Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world.
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We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth.
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Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.
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Knowledge of the Laws of Intent, Consent and Authority are even more important since December 2012, because of the planetary hosting changes, which now are in the authority of celestial management structures organized through the Krystal Star host. It is clear that many of the NAA and Tyrant Controllers have no idea what this means at all and continue to mind control people into very negative behaviors though their usual modus operandi, threats, bullying intimidation, inciting wars and aggression which are all Victimizer games to confuse the real issues and terrorize people into submission. 

As we begin to understand the architectural change transpiring, this changes the laws of energy governing the planet, and if we can begin to comprehend this fact, we can learn how to work with the Law and be protected through this knowledge in our personal, professional and everyday life. As the laws which govern energy is changing, this means that the physics behind those same laws are also changing in the way they respond or react energetically to vibration and frequency patterns. 

We must also remember Laws of Vibration and Resonance relate to the collective consciousness majority ( the global human population) and that largely contributes to the energetic reason why it’s so rough. People have to learn how to evolve and adapt to these frequency shifts which are amplified by the bifurcation in time. If we consider that the survival and poverty consciousness vibration is where the majority of the human collective thought forms reside, this collective fear and terror may impact a lot of what we may feel in our personal terrain, especially if we are sensitive, aware and empathic people. 

It has been especially explosive lately with the Trans-time Continuum, with the energies of chaos and confusion run amok. We can plainly see that chaos playing out in the many warring conflicts in the Middle East and many other areas of the earth that have been significantly amplified. The Archetypes of Destroyer, Conqueror, Tyrant, Bully, all with massive threats and Intimidation behaviors – have been really aggressive and heavy out in the collective fields. One can see people get swallowed in these worlds of forces and then start acting that confusion and destruction out in the environment. Many of them are children that have no development of mental and emotional control nor the discernment to handle their spontaneous impulses. 

The Laws of Intent, Consent and Authority all interact in a very important way to strengthen and protect one’s personal energy field and home spaces, and those spaces we have to be in like jobs, groups, organizations, etc. Wherever one has been given a space, like a working space, a space that you rent for residence or workshop, one can interact and apply this Law even if you are working for "someone else" or in a building that legally belongs to someone else. 

However, many others on the planet do not know this Law nor the reasons for it. A person that holds no focused intent (this is like a mission statement) then has NO consent, and this lack of mental discipline and knowledge is what allows NAA to have a field day in the content/event of whatever that person is trying to create energetically. 

The Law of Intent is essentially what we think Is what we create through Intent, Consent and Structure.

When we do not have intent, we have no consent, and the default is given to the energetic signature of the frequency match held in the thought, behavior or action as aligned to the Law of Resonance which will answer to the Law of Consent. 

The Laws of Intent, Consent, Authority and Structure, are purposely hidden and manipulated by the NAA in order to control humans who are not aware of these energetic laws, nor aware that they can gain personal power to regain control over their spiritual and energetic consciousness through the obeyance of these laws. 

What we hold as our intention in our personal thoughts, is what we hold as our Consent. The consent is that we have given towards that thought-form and its vibrational quality and force, as well as the energetic consequence of the thought-form substance created which impacts the self and others. 

The sum total of the energetic intention behind the accumulated thoughts or words that we have said in the present moment, is more important than the verbal language used to establish intent, consent and authority. The fact we may think the thought automatically under Mind Control programs, means we have given that 'thought' consent even without our conscious participation with intent. 

This is the main factor in NAA human exploitation by Mind Control. By taking away knowledge of personal Intent, they remove consent in the laws. This means that disciplining and controlling our inner thoughts is extremely important, as these thoughts add accumulative energies to form intent, consent and authority made under the Law. 

Through the exploitation of these Laws the NAA and the False Father Gods have manipulated humanity to be in consent and authority with their forces, as intermediary, through shaping the Predator Mind in the human culture, through the many Mind Control programs that humans are given as a false history and false reality. Based on these many lies and deceptions, humanity holds belief systems of the Predator Mind thought-forms, thus, naturally becomes in the consent and authority of that same Predator Mind in the NAA groups. 

This is how the NAA control humanity by manipulation of consent in the mind, by removing intention of thoughts and making them automatic reactions in the Unconscious Mind, further, which manipulates the Soul. This makes the NAA False gods an intermediary source field (Imposter Spirit) for many unsuspecting humans who cannot discern the difference between lies and deception, and the truth. 

Intent matches Consent, Authority 

This means if we hold a thought-form and behaviors that vibrationally matches Luciferian intentions or Satanic intentions, at the same or equal vibration or frequency level, this is the consent that one has given to be in authority or exchange with those same forces. 

As an example one may go to church and pray to God for help, and then go home and engage in self-destructive habits, Addiction, Sexual Misery programs, yell at their spouse, or whatever else. Then the persons wonders why they cannot feel any spiritual support or god connection. Then they may start to reject God because they see no personal results in their life from their energetic investment they have made dictated through their religion. One may pray or ask for consent and authority to be with God, however, as this example represents, it is the accumulative choices that we make in our thoughts and behaviors, every day that ultimately energetically align us to the force we are in consent with. 

This highlights the importance of choosing one's authority and therefore one's intentional consent and authority EVERY DAY, to help overcome the negative thoughts one may have as you learn to discipline the mind from Negative Ego and Predator Mind thoughts. As we discipline our mind daily by discerning spiritually healthy thought-forms that are suggested in the GSF Behavior and the Law of One, we get stronger to build our spiritual house, which is building our structure, as obeying the Law of Consent. 

One has the right to build their personal space to comply with one's personal consent, as given through accumulative intentional thoughts and behaviors in the Law of Consent which decide which forces are used in the building of the internal and external structure, through the Law of Structure. 

ES Core Triad in Making Consent 

This law is emphasized in the ES Core Triad, by making a statement every day where your intent, consent and authority is being chosen through one's personal declaration of intention. If one does not make this consent or authority the natural law will align to the intentions of the accumulative energies collected in ones thoughts and the quality of the energies one has in their Lightbody. This is why purification of one's mind, body and emotions support spiritual ascension and spiritual progression. 

As example, the Step One of the Daily Declaration of Intention is to, through one's own power, resolve the authority problem between Negative Ego and God. 

My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally. I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free! 

In this statement from the ES Core Triad, one is accessing the Law of Intent, The Law of Consent, and the Law of Structure. 

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