of healing all human wounds and amplifies spiritual healing in this cycle. It is related to the symbol Phi and reemerging Sophia.

The constellation Ophiuchus, the "Serpent Holder", is the missing 13th zodiac sign that sits 180 degrees across from the Orion constellation (Osiris). It is suggested that the Greeks removed this sign because it represents the resurrection of the Gods. The sign opposite in the sky from Ophiuchus is Orion. Ophiuchus sits in the general direction towards the center of our galaxy. The ancients called this the 'Gate of the Gods'. Orion sits in the opposite of this direction which would be considered the anti-galactic center. The ancients called this direction the 'Gate of Man'. Ophiuchus and Orion represent the phases in our life cycle and the progress made through spiritual ascension. We all incarnate as earthly beings that potentially evolve through the precession of equinoxes, taking us into the Gate of Man to eventually become eternal beings through the Gate of the Gods. 

This period of time has great potential for all types of synchronistic events with an emphasis on energetic and physical healing through this open gateway. One may observe many smaller and larger reality bubbles (scenarios) that people are experiencing simultaneously in the same time and space that are all woven and interconnected. If one observes the patterns of events that all happen within multiple layered sequences, one can see the incredible patterns of synchronistic events playing out. When we pay attention to the larger events in the holographic nature of reality, it appears very much like a Russian nesting doll. (See one here: Matryoshka doll ) 

From this vantage point one may experience the reality as a nested hologram and can see the patterns become clearer and vaster, all extraordinarily interwoven and connected throughout the Cosmos! Being able to connect the microcosm perspective of our reality bubbles (seeing what’s playing out in our personal life) to the macrocosm views (what’s happening on the planetary scale) is more apparent in the patterns we observe. When one experiences this interconnection, one realizes nothing is personal and should not be taken in as such. In our current ascension process, we are continuing to go through deeper levels of the dismantling of our individual sense of ego. This allows us to see the connection of the larger dots to the even larger dots. The perspective just keeps getting larger!  Now, we may see the larger collective identity ego structures in the world also dismantling. All of which is completely relative to the larger patterns that interconnect human beings with the current planetary scale and Universal shift of consciousness. 

We are experiencing more of the “Reality Bubble” phenomena as many groups of consciousness break off and form the reality bubble of their vibrational choosing. Humanity is enduring a vast array of personal ascension process and being dispersed into more defined roles within the parameter of matched vibrational experiences. There is no value difference given in the Cosmic Classroom. Yet, we each have very specific and unique energetic, genetic configuration to share with the planet and the cosmos. We have choice in this matter of personal evolution now and it will impact our future consciousness direction. It is important that we play our most authentic divine puzzle piece by listening to our deepest heart and nurturing loving feelings.  Even if that means being isolated so that one may learn to hold a state of pure being-ness while in the midst of chaotic change and shifting energies. 

A Reality Bubble feels like you are watching a reality movie from the outside, as if it’s inside some energetic invisible “container”. The events happen from a vantage point as if you are on the outside of the container rather than being engaged with what’s happening on the inside. One may also feel inside your own reality bubble when introduced to other external situations or people. That may or may not feel energetically resonating or relative to ones experiences or frequency level.  As you experience this it has a surreal quality to it - of being present and yet not being there.  One may even feel invisible or unable to communicate verbally to those you are viewing in the other neighboring reality bubble. The reality bubble experiences can magnify finger pointing scenarios when the negative ego is looking for something on the outside to blame or victimize. As Always, be the Neutral Observer. 

More of us are now aware of experiencing a variation of this bifurcation amplifying in our current sense of reality and within many other simultaneous running reality bubbles. This happens throughout our day to day experience as well as what is magnified back to us as a reflection of what is happening with the global mass consciousness. 

As these massive activations of neutral field frequency sets feel glorious to a connected, soul infused human being, ( who has done their emotional healing and clearing work) it will feel entirely the opposite to the disconnected person living in a dense mentally controlled physical body. The disconnected person will feel their reality is completely disintegrating from their perceived control and it will be incredibly disturbing to a rigid or dogmatic mind. This mental weakness will accelerate energy blocks and result in types of disease patterns. The higher frequencies will activate the weakness in the immune system that has been inherited from the family of origin that still remains unresolved.  This relates to all energetic imbalances, such as mental disorders and addictions as well. 

This is one reason why we are seeing more chaos, mental imbalances and psychosis growing in the masses. Such as mental trauma breakdowns, social pathologies, inability to cope with stress and just plain destructive behavior. These massive transmissions of frequency also contribute to neurological dysfunction that is critical in maintaining an open mind, with healthy balanced brain and body function. This kind of overload stimulus to a rigid mind/brain can potentially blow out circuits. This is why resting, meditating, 12 D shielding, disciplining one’s mind and clearing negative emotions, and keeping the body relaxed is very important at this time. 

As we move through the next evolutionary window we are ramping up our inner God spirit technologies (the intelligence of our own consciousness and its lightbody vehicle) to reveal new wisdoms about the hidden technology that powers our planetary holographic reality. This is the God technology of the multidimensional holographic anatomy that functions simultaneously as an interface to our multidimensional holographic reality. When we are capable to consciously direct our personal energetic holographic anatomy we then direct control over our planetary holographic reality. What we see in the world now is a reflection of the weighted average of the mass global human consciousness and its apparent lack of spiritual-energetic understanding or its spiritual blindness. 

Much of this information has been hidden underneath Archontic deception from humanities view. This “energetic architecture” creates the various levels of mind programming and the ability to control the energetic manipulation of the masses. It is also this knowledge that allows the keys to the kingdom, therefore Spiritual Freedom. These energetic structures are invisible to the 3D five phenomenal senses and become apparent when one has reached a certain level of multidimensional higher sensory perception. This is also a function of activated DNA or Star Seeded genetic memories. This is a function of our lightbody which when activated in its potential have nadis structures (nerve endings) that function like “energetic receivers” of multidimensional broadcast. Most all humans have been deactivated from this potential from a history of genetic manipulation and the human DNA not being able to “plug” itself in the layers of its strands. This is one of the Star Races purposes to contribute to the planet and humanity to help support the DNA to plug in again and to access consciousness memories. 

Some of us are now being prepared to be deployed to work directly with these levels of the planetary energetic architecture. Previously, only the human power elite and off planet non-human intelligence were privy to this consciousness technology. As a part of our new spiritual wisdom and the acceptance of our role as Guardians for this planet, some of us have accepted this as the next level of our spiritual mission. And this may take shape in an accelerated phase of physical movement or travel to certain locations or Stargates on the Planet. May the force be with you! 

(source: Red Pill or Blue Pill, November 2008, Changing of the Guard, March 2011 Newsletters)