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As the Victimizer Archetypes and related programs that are embedded in the cellular matrix are very enhanced now, especially in adjunct to Life Review patterns for many of us now on the ascension path. Let us say this is explosive for some of us now, and I am observing traps for ensnarement, and addiction, like jaws attempting to latch on to our vulnerability. We have discussed many times we are working with Aurora Krystal Host for re-encryption of elementals, and our elemental body, and our relevant work and projects are highly emphasized to accelerated now in regards to this particular issue.

Today I am Attempting to weed through particular stages of these victimizer archetypes as the feed into the NRG systems.(This field research is for our HG system template in the addiction and phobia section of corrections and alien implant removals.) Its like wandering through a dense drugged like astral fog, this is the feeling I have had when previously working in UK fields, its a energy fog overlay that puts you to sleep, and has a great impact on the nervous system. Its very unpleasant and the clear energy body wants to run away from this "anesthetic fog".

Since this is currently up in the field as I am working on this section in the HG system, I am bringing this to our immediate attention. As we observe with informed awareness we can be more effective to NEUTRALIZE these victim/archetypes and their persona trying to latch onto one's field and cellular body. Once I get it more clarified in its stages and usage I will get it into our community to explore how we are able to effectively dissipate and terminate these levels of our bodies to react to these elemental and cellular type of attacks. Quickstep PDD Level One is dedicated to your cellular matrix, blood matrix and elemental body - clearing ancestral/genetic relationships to elemental corruption, as it is this elemental corruption that allows this NRG and its methods of victimizer archetypes, to infect our bodies similar as a virus. Knowing what it is is helpful for the dismantling to be free from its effects. The Alien Implant Module ( after HG calibration) can be used to begin to dismantle these implants and their archetypal structures. 

Some of these controller programs being pushed now from NRG as a victimizer targeting:

False Friend (i.e. Surface : I am so Proud of you! I want to be your friend on my terms of self entitlement. Hidden: Let me eat your light now!)

False Parent(i.e. Surface: I am your protector/nurturer. Hidden: Let me play this role so I can exhaust you and divert you from realizing your real path)


Seducer: (i.e. Surface: Oooh.You're cute! Flatter, Flatter. Hidden: Let me tangle you in my false flattery webbing and cord your 2D centers for my insatiable vampire)

Hero: (i.e. Surface: Your helpless so I will save you! Hidden: Let me steal your resources so I can be more powerful than you are)

Silent Enemy (i.e. previous aggression from silent enemy is totally dormant and silent. Hidden: Looking for a vulnerability and monitoring for aggression to divert and create chaos and disruption)

(Please review IMPLANTS BEHAVIOUR PROFILE on Page one of this Mission Briefing on NRG )

Please remember to consider this as the larger picture here and not personalize anything, really work on dis-identification and neutrality. These have been in operation for a long time, however these programs get amplified when we are moving to another frequency level, and as we move through time fields and a "life review" many of these archetypes that live inside unconscious people around us are operating at a high level of aggression now.

We all have the POWER to DISMANTLE and render these booby traps with TOTAL NEUTRALITY. See this operating in the collective field as distortions infecting the unconscious mind matrix, and do not entangle, nor dance with this. Through transparency leaving it nothing to stick on to, will prevent these infectious ways of being from embedding themselves.

Much Love to all, Lisa

(Source: Forum Threads)