Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Eden Within (Art by Elizabeth)

Dear Ascending Family,

As we move into the end of the year which has an opening of the galactic nodes governed by Sagittarius, the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral activations have begun initiating dragon nodes throughout the planetary grid network. There are ongoing preparations for the Universal Melchizedek Starhuman Coupling made through the original hierogamic union which tells of the ultimate love story. The ancient sacred marriage that occurred during the creation of our Universal Time Matrix as these Two Suns, as Cosmic Creators, were split away from each other eons ago. The Cosmic Father Melchizedek Logos sun star network unites with his counterpart Cosmic Mother Elaysa Melchizedek Logos sun star network, forming into the hierogamic union that reunites our Universe with the Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star and the Cosmic Emerald Dragon Founders, through the dual Universal Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine.

Their celestial sacred union is being celebrated throughout the stairway to the heavens as the consecration of the ray elements and the angelic music of the spheres, as that which makes up our entire Universe is currently being aligned with several higher dimensions. The Seven Gentlemen of the Lamps and the Seven Lady of the Lamps are merging together, forming into the Cosmic Krystal Cathedral network of EL AY SA. Through this union the contents and material elements are baptized and made clean in the purifying Azothian flows of animating solar fire of the Cosmic Mother’s Elaysan Opalescent White Sun that is pouring throughout Ursa Major and the Pleiades constellations. Through the Bethlehem star ritual of the Aether, the combined sacred flows of divine fire waters are transmitting as unified Cosmic Aether from the sacred marriage and return of the Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father.

The Archontic forces of the NAA desire to keep the realms of planet Earth under their control by keeping the collective Soul of humanity mired in dark ignorance and confusion about how the reality works, which creates misalignment through the control of perception in the reality. They interfere with any individual that awakens and wants to seek and align to truth in the Natural Laws, in order to achieve self-realization, peace and spiritual freedom. Whenever there is great spiritual progress being made, these dark hierarchies will do whatever they can to interfere and to manipulate. They lie and attempt to incite fear and self-doubt in the truth seeker, so we must stay vigilant to seek and properly discern truth. Thus, we must be willing to cast away all falsity; whether false ideologies, false identities, or negative ego mechanisms that are designed to suppress our highest spiritual expression.

When we have greater understanding of the War Over Consciousness, that seeking truth in the Natural Laws and spiritual awakening is under direct attack from a myriad of dark forces and artificial intelligences, then we have the proper context of the current global situation. This spiritual context allows us to create the conditions in our lives to remain calm, undisturbed, and helps to neutralize any personal or externally created upheavals.

When the chaos and upheavals come into our personal reality, we must develop the inner spiritual strength to become extremely still and peaceful, while knowing to declare our Intent, Consent and authority in alignment with God or in the highest expression of truth that is available to us in the moment.

Seeking spiritual truth is the path of Gnosis, which comes through experiencing the Natural Laws inherent in the consciousness principles that govern our reality. Spiritual truth cannot generally be defined in exacting words, but must be directly experienced and lived by each individual. However, the basis of perceiving truth in the matter is simply understanding that it is what it is, in seeing the accurate assessment of events that have occurred around us in the past or present time.

To gain a greater understanding of truth, we must understand that truth is first, accurately perceiving events that are presently occurring with the information that is available to us. This means we must know or see when we are being deceived or lied to by others, and to become aware that people, organizations and governments in power are lying to the public in order to hide and obfuscate the factual events of reality.

Greater truths are acquired from the wisdom of perfect understanding, of knowing that which just exists as it is.

Truth is more accurately perceived from an objective and neutral position, observing the objective facts that remain unbiased from personal opinions or emotional attachments, from wanting or needing to control the perception of the event. Instead allowing it to be as it is, viewing it from a neutral, impartial and open-minded perspective. Truth resides in every individual’s heart and spirit, and it is in the exploration of the contents of the heart and higher consciousness that the truth spirit can be found.

We each must be guided by the truth that resides deeply in our own heart, no other person has the right to force another to act in accordance to his own version of the truth. This is a violation of Natural Laws and there are consequences.

When we make the commitment to seek truth in our lives, the truth we discover will naturally open us into spiritual awakening and alignment with the Natural Laws that govern our reality and our consciousness. This is critical knowledge at this juncture, and is the motivation to revisit Virtue Based Ethics. Remember as we commit to seek truth in all things, it is important that we must not lie to ourselves or to others, to the best of our ability. If you cannot speak the truth as you know it, then it is better to remain silent, than to lie in order to appease others who have bought into the lies.

The important spiritual lesson in these times is to be exceedingly careful to not lie to yourself or others. To the best of your ability, discern when to speak and always speak the truth as you know it. Simultaneously, be awake to the degree to know with certainty that all truth is under terrible siege and is being weaponized by the enemies of humanity.

Excerpt: Virtue Based Ethics

Virtues are the qualities of goodness that define the very purpose of our lives, the content of our character and the truest expression of our spiritual-energetic nature. Virtues are qualities of goodness which inhabit in the world of forces, as a spiritual force. When one builds strength in virtue, one builds strength in the power of our goodness which translates into the power of God Force. We reap the quality of our cultivated virtue in that which brings incredible gifts directly from the God spirit.

A virtue is a characteristic of a person which supports the development of individual goodness for the purpose of personal and collective humanitarian wellbeing. This is a person who chooses to promote principles of love and goodness, while giving their best every day with whatever they have in the moment.

If one focuses on building strong virtues these behaviors lead to personal freedom. If one is allowing strong vices to control them, this leads to personal bondage. This is our choice, to have freedom or bondage through the choices we make every day to cultivate virtues or vices.

Virtue Based Ethics emphasizes the focus upon developing virtues which strengthen the mind and character, and in our interpretation are the basis of building the strength of the spiritual foundation. This is critical for the Lightbody to hold higher consciousness and Universal knowledge, which leads to spiritual freedom. More simply, a virtue can also be defined as a character trait that is positive for all of the multidimensional layers; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Expressing those virtuous qualities causes more positivity to ripple out into the world, which is the direct result of that person’s behavior. When a person expresses virtuous qualities in their behaviors and interactions with others, it contributes to the co-creation of personal wellbeing and happiness and also helps others to reach that feeling of wellbeing. In the spiritual context this is experienced as blessings, feeling a blessedness that guides your path forward, which allows the human being to flourish and feel happiness and contentment in their life. The sentient intelligence of the Soul-Spirit, if we listen, will always lead us to express many kinds of higher quality virtues.

The soul’s purpose is to guide each person to experience their own fulfillment of spiritual purpose, and to flourish in peace and contentment, while developing the deeper connection with higher consciousness.

We create the state of wellbeing, happiness, peace and contentment in our life when we have disciplined ourselves to achieve the natural flow of expression of the higher qualities of virtues and ethics that allow us to succeed and fulfill our higher purpose. Another way to express this is that when a person practices virtue based ethics in every area of their lives, no matter what difficulty, adversity or challenge comes their way, they can defeat the obstacles in their path through the dedicated practice of expressing, behaving and committing to the strengthening of virtue based ethics.

The state of success as measured in the material world as material power or resources is not the same as fulfilling one’s spiritual purpose in life. Many times, we can observe people that have gained vast material wealth, power and influence, and yet they remain unfulfilled, unhappy and lost in life. Achieving our spiritual purpose, being able to support the aims of our spiritual purpose, being able to share and spread virtuous qualities with others, is the key to peace, happiness and fulfillment, with or without material or monetary rewards.

Through the life experiences that are led by the Soul-Spirit to achieve one’s spiritual purpose by developing strength of character and strength of the spiritual body, that person is led through experiential knowledge, which is also called gnostic knowledge. Gnostic knowledge cannot be taken away once it has been achieved. By living through the experiences, the knowledge gained from experience becomes an embodiment, an attribute and quality of that person’s consciousness development of gaining higher knowledge through the expression of many virtues.

When a person authentically expresses and communicates their understanding of inner knowledge and virtues that they have gained through life experiences, they cannot act in opposition to what they know. When they live to fulfill their spiritual purpose, this is essentially the same as living in truth. The virtuous person is who they are in every moment, congruent with that behavior which is natural to their expression and there is no need to represent themselves in any opposition to what they truly are. This is similar to viewing nature, a bird behaves like itself and it does not pretend to be something that it is not.

The central feature of virtuous qualities is that they are applicable to the spiritual fulfillment of purpose that is universally regarded as virtuous qualities for all sentient beings, in any kind of setting they exist. However, a character trait that may be regarded by a culture that discriminates in its views on gender, race, or other factors, are not included as qualities that apply to the universality of virtue-based ethics.

Virtues and Ethics are the foundation of a storehouse of experienced knowledge and truth, and for each of us we must explore that content inside our own heart, spirit and relationship to the Universe.

These are dark times in which heart based truth is the lighthouse that guides us to our true north. We are in this together. 

With Love, Lisa

(Source: Ascension Glossary)