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Paliadorian Activation: 2018 Timeline

During this phase, the Planetary Staff is being rehabilitated by Krystal Star Guardian Host, which means that our own inner Vertical Channel and relationship to the planet and the stars, is also being radically transformed in this cycle.rainbowdiamondbrain

Through the current cycle of the Paliadorian Activation, the next stage for the Paliadorian groups are being highlighted, namely the Aquaferion and Krystic Blue Dragon races to support the rehabilitation of the Blue Ray lineages. The Blue Rays restore the Mother Arc 13th Transharmonic gateways throughout multiple harmonic universes and are rebuilding the vertical Planetary Staff to naturally align into the heart of Andromeda. The rebuilding of the Planetary Staff is gradually shifting the unnatural rotational axis of the earth body to become more of a straight line or perpendicular which allows easier access in and out of this Universe, particularly for Diamond Sun beings.

Jan Embodiment Clear Transduction Sequence in Umbilicus
Feb Bio-Spiritual Harvesting Astrological Blueprint Corrections
Mar Law of Gender Correction for 2D-4D Schisms
Apr Planetary Staff Bone Matrix Re-encryption (Spine of Albion)
May Abuses of Power Spiritual Links to CNS, Brain and CSF
Jun Crystal Core Platinum Crystal Activation
Jul Subconscious Programming Building Base 360 Shield with Holy Father
Aug Checkerboard Mutation Solar Twin Michael-Mary Giza Activation
Sep Propaganda The Golden Cube
Oct Solar Logos Connecting with Solar Logos Gates
Nov Telepathy Ruby Sun DNA Reclamation Healing
Dec Banishing the Lies Spiritual Healing for Family of Origin
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Timeline 2018 - Paliadorian Activation



Change in the law of structure in the planetary body referred to as Morphogenesis


Bio-Spiritual Harvesting

We pull back the curtain to examine a few ways the NAA hide the practice of soul and energy harvesting in plain sight.


Law of Gender

New opportunities to uncover and heal any gender distortions.


Planetary Staff

The hidden human history of the Electric Wars.


Spiritual Links to CNS, Brain and CSF

We are intending to fully support the interconnection between our Personal Christ spirit to run light codes and frequencies into our Cerebrospinal fluid, and to maximize its highest functioning for ...


Crystal Core

Earth’s Crystal Core activation has ignited new arterial pathways running liquid crystal frequencies throughout the Earth’s crystalline grid.


Subconscious Programming

The shift into the next harmonic universe is bringing slow and steady changes to us all.


Checkerboard Mutation

Some positive tipping points in the war over consciousness as the earth is naturally dropping density.



We have an increasingly sophisticated full-spectrum assault on the free will and the psychological well-being of all people.


Solar Logos

The Galactic Wars damaged the Universal portals exiting out of this time matrix and destroyed the Lyran DNA.



Technologically advanced civilizations commonly use forms of Telepathy as the primary method of communication.


Banishing the Lies

How do we wise up to see the lies, the spiritual betrayal, the reality distortions, the energy blocks and dark force attachments? 


Building 360 Base Shield with Holy Father

Connecting with the morphogenetic chakra of the Holy Father of God, the direct connection into the center point of all union in the Zero Point.


Spiritual Healing for Family of Origin

The higher purpose is to release earthly burdens of reincarnation, superimposed karmic loads or continued consciousness slavery in our family of origin, in so that we, and they, may be fully ...


Ruby Sun DNA Reclamation Healing

We address the correction of Grail line Ruby Sun DNA genetic digression, and the genetic mutations and effects that this has made upon our diamond sun consciousness and human body template.


Connecting with Solar Logos Gates

Beloved Holy Spirit, with my heart placed upon the altar of God, I am in Service to the One, please take me to the inner throne of God, within my holy inner sanctum, as God would have it be.


The Golden Cube

In this meditation we will be connecting with the inner solar temple and intending to connect with the outer solar temple and the Golden Cube in the seven higher heavens.


Solar Twin Michael-Mary Giza Activation

We intend to connect into the Sun Disc Network with the platinum crystal, and in service to the earth and humanity, we offer to run the code for the platinum crystal.


Latest Products

Abuses of Power

The current human culture has been shaped to distort natural laws and subvert human heart-based values.


Clear Transduction Sequence in Umbilicus

The transduction sequence is the definition of when the God spark connects to the core manifestation 12 Tree Grid which is our Lightbody; that holds the blueprint record that projects the ...


Astrological Blueprint Corrections

We are addressing the holographic blueprint of the constellations and planetary bodies and their astrological correspondences that may have been magnetically imprinted into our soul and spirit body.


Correction for 2D-4D Schisms

We are addressing the holographic blueprint correction for the 2D-4D Split and its related shadow body schisms.


Bone Matrix Re-encryption (Spine of Albion)

We are intending to release the death seal and all AI net frequencies that were transmitted into our bone structure or skeletal matrix that influenced our mental body and mind with negative or ...


Platinum Crystal Activation

In this meditation we will intend to connect with the Andromedan heart spiral and activate the platinum crystal within us, and in service to the earth and humanity, we offer to run the code for the ...

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