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Solar Feminine: 2020 Timeline

During this phase of great bifurcation, the Planetary Logos and humanity are primarily focused upon the reclamation of the Solar Feminine Christ through the newly available embodiment levels of the Christos-Sophianic template. The ongoing themes for the reclamation of the Christos mission in 2020 include the retrieval of Solar Feminine Melchizedek aspects from the black hole system, the repair of the Mother’s code language made through the reassembly of planetary Cathar architecture, the corrections made in the instruction sets in the field designed to fully embody the Sophianic template, and the mass spiritual healing of the true female principle returning to the earth. The Archons aka NAA are not amused, hence massive retailiation ensues. 


Jan Solar Feminine Christ Anchoring Krystallah Pillars in Notre Dame
Feb Metagalactic Core Clearing Pineal Cage
Mar Pestilence Program Reconnection of Blue Lion Grid
Apr Spiritual Immune System Upgrade Monadic Biocomputer Lotus Points
May Precipice of Evolution and Lyran History Lyra-Vega Clearing Alignment
Jun Groupthink Clearing Clones Bonded to Luciferian Family Bloodlines
Jul Genetic Modification of Human DNA Honoring the Emergence of Divine Feminine
Aug Sophianic Plasma Shield Aquamarine Crystal KA Activation for Plasma Rings
Sep The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Holders Unifying with the Core of Creation
Oct Universal Shadow Clearing Universal Shadow Timeline
Nov Ending Human Trafficking Safe Passage for SRA’d Children
Dec Winter Solstice Gold Body Activation (Video) No Meditation
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Timeline 2020 - Solar Feminine


Solar Feminine Christ

This time is something we have been waiting for and working to embody for a very long time.


Metagalactic Core

We are living through the personal mystery of waking up to find out that earth humans have been existing in a fallen system.


Pestilence Program

Humanity is in the midst of a hidden intergalactic conflict over personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom that is becoming increasingly visible in the physical material world when observing the ...


Spiritual Immune System

The majority are unaware that all human beings have a Spiritual Immune System as well as a biological immune system, and that these are interdependent systems that function together to protect our ...


Precipice of Evolution and Lyran History

Much of the current crisis and the themes we are facing now are steeped in our hidden Galactic history.



Within all the heated controversy, the unveiling of the One World Order through the global implementation of an assortment of AI networks all for achieving complete Technocratic Totalitarianism by ...


Genetic Modification of Human DNA

Despite the urban legends, the public vaccination campaigns since the early 20th century were designed by the Controllers for genetic modification purposes and as controlled medical experiments.


Sophianic Plasma Shield

The opening portals for a range of next generation intergalactic plasma transmissions are being sent into the earth body to exponentially amplify the impacts and results of mass consciousness global ...


The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Holders

Since the onset of Paliadorian Activation cycle, there are significant changes occurring with the expansion of the core manifestation template and the base 12 architecture in this Universal system.


Universal Shadow

The Universal Shadow body holds the incredibly painful traumatic wounds experienced by the collective consciousness that resulted in disconnection with the eternal God source fields.


Ending Human Trafficking

This is not for the faint of heart, it requires that we have worked our personal trauma pieces, have our compassion intact and are able to bear witness to this heart breaking hidden agenda.


Winter Solstice Gold Body Activation (Video)

Discussing the upcoming shifts and changes occurring from the Universal to Planetary Architecture. This is a video in 3 parts.


Anchoring Krystallah Pillars in Notre Dame

Connect with the Cosmic Mother’s Krystallah blueprint which activates four sonic pillars of the Sophianic template and anchor them in in the underground network of Notre Dame, Paris.


Clearing Pineal Cage

Pineal Cages are commonly placed in the center of the brain through Holographic Insert and Alien Machinery to disconnect the Silver Cord which connects to the Threefold Founder Flame.


Reconnection of Blue Lion Grid

Connect with the Mother’s Blue Lion Grid blueprint which activates Cosmic Mother’s ley lines from the original Sophianic template on the Pre-Fall timelines of Tara.


Upgrade Monadic Biocomputer Lotus Points

Update or activate our inner lightbody monadic biocomputer flame access points or Lotus Points to run correct sequences for embodying new upgraded elemental forces.


Lyra-Vega Clearing Alignment

Return and recover the Lyran lineages in this Universal Time Matrix, as well as the original Lyran Vegan families.


Clearing Clones Bonded to Luciferian Family Bloodlines

Our focus will be on reclaiming and removing the clones and energy fields that project into the 2nd Sphere of the Artificial Tree of Life.


Latest Products

Safe Passage for SRA’d Children

We call upon the spirits of Christos to ignite profound spiritual healing to flood into all persons in the spaces and places which are involved in human trafficking.


Clearing Universal Shadow Timeline

To address the Universal Shadow body timeline at the causality point in the 11th dimension, and clear out its shadow aspects in which generated the shadow selves.


Unifying with the Core of Creation

Connect with the inner light seed of the Cosmic Christos template in the Azura point and stand in the cave of creation, to connect directly with the Violet sun.


Aquamarine Crystal KA Activation for Plasma Rings

Clear out inorganic elements from the sacral centers with the aquamarine crystal, ignite the upgrades in the Lotus Points.


Honoring the Emergence of Divine Feminine

We call upon the authentic and true Holy Mother presence, the Sophianic consciousness, to honor and respect the emergence of the divine feminine restoring her true identity and reclaiming her divine ...

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