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Mission Status: Continual Upgrades on Addiction Archetypes

To Date what is known about the NRG architecture and its function with the Victim/Victimizer software programs through mind controlled archetypes that are activated in the unconsciousness mind matrix( 1D,2D,3D), therefore the elemental body of a human being ( if it is allowed to run its program without applying consciousness.)

General Victimizer Software Briefing:

• It has a main "headquarter hub" which operates in an organized, systemized and hierarchal approach by collecting life force (chi), which is primarily targeted through the mind control of certain archetypes, mainly in the victim or victimizer spectrum. This is a replicated artificial hologram that is used within our planetary hologram which has corrupted and hijacked the organic matrix of chi energies from being produced and distributed correctly.

• The headquarter hub in Stonehenge area acts as a final collection point by directing huge amounts of "power" through massive amounts of collected ( stolen) chi from multiple subsidiaries all over the planetary globe and the planetary grid lines. Some of this is related to powering up " Wormwood" timelines of which Negatives are trying to manifest here through the 911 destructive timeline.

• Once collected at certain quantic field "yields", the energetic force is directed off planet earth through a complex system that exists in multiple dimensions. These collection structures are artificial and have multiple places as dispensaries through which they direct energies for multiple agendas. These dispensaries ( because they are inorganic) create time and space warps that further black hole vacuums and rips through the fabric of time and space, further depleting the energies of the planetary body and manifesting waste "miasma". Miasma creates compaction and genetic deterioration. In many cases it is also depleting the energy available in other dimensions, which means other planets and races are also impacted by this drain. These black hole vacuums condense and manifest huge amounts of waste product/ dead energy/ calcified and frozen crystals and are partial cause of " black heart systems" running reversal currents at many main intersection points of horizontal and vertical planet gridlines.

• The direction of life force is hierarchal and managed by the Alpha Draconis system, however multiple conflicts exist within the system and a fight for its resources exist among many reptilian and draconian levels of contingents. There is a system of bottom feeders and defectors.


• Known subsidiary networks exist at every Planet Stargate, Michael Mary Reversal in Calgary, The Cathar Grid lines (So. France), False Dragon/Snake Networks in Asia. All are collected and returned to UK for distribution off planet.

• Implants and Mind control archetypes of belief systems, are used in key areas of planet to instruct the human nervous system to release those chi energies and body parts they own to be given to this network for siphoning and control over the population. Genetic history plays a part in the type of implant or level of psychic /energetic harassment one receives from this network.

Identified Implants: See Mission Briefing of NRG thread and Alien Implant Module

Implants behavior profile: In the application of a NRG coded implant, its mechanism acts like a " tick" or " leech" that burrows itself deeper into the lower areas of the astral body, mostly into the 2nd chakra and into the Instinctual response functions of the central nervous system. From the 2nd level of layer " infection" - if the addiction becomes severe over time ( repetitive destructive response to external stimulus) it eventually embeds itself deeper into the matrix of the body. A False webwork ( like a film or spider web) , is an over lay on the nervous system ( sections become infected until the entire system is infected) winds up the spinal cord and will have a trigger implant placed in the back of the head and neck. Once the implant is fully embedded and operational, severe addiction and mood swings occur as the target becomes more " bi-polar". This area is the atomic doorway , the 9th chakra, where the inner spirit light reflects out of the eyes. That light will die or become dead in the eyes after this implant takes over the body. The implant is a reptilian brain implant that is placed in the structure of the brain stem via the medulla oblongata

However it attaches through The two pyramids that contain the motor fibers that pass from the brain to the medulla oblongata. This area in the base of the brain is called the "Decussation of the Pyramids". Since this area controls motor fibers – it controls the stimulus and information flow throughout the Central Nervous System. This is how these Reptilian implants work, they stimulate the nervous system with artificial stimulus systems to control the nerves/transmitters to promote whatever "energy", or emotional state or addiction state they want to remain in the " target". Since motor neurons control the flow of neurotransmitters to the brain, as well as muscle twitches, in this way they can stimulate responses of rage, anger, anxiety, agitation, addiction ( or rape or hurting another person) for whatever they are culling. After repeated manipulations of use on the target - the control system moves to the Parietal Lobe to block sensory responses of awareness or cognition. The person is now "locked in a 3D window" and cannot perceive anything outside of that window of perception. The parietal lobe may be " caged" or sensory function is controlled by the manipulating entity. This is how holographic inserts of projected images can be controlled to the perception of the human being. This is how the masses are controlled, put to sleep or "mind slided".

This implant "tick" function will impulse " addiction" symptoms, as well as impulse destructive behaviors in the VV archetypes, for a multitude of reasons, mostly to continue the destructive behavior into multiple repetitions to imbed deeper into the target. The more you repeat the destructive action, the closer you are to " invasion to possession" by a Reptilian force. Once invaded you are a slave and automaton to be used by these groups. Generally a person unknowingly influenced by these implants and / or mind control will be driven to " obsession", an obsession for whatever the addictive substance is. If the addiction is sexual in nature, the tick will continue to burrow itself in the astral/soul body to collect more of it. When this mechanism is full swing, the person is haunted and driven by cravings that they feel they cannot control.

All severe addictions on the planet are caused by these severe soul fragmentations caused by astral body splitting and therefore damage to the nervous system (nadial system and energy receivers) and later the brain itself.

Therefore all addiction and mind control programs can be ultimately healed by soul fiber and nadial plexus repair to reorganize the central nervous system. Since the person is his/her most powerful healer and this information has been hidden from the masses, it creates a block in healing addiction problems for many. People do not understand the causation of severe addiction is entity possession promoted by this most harmful network and their own submission to the system.

DO NOT SUBMIT TO THIS MIND CONTROL SYSTEM. You have the informed awareness and power within you to be aware and deflect these insidious and destructive behaviors.

DO NOT PLAY THEM OUT. For Support guidelines:
1. Spiritual Self Centering Model graphic ( stay out of the box)
2. Law of One Principles.
3. STO Relationship Mastery Guidelines
4. HGS System Calibration
5. HGS Alien Implant Module, or AIM clearings

Being Neutral with Engaged Detachment, Observing with Compassionate Witness, not taking things personally, not allowing mind controlled persons to wreak havoc with your center of peace, is your full time job now. As this skill increases ( AND IT DOES) your body will be able to be freed from these automaton responses. The HG system is being designed to support this problem with the elemental body on 3D earth, and the re-encryption of certain bodily matrices to be elevated into the Aurora (AOA) elemental substances. This process is called the Aurora Host, and applies to planet earth as it does to our individual bodies.

This community will continue to be informed to explore and eradicate this system from its impact upon our bodies and consciousness. Please be patient, although consistent with your chosen spiritual practices.

Remember knowing this exists is a large part of the road to personal healing, and personal freedom, so take it in at your own pace and resonance. We are all here together, no one is going to be left behind that does not want to be, however, you must apply yourself NOW to spiritual practice and healing.

Big Love and gratitude, Lisa

(Source: forum threads)