Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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The Cosmic Floodgate is opening through the recent gateway of which humanities awakening process is being greatly accelerated. What has been a largely experienced as subtly ethereal, or an intangible sense to those on the path of conscious awakening, has now shifted to be greatly apparent to many others. Something is changing the reality of time and space as we have known it. Some people are going off the deep end while many others are struggling to find their inner ballast. Now we are being reminded that this process of transformation is no longer avoidable. We cannot run and hide from our creations or sweep our negativity and imbalances under the rug for much longer. The whole of Creation, including the Earth body is actively assisting us with our transfiguration process to embody the divine truth residing within us. Unraveling our body at the deepest levels of energetic integrity we are on the path to find our true authentic selves.  We have to wake up and see the truth of  what we have been connecting to and what we have been responsible for in our life. We may be feeling the weight of density that pushes us from the inside out to wake up and recognize that Divine Intelligence is not external. It is not in a Book. It exists in every atom and cell of our physical bodies as consciousness. The revelatory experience of accessing Divine Consciousness awaits us beyond the Ego. 

As I awoke today I felt a sense of urgency, anxiety and even panic. My heart was beating fast. I looked outside to see a beautiful orange morning sun with its streaming rays highlighting the clouds of the rain storm just passed. I became aware that my cellular body was vibrating with an internal knowingness of something inexpressible. Some level of new energetic information of such vastness that it was all-encompassing. I looked outside the window again to see this magnificent view on the horizon as if it would reassure that part within me that, everything is okay, everything is peaceful. All things will be All right. I was somewhat bewildered at this deep cellular response. I genuinely could feel in my heart that I had so much to be grateful for in my life and connection. I spent the morning breathing in that feeling of peace and cultivating acceptance and gratitude for all of the wonderful things showing up in my life. 

I could not help but feel the sense that all of us are feeling the weight of this intensity of change and grappling with these unruly or fearful unexplored parts of ourselves. All of these personalities, all of these hats, all of these labels that we wear as human beings. Mother, father, teacher, healer, child, sage, emissary, innocent fool, spiritual warrior, business person, spouse, partner – Who Am I Today? Why do I feel as if I am inside a pressure cooker ready to explode? I cannot see this pot that I feel the heat has been turned up. Yet, I am getting cooked and feel tremendous heat and pressure. The temperature is rising to most uncomfortable levels! What are we being prepared for? 

Many of us are acutely aware that we are experiencing a huge shift on this planet, for humanity, for all life forms. We can feel our multidimensional selves, these aspects beginning to integrate within us, as we are more fully aware of the many sensations and presences we had not noticed before. So much of what we used to do, what we used to be, what brought enjoyment for us as a person is gone. Somewhere along the way of our path it left us. Some of these realizations are painfully frustrating while others bring us great joy and relief. 

This energetic push to transform into another level is building momentum in its forced acceleration catapulting us through another space and time. It is another timeline which is now flooding the Earth. The realization of the painful fear surfacing that we feel inside of the Mother of all Chaos and that we must endure the forces of chaos which are inherent in transformation. Here we find ourselves, standing in the chaos as a part of the process of our Magnum Opus as every cell in our body is being reorganized through the shifting magnetics and Mothers mitochondria. 

The Ascension cycle has made it clear to all of us that have made it this far, we must learn to become comfortable and peaceful with the external chaos. We cannot take things personal nor allow the dark ignorance of hatred and fear to take us down. The keynote for these times is becoming more and more adaptable and flexible to change in the moment. If we allow ourselves to be still enough to listen with new heightened senses of perception, we can easily adjust to the flow of time and redirect around the chaos. 

As the Ascension awakening increases, every soul will seek greater understanding and ultimate freedom from the manipulation and control over their fearful human egos and the predator mind. Further, to be liberated from the control of other selfish humans seeking to manipulate from their fear based programming.  As evidenced by many that are willing to have the eyes to see, we are in the heat of this struggle on the spiritual battlefield now. The "Internal Armageddon" has begun for so many of us, where we are being fought over which direction we choose and who we give our authority to. This question is constantly surfacing for our review in the everyday choices we make, Who and what are we serving as our highest authority?  The playing field of life gets trickier every time. The consequences of our choices are greatly intensified into active manifestation which brings immediate result or backlash. For an undisciplined and undiscerning mind there becomes no rest for the weary. Humanity must learn the discipline of controlling personal thoughts and feelings, as well as have complete awareness of the focus of where we place our attention. The higher dimensions are subject to the natural laws that create forms of thought into instant manifestation and this can allow weakness in the body or strengthen the integrity of our auric body. 

When we perpetually turn our attention to the patterns of perfection that which exists in our Higher Self/Christ Mind, we are capable to magnetize our ultimate manifestation to build our Diamond Sun body. Our Light can then flow into these patterns of perfection, empowering them without limit, and the appearance of imperfection that conflicts with those patterns start to dissolve. When this process is done, day after day, with patience and fortitude, we build the positive power within our consciousness that transcends negativity or adversity. To help us regain the virtues that build our spiritual body it is helpful to call upon the Spirits of Christ. 

However, we are now facing all of these fears and mind control programs that we have felt and experienced from our human limitations recorded in our cells for eons of time. For some of us we are reliving the feelings of the original Galactic Wars are the seed fears of when humanity experienced invasion. All the wars on earth today are sourced from the original seed fear and schism of the Orion Wars. This clearing of emotional trauma and fear is 99% of the Ascension and spiritual evolution process that we are undergoing. This is why it can be so challenging some days for playing our part in the emotional fear release and clearing of these memories. However, we must become more comfortable facing fear as a part of the spectrum of emotion in the human experience, without getting caught up in it. The more comfortable we become facing fear the less fear we will come to face. We must remember what has happened to us in order to feel the memories and truly be able to let it go and heal. 

We are at a fulcrum of very complex energy dynamics from a multidimensional reality perspective impacting many different people in many different ways. Some people are digressing into a compression and constriction, becoming more consumed by their limited ego mind. Others are progressively expanding and feeling the opening of fearlessness in accessing the Universal consciousness of Unity.  This phase transition is something that we have been preparing and training for many Precession of Equinoxes.  We are much closer than ever before to a new reality and yet it still feels elusive and ambiguous. That divine paradox seems to be amplified at all levels of what we are experiencing in our lives as we came to earth to ground this new paradigm into matter. It is through the human body this unity consciousness is capable to become grounded in material reality.   

Never give up and stay in the luminosity of your Krystal Heart and Soul Path. We Are here as One!


(source: Newsletter, Multidimensional Being October 2005)