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Dear ES Family, 

I would like to start this thread for basic Leadership Tools for those that may be newer and feeling another level of the next generation push to some form of Planetary Stewardship or related group project. Since December, there has been another push, and many people feel internal pressure and are attempting to gain clarity on the source of that pressure to self-actualize their spiritual mission. Some of this group are recovering from the New Age rhetoric and realizing that they are being transitioned from those timelines and being aggressively elevated to develop a new level of clarity and understanding. Some feel pushed very hard to develop the spiritual work that they came to the planet to fulfill and undergo intense dismantling of false structures. 

Essentially, all of us in our community are working in some capacity to build the Planetary Stewardship team, and are held to a higher standard of Ascension related learning about moral character development and ethical training. It is absolutely essential to have this strong foundation of ethical training or the person will not be communicating with the Krystal Star and will be hijacked by egoic interlopers.  Unfortunately many of us have seen this form of ego hijack in spiritual leadership many times, and it’s been hard to observe. Some of us may not realize that this community also functions to serve building the strong spiritual foundation and necessary skills required for self-leadership and developing those same leadership skills to apply to a group consciousness for a variety of purposes. One does not have to be working in spiritual circles to require this leadership skill, this happens every day in the corporate world as well. A big problem in the current leadership in the New Age people is that very few have had any strong development of negative ego clearing, experience with the NAA, and lack the host of skills required to master Leadership in the Galactic Age. In fact, the agenda is to prop up the most emotionally damaged people the NAA can find, give them fame, and put them on public display, and have their following/audience influenced by this person that has the emotional body of a child. Without the strong foundation for self-mastery in place, that leader will be putty in the hands of the NAA and they can control him/her and their following on a silver platter of mind control. 


An issue we have during the Ascension Cycle, is that many people get partially spiritually activated and are not given tools for proper integration, practical skills in grounding, and developed self-awareness. I have a difficult job, which sometimes I feel a day late and a dollar short, but I keep calm and carry on. I would be happy to see strong leadership developed out of the ES community, if that is the function of the service we are to provide for some individuals. Yet, I have seen so many tragic events in our Ascension space develop into Twilight Mastery and a delusions of grandeur, that it is painful. I wish the public had more quality and access to these Ascension tools, but I cannot be on Facebook or have anything to do with social media in any form. 

So as a steward of this community space, wanting to open this field of ES content through open source, giving it away to people for free ( or as much as I can and keep this enterprise running), yet I have to find the balance of giving people access to all of the ES/HGS material and maintain energetic value exchange and transparency.  This material can helps people to build their personal practices, develop groups and advance their brand of spiritual work, and yet it gives me, it gives us all, a healthy dose of reality and accurate assessment of where the Ascension space is in the general scale of quality and credibility. Hopefully, we can see where many people are at in this Ascension space, and we can endeavor to be supportive to help them grow and strengthen to create an improved, stronger and clearer influence. We need strong Ascension leadership on this planet, desperately. Yet, this cannot be forced and sometimes I wonder if it’s something a person is born with inherently, or can this strong leadership skill be actually learned? 

When a person takes this material and slaps their name on it, and this level of self-mastery does not happen - we can see a personal agenda of lower integrity or lower quality, it can be paradoxical and confusing. When is this harmful to lead people, when the leader has not developed strong ethics and strong leadership skills? What is that foundation that helps to build leadership and what kind of tools are required to help more people gain this self-mastery, so we can limit the tragic nature of what has occurred in the Ascension space? I do not know what the answer is, but when I see the extremely low quality of people that are the majority leaders in the Ascension space, such as, on panels talking about Ascension, I feel “ouch”. I wish this Ascension space was more credible, had more quality, clarity and ethics emanating from more of the speakers.  I do not want to be more public, but those that are public, how do they get the leadership skills that include ethical conduct, building virtue, living within the Law of One, and supporting humanitarian objectives before their own selfish agendas? Does this work have to be low profile and remain hidden in order to survive untainted? 

As this topic has been raised recently several times, I pose this discussion here for more introspection. People need experience to gain clarity and wisdom. People need to develop discernment and assess resonance. People need tools to gain confidence and self-mastery in the Ascension topic. When we share from our deep well of personal experiences, we give the generous gift to others to help all of us improve our character and to learn something new to expand consciousness. It is so important not to judge anyone, and to greatly appreciate and value all the experiences that we share together, as the support system of strengthening our group as a whole. We need each other to share generously as we can learn to be better people, to increase our goodness, increase our purity, ethical conduct and compassionate communication and hopefully, genuine caring for one another. We are the prototype for the Krystic attributes to live within this space, and we are exploring and discovering what that actually means from the point of our deepest humanness. 

When we have an example of strong moral and ethical leadership, when we have an Ascension toolkit of which to help guide us, we can assemble the missing pieces of wisdom, something that we all need. With this intention, although very brief on an extensive topic, I would like to share an article written in 2007 and many links we have that begin laying the cornerstone of building a strong moral character, trustworthiness and ethics, which is a mandatory requirement when communicating with Krystal Star or any aspect of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. What we have been told is the Christ on earth is simply a deception of lies made up by the NAA. To return the Christ to this earth, we have to live in the principles that are set forth in the Law of its Structure, the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, and there is no in-between or gray areas. We are the Planetary Stewardship of Krystic attributes and we can take this seriously and work on developing our ethical and moral character, or succumb to the old negative ego traits, dissipating the strength of light, like so many others have. 

To those that are moving into Stewardship  and developing skills, I hope this proves to be helpful in developing the moral understanding to the ethical implications involved in leadership. And to develop in other areas of study that I feel are imperative when accepting this role of influence upon others – I whatever your capacity reveals.  May this serve you to become a beacon of Krystal Light Stewardship that radiates the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Godhead to this earth in your special niche and personal mission. We need you to be strong leaders so please do the inner work and study.   

With a loving heart, Lisa

Dear ES Family,

This original article “Leadership and Stewardship Roles in the Ascension Cycle” was written in 2007 and is appropriate for then, now and ongoing. Many people that could not relate to these words in 2007 certainly relate to them now, as there is perfect cycle in everything in how it is developed. Nothing in this world manifests randomly.  There is a cohesive process behind the spiritual ascension process during personal and collective  evolution patterns and ever pattern will reveal pieces of that puzzle in how that manifests in your life.  When one sees the larger patterns of the macrocosm at work in your life,  ( this is the Universal holographic architecture and creational code, both synthetic and organic) and let it go (release control), the illusion of the ego reality drops away and then you can experience freedom from mind control and clear the attachment to enslavement bonds. This is why we are squeezed to the last possible denominator when we are undergoing the ego dismantling phases.  Those belief systems have to be cleared away before the new reality of the higher spiritual intelligence can embody and direct the consciousness fully towards Service to Others. We must undergo the shattering of our illusions and face any false ego identity or delusions we may have about who we may think we are. As we can discern the falsity and Imposter spirit behind the façade, we become clearer about what we have given power to in the past, so we can learn self-responsibility and shift our authority to our inner spirit.   

To Receive All - One has to Give All. 

These words will still be appropriate to someone 10 years or 100 years from now. The Ascension waves continue in successive awakenings and deeper ego body dismantling until the (God Source) core is reconnected as the primary energy embodied in the physical self. If you are reading and resonating with these words,  it is because it is YOUR TIME TO AWAKEN and develop some form of leadership skill. We are required to lead ourselves and manage our own life effectively,  before we can evolve into becoming effective leaders or planetary stewards that are given higher consciousness projects which impact others, such as in a group consciousness or in the planetary fields. Please do not compare yourself to others during this spiritual development process, because every person has their own unique relationship to God, their inner spirit, and they must be in alignment to their own mission and timing. Our spiritual ascension process is uniquely our own, and it is intimate and personal. Yet, with larger patterns of the planetary process that are exacting in their mission objective to achieve the Ascension timeline, there are general patterns in the macrocosm that apply to EVERYONE that undergoes the spiritual awakening process. In ES community, there is an attempt to show and convey these macro/micro patterns in order to help us release any spiritual fears that may be buried deeply in the unconscious layers of the negative ego and pain body. We must face the deepest innermost part of ourselves, which is how we access our inner truth spirit. We must eradicate all fears, anxiety and doubt ( lower ego 3D energy patterns, and its thoughts, emotion and belief) from controlling our bodies, and the process of continually synthesizing polarities as a Polarity Integrator, is how this is achieved. 

My heart is with those of you being stripped down in this current spiritual process. As in 2003 when I was evicted out of my apartment, mostly lived out of a suitcase, stripped of all possessions, money and relationships, I too felt devastated. I felt extremely alone and as stupid as people told me I was for letting this happen to me. The extreme dismantling phases tend to be temporary and necessary. Please dig deeper and try to find the solace of knowing THIS TOO HAS PURPOSE, DIVINE PURPOSE. When we undergo this level of severe dismantling, we are born into a spiritual strength that surpasses the ego weakness. Through this experience, we can become a direct KNOWER of our Divine God Purpose, rather than an mental perceiver therefore, deceiver of your divine purpose. The ego is a deceiver and must be corrected in our thinking. Our spiritual process is not an intellectual or lower mental body process, it must be experienced directly for the consciousness to shift into higher embodiment potentials. 

Leader and Stewardship Roles in the Ascension Cycle 

I want to address this particular Ascension group of the Guardian Indigo races that are feeling they are being recruited to hold more energy, a greater sphere of influence in agreement to facilitate, direct or hold energy for other beings.  Some of us may feel an intense spiritual catalyst that impulses sensations of receiving a variety of downloads that push us into more individual or group assignments as mission directives in our spiritual purpose. As mentioned,  we must separate the impurity, the dross from the truth spirit. We undergo the process which is to separate the wheat from the chaff in our consciousness, as we must get as clear as our capacity to be instruments of divine will expression. This can be was intense and at times, excruciating. The general purpose for this kind of intense preparation is for integrating our higher consciousness bodies, in so that we undergo the extra leadership training that requires us to master the “teacher/healer” archetypes. Many people placed in leadership positions in the New Age are Twilight Masters, and have little ego training, nor have directly worked to heal their emotional body from shadow forms. This training is extremely important to have a strong foundation in negative ego clearing  before we endeavor to adopt more visible roles in the world, mainly to serve others. Otherwise, we have blaring blind spots created from inadequate self-awareness and discernment, little psychic self-defense training, and no cognizance of the Imposter Forces that use the Archontic Deception Strategies to mind control people. We can fall into the same mind control programs as a leader with influence over others, and be completely unaware we are playing into the deception strategy of enslavement used by the NAA. When we involve others in a mass deception, whether we are aware of that deception or not, we are subjected to a destiny of karmic repercussion, creating pain and misery, not only for ourselves, but others that we have influenced. 

As we undergo the consciousness expansion in the Ascension process, we also need to dramatically shift carbon based material out of our cells (we are shifting from carbon miasma forms to silica base biology) to be able to receive the new encryption coding to reconnect us to the Consciousness Corridors that align to the Ascension timelines. We must drop density and resolve any incongruence in our energy field from all source causation coming from the external and material forms. This means through the alchemy of transformation, we may have experiences that are totally beyond logical comprehension and description as our identity is unraveled, which explodes into a host of surreal and bizarre experiences. We cannot judge these spiritual awakening experiences as good or bad, but it is wise to pay attention to the patterns as learning opportunities to increase skills at discernment. 

We are at a catalytic breakthrough where the resistance always contracts right before we are really going to expand into the next level of the frequency and build the new platform of expanding personal and group consciousness. Many times that contraction phase is the phenomena that brings on the dark night of the soul. These phases of spiritual development are unavoidable, as the "living death" or Ego Death must occur for resurrection of the spiritual body and mind. All must enter the Dark Night of the Soul or spiritual crisis, perhaps many times during the cyclical process of evolution during the spiritual ascension process. The planet is undergoing a global level of the Dark Night of the Planetary Collective Soul during the Ascension Cycle. 

We must be cleared of any delusions and weakness that we may have, as they are brought up for us to face. This created pockets of self-doubt about our new embodiment emerging and shook up the trust and faith we had worked so hard to instill deeply in ourselves. We begin to question if we have the strength, power and conviction to get the job we have been assigned done. Do we have what it takes? Here is one perspective I would like to share as to these events. 

In preparation for our Current Ascension Cycle, the obsolete energy current and their memory grids collapse. The field memory overlay contains an incredible amount of miasma and dark record of human history that resurfaces and as its memory matrice is shattered, it dissolves into the collective planetary field and creates an energy overlays that can be felt by the Indigo Family. This is like having dark cellular human memory, old identities, astral debris dissolved vibrationally into the current timelines of which we inhabit as it filters through our bodies. 

As Starseeds or Indigos,  we are connected to the higher collective consciousness field on the planet and it is possible we feel its effects of miasmatic load rather harshly. What is noted that the Guardians, Healers, Energetic Facilitators and Genetic Pathcutters that are activated in their role,  appear to take on the most noticeable energetic effect upon their physical, mental, and emotional self. This dissolution of dark shadowy record creates toxic like sensations and physical illness or unusual discomforts in the body. The Controllers that are connected to these particular lineages of power struggle have been agitated, aggressive and well, pissed off. Through cycles of memory dissolution in the future timelines, they lose portions of the collective planet field that allows mind control and alien manipulation of many humans in the current timeline. Their ability to harness and harvest that power source off planet,  is increasingly diminished. There is jostling for position and leverage, although there have been quite a few defectors of the dark agendas that have had to relinquish their roles to the Guardian Races as they have no other place to go.

So when enduring times of great spiritual catalyst, is when we undergo tests of moral character, tests of self-awareness in order to refine and distill the purity of our spiritual essence. In these stages, we will be met with increased sensation of entity attacks, astral related phenomena, victimizer programming, audio inserts of self-doubt dialogues, all related levels of internal fear programming. All which can help us to better comprehend the self-mastery we must develop over the hidden shadow aspects, which propel us forward to another level of Ascension awakening and inner clarity. 

Some levels of the Guardian Groups of Starseeds are largely processing much of the physical emanations that are self-doubt tests of character and are pushed into the next level of Initiation to some influence as a World Server now. So we need to keep the next level of our Star-Indigo Family being prepared for leadership or stewardship roles, strong and support them for they are enduring now what we some of us have completed in the last months.

Still, we will witness members of our family, those Indigos that are not psychologically or emotionally integrated (not having a developed Negative Ego or B.S. Detection System). Many times people have had an experience of awakening and are still intellectually conceptualizing it through the ego filter, without the needed life experience to gain wisdom. This group is much more subject to ego distortion, mind control manipulation or corruption. Instead of healthy spiritual foundation and learnings to discern energetic boundaries, this group is fed the flip side of that, with more flattery, messages of elitism, or a form of supremacy in tasks or skill set. Some are conversing with masking dark entities stroking their ego to manipulate power or utilize them to harness another group to give their power away.  Generally, the messages tend toward generating messiah complex, and the person feels from their ego filter, that this way is the ONLY WAY!  This is a clear indicator of ego distortion being filtered or misunderstood when in contact with extradimensional levels of consciousness.  This pattern emerging recently of the false prophet/guru having root downfalls and their sphere of influence collapsing is a part of the new Krystic architecture, as self-responsibility is required to contact the Guardian host.  If that self-responsibility is not improved upon or learned, stagnation in a certain level of spiritual growth stifles further consciousness expansion. 

It is important to stay in your feeling and intuitional body for energetic discernment of what resonates personally or does not. Sometimes a false security testing happens because you know this person is an Indigo or they are known by a mutual friend that has given them a false sense of credibility, etc. Whenever you feel something on your inner radar screen,  such as, intense emotional drama pulling at you, something is not quite right,  reorganize and bring yourself back into center. Do not allow external drama or chaos to pull you out of your energetic center by consistently finding the neutral point and the compassionate witness. Learn about emotional manipulation techniques and do not allow people to guilt you into anything that would take your power. This is how the dark energies of the Imposter Spirit mask and manipulate people. These forces have agenda to keep Starseeds or Indigos separated by negative ego games, power conflicts or finger pointing through divide and conquer. Do not fall prey to these Victimizer scenarios! It is important to realize that the Truth Spirit and Forces of Light do not use forms of Emotional Drama to influence you! 

So those in our community, know that you are not losing it, the objective is to re-center and strengthen self-mastery where it has been revealed there is a weak spot. This community serves a larger group with a specific purpose in this niche of offering material for self-mastery that are required for potential leadership and planetary stewardship. Pay attention and be vigilant in clearing yourself of any lower emotional state or inner dialogue when you find yourself feeling, exhausted, tired, depressed or discouraged. Keep asking your God Self, Aurora Guardians and personal Ascension Guides for direct assistance and information of what you may need to support your physical body to embody your highest expression of divinity. 

We are moving into another level of our planetary mission and personal spiritual ascension. This is our administrative period to take care of the things that may be on our “to do list” and to prepare for this upcoming time period. Listen, Listen and listen more to the inner prompting and directions to complete certain things in your life now. When you find yourself in spaces of quiet and everyone around you has departed to let you be alone in your own energy, ask your guides and Higher Self why has this quiet time been presented to you? What is the task being requested?? When you find yourself in periods of inactivity, it is usually a time to be aware of what messages are being relayed to you. You have been placed in seclusion or “void space” so you have a greater listening capacity to the inner spirit without external forms of distraction. Some of us are integrating new upgrades, higher frequencies in this latest Ascension Cycle and require the isolation. 

Until next stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! We are here as One.

Love, Lisa