Unity is Trustworthiness
We must build Trustworthiness in order to create Unity!
Planetary Stewardship
Spiritual Maturity is developed through the desire to know the inner self (or God Self) in combination with the concentrated discipline of the mental and emotional state such as with Meditation and healing Negative Ego fears. Which when practiced consistently will generate a development in the heart that provides a natural sense for the ethical standard of conducting one’s life.
Service to Others
PRACTICE FIVE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path while you amplify the energies of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and fulfillment is brought into your life.
Spiritual Maturity
To stop the dark from manipulating your energy and influencing your body, you have to stop it in its tracks and in all ways refuse its authority or control over your being in every way. To stop it one must identify it, locate it, and terminate it from accessing in your mind, emotions, body and spirit.
Fourth Stages- Planetary Leadership or Stewardship 

a.Agreement to facilitate interactively as a vehicle of Cosmic Sovereign Law of One (Universal Divine Plan in Action)

b.Having Developed Higher sensory perceptions to read energy signatures and group agendas

c.Level of completing “Warrior Training” of the polarity/duality consciousness existing in the Lower Form Worlds (A Master of Comprehending the Illusion and Deception.)

d.Mastery of Mental and Emotional functions to direct Higher Light forces of Transformation as directed by the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One (Universal Divine Plan in Action) 

e. Freed of Suffering by loss of attachments

At this level you can take nothing personal, or care what others think of you or judge you for, or be attached to an outcome in the material world. 

If you are still taking things personally or attached to the external outcome - generally you repeat the life lesson until you are freed of its grip or control over your behavior or action. One cannot hold energetic responsibility for group energy or others ( in session formats or larger projects ) when not able to hold neutrality. God force only works through your body when you are neutral. It is not everyone's role to be in leadership roles, everyone's divine piece is perfect and very valued for its contribution to the divine plan. Know yourself, honor yourself for your divine piece and mission whatever it is in this very moment!
Being Neutral with Engaged Detachment, Observing with Compassionate Witness, not taking things personally, not allowing mind controlled persons to wreak havoc with your center of peace, is your full time job now!


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