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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.


Clearly, this has been a time where so much of the underbelly of the lower dimensions is pushing upward into the surface, into the waking 3D consciousness of the people around us, and it has had a very heavy and sad quality to bear with it. As the ascension cycle is upon us and it amplifies the world of forces around us, we all have hoped that more of our human family would comprehend how these energetic influences work and have a context for the evolution cycle that is forcing change upon our planet.  As those unaware of these forces at work can be overwhelmed by them without a skill set to navigate them. Further, they can consume a person who is not aware of themselves, their motivations or influences or have the awareness they have a core energy residing within them. It is these external forces that sweep people off into a undertow of lower density energies, such as despair and hopelessness.  Without an inner ballast it can make a person feel as they are drowning in a sea of misery. In the larger collective human field, I am observing this a lot and it has been very hard to be in “witness” of these experiences, watching others around me.

This clearly is the area where we can all intend to improve our compassion and strength to persevere in the midst of this underbelly, knowing that it has to be purged in order to be seen by the people ( the collective consciousness) and dealt with. All of us have to see and feel what is “hidden” in order to overcome it, transcend it, and transmute it, for ourselves, for our planet, and then subsequently, to anchor the support for others who are awakening in the future cycles. This calls for compassionate witnessing in the midst of the collective field of pain. 

In most of my development and spiritual training, along with the various families that share our same mission on the earth, the reclaiming of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, I have been isolated. I have accepted that for quite a few years now, as a necessary part of my own internal process, of which I am completely responsible for. I have not known if it was temporary phase or a phase of embodiment that has necessitated this isolation, but I have accepted it as it is, until it changes, knowing it is not my decision to change. This prototyping work has brought up things in my awareness that are devastatingly painful hidden in the human race, and although I appreciate the awareness, it is something that weighs upon the future work of ascension and freedom on our planet. There are many potentials, many possibilities, and many things within it that necessitate an level of moral and spiritual behavior that is practically unseen or unheard of in a 3D human until now. 

I have been a student of earth and the ego complexities, which have taken a toll on me, as it has on all of us. The pain of the ego is practically unbearable on some days, watching it work itself in the collective. The pain I feel in it is not the judgment of personal character, however, the absolute and utter damage it has done to the human soul, and the human condition on the earth. The level of its depravity is something I have borne witness to at levels of unspeakable horrors. I am grateful for this training and awareness, but it has rendered me naïve to the underbelly motivations, even now still, of such behaviors that have been rampant and infectious within the world and what has been perpetrated in the name of Christ, or God. Its stunning to me how those entrusted with its privilege have wreaked havoc to destroy the true nature of what the Krystal Star intelligence actually is, and even though I have always had somewhat an awareness of the hate that directs itself towards that consciousness. The more devastating component of it is how people that have represented God in the name of Christ, and have blatantly abused others, in their power, to accomplish their own self-aggrandizement. Some of the means of justification of bad behavior with no moral compass, is hard to fathom, even though I recognize the person is severely broken and has developed into some kind of psychosis of bi-polar mind, that is easily jumped on to manipulate by the controllers, whom use it as an opportunity to feed. The salvationsitic implants of archontic deception keep the fanatical religious mind mired in self hatred, a reflection of the controller mind. 

By no means do I attempt to convey a judgment upon the many, many people who have accepted leadership in spiritual matters, for whatever reasons motivating them, as I know the high stress, burden and conflict it presents at any level, whether you have chosen to be a “ religious” figure, guru figure, or one of the “spiritual” representatives. This usually starts with the heartfelt intention that one feels compelled to make the world a better place for everyone and everything. The pain is knowing how many heartfelt intentions have been twisted into a sick deviant version of itself, and how successfully that has happened to propagate severe distortions and more pain in human hearts down here. In my opinion, the rampant distortion in spirituality remains a massive oozing ego infection, because the negative alien manipulations are not accounted for or dealt with, and somehow good intentioned, heart felt people turn into two faced hypocrites, spouting off loving sermons of Christ-dom, while behind closed doors are raping altar boys, and screaming like a shrew to the poor people attempting to help them get the “word” of God , out to the masses. 

How did this happen? How can we let it happen? What is broken in ourselves that we can show one face to the public, and justify this evil twin persona and allow it to still operate in the shadows? 

More importantly, how do we learn to sense and see the energy signature of the people around us, so we know immediately when someone is NOT representing themselves publically as how they really are, and that their behaviors are integrated, balanced and they are well adjusted, harmonious and peaceful people??

This is a critical piece of personal discernment , as there is a predictable energetic law of this. No person or thing can hide itself in falsity, when it is called out, and most all of the time, we can see something in that person, a meanness, emotional wounds to the point of instability, a lack of skill in assessment, a lack of integration – and those flags come up 100% of the time. However, humans have not been trained to read the energy signature first, and trust their own discernment over what a person, book or study is telling them. IT is very dangerous if a person believes they have to create a persona for the people and tell them what the people want to hear. Fantasies hurt people, and we have many story tellers living in the astral delusion. This is the danger we also have here in ES with galactic history being misunderstood in its context, in not allowing it to run your life or become a personal dogma, however to use the information as a discernment tool to feel into the larger truths that resonate for your own being. 

I pose this question to our ascending community to explore and resolve, as in the coming months more people will have access to the new level of ES body of work, and without galactic history context, without “ feeling senses”, without the multitude of alien mind control implants cleared, this work will appear just like another level of the same thing that has been beaten into the ground with the people that have gone before us, that have blatantly abused, misrepresented and misused their power in the world. 

I am working up my bravery, strength and gathering all my inner resources to withstand the onslaught of these comparisons, and the slew of resistance, misunderstandings of intention, as well as those that will resonate and be able to feel its energetic quality, over its “written” content. I must represent this body of work and go into a public realm, I would prefer not to go, but it feels to be time, and it is my role to do so. More of us here, having been prepared, may also be called for that role. 

In preparing for that, comprehend that when any person is public, the immediate circumstance is that you are made a target to skew public perception. Generally that perception is twisted into grotesque mutations as caricatures, barely resembling a kernel of truth which represents that real person. That is a healthy grasp of the current media spin and the false reality we exist within. Never accept the larger perception as a truth, ask your own questions.  IT just is what it is.

However what is the moral imperative, for all of us, is to represent what we know as truth in every given moment, and not withhold the human parts of ourselves which have been denied, then pronounced dead and buried.  We cannot survive to be dead and buried any longer and the ability to live naturally as a human being, not giving our power away and making excuses for bad behavior, “Guardians made me do it”, or “I was Akhenaton so that’s why I can act like an ass”, (and get away with it and people accept that behavior like it’s okay). None of this “bad behavior”, none of this tyrant meanness, attacking, intended servitude of others, superior behavior is acceptable as represented coming from the Christ, ever. It simply is not that and never will be. 

To be a Christed representative is to be of service to the people, as representing those behaviors to the public, to your person, in all ways, not exclusive or hidden to public showing. Any spiritual leader that acts in this duplicitous way, a personal and public splitting of persona, is misled and being used. Although the content of lesson is of great value to consciousness, we must not mistake that as the truth represented, because it is not. It’s a human ( or another being) wrapped up in its own pain , making excuses. We do not have to make excuses when we know what the heck happened to us with an alien invasion, and have compassion for everyone and everything, while defending our right to be in the expression we are genuinely led from our heart to be authentic in the world. If a person wants to kill you because of what you are doing in your life that is in harmless action, yet they still perceive it as threatening, you must defend yourself, and take precautions appropriately. Being of service does not mean you have to be led or controlled by those people asleep to demonic delusions that give them the perceived right to attack or harm your ability to live as a natural person, as you are required by your inner light. This also does not give anyone license to harm and deliberately hurt another. Like the first amendment, when you kill or harm another, you lose your right to free expression. 

There have been a lot of spiritual leaders who have radically misrepresented the kindness and the encompassing unconditional love and compassion that the God force and Krystal consciousness actually, inherently IS. That has happened from human ego damage and for many reasons of which are becoming more understood in the field architecture.  ( such as the hidden alien invasion and its mind control systems) Most of the situations I have come across reading accounts people have had in Ascended Master cults, and other spiritual organizations, are practically unbearable to read - the treatment and the behaviors of the supposed “ spiritual leader or representative’ is bewildering to shocking. These experiences have left an extremely bitter taste in people’s mouths, the pain of defiling the sacred is a cut made to the deepest part of our real nature. That is the level of the pain we are dealing with at this time on planet earth. It is a pain so unbelievable wounded, so unbelievable painful, and yet if we can shift our understanding and belief system, we can shift this pain into a massive force of momentum that will bring hope, comfort, and healing to those who have been brutally thrown into the jaws of these monsters as insignificant food. Everything is loved and significant. 

No human part of us is immune to the pain here on earth, we have to see it, recognize it, and then witness it back neutrally to be healed in what the truth of the light is, a real organic spiritual technology.The only constant of the Real is Love.

It is very difficult for many of us now, mostly in observing the damage that has happened in the field to other humans and aspects of the earth kingdoms. However I hope we can gather our strength from this collective pain to not let it deflate us, but empower us to know this is why we are here, every fiber of our being incarnated here to wake up, remember and do what the God source asked us to do, as its representative. 

Much love and appreciation for all of us in this community, and our light family holding down and keeping the inner flame lit and as bright as they can. It is amping up, and being prepared now in the end cycle. Keeping the ego pity party in check, and knowing there are big changes coming, very positive changes, but our task and skill at mediating these forces is becoming more complex. Apply what you know in the moment and keep tension and resistance away from getting a hold in your body or mind. 

With Love, Lisa



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"Love is the only freedom in the world because it so elevates the Spirit that laws of humanity do not alter its course." ~Khalil Gibran

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