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This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group.
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Dear Ascension Community,

This section is required in so that we can be educated and better informed about the larger scope of the war over consciousness on the planet and how we can have increased discernment on the motivations and/or agendas of which spiritual information is shared, especially CLONED MATERIAL. Accessing our consciousness, having a roadmap to help support our spiritual growth to begin to comprehend our larger relationship to our Inner Spiritual Source Light, and further the planet, the galaxies, and the Cosmos, is the divine birthright of each and every being on this planet. Yet through ignorance, unawareness, and dark manipulation tactics, accurate assessment and discernment is not generally well developed in the human being in order to be able to make clear informed decisions about where they are placing their attention and value.

The ES material is a Creative Commons copyright which is to be able to Share and Share Alike all information on this website with an attribution to the source of the material. This purpose in this is to establish its energetic clarity and to create transparency as much as possible in all energetic interactions and relationships that may be formed through associations that are created in many different formats. We have many people that come here to ES and are invited to partake in the content of this website and share the information with as many people as possible. Yet because this information is highly misunderstood, the levels of its truth dissemination can be easily subjected to misrepresentations, misdirection of its resources, abuse through ego agendas and an artificial CLONE of the information to be used by a dark entity/organization. There are many organizations and groups that feel they have a superior way to superimpose themselves on the public ( create false reality misperception) that would like to corrupt, create decay of the material to suppress this level of spiritual truth being made FREELY available to the public.

It is for this reason this section of the website CLONED MATERIAL is required in order for another attempt from myself to create as much transparency, honesty and an accurate reality assessment to present material, when it becomes known to me, to also have commentary on the quality of which the material may be presented by others that are not in relationship to this website nor myself. If someone takes material from this website as a COPY AND PASTE, and represents it as coming from themselves, it has misrepresentations which are not clarified and misinterpreted by the public. This is a form of lies that most human beings have a mind control trigger of which an assumption is made that if the content or material is shared with a similar name, similar look, or similar feel, in the appearance or presentation of that material, that there is some relationship that quantifies the quality of the information or the messenger, That is NOT AT ALL ACCURATE. This is why we consistently remind the reader and spiritual seeker to educate themselves and to learn how to become better informed in order to avoid the pitfalls of dark manipulation and negative ego ensnarement into false representations. The Archontic Deception (AD strategies) are Divide and Conquer, and this mechanistic strategy is carried out ruthlessly and aggressively among the spiritual ascension population. Being clear, gaining discernment, educating yourself and asking questions, is the way that leads to greater honesty, therefore transparency which is the antidote to uncover dark deceptions and motivations that are hidden.

It is extremely difficult to do this in the online community environment, and I make every attempt that I can to be as transparent as possible, within the time frame of one person’s capacity. It takes huge effort, and incredible amounts of time, energy and resources to accomplish projects such as the Energetic Synthesis website. In my experience very few people have awareness nor appreciation for that effort because they are unaware of how much time and resources-money this takes. This lack of awareness equates to carelessness in the public and can generate clouded versions of the material as well as a sense of self entitlement, wherein this hard work is taken advantage of and or expected by another who would rather be vampiric to resources than actually put in the time and effort to manifest such time consuming projects

We have been made aware of CLONED Material on Facebook promoted without link or source material attribution links. Because of the compromise Facebook presents to open dark portals of abuse, we are not able to set up Facebook pages. All levels of information or pictures posted on Facebook legally belongs to their corporate entity and this information is used to collect data bases on private persons. We cannot create a presence on Facebook or many other social media sites for this reason. Please note that ES, nor myself would add any person to any list, such as a Facebook page list that is called ES members. This has nothing to do with us here at

They are calling the cloned material "ES Members"  ( Managed By Mystery Person who is contacting previous or current ES Members for private invites)

If interested please read our communications to that are included here in this link here:

Additionally I would further like to clarify this very difficult topic which requires additional transparency in relationship to this very issue.

In early 2004, I was contacted by Guardian Alliance and asked if I would accept another level of Ascension Mission Plan B Upgrades and Timelines. Series of downloads, training and class work began in relationship to Founder Guardian Sources, which disbanded me from my Lyran-Sirian council and put me to work every night on the preparation of future grid and ascension plan B projects. People in the environment who became aware of my discussion and material started to tell me that I was disseminating very similar information to a person that was unknown to me at the time, Anna Hayes aka Ashayana Deane. At this time when I discovered this I was overcome with joy to know another human being was working at this level, actually I was thrilled. My naïve sense of joy was ripped away immediately when I became the target of several severe psychic attacks, parasites (SPE’s) and ongoing aggressive attempts to stop my work in the world, and block my accepted Guardian mission at every opportunity. At the time, I was homeless, financially imperiled, and emotionally devastated as I did not understand why what I had thought to be my Christos spiritual family on the earth would attack me so aggressively. They made unfounded accusations and accussed me of stealing their material.

Many nights in tears,  I asked the Guardians to tell me why they would put me in such a painful and challenging position. That my own spiritual family would brutally attack and falsely accuse me. It was suggested and I was firmly told that I had to stay away from the organization group and the person known as Ashayana, because her organization had been severely compromised and infiltrated with artificial technology. I kept this secret to protect her, and I endured humiliation from many people who accused me of stealing or plagiarism of her material. I did not want to create any more pain, negativity or karmic residue to this most ancient battle of securing Ascension Information for the planet and humanity. Many times before Ashayana went on radio shows the Guardian’s came to me a few days before her appearance to help protect her body, and protect her from AI parasites. I went to battle many times with Metatronic entities that use technology that is like a Star Ninja splitter, a type of alien military technology that will rip your Monadic body into shreds. Later in three subsequent legal threats represented by Ashayana’s former organization, the last one being September 2016, which her attorney sent legal claims of copyright to take down the Ascension Glossary.

In March 2011, upon a grid work project I was sent by Guardians to Turin, Italy, I was served legal papers by Ashayana's organization telling me I was in copyright breach and to terminate and remove any and all information remotely referring to them in any shape or form, as they said these terms belonged to them under copyright. There were thousands of ascension terms their attorney claimed that they had copyright over and ownership. The method of attack was intimidation to create the death of my body of work through a thousand paper cuts of lawfare. It appeared that they beleive they own all of Ascension lexicon and claim to own all human diamond sun body parts, consciousness light body parts and the Law of One language that refers to Krystal Star architecture in the planetary instruction sets.  To enforce these claims, they would need to sue about every spiritual organization on the planet. I was shocked they represented themselves as aligned to krystic values and yet attempting to control Ascension knowledge in this agressive legal way, asserting to have ownership over human and planetary body parts under their copyright. This gives a clear indication of what and who the authority behind this Controller action really is.  

As an example, these are some terms they said that I plagiarized from them:

  • Anything referring to 12 or 12D
  • The 12 D shield and the Star of David
  • Rod and Staff
  • Changing of the Guard
  • Melchizedek

All of these terms are Universal in Spiritual Ascension languaging and throughout many ancient wisdom teachings. This is the same as asking to place copyright on Christ Consciousness or the Law of One. It is a Negative Alien Agenda to take the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One and its related knowledge base from being made available to the public and to create distortions of the material through mind control targeting. 

In May 2012, what my Guardian team had told me over the years was revealed to the entire organization by Ashayana herself. This information and its truth telling, was that Ashayana’s husband was a planted clone for Speaker 2, and was harming her physically for over eight years and this fact was being hidden from the community. When this was revealed, this severely divided their community and broke many hearts. I was brought into the field in 2004 to help preserve the information and protect Ashayana, anonymously. I am deeply saddened by the pain this has caused and deeply saddened by the trauma. At the same time, I was relieved to see the physical manifestation of what began for me directly in early 2004, to help protect this Ascension information and keep it ALIVE with heart based loving intentions to nurture it like a child. This information is precious and needs to be loved, cared for, and understood that it is sacred. Our Cosmic Mother  is reclaiming it from the patriarchal distortions of war, attack, legal threats and the Archontic Deception strategy to kill it through purported ownership and dark possession.

My path has been steep, painful and adversarial and extremely isolated from the spiritual community at large for these reasons. At the same time I have tremendous respect, love and compassion for our spiritual family that works incredibly hard to preserve consciousness truths, preserve the Ascension sacred sciences that allow for human liberation and planetary freedom.

Clearly this is a small little scratch in the surface of incredibly complex timeline history and many, many direct consciousness experiences in the planetary field, in the human energy field, reading and looking at blueprints or what is understood to be planetary architecture. I am a Krystic being that has returned to this planet to decode architecture, to read the architecture, to understand how it functions and operates, and to recode it back into GSF (Krystal Star) tri-wave coding authorities with Guardian Host. Most of this mission is anonymous and hidden because of the amounts of energy attacks that I receive when attention is being made towards me. I do not want attention.  I only want to do my personal mission, of which I am 100% clear what my role on the planet actually is.  I accept the painful circumstances of which has transpired through alien invasion and the current AI technologies that are used to harm humans and the planet. I am able to say this publically now because some of this drama has already been made aware to the organization, Ashayana herself, and I am not a source of increasing  potential energetic interference upon the continued mission objectives of Ashayana. Many times negative energies can be used by the dark forces to interfere, change timelines, and mess with a person through the chaotic forces of Victim-Victimzer targeting software. 

In deep appreciation of the many Krystic beings that have held painful and isolating jobs on this planet, while being ruthlessly attacked by their own spiritual and human families, as well as extra dimensionals that are controlled by hatred and satanic or luciferian influences and artificial technologies. I am in deep appreciation for those who love humanity enough to do this Christos ascension mission work, and try their best while being targeted aggressively to ruin your 3D life. That’s the game of the Archontic Deception and Orion Controllers, and there is nothing I can say to sugar coat the ends of abuse, misery and depravity they will try to corrupt your sacred crystal heart through immense pain and victimization. It is brutal and not human.

With this reminder, may we have reverence and respect for the sacred works for all members of our spiritual and consciousness families. May love, decency, common sense, respect and reverence for life, overcome the depraved methods of abuse and human torture used carelessly by the thugs of NAA. Understand their ego drives, strategic methods and ideology so you can protect your mind and body from being triggered in negative behaviors that promote more hatred or negativity in the world. Our world, humanity needs love and compassion more than ever, and learning how to re-educate ourselves to become authentically human, while co-existing in a world that is brutally designed to create anti-humans that abuse and harm each other.

Thank you for your time, energy and contemplation over this most challenging issue.

With a loving heart and transparency, Lisa Renee