Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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When we focus on resolving problems in the neutral context of intending solutions for everyone involved, it removes any potential underlying blockage that may be created by negative ego belief systems and dark forces of control. This is because we are intending a win-win scenario that is the highest solution for all parties involved. This is a version of Service to Others, creating mutually beneficial relationships in everything we do in life. Greater knowledge and awareness should not motivate fear, but be understood as a base for creating effective solutions and informed action in one's life. Greater knowledge and accurate assessment of circumstances is the basis that returns one back to the stepping stones to resolve the problem into alignment with greater integrity and spiritual support. This requires that we see things accurately as they are right now, and not what we wish them to be. We have to be aware of not projecting our ego desires on problems, to make things go our way. When we hide or deny the problem from existence, we separate the problem from a solution. We cannot heal pain, or resolve conflicts if we refuse to face them with self responsibility.

If we can come into a place of embodying inner energetic integrity (the responsibility to self-sourcing and energetic containment as supported with the 12 D shielding exercise) we can face our problems and embrace them in order to bring solutions. The solution will surface through the mirrored alignment to the reflection we have made through our own energetic integrity and connection with God. We do not need to know the exact pathway to the solution, only the consciousness to hold compassionate witnessing to observe the problem honestly, without attachment to the outcome. When we are called to action on a problem we check for its integrity and alignment and then we can give that to God spirit.

We all know and respect the humans who may believe or state that they are "beyond ego polarity". Before we can regard ourselves as beyond ego polarity, we need to address the following inner questions. 

Can I consciously integrate my whole spiritual being and physical body back into the Eternal Source here and now? Can I ascend through the dimensional structure of creation, going beyond the holographic reality right now? Am I completely unaffected by the world events, free from money, free from seeing wars and genocide and starving peoples? Do I see a created paradise around me? 

If one cannot do these things, one is not beyond polarity. Until that time there is a part of you in the collective that is trapped in polarity from various distortions that have transpired in the natural and unnatural processes of the timelines of creation. One has to ask ourselves if we can afford to deny or be ignorant of these collective circumstances that are happening on earth, during this important cycle of Ascension. What part do we have to play that connects to the collective circumstances on earth? 

It is accurate that we have higher parts of spiritual identity, of which some of them, are beyond polarity. It is our lower parts of identity, such as our human-ness that needs our focused attention to unite with our spiritual self. It is our body consciousness as a human being that is in the most need of loving care, ego rehabilitation and spiritual healing. If we detach from the physical realities of our body and what is actually happening on the planet (and the Negative Alien Agendas, SRA that we are all enmeshed and a part of) we risk losing a valuable part of our human-ness, and many levels of that identity. This timeline is not about ego judgment at any level anymore. It is not about blaming or assigning value of good or bad and blaming people for who has done what. This time is about being real, authentic and human and learning to be energetically resonant and in effective heart based action from being informed, awake and aware. We have to get clear about what is working and what is not working, so we can bring ourselves back into integrity and spiritual alignment with our Eternal God Source in every way possible. 

The core of our own energetic sustainability, our ability to effectively take responsibility for ourselves and our evolutionary direction, hinges exactly on this specific knowledge. To achieve this we must learn to comprehend the spectrum of negative ego polarity and its filters used through the Impostor Spirit that we are all exposed. 

The core of our ability to maintain a state of Unity with each other depends on our level of personal energetic sustainability, as it achieves integrity and coherence with one's inner source light. If one does not embody inner integrity through their spirit, if one cannot recognize energetic integrity through discernment, then one will look to depend on someone outside. If we depend on the external we will energetically feed off of someone or something else externally. When one feeds off or uses someone else or something external to reinforce negative ego false light systems, one becomes parasitic. Simultaneously, through parasitism that person is using the impostor spirit and intruding on the energetic boundaries of other human beings right to exist. This parasitic action feeds dark forces like Satanism. 

If one does not respect others boundaries and refuses to own their own emotional needs or mental issues of judgment, that person will be unable to create mutuality or effective solutions in any setting. If others need to make you wrong, recognize the ego game of non-acceptance and refrain from engaging. No person needs to justify one's existence to others and they do not have to justify their existence to you.  

Am I trying to make someone wrong or assign value of importance? Is someone trying to make me wrong or devalued through non-acceptance? Are we respecting each other's boundaries and right to exist and accept who we are? Can I engage this circumstance with effective right action, acceptance and without using the ego? 

Additionally, holding group unity and acceptance does not mean we allow any factual unethical behavior of any fragmented person, place or thing to intentionally direct darkness, commit deception, inflict harm or allow their disconnected state to have the power to destroy our heart or spiritual purpose

In protecting our inner spiritual light, we defend our right to exist, as we intend to be in coexistence and in a state of total harmlessness to oneself and others. We demonstrate this by embodying spiritual integrity and aligning our actions, words and behaviors to the matching heart vibration. We develop a deeply committed relationship to our inner spirit and to serve God force.  This is the call to improve this spiritual practice in every area of our lives, and especially in the group setting. 

In repeating the core message to communicate to our spiritual ascension communities: 

  • Command and Claim your Personal Space and Body, no matter what.
  • Claim your Sovereignty.
  • Claim and own your Freedom.
  • Know that you are One with the Eternal Light of God. Develop your personal relationship with God and Christ every day.
  • Read the Impostor Spirit its Rights and force it to choose when it infringes on your right to exist as a GSF being.
  • Nothing can or will possess you or take this away from you when you know yourself as this Truth.

In order to create a loving compassionate field for all to grow within, may each of us deliberately step up our spiritual dedication to remove deception, lying, manipulation and ego based agendas from harming each other. May we grow our heart purity in so that we can model ethical conduct and energetic integrity for the many spiritual communities. Some of those who may not understand, nor comprehend the reason why ethical standards of behavioral integrity are required in Spiritual communities and its Leadership. Especially those that have energetic influence over others. We must set the example which helps others to learn how to live together, unified in love and peace. 

(Source: Newsletter, Revealing the Impostor)