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Q. : I completely respect your decision to refrain from doing sessions in the UK due to it being "reptilian central", although of course I am sad about this I am hopeful that things may change in the future. I'd like to understand more about the situation here in the UK from the Guardian perspective. What is the situation here in their terms? And as a UK born and bred member of Energetic Synthesis, what are we dealing with over here?

What is the reality that I'm not able to see? Do you think things here will shift? Will Lisa be able to do readings there? I did receive some information a few months ago but I don't understand it so any further explanation would be greatly appreciated. And is there anything I can do to help disperse or clear the grids beyond personal practices of 12D and chanting every day.

A: What's happening in the United Kingdom is understanding that as we come down into the end of a cycle of time and end of a cycle of many, many, different memories, and histories that have happened within the human race. One of the core and I would say most intense conflicts between what is known as the allegories of polarities which is between the Christ and the Anti-Christ consciousness actually began in the UK. The UK holds the energies of the 11th Dimensional Stargate which is the area of Stonehenge, and portal systems in Ireland and Northern Scotland. These areas have tremendous significance into the times lines of Atlantis where there were particular cultures or communities. Atlantis was not just one big tribe so to speak it was a very advanced culture but it also had continents or areas of Atlantean settlements meaning that everyone wasn't all in one area of the planet. There was a particular settlement that happened to be in the UK, and so the histories of the destruction of Atlantis and the war over conflict of power and how what is known as these types of brotherhoods that actually were born from this conflict which started to be a conflict essentially between a war over God a war over what God is a war over the Law of One meaning am I going to be in harmony with universal creation and be "obedient" to Divine Law meaning that when you are given power at a certain level to wield certain energetic forces of the planet, like as an example at that time there were beings like solar lords that could actually change weather patterns and had the relationship with the kingdoms and realms of the earth where you know they would go and communicate with elemental structures and you know they could make it rain they could ask the elements to do certain things and the elements would obey.


and you know so when you're doing something like this and you have this kind of power and control with your consciousness there is a responsibility obviously to what you're doing meaning if you are creating floods somewhere you could be killing people of doing things that are really not appropriate in terms of the divine plan meaning that this being is becoming enamoured with its "God Dom" and its creation and its ability to create and that's becoming more and more important to it to have the satisfaction and the glamorisation of its own creation as opposed to really being inner directed and connected to the divine spirit which has a movement and a harmony in relation to things so this is really where the conflict of Atlantis is, the war over the power of consciousness and the technologies that were used that were abused because of leaders this type of belief system and leaders belief system started sprouting into genetic elitism, bloodline elitism and this is something extremely prevalent in the UK today because a lot of the illuminate and the negative alien agendas are actually headquartered in terms of the sourcing of those timelines and how they were created and how they were brought through most of them were brought through the monarchs of England and so England has a lot of history with this because there's a tremendous amount of reptilian manipulation in the monarchies to bring about Armageddon timelines that go all the way into understanding Christ Crusades, genocide, masses and masses of human beings all in the name of wars over God that actually created humongous wounds in the human race so we have all that going on in the UK and so the 11th Stargate the 11th dimensional gate that is in the UK is a very important power spot for reptilians because if they control that gate they use it as a hub network that siphons energy from all over the planet so it's like saying UK is a hub that is connected to multiple reversal circulatory systems that siphon energy from all over the planet and bring it back into the UK and through the UK gates meaning the circuits in that area that energy if filtered to the Draconians to the Annunnaki and to those that are actually working on that particular agenda of enslavement of the human race so that area is a difficult area for that reason because of the position it is on the planet that was an extremely important stronghold on planet earth so it's like saying there are certain areas on the planet that these forces, reptilian forces, forces that are working for the enslavement of the human race they invade those areas because they are power spots where they can control other areas of energy on the planet so like as an example, the middle east is another big power spot so you see the war and strife and all the challenges over there that's no accident most of that is manipulation of the human race into enemy patterning into warring with each other it's never what it's really about, what they say it is, physically as its broadcast war over weapons of mass destruction all of that is actually bullshit it has to do with fighting for certain areas that are very important in managing the circuitries that move certain energy forms in and out of certain areas of the planet's body, they don't want Christ people over there in the middle east because if you're over there working on the grid network you know it's obviously a very difficult place to live for someone who is attempting to work on the grid networks because this is an area that they want in control because they use various mind control technologies other ways of moving energy that benefit them in a certain way so the UK of course is one of those now the most difficult matrix that the UK has is similar to a system that's understood as reversal grids, these reversal grids are frequency fences and what they are designed to do it to kick back karmic superimposition on the individual so let's you know you're growing your lightbody which is an organic part of you nobody told you this but that's how it works you are a multi dimensional being you have all of these light bodies but you don't know it nobody's told you this somebody's wiped you memory so you would remember you just walk around wondering who am I what am I supposed to be doing here well as we actually become more and more embodied in our spirit what happens is we start hitting the frequency fence these fences are static fields that are certain frequencies that are not organic that are moving in a literally like a static field they're static and they spark and so what happens to a person who is on the spiritual path like really on the spiritual path and they really truly are devoted and they really want to do this work they hit up against that frequency fence and it shocks them and when it shocks them they're thinking what's going on I thought when I was connecting to God I would become more at peace I would become more at one I don't understand that I'm hitting something like a glass ceiling and every time I hit it it's returning karmic dusts and karmic exhaust back to me that's exactly what this thing is doing it's called a bi-polar field or reversal 55 grid and it's a reversal pattern so that when a being starts to get at a certain development of their spiritual lightbody which is more at monad and above levels that they hit this frequency fence the frequency fence sends back karmic exhaust and the person is basically pummelled to the floor with the crap that has basically been laid upon them that is what's happened to a lot of the starseeds and indigos on this planet that have been attempting to work through these fields and most of them that have encountered that have been really confused and really have not understood what is going on let alone not feeling too happy about what really wanting to keep every time you stand up you get hit you know or every time you try to move into this next level there's something electrocuting you and saying get back in that pen because you're not supposed to be out of there so it takes a lot to get past that field that particular field is generated there's a particular circuit programme that the guardians call Nephilim reversal and this has to do with the histories of hybridisation so what happened at a certain point is the God creator God being prime creator looked at what was going on here and they saw we had a bunch of beings in this universe that were disconnecting themselves and they didn't know what and they didn't know what to do about it and again this is the way the Guardians described it and one of the benevolent things was to re-evolve everybody after this Atlantean explosion all this abuse had gone on and this had happened with beings that were really miffed because the reptilian point of view for most of them is that they've been on this planet that this planet belongs to them they really think of us as the invaders this planet belongs to them so that's their point of view. The human being in the Christ consciousness was hybrided was actually genetically hybridised with reptilian consciousness so that it would offer a healing and this is where the redemption comes in and where the resurrection comes in because there's nothing to do with the Christ energy it has everything to do with the hybridisation and the healing of this consciousness so as a part of the hybridisation the Christ consciousness and the God creator said we'll create forms of genetic material that hybridise with the reptilian consciousness and what that is called is Nephilim. Nephilim is a hybridised consciousness that is basically part Christ child of God it's called Oraphim and then the other is part of the child of darkness which is the reptilian consciousness they put that together and they basically said in the benevolence of wanting to re-evolve everybody back into the heart of God the what has happened is the reptilian consciousness could not evolve any more it had disconnected itself into such a state of being it was just degenerating and fragmenting becoming this incredible tumour in the body of God so God Is looking at this tumour and saying so how are we going to heal this what are we going to do so as a part of the hybridisation the Nephilim were created the Nephilim were mainly seeded at the times of Atlantis and are also very much connected to the UK landmass because many of the seedings of the Nephilim were in those areas of Europe and into the UK in these areas so the Nephilim were brought to the planet and they were genetically designed along with the Christ consciousness to start building the broken pieces of DNA meaning the DNA that couldn't evolve start to evolve it start to help it become more in harmony with itself and as this started to happen simultaneously reptilians that were not happy about this so this would be like beings at the 11th dimension go wait a minute I don't want to be rehabilitated what do you think you're doing to me right you've introduced a gene pool into my people, you know this is the point of view, and I don't want it so this is an all out war now so this is complete war over the Nephilim starts and what it basically did is the reptilian point of view is I don't want to be rehabilitated I hate that Christ energy I don't want to be a part of it I know who I am and I am what I am and I don't want to be that so I'm elite to that or whatever their belief system is so what they did is they created a field and a particular architecture within the planet and it's been placed in the UK as the head quarters of that and the Guardians call this the Nephilim Reversal Programme (NRP) what this programme this structure is designed to do is break down genetic hybridisation which is another way to say unity right, how are we going to become in unity we have to bring synthesis of genetic material into a pattern that it can finally experience itself as a relationship with God source the reptilian consciousness doesn't it's a mental body it doesn't know how to connect to the heart or to emotion or sensory feeling it doesn't have that capacity and that is because the DNA has been damaged through the choices that it's made the benevolence of creator said listen we'll try to rehabilitate you we'll do it this way they don't want to cooperate clearly they don't because they're massacring everybody in the place that is attempting to help with the healing of this particular distortion so we're going to create hybrids and we're going to create different genetic materials that will allow templates of neurological systems and bodies that can actually hold reptilian consciousness where that reptilian soul that being experience can actually come into a human body and feel for the first time meaning it actually has feelings it can feel emotion it can have sensory ability because you cannot connect to go unless you feel. So the NRP was the result of this desire of the prime creators to create a hybridisation between the Christ and the reptilian or the anti Christ forces and this was designed with that intention and it however since then it's created a lot of challenges as well because it's distorted a lot of the Christ template in the process of it being attempted to be genetically hybridised so the reversal, the Nephilim reversal system is in the UK it was placed there by the reptilians and its primary purpose is to genetically break down any type of merging with any types of fields of energy that create hybrids or any kind of unity meaning anything that synthesises two forces into one NRP is designed to not make that to interrupt that process to destroy that process breakdown that process so it will not occur. Now the primary method that the NRP has been designed to do this is through one of the most challenging aspects of the human and it is the sexual energy of men and women so what it has done is understanding that in a part of becoming at one with God it is critical that we are in union with ourselves which means we must heal and be in union with our male and female energy because of all of the challenges that have been propagated through religion and the distortions around sexuality human beings are extremely wounded and extremely damaged in this second chakra which governs all the reproductive organs and our views and our beliefs and our experiences with our relationships with others and further in our sexual and biological needs and how that is actually experienced within the individual whether you're a woman a female sexuality a male sexuality this programme is designed to distort the opposite male or female so that men and women cannot see each other clearly in a facet that allows them to clearly join in a spiritual marriage of equals meaning coming together in a unified pattern that allows male and female principle principles of gender principles of all that it is around these weird ideas that have been propagated on earth about what's male what's female all of this is programming it's not really what male female is or what actually we were designed to be the NRP distorts men and women's ideas of gender it distorts sexuality it increases addiction and it increases pornography and the use of distortions in sexuality to be propagated in various fetishes and types of sexual distortions that feeds this matrix because they use the sexual energy of the people that are feeding this matrix so this is a situation that's difficult to describe because under no circumstance is this coming from a moralistic or ethical type of judgement about sexuality of human beings but unfortunately what has happened is that this particular insidious programme which uses primarily sexual distortions and as you feed the sexual distortions whatever they may be whether it's rape sodomy things where someone is forcing themselves on another and it's not consensual this is the reptilian point of view. They think of women and the female energy as something to be raped as something to be taken and used as a breeder for their own purposes and so the programme of this is propagated through this system and generally it is propagated through what seems to be harmless fun and ideas of internet porn , fetishes or whatever these types of things are and so what happens is the person gets ensnared in that particular programme and they don't realise that it is hooking them into an addiction programme meaning you become addicted to the sexual act you become addicted to some fetish or perversion or whatever it might that it is that makes you climax and it becomes a distortion within the neurological systems and within the brain system in terms of the impulses that are received that literally starts creating distortion in the nervous system and genetic breakdown so that the person is unable to come into clarity or union with themselves they're basically fully run by addiction matrix and this addiction matrix is getting fed through sexual and other creative energies and you know as an example how this was manifesting at the time my guides basically said you can't do sessions over there any more we can't protect you at the level if you go in and you do this you know because you see what would happen is I would do a session and then I would be down for a week you know and I can't do anything else so in the interests of the preservation of my energy because I have such a huge workload I can't allow one session to take me down for a week because I'm trying to recover from the process of doing it so I do know that at a certain point this is going to change and I do have a sneaking suspicion that there was a change in the architecture that they're describing that this is also going to make this easier and I do also feel a sense that at some point our ES group is probably going to have a trip over there but I don't know when so I do know that that's coming I do know that's changing but we're in the midst of that change and this has been a history of working with the grid components meaning the architecture of the fields and the things that have gone on and to understand the insidious nature of the NRP and to understand that it has hubs all over the planet that feed it back and has its main hub in the UK so as an example we have a group from ES related members who are doing their own body of work that are aware as I'm aware that in Calgary Canada there were particular circulatory systems that were feeding these main grid systems all the way back in the horizontal grid lines that go back into the UK and that these implants that may take various forms but the implants primarily were made in fleur de lys implants and these implants were placed in the wombs of women and women were being used as breeders on other planes or tracked for certain energies their creative and sexual energies were actually were being stolen from them and that was being filtered in through Calgary to Quebec and going all the way back into the UK so this is understanding that the UK is the hub central of where these energies are harvested and where these energies are re-circuited and for those of us that are living there or have been born there it is very clear that we have a special relationship to that landmass and so what I would suggest is that as you become more ??? if this resonates with you because I know that's a pretty heavy trip you know to be made aware of when you are being newly introduced to this body of work I this you know again was something I began to understanding of not until 2008 and basically I had a Drac being saying you know look if you don't shut up we're going to make you shut up and they basically were showing me that they were going to give me a stroke or you know put me in a wheel chair something like that and again this is the kind of threat that these beings do you have to understand that you can't let it scare you your authority is not them your authority is God but this is the weird situation down here it for them this is their piece of the pie you know when people like us start to really we hold our own power we cut into their piece of the pie and they're not happy so again I think this is something that I think is very personal to each of us in terms of how we choose to utilise this information it's not everybody's job to do what I'm doing you know you have to determine from your own heart and from your own being what is appropriate for you in the moment from a fearless state from a place of being informed fearless and eradicating your own self-doubt or anything that may be creating a limitation in your own awareness because your job is just to become your maximum expression of your God spirit in your own way and whatever that looks like for you. So as we start using our 12D shield or our own spiritual practices that really enhance our connection to God that is a big service and within our own being as you become aware of healing any distortions in your female any distortions in the male in the UK if you were born in the UK any distortions in your male dealing with sexual distortions because again this is a difficult area to address because this is not something that a lot of people may be comfortable in speaking about or really delving into but honestly we have to we have to open a dialogue with loving compassion and non-judgement and be able to go back and look at the memories that are lodged in our bodies and remove these things that have distorted our ideas beliefs and experiences how we relate to our partner at an intimate level how we believe or what we think the sexual act is about understanding that our ultimate liberation as a God being is to come into union between male female and that also means the actual physicality of that so there is a lot of controversy about that because obviously there's probably many spiritual leaders that would talk about oh well look you may get to a certain level you never have the sexual act again but also you have to remember that as within so without as you become an integrated model of an ascended being we are here in masculine and feminine principle and a part of our freedom and ascension is learning how to utilise the God technology of our body and to truly join with our mate or our significant equal in a process of spiritual marriage that absolutely evolves and elevates the current model of what has been happening between men and women and relationships and the ideas of co-dependence and imbalances that pervade marriages and the male female relationship this is a time on the planet where relationships are very challenged because of the ascension and the cycle of change that we are undergoing not only as individuals but as consciousness and this is impacting our relationships so coming into healing with your sexual energies from the past present and future coming into clarity and appreciation for your body making sure that you clear shame guilt pain away from those areas with love unconditional love this is a humungous service to that area of the earth because one of the primary factors of the distortion that is stemming from that area happens to be sexual energies so as you become healed in your sexual energies and you understand that this is a part of your essence it's a part of your creative God power and as it is experienced in your body you learn to witness it from a place of non-judgement revaluing those things that may have been pervaded in your unconscious making it dirty making it bad making it shameful or whatever has happened because goodness knows there's no one on the planet that doesn't have some of that from their overlay because that is a massive overlay in the collective consciousness. So Anna that was very long winded and I thank you so much for your sincere and loving message and I hope that makes sense for you. Thank you so much for your question.

(Source: Teleconference April Q&A 2011)

(Transcript: S Lofgren)