Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Dear ES Family,

It is clear to all of us in the spiritual community that these are unprecedented times in which we entered a new era in 2020. Everything we have known is progressing into something else, an entirely new game on a new playing field, the reality is being reset in the fields as we speak. A new era in which we can observe the metaphysical layers of spiritual warfare begin to manifest itself into the physical world, and that seeing, feeling and knowing that this warfare is happening in real time, is extremely disturbing and sometimes, emotionally painful and depressing. There is a saying, those that know cannot sleep, and it is a part of the energetic burden that this spiritual family shares as we watch the unraveling of the controller matrix together. Since last December, there was an event that occurred during the week of the Galactic node alignment, in which Guardian teams made note to communicate  – “The Time is Now!” It can take some time to understand what the heck is happening when the worlds seem to part in the sky, and these cryptic messages from the fieldwork actually reveal themselves to be truer than true, as this was the pre-warning that we were going into spiritual battle for the end game. The end game is the timeline of the singularity into zero point which is the organic timeline of Disclosure as it is made to the earthly inhabitants. This is the God creator plan, and no matter what kind of opposition, resistance and entity tantrums rise to destroy the world for people to become consumed in the forces of chaos and violence, the infinite Creator has a benevolent plan for all, and there is no stopping it.

Yet, inside the maelstrom of the forces of tyranny and fear, the very fabric of this reality is unraveling at the seams in so we can look behind the veils. Like seeing behind the curtain hiding the Wizard of Oz, the process of witnessing and seeing the truth behind these events as it must make itself known – to each of us in its own way. This means many of us are here to witness these structures of anti-human control, to observe the actions of ancestral past and track the origins and causal events of how humanity arrived to this point of utter insanity and destruction. Despite social engineering, mind control and the rigged system of debt enslavement and consciousness slavery, how did we allow the anti-human blood sacrifice structure propped up by offering the children of earth to these pedophilic monsters actually happen? How did they hide this from us all? How did they get away with this for so long? We all have to make an accounting of how we arrived here to the process of awakening to the truth in what has happened to the human race, and what blinded us into submission to the most heinous lies ever told. Thus, waking up to see this for the first time can be emotionally devastating, and very difficult to grapple in that this has been happening on the earth for a very long time. Our reality has been a lie, a complete sham, devised as an anti-human torture chamber used as a playground for billionaire elites possessed by off planet entities. What can we learn from this revelation, and what will be our takeaway? We must awaken to co-create a new world that is loving and reverent to all life and humanity.

During these tumultuous times, there is a necessity to be the compassionate witness and hold space for the deconstruction of the corrupt system as we view the rotten core of its insides. It can be painful as heck to look at that rotten core. From the place of overwhelm things can appear to be without purpose. However, nothing truly positive, loving and humanitarian can be built upon the foundation of structures built upon rotten filth and depraved intentions. This is exactly why we need to see it and know we cannot feed into those infiltrated structures, but learn how to become a productive and awakened person that is spiritually strong and can help bring about the shift in awareness, by holding the space needed for others in the future. There will come a day when more humans will know what we know, who will rise to help guide these awakening groups? If you are a facilitator for groups at this time, how can you bring disclosure to your smaller groups to help them prepare for the time when the larger scale of disclosure comes? If we cannot face the corruption of the medical industry as the delivery system of eugenics and mind control, what happens when we are made aware of the heinous crimes of baby and child sacrifice? The heart of humanity needs trustworthy spiritual warriors who work for God and no one else.

Thus, I’d like to bring more clarity upon current events happening around us that are radically increasing the forces of chaos in the field and that for some people at this time, the Controllers strategy is to exert another level of internal and external pressures to stress us out into mass survival fears. This means that people more easily lose their center point, lose their inner balance, and then succumb to an array of ego coping mechanisms, and even control oriented tantrums. Maybe we feel sad or depressed on some days as empaths when we are feeling the despair and depression of the collective consciousness. Or it saddens us when looking at human misery and suffering and know that it does not have to be this way. Please notice and pay attention to control oriented tantrums, in your mind and others, when the ego gets unruly and starts to throw all of these curveballs into your mind. This is the content of the subconscious mind and pain body aspects that need to be witnessed, and ultimately will need to be addressed with some unconditional love, compassion and empathy along with the ethical practical qualities of the spirits of Christos.

The outer world is undergoing an aggressive psychological operation by those who are desperate to control the masses and maintain the 3D narrative to keep their power over the public. We are in unprecedented times, and from the position of expanding consciousness, becoming more self-aware and self-responsible, we believe it is important to be able to perceive what we are being exposed to in real time. This is so we are able to take better care of ourselves and our families as possible. This means we have to dive into some research with unpleasant and ugly truths, and notice the many brazen lies staring us in the face. We can no longer brush it under the rug, or pretend it’s not there, we have to become emotionally mature and spiritually mature enough to be willing to face evidence, facts, and at times be willing to process and feel pain, when we realize that we have been lied to by those who have been running the power structures in this world. Who do these people work for, who pays them?

As a result of the outer pressures, I have noticed that some newer members can reach saturation point with the ES materials, and they reach their tipping point. They cannot take any more input because the body, mind and emotional body has reached its limits of processing information in that moment. This is what I would like to direct your attention towards, the absolute necessity of being self-aware in so to listen to your body, to observe your reactions, so that you learn how to best take care of yourself. That you realize in the mass chaos we must learn how to hold peace and calm  and knowing our inner calm is not dependent on outer circumstances. We all must learn to hold inner calm in the midst of the storm, our job is to take care of ourselves and this concept is key to maintaining your sanity, holding the balance point in your lives and not breaking under the stress and pressure.

Pay attention to your reactions, and realize your goal is to form patient well thought out responses, and to refrain from uncontrolled impulses, snap judgments, emotional reactions, to the level where you lose centering. When and if this happens, and you are reaching a tipping point, this means you must figure out what you personally need to take care of yourself, and this is different to each unique individual. Sometimes we need a break, we need distance, we need the space to process, and your job in taking good care of yourself is to do that at the moment you realize your body, your consciousness is talking to you, and telling you that it cannot take any more input right now, let me rest, let me integrate.

Sometimes people join the community and feel like they have to catch up and burn through the material quickly, running through meditations without a lot of reflection on deeper meanings and staying awake to the personal shifts occurring. Integration means we allow the space, we allow the time necessary to process and integrate, in such way we do not saturate ourselves with information that we are not yet equipped to handle. The information in ES has a frequency, and this has repercussions on our lives, we must prepare for this with intending to build a strong foundation, knowing we must clear our negative ego and pain body from auto pilot reactions, and with unconditional love, acceptance and compassion for ourselves, learning to observe, discern, accept and then get into neutral.

A strong spiritual foundation and core self is what is needed. When you are mentally and emotionally stronger you will have much less fear, this is a state of being when there is no fear controlling you. Instead the awareness is placed upon the inner reality first, the ability to hold neutral observer, and from this place of observer, your HSP and intuition will be much, much more accurate and stronger. When we are fearless in our connection with God-Source, our senses will not betray us. When we feel fear, we will see everything from the place of fear, and all of our perceptions will be clouded and misguided. Obviously instinctual fear can be the alarm we need to inform us we sense danger or bodily harm and need to get out of the way, but this is not the kind of fear I am talking about. It is the everyday anxiety or mental fixations which control the perception of most people on this planet. The goal is to shift out of fear and into observer mode and to work this muscle every day in order to get spiritually stronger. This alone will greatly increase your spiritual strength and clarity . It is well worth it to do the shadow clearing, the negative ego clearing work to get this beautiful spiritual reward of more inner clarity and coherent thinking. Remember fear weakens us in every way, thus to strengthen your inner spiritual power, we must clear fear and know the point of all power is in the neutral position. From the neutral space then you make your decisions whether to act or not to act, such as whether or not to be in civil disobedience to the tyranny of immoral actions or laws.

Coming back into this moment and understanding that as we hold the space in present moment and we understand the truth of who and what we truly are, as the eternal God self. We are the eternal diamond sun krystic people that have returned to witness this final conflict and to really take the accounting. Returning things back through cosmic justice into the natural laws through the compassionate witness and embodiment of the Avatar Christos. We’re enduring the most difficult stages of witnessing that spiritual warfare against the Christos consciousness as it is happening on planet Earth. While many of our brothers and sisters on this planet remain asleep to this larger agenda. That is a burden, but it is also a privilege. Knowing the value of that information and higher awareness, while being able to hold calm even in the presence of chaos, of others pain, of watching other people suffer. That is the most challenging part of these times.

I think that is important as well, is seeing the hype in motion, seeing the fear and classifications being used as a weapon, and seeing the brazen use of propaganda. The message being broadcast out to all of us is all about survival consciousness. This is the Achilles heel of where they get humans in the fear bondage loop, this is where they torment the human race by believing in the manufacturing of scarcity, and we must refuse it. We must refuse this victim victimizer survival program that they are attempting to saturate us with day in and day out, and refuse to allow ourselves to sink into despair by feeling the fear code within it. This is a survival consciousness and suicide code being spread into the world to spiritually oppress the masses and it's important for us to do our best to stay out of that low vibration as much as possible. Come back into the observer, come back into center with knowing you are the eternal self. Know you are eternal, you are God Sovereign Free, and that is assured now. There's no turning back, this ascension process is going to happen, although it may not be what you imagined or expected. The ascension is going to happen for everyone at some point in the future timelines. But the issue is now, we’ve got to walk through this pile of deep shadowy rubbish, this mind control debris and this prison planet game and spiritual warfare that is being played out. This is the rougher part that we’re seeing play out in the world.

I just want to make the point, how profound shadow work actually is and how important it is for all of us to recognize inner violence and clear the shadow selves. This inner work never stops. It doesn’t stop for me either. We all have to monitor and assess our behaviors, our reactions and our thoughts, to see what we put out into the world and set into energetic motion. As long as we do that self-observation and honest assessment, this is a supreme protector of our consciousness and our light body. Our organic higher heart consciousness of the inner spirit, this cannot be assimilated into AI. That's another very important thing to understand, the negative ego frequencies can be easily assimilated into AI. When we’re using the negative ego as a means to process the outer reality, it gets assimilated into the AI. Holding the now moment presence, holding self-awareness, being consecrated and dedicated to this higher ethical system of the Kryst-Krystallah of the cosmic sovereign Law of One. Those loving principles guiding our lives and our lifestyle, is a supreme protector of the sacred crystal heart. That doesn't mean we give up critical thinking and assessing our surroundings, we still need common sense in navigating the weaponization of people or things that are used as dark portals around us. It's not pleasant to witness, but it is necessary to be aware that this is an anti-christ agenda, because this is factual, and this is happening globally.

I want to help our group understand why the mind control transmission works so well. Why is the mind control so effective in so many of the people around us? To the point where we’re living in the theater of the absurd. We can barely believe the surreal nature of what's happening in the world at large and how they're getting away with this charade. But when you understand the negative ego and the unhealed shadow body in a group consciousness easily digresses into mob hysteria, and how that shadow body can be assimilated into AI, then it really starts to make sense. The unintegrated shadow parts in this unstable and chaotic terrain lends to ascension madness. Because really freeing ourselves from this mind control transmission, is the real shadow clearing work. Really coming into the sacred crystal heart of loving kindness and compassion, is where we can feel our organic being and know that organic being. Know that we can access that zero-point connection with God-Source if we can maintain our inner stillness. Be Still and know you are with God. We can maintain our spiritual power in the now presence, even through all of this chaos and madness. Just breathing and being. Going through it, walking purposefully forward. It is what it is. Just show up, stay calm, pay attention and do the best you can in the moment, it is enough.

Many times, this ability to be fully present and aware in the moment overcomes the resistance that they're trying to send to stop or derail your progress. But I do believe that we must stay alert to these kinds of dark portal people and organizations. To not give traumatized, scattered, broken people that are in a lot of pain power over decision making in your life, we cannot give insane and broken people power or authority over our decisions. We cannot allow fear based people to derail our spiritual progress or let them take over the direction of our projects. This is where we have to access bravery and courage to step up to that level of self-responsibility and personal integrity of actions, and have that healthy boundary. Know where that boundary is for you when you interact with others that are still asleep and enforcing immoral or tyrannical actions. It is very important that we continue our spiritual work in the world with the emphasis on individuality, personal autonomy and self-sovereignty by seeking the nature of truth above all. That we continue on this path of truth seeking to the best of our ability, taking care of ourselves and whatever else to continue to gain our personal strength, because we have an ebb and flow in showing up for the Christos mission. Sometimes we must reset our direction and take time to sequester for self-care. The spiritual warfare in play at this time is designed to divide and conquer humanity, to stop us from progressing in our planetary ascension and divine mission, plain and simple.

Everything in your body organic and inorganic, belongs to you. Don't forget that, not for one second. The law can be commanded, that your body is fully controlled by your organic higher spiritual consciousness, your personal Christ, if and when you commit to expressing unconditional love as your highest power.

I want to impart the hope and optimism of understanding the spiritual power that is available to us now is so immense. As human beings awakening to what's happening on this planet, the ability to connect to these spiritual aspects is so much more viable. There are massive streams of higher consciousness coding and plasmic light entering our system during this time from the architecture put into place from the Krystal Star Guardian forces from the 360 God Worlds. The higher frequencies and spiritual ascension coding is so much more present, so much more possible, if a human being can stay out of this fear mongering propaganda, that is an aggravated assault against all of us. We need to do everything we can to strengthen our personal immune system with common sense, critical thinking and holistic research, and to stay away from anything that is genetically modified. That includes vaccinations. Anything created in a lab is being weaponized against the human race right now. Understanding that to the best of our ability, we are being guided to make alterations in how we interact with the world at large. More of humanity is waking up to understand these larger agendas and the reasons behind them. I do believe we have the incredible spiritual support from the Krystal Star Guardian forces to enact the divine plan of the infinite Creator, to help benevolently guide us through that process. This is the time to heal our inner female spiritual links through moments of stillness, listening and asking the questions of our inner spirit and God-Source to help us navigate the minefield that is the 3D controlled narrative on the Earth at this time.

Peace be in your mind, body and spirit.

Much love and GSF,