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I am memorializing this experience here as when we bring these experiences and reveal them for public witnessing, the covert actions of hidden manipulating agendas have a much harder time manifesting in the physical reality. This is why it is always best to be honest, transparent, even with the hard circumstances we deal with in the 3D people around us, if we express what we know and “say it” – we are refusing to allow any part of our energies to be manipulated by some dark entity motivations. There is a hard truth we learn on this planet called “Lies of Omission”, this is something very cleverly used to mind control and manipulate the masses to use intimidation and bullying to control people through fear. The Dark Controller’s "Lies of Omission" is used to hide agendas and is how the N.A.A. perpetrate some of the major crimes against humanity. It is a loophole to get away with manipulating people out of their own free will through the "unseen" mind control and the energetic “possession” of people’s right to live as their inner core spirit essence would guide them. Most people would choose to live in Peace, but that is not what the N.A.A. wants as they employ divide and conquer strategy.

For the last three nights I have had a sinister feeling force try to intimidate and threaten me from my work in this community. It was most strong at around midnight to 2 am and burst into my area like a Orion tracker class with a death warrant. These Tracker Class Sentinel types have a really hard time getting through the protective layers, but as we all know here, when a Dark Overlord Controller wants to harass, it will troll for any weakness in the near vicinity and attempt to manipulate a unconscious human being to be used as its force to apply its negative agenda. This is done through the Victim/Victimizer software in the collective fields, as example, it will search a person with trauma that has a history of enforcing victimization and attempt to incite rage or negativity so that person will re-enact its trauma to whomever their target is. The person is a mere puppet to be used and thrown away, the Dark Forces could care less what happens to that being, there is NO REWARD SYSTEM for the Reptilian/Orion Empire after you are no use for them. 

There is so much going on in the fields with the electrical peak, the time line of spiritual initiation now, the changes happening to the masculine principle, not to mention our recent Planet Emancipation Gridwork project, which I am sure has been commissioned in divine timing for all of us to have the opportunity to catalyze some major transformations progressing forward. As most of us realize, but may benefit from the reminder, whenever we are being initiated into higher frequency and higher reality environment, we push through some major resistance. That is happening now and it’s a predictable part of the Ascension cycle, the resistance (fear) is pushing back on us hard now. We have to do what we can to find our inner strength and sense of unity to not allow this resistance to split us apart, that refers to internal fragmentation and external fragmentation. Our highest goal is to remain calm, peaceful – doing the tasks in front of you and not letting anything “rattle” you. There is a lot of confused and chaotic energy in the collective trying to build momentum to rattle people, and many mentally fragile people in the environment are buckling under its pressure. When we are not meditating or able to calm our mind, we become weaker. To build internal and energetic strength, we must “lose our monkey mind” and find the inner stillness within the meditative state of being. 

So at this time those that are new to our community and some of us old timers should really break out the Negative Ego training tools and get that under control, working to strengthen mental focus, building the mental muscle to refocus negative thoughts and chaos from infiltrating our sense of peace.

I understood this intimidation is to threaten our community of lightworkers, and it is just how IT IS, there is nothing to be scared of. However, it is my responsibility to make you aware of this aggression so that you can prepare and act accordingly,  to not allow this wave of their Victim/Victimizerr tactics to stick to your thoughts or body. They are pulling out their predictable program of Victimizer targeting, so see it coming, neutralize it and spin it away from your energy and environment. Be tough and do not let energy vampires in your personal space. 

Additionally, it is extremely important to emphasize that when we accept the accurate truth that this planet has been invaded by a force of entities that believes it is a superior race and uses mind control to enslave the  inhabitants of earth to live in terror and fear, we can recognize its tactics, motivations and agenda easily.  

In recognizing the agenda we have already revealed its weakness, which is why they hide and use covert action, once we can see these tactics and understand what they are doing, they are incredibly vulnerable. Their strength is in the numbers of humans on earth that have believed the 3D reality structure they have force fed by the N.A.A., such as: there are no extraterrestrials; there is no afterlife; we have to use fossil fuels; we have to take drugs and vaccinations for health (when they make us sicker), there are no other dimensions, etc. All of this is a deception of which they have programmed humans to self-enforce their own enslavement through believing these lies.

So in greater comprehension of their agenda and motivation to enslave others, we gather more strength and are able to overcome their methods.

Some bullet points:

  1. Reptilian and Orion Overlords, the False Father God "Reps", have no idea what deep empathic sensory abilities are nor how “consciousness” operates in spiritually activated human beings. All they know is that we have a life force field that they can suck off of. They view any kind of emotion as weakness. However, this is their greatest weakness. The weakness is in their belief that the power is in the physicality of staying immortal by sucking off others and using brute force to control and manipulate - which will only work to a certain point of which they ultimately reach their own demise. The true power is in higher sensory emotions which are the only force that connects into the Cosmic Intelligence of Universal Mind.  Therefore they are blind to the Cosmic Mind Plan and have zero access to the Mother, Krystal Host Founder, or God Fields. Their weakness is our strength. Our strength is the true humanity of heart based love and compassionate consciousness which is required to access the God Fields.
  2. Hence you will notice they apply tactics predictably and unilaterally without the ability to foresee what the higher sensory ability or the consciousness of that human will do. They will always act from the fearful mind and ego machinations. Our power is in the NOW MOMENT neutral consciousness they cannot access that to control the timelines - as we do. All they have power to manipulate is trauma and pain that we experienced from our past. They use that trauma memory to push us to re-create that pain over and over again.  
  3. When a spiritual active human is in now moment presence, holds love and compassionate words, actions AND knows the N.A.A. game, and has transcended judgment of the reality from ego, they cannot manipulate that person. It is only the ego fear that can be manipulated in excessive traumas and fears.
  4. Their only leverage is to intimidate and threaten and by stimulating fears. If you know there is no death, there is nothing to be afraid of. Think of them as schoolyard bullies, all this big talk and use of weaponry, to only be defeated by simple acts of true human kindness and love, something they cannot feel and hence, do not know.  If humans would stop their own enforcement of the enslavement agenda they would have zero power on earth.

Because I know the nature of intimidation from these Orion Controllers and their henchmen well, I am very compassionate to our lightworker community. To get some perspective on the larger picture ( and actually see how ridiculous it is) I have attached a very good article on dealing with intimidation, because we see it every day all over the globe, as this is a primary personality of the reptilian entity or reptilian controlled person. When you understand it well, it ceases to intimidate you.

May we pray together for each member of our community to be safe, to be connected, protected in the Cosmic Sovereign Law, no matter what intimidation tactics are attempted to be perpetrated. Please inform yourself about Dark Manipulation tactics and Intimidation tactics so you can defend and protect yourself and others from bullying techniques.

Thank you to all of our light community, and sending heartfelt appreciation to every one of you.

Big love and unity hugs, Lisa

May 28, 2013