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Chakras Dissolve and Glands Take Over

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

Holding for ourselves individually and within our group the strength, the endurance, the diligence that this year of change requires. Holding the space of our group protection. The Spirits of Christ bless each of us to hold the diligence, the endurance and the strength that is required to be a spiritual warrior on planet Earth and be here during the Ascension cycle. It's not the easiest of times, but it is one of the most miraculous, if we can hold ourselves in strength, unity and solidarity while we surf these waves of the dark night of the soul to reveal the alchemy that is possible, by digging extremely deep into the fields of chaos and pulling out the diamond that holds the original Krystal Star coding of the silicate matrix. All life forms on this planet are ultimately encoded with that Krystal structure and that possibility is made available to us in the Ascension cycle. During these times I hope that we find comfort in that truth, when we are facing very strong forces of resistance and chaos in our lives.

We ask for the configuration through axiatonal alignment which allows this new frequency of plasma light and as well as that which is shifting levels of instruction set in how our DNA communicates DNA RNA messenger communication system and the way it communicates to the mitochondria of the cells, this is undergoing shifts and changes. Part of that will be given more clarity in our January newsletter (Genetic Mutations, January 2016)

Some of us may be experiencing a shift in the lower energies of our body, primarily the dissolution of Earth particle frequency color wave spectrums that we have previously known make up the construction of the lower body (1D-2D-3D chakras). Levels of that are undergoing upgrades. It is like a mixing of higher color waves from the higher spectrums directed into our lower chakra region, primarily the first and second layers. This is in direct alignment to the macrocosm dissolution and shifting of horizontal grids impacting the first and second dimensional frequencies and how those frequencies run in what we know as the particle spectrum. As that gets shifted at a macrocosm level of the planet, the platform of what our body has been using as a part of our structural matrix, that platform of our spirit body, undergoes a shifting and the color ray structure of that platform is undergoing multiple changes now.

The way that translates into our physical body is a lot of ascension flu, sensation of cellular changing, sensation of inner organs feeling almost like they've been injured and hurt, but actually what's happening is an energetic reconnection. Also, as these frequencies are shifting into higher color spectrums. it's impacting the glandular system and organs that were previously under the governance of the template of the lower chakra.

What we have learned recently is the chakra template is transmitted in its architecture from the planetary bodies that are in our solar system. The root chakra and the overlay upon the root chakra has been transmitted from the planet Saturn. As Saturn's black cube has been present for some of us, that has had that role with clearing grid work, that which we understand as the Saturn overlay. The planetary body and the consciousness that is part of Saturn connects to Yahweh, the Annunaki factions and some of these factions have been directing Saturnian energy to planet Earth as the means of creating mind control in the first chakra regions. This particular area is undergoing a massive change for those of us that are on the ascending path, meaning that those that are participating with this healing work in our heart. We must get away from survival, victimization thoughts and allowing the false father (FKOT) consciousness to control us.

Saturn is, it's a false father archetype, the false king of tyranny. The Saturn blood cults are from the planet Saturn and that template has been intrinsically a part of the chakra system, primarily the first dimensional chakra (root).

Each chakra cone in the outer layers, the outer layers of the chakra cone that are projecting a template of consciousness. Think of it as an energy software, like a kind of software program that is influencing a level of expression. Again, all of that would be fine without the mind control overlay, but we understand that AI mind control overlay has been put in the template structure of the chakras to control the expression. What has happened in our bodies is that the overlay being used in mind control to bend, shape, influence or send harmful frequencies to the human being with the intention of enslavement, suppression or manipulation have been aimed through the planetary body ( In the solar system) that is in governance of that particular principal.

The planet Saturn, as a part of its governance over the root chakra created in our planet and in most of the human beings inhabiting this planet, because of the level of mind control being sent from Saturn and the negative alien agenda is using Saturn as an outpost for Orion to send out these mind control mechanisms, again, psychotronic warfare, etheric weaponry, everything that has to do with the victim victimizer archetypes. A lot of our study of victim victimizer programming is intrinsic in the clarity that we are receiving in this period of time to be free from the software of Saturn using and directing victim victimizer software mind control. This is a subset of the Armageddon software. When you understand that false timeline program promoting false identities, promoting the false king of tyranny, so that they can create a master slave race. That's what their agenda has always been. By creating a master and a slave, you create cycles of victimization. By doing that you increase the cycle of victim victimizer in the person who is believing they are subservient to the tyrant God, in this case a tyrant alien, who is masquerading as a God in order to create this impact of the master slave control of the terrain. This is especially true in the global religious mind control or spiritual mind control.

This is very optimistic and very good news for us moving forward in understanding that this is an opportunity of potential freedom for those that are moving towards the ascending timelines in the bifurcation to be freed of the victimization, victim victimizer software that is a part of the template of the root chakra and how they have been controlling that on planet Earth itself in the lower particle fields. The extremely low frequency, ELF electromagnetics, very low frequencies, are contained in the red and orange wave spectrums. It's a very longwave. It's a very dense wave. This is ceasing to be exposed or exist for those of us that are moving through the bifurcation into the higher subatomic field. Our lower bits, these lower energy centers, are dissolving and we cease to have lower chakras in the same way that many of the human beings on planet Earth have, that are on the third dimensional timelines and are still being controlled by the victim victimizer software mind control. They’re still going to have that energy center looking traditionally as we have represented it in terms of a chakra system. We have known this before, that the more you develop your consciousness, the membranes in between the chakras actually start to dissolve and the chakra column exists as one energetic column energy center.

What we are now learning is that planetary influences, a negative planet influence that has been used to create an overlay on the chakra system and what that was doing is understanding that there has been a governance on the human body that is being controlled by the planetary body and the person is unaware they're being influenced by the planet energies. In this case Saturn is sending mind control, sending archetypes of FKOT expression. These levels of mind control frequencies are pushing the influence in that lower chakra towards accepting the false king of tyranny on earth as inevitable. Globally, they are sending transmissions out to the field, that we can't get away from it. We are going to be subservient to this power that has control over us. What the false king of tyranny is designed to do is to desensitize a human being to accept their enslavement without resistance by just saying well that's the way it is, by doing that, by instituting victim victimizer archetypes, so that the person in the propensity of being controlled by their instinctual body, the first and second chakra layers of the body where most human beings are still controlled out of those areas, if they are instituting the instinctual mind to react to victimization, that's where they want to keep the masses.

We are understanding this broadcast has been something that is being sent from Saturn but also understand this is a part of the construction of the light body on planet Earth. Whatever corruption happened on Saturn as a result of its own invasion in the histories there, at this point we are not entirely versed in. How did Saturn and the Archon Rings become the evil child of the universe? How did the Orion Group get complete control over Saturn? Why did they choose Saturn out of all of the planets that they could've chosen in terms of an outpost because Saturn became the outpost for this particular frequency?

In thinking this through it is probably because it controls the root, red wave spectrum, the foundation of lightbody. Saturn was creating an intrinsic part of the mechanics of the chakras that were created for the human being in the third dimensional experience, because it was designed in re-collecting the spiritual parts. As we understand more about the 12 tree grid and the original silicate matrix and the purpose of having root races and different seedings of human tribes on planet, all of this was part of an evolutionary process to preserve the components of the DNA of the human being that had been destroyed in other timelines through explosions, such as Atlantis, through wars where the DNA had become damaged, unplugged or whatever else. Understanding the histories of genetic modification from ET's and from the various traumas that the human race have endured.

So at this point, becoming aware of the release of the Saturnian or Saturn planetary influence upon the governance of our body parts, meaning that the planet has had a governance authority in terms of a hierarchal chain of command of how energies work within the body. How the vital forces in the lower areas of our body, like through our kidneys, how the kidneys produce life force and move that vital essence to energize other parts of the organs of the body. The root chakra has been an intrinsic part of the mechanics of that movement of energy.

More appropriately said, the dissolution of the structure of the template being sent from Saturn to control the root chakra, we are moving through a complete physical reconfiguration. Something that has not happened before. We have never been in this density on earth, that is still in the particle spectrum think of 1, 2 and 3D particle spectrum waves, the densest material reality you can coexist with, to be able to view that and observe it while our lower body, the lower chakras are undergoing a release and a change in the hierarchal command. This means that previously, Saturn had a command over our root (red wave spectrum). The change happening now is releasing the template of that Saturnian influence upon our root chakra. The planet ceases in its artificial way, that it has been purposely engineering us.

It would be very different if the planet Saturn was not being used as a Death Star, so to speak. There's nothing wrong with the planet per say, it's how it's been abused. It's been used on purpose as a mechanism of enslavement of the human race and this is what we are referring to. Not that the planet itself is evil, it is that the forces that have controlled the planet are using it with the intention of enslavement of the people of the earth via the fact that we did not have the information, understanding or the knowledge given to us that the planet Saturn was ruling the energies in our root. To be able to make a choice from our own knowledge of understanding what energies we would need to face because obviously all of us have a history in coming to this earth. We have energies to balance and energies to understand the karmic consequences things. Right? We've come here to clear the miasma and to make amends to what has happened, to help the planet get beyond the trauma histories, the DNA damage, the victim victimizer enslavement. We came here with the understanding that we were going to have to deal with all of this as an earthling, because in the body of an earthling, in this density, they have these lower chakras that have been projecting from the planetary bodies in the Solar System.

The solar system is changing, as the solar ring pass not is being dissolved, we've understood that there has been frequency fences that have been placed like solar rings, what's known as the solar system ring pass not, and this is not there any longer. This is impacting how these planetary bodies in our solar system have been impacting the human body through the chakra system, the energy systems. This is something that we are being given the information to give us the capacity to participate and have this knowledge now because it's something that's very big. A change in the construction of the structure related to the chakra system as the third and outermost layer of the light body is undergoing a unprecedented reconfiguration due to the planetary changes.

This is a cosmic event, it is an universal event. Just as a refresher, going back to the understanding that the first and second star gates of planet, think red wave spectrum, orange wave spectrum. We are talking about ray quality frequencies that have been running on horizontal grids and vertical grid lines in the particle spectrum. Again, only within the first, second and third layers. These frequencies don't go high up vertically, they stay horizontal. As these energies are being rolled up into higher frequencies they are ceasing to exist in the same energy spectrum, the same frequency quality, they are being shifted.

All human beings will have some level of experiencing this without the direct knowledge. As we know and we have seen firsthand many, many times is that fortunately or unfortunately the process of alchemy increases the amplitude. It amplifies the volume of this so high that most people are desensitized because they've been disconnected and cut off from their spirit and from their higher sensory abilities. They really don't know the difference between darkness, deceit, lies and negativity or something that is giving them pleasure, happiness or joy. We know a part of understanding satanic reversals is that people that becomes a satanic and descend into satanic behavior actually receive pleasure and happiness from great pain and suffering or inflicting that on others, which for most of us is something we cannot fathom at all.

We have the extremes where this is changing in the people's body of this planet, but they're going to be unable to discern what's going on and it's going to intensify the application of these forces that are running on these grids now. These chalice energies underneath the Stargates are starting to surface into the surface grid horizontal and then these energies move into the grail which known as a grail or grual point. This is Temple Mount, Sarasota and Easter Island. It's almost like saying the grail points or gruel point of planet is the original source causation of where the planet came into the manifestation. The forces, the consciousness, that was involved in manifesting our planet, come from the grail points.

Everything in life, in the cycles of life, the cycles of death, at the end of the cycle, everything returns to the Mother. The first and second dimensional energies, that which has been in these caverns under the earth, in the star gate systems, in power vortices, in ley lines, all of this is starting to move towards the grail point. It is returning home, returning to Mother, returning to be reconstituted, returning to be rehabilitated or whatever it is. Again, that is not up to us. This is the divine plan and universal consciousness at work in terms of the natural mechanics of how consciousness returns home. We all go home at some point. These energies are returning in that direction but as we know as they surface into the earth as those energies are moving now in a new configuration, East-West patterns horizontal, they hit into the people. Theses energies and entities run into human beings on the grid. They attach to people and people are not equipped to understand or sense what these forces are. This has been explained as the consubstantiality with fallen angelic's and different fallen forces. As they surface from the center of the earth or from underneath the earth, they come up, they surface on horizontal grids, they start moving in a pattern that they didn't have available to them before. As they move, whether East-West or whatever, if there is a person or human there that is vibrating or holding that frequency, that trauma or whatever it may be, then that person is susceptible to attachments and full on possession because in essence, consubstantiality is a possession. It means the potential of sovereignty is no longer. When you are in consubstantial with a fallen angelic you are not a sovereign being. You're now in servitude to that particular force but at the same level its understanding that where you place your thoughts and attention that is what's created, this comes to you, this becomes a part of you, it becomes enmeshed with your flesh and the options for you to be free are not going to happen in this lifetime. The consciousness corridors will help rehabilitate that group, but understanding the process that is happening with that right now. Viewing it and holding compassionate witness neutrality for that. I think it is very difficult for those of us to actually view, especially in people we know and we care about. It brings it very personal, very home and it's very, very challenging to see.

This is directly related to the changes in our lower chakra systems and the way the solar system planets have been, it is the mechanics of the structure of the template that is in the planet, the solar system planets are directly involved in understanding constellations, stellar bodies, Messier objects, stars celestial bodies, all celestial bodies have a microcosm/macrocosm relationship to our planet. So when we look at the sky and we are looking at planetary bodies, this is a type of consciousness that we are connected to in some way.

Those that are in control of Saturn in terms of negative alien agenda, have been less than ethical in the way they have abused our relationship towards the human being. They have used that relationship, capitalized on the relationship in order to create enslavement of the human being by transmitting all things related to victim victimizer. Again, when we understand bullying, intimidation and Archontic deception behaviors, you understand Saturn because that is Saturn. Saturn is the archons, at least that is the base for them.

This is becoming dismantled in the structure of our bodies and we are some of the first human beings on this planet to experience that. It is indeed a privilege. It's been very difficult for some of us. Physical Ascension symptoms have been very intense. We've been enduring a lot of changes at this time. Changes that the Guardian Host refer to as deeply as genetic mutation. Clearly, this is about ascension prototyping, about creating a new prototype on planet Earth.

At this time we are coexisting with a population of people that are still enmeshed in the particle fields of the lower realities and those that are descending realities.

So with this knowledge in mind, with this awareness in mind, feeling are body, feeling our relationship to the planet, feeling our relationship to the solar system, feeling our relationship to the cosmos itself, holding gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgment for a job well done for ourselves, for accepting this task, for witnessing this task and being able to hold the space and endure the challenges of what this has required.

I deeply love and appreciate myself. I hold gratitude for my body, for my organs, for my glands, for all of my cellular tissue to be able to expand into and hold the Ascension prototype of a new physical matrix.

We call upon and ask the heart, mind and body of God through our Christ and Avatar consciousness, through Christ and Sophia, may all of my body parts, brain, conscious mind, my nervous system be completely governed and attuned to my God self through God Sovereign Free and cosmic Sovereign Law. Beloved family in Christ, we ask in our group here today any attunements and assistance to help reconfigure and assist in this process with ease, with grace, with support. We ask for any assistance in supporting our spiritual body to anchor within our physical body.

Please identify imbalances, weaknesses, vulnerabilities the dark portals which need to be sealed, corrected and aligned into the total anchoring and support of the new shift and the configurations impacting these lower chakras, specifically the first and second dimensional alignments and our alignments of support into Temple Mount, Easter Island and Sarasota through the second human tribe. We ask to identify and to assist any transiting which is required to establish the true anchoring of this new configuration and prototype. Please transit any and all imbalanced energies, negative entities, fallen angelics, possessions, shadow creatures, negative form projections, holographic inserts and I ask as well through our group that each and every one of us be able to penetrate any and all cloaking technologies through any of the inner or outer fields to fully see any force interacting, suppressing or interfering from any timeline, dimension or identity, human or nonhuman. Thank you!

Q. Do you have anything you could say about what happens when the first three chakras roll up? Does it seem like it is now 4 - 12 and there are still chakras that are operating at a higher frequency and they get blended in?

Lisa: It is interesting as some people perceive it as higher dimensional chakras. and I do think that that is happening for some groups of people, but I'm not experiencing that.

What I'm experiencing in the macrocosm is that lower chakra cones are absorbing into the body substance and ceasing to exist as a conical structure with a membrane, but it's acting as an energy structure that the gland is taking over. What it feels like to me is that these overlays of the solar system that connected to the planetary body, it is like saying there is an instruction set that is being directed from the solar system planet body and it's going directly into creating the structure of the chakra itself. Not exactly transmitting the color spectrum, but influencing the configuration of energies.

This comes back to understanding the structure of the Albion body and the structure of the Cathar and how these work symbiotically together. The Albion body is the architecture, If you were to do the plans and draw up these plans in the morphogenetic field, that's the 12 Tree Grid and a level of understanding the silicate matrix when it's activated called Albion body. Then you have the Cathar, which is the Mother, the sound, the color and music. The musical tones that create color, fill in the Albion body.

We are now seeing this on a chakra level where the architecture that was being transmitted from a planetary body in the solar system that was resonating as this conical structure on the outside of the body and it was sending a program. It's like a software. That software, the chakra, is like a computer program and it's running a program. That program was controlling functions of our body at a certain level.

When you become more self-aware and you become conscious, you are expanding consciousness in your cells, your organs and your glands also become conscious. In an unawakened person the gland or the organ is not ensouled. It's being controlled by the chakra. As we embody our spirit the cells become enlivened and it starts spreading throughout our body. It starts spreading connection, communication and inspirited animation to our organs, things that we used to think were inanimate or not alive and conscious with their own intelligence. I can’t really say, do they have their own thoughts? In a sense they do. This is what's really going to be mind bending for us to meditate and feel into what this means, our body, the cells of our body, the internal organs, parts of us are becoming in-spirited to a level that they function on their own with their own intelligence, freely liberated from the chakras programming which kept it on autopilot. It's like saying we don't need this anymore. The programming was providing certain functions to the organs and glandular systems.

Again, it is not saying you the chakra system is a bad thing. It is saying that unfortunately, the chakra system has been hijacked. It's been manipulated. The root and the second chakra have been severely hijacked in the human person in this dimension at this time.

This program is like a software and it's an energy center and it's running up archetypal pattern, it's running patterns of expression and it keeps things running on autopilot. The issue with that and what I was understanding the big change is, and this is really incredible, is that our glands have been enslaved by the chakra program. The glands in our body have been accepting messaging from a software program.

When you understand the seedings, the evolution and evolutionary rounds of humanity, this makes sense. The function of chakra system was to help human beings undergo consciousness expansion through the dimensional planes. You have this consciousness nursery of human beings that have lost their memory, mentally fragmented, soul fragmented and all that has happened. The chakra kept the balance of the body functioning by bringing energies like a wormhole, because there is a front and back chakra and it is acting as a filtration system. It's bringing in expression from the environment for the being to have an experience and until the being is actually growing up in their consciousness and they understand it is a part of that evolution, this was like giving a baby training wheels. It is like a training wheel system where the baby consciousness in this human body is learning how to function in that wave spectrum and it happens automatically and there's this threshold like a safety valve system so that the person isn't overloaded with frequencies. The chakra system was capping the frequencies making sure that the body didn't short out to quickly. It was like a training wheel system and it was something to keep the bodies able to function in a longer-term through an evolutionary system because of all the damage that had occurred. I really see it as the system of damage control and originally, this was something that was positive for the human being, giving them an opportunity to ascend. The issue is negative aliens come in and take a advantage of it and start broadcasting AI. They're using that wave spectrum for their own benefit and the human being has no idea this is going on.

My feeling is that the chakra is replaced with an energy center, and this creates a governance shift in the authority. The chakra is no longer the authority, the membrane is dissolving and it's becoming assimilated into the particle structure of whatever the body's frequency is. Meaning your cells are starting to absorb this. It's absorbing into your cells. I think this is a part of the detox we are going through. The body is shifting a configuration, it is absorbing this membrane and it's coming into the physical. This was something that was nonphysical, it was existing in the etheric layers of the body. Now this is becoming enmeshed with the physical, what we think of as physical, it's absorbing into the body and the energy center that’s left is being governed by the gland itself and not the chakra.

There's an energy that is being brought into the body to keep the organs healthy but the organ system and the glands system that is involved in what was being fed by the chakra, it's now reversing the pattern. Before the chakra was in control of that and now the organ is actually becoming in control of that and the system, this membrane, this cone, whatever was there as a conical structure started to be absorbed into the body itself and all that's left is just pure energy. That energy is intelligent and it's being circulated by the intelligence of the cells in the body that are organized as an organ system. It is like saying your glands were asleep, they were being stimulated, but they were the not awake. The best way to imagine this is that our organs are awakening, our cells are awakening and they have intelligence. They have a function that we didn't recognize they had in a higher dimensional state and we are starting to experience what that is.

Does that make any sense?

Q: That makes a lot of sense. I've been wondering, I think you said in the last year something like even though the 12 tree grid is an organic structure and the chakras are organic that there are places where people have that. If I am remembering correctly, because as it was kind of installed as a dispensation to help us we recollect our parts in all these dimensions.

Lisa: yes

Q: so is it that there are people who have now recollected those parts enough?

Lisa: that makes a lot of sense. I think so. It's like saying we have reached a time and it feels definitely in concert with planetary body changes. It is directly related to what's happening to star gates of planet. This change that is happening in the bowls of consciousness that are coming to the surface form the Stargates. So it's like saying, that which is happening to the earth body is happening to us.

Q: it’s interesting there are endocrine glands associated with each chakras and the chakras dissolve and the glands take over, I wonder what that means for the Earth.

Lisa: exactly. Even though I don’t know at this moment, where the planets glands are represented because the planet has exactly the same systems we do. So wherever the planets glands are located, something's changing that on the planet now. Remember we talked about something a long time ago about the Crystalline structure and that hijack of the amygdala. When you go into the crystal caverns and some of the silicate shelf, like the silicon shelf and the crystal caverns in our earth, we understood that some of what the function of that actually was very similar to planetary neurotransmitters. How when they go into the crystal cavern and they are reprogramming that silicate shelf of crystals, a lot of the natural neurotransmitters that the planet and humans should have, meaning we've had our neurotransmitters also short-circuited, certain neurotransmitters and hormones that the human body is supposed to have in its highest function, we've not experienced that on this planet because all of that was shut off. That means our neurotransmitters are not working properly in our brains. The neurotransmitter is required for us to perceive all the things we talk about in our community, higher sense of perception, languaging of different species, talking to planetary kingdoms, feeling that and knowing that, knowing that consciousness is the reality, that is from the neurotransmitters and hormones giving the messages into our bloodstream, secreting the hormones. Then that becomes translated in your brain through your neurology. All of that function in the planet has been piecemeal together like Frankenstein. They went in there and cut it all up into pieces. Our nervous system is not connected in parts and there are all these wires being rerouted and neurotransmitters being cut off. This feels like a cusp of change with that as well. Our neurotransmitters and our hormones are required for us in our body to function multidimensionally. We need hormones, we need are hormones and glands to be functioning and most of us have been aware for a long time that our glands have been hijacked. There is something about the glands function as key to developing consciousness. Obviously somebody knows that they are the key to multidimensional consciousness, but also they are harvested out of humans.

When you keep people running adrenaline from this abuse of the lower chakra, you're running that victimization and your running that anxiety in the human being. Thus, you get the adrenal system that is being controlled by that root chakra firing out all this cortisol and adrenaline. I don't know how that is actually done, obviously from technologies we don't have readily available, but I do know they collect that. There is a premium on human hormones. As disgusting as that is, I do know that it is like DNA, it is a currency. The hormones that come out of glands of the human being are considered a currency and valuable for reasons we probably don't want to open that door too much at the moment. So that makes sense to me as well how there's been a capping or redirection where the chakra is in control of the endocrine system because this helps me to understand how they're siphoning it. If the Saturnian energy template is being directed towards a human beings root chakra and their sympathetic nervous system is off the charts, because most people on this earth live in that state. As we know they're in a constant state of anxiety, whether they think they are or not. Their nervous system is being assaulted all the time so you have that adrenaline and cortisone court being thrown into the field and somehow they are collecting it. I'm sure they're doing that with the pineal glands, with the thymus and with other glands as well. Whatever secretions those glands are designed to do and I don’t think we really know what that is in the spiritual consciousness context. We know the thymus gland emits T cells, white blood cells to increase our immunity and we also know that white blood cells hold the entire DNA record in our blood. You know there's something in there. The T cell that is being generated into the blood to increase immunity of a human being is directly related to increasing or assembling proteins in the DNA chain. I'm absolutely certain of that. So if you go and you interrupt the immunity or you go and you implant the thymus gland then you're directly impacting the permanent seed atom that exists in the thymus gland for that human being and your directly impacting or suppressing their DNA ability. They cannot assemble their DNA because of a suppression or something that has occurred there.

What it may be what we are looking at here today, or what this experience is about is definitely for humans who are in this place, and this is more advanced. Absolutely connected to living in an advanced civilization. In order to achieve this you have got to have some relative enlightenment of the cell. If we are looking at the change at first and second dimensional chakra levels then what we are really looking at is in order to be free of that, you have to be free of fear, you got to be free of the victim victimizer program and you have got to be free of being a slave to your instinctual body. Clearly those are still the big control systems on our planet.

Q: I just want to say thank so much for that and thank you for asking that question. That was a lot of what I really wanted to hear and understand more about.

Lisa: Thank you

Q: it makes so much sense with other types of therapy over the years there's a bunch of chakra work, chakra cone work and I’ve been working with that and negotiating that. A lot of that doesn’t apply to us here. So it just is really great explanation. I really want to transcribe this and spend more time with it but I really feel that glands. What you are saying feels exactly right. Really helpful for now.

Lisa: it's very interesting to get feedback from another modality that is working with that level and layer. I think our challenge is clearly we are part of the path cutter group and we are working with prototyping but this does not mean chakras are obsolete. Most human beings on planet are very much impacted by that. We don’t throw that out like the baby with the bathwater so to speak. That is something that clearly is still relative to the majority of people on earth but I think what we are being given the privilege of witnessing is the change in the structure through the ascending cycle and understanding more deeply the construct of chakra.

I don't know if it ever came up before that this was being directed from a planetary body, but when you understand more about galactic history, the planets in the solar system are pieces of the consciousness of the higher Earth. So when the Earth did actually explode, meaning the of the 5D Earth that the human race were originally seeded on, the 5D Earth is basically destroyed and it's pieces go through its morphogenetic imprint and, if you think of a blackhole collecting, how energy goes right into the vacuum of a blackhole, it goes to the other side, the other side of the black hole and what comes out of the other side is the solar system like we are in right now.

So, when you think of the 12 tree grid and the main seven planets planets that are related to the chakra system. Even though we have more chakras and there are more, I'm sure they all turned into some kind of celestial body, but for whatever reason right now I'm just aware that of the main seven. That probably because that main seven is what everybody works with.

When you look at the information that came from the chakras it really came from the information from India. It was most of the Hindu lineages that brought this from India and we are working so much of that now.

When you understand and we have been talking about this for a while now, the second dimensional tribes and how many of those human tribes are key coded as grail keepers that were a part of that mission or holding that genetic keycode for Temple Mount or for Easter Island. There's a lot of the Lumerian influence there. We understand that some of the fallen Mechizedeks have come in here and have done recruitments of that second dimensional tribe to get them off path. I really think that's what Oneness University is. It’s one of those spiritual communities that was taken off line to try to collect the people that would resonate with that history.

The issue with most of us on this planet is that when we feel that soul connection, but we can't discern the multidimensional nature of it because we don't remember the history, our memories have been erased, we don't know we are grail keepers and in all of this drama with the aliens that has happened on this planet, that person is so easily taken off the path. They recognize certain kernels of truth but they don't get all of the pieces. They are easily manipulated because of they are really coming from their heart, their love, and they are trying to do the best. I can really see how spiritual communities that have been organized by these aliens off planet are really collectors of those grail keepers. Many of them went off to form ashrams into the hierarchies of the Hindu lineages. These are the people that love Osho, and many related gurus, the Rama Yana lines that came out of India and all of that lineage.

This is not to say that is a bad thing, but it is one template that is used to ensnare people in the victimization programs and keep them suppressed and yoked into some kind of binding as the guru disciple and that is extremely popular in India. So I feel all of what we are talking about is related to that. What is coming forward right now is really quite large in terms of new knowledge and changes with planetary body, shifts in spiritual community, seeing star groups and soul groups that had histories with Tiamat that were original planet grail keepers, and they came in here as grail keepers after the explosions from Tiamat. They came here and tried to help with healing that history and they get pulled into these Indian spiritual communities going off into ashrams.

So it's interesting more of that understanding of why groups of people, soul groups, star groups that had certain social memory complex, something that is connected to a planetary body. Maybe some of these groups, a lot of these grail keepers were on Tiamat when it was an Edenic planet and what is left of the remnants of their consciousness, they here to try to re-piece that together. These are part of these grail keepers and I feel like they have been culled, they've been targeted by negative forces. I think because of what's happening in the second dimensional Stargates, Temple Mount and everything else we are being given this awareness that this is what has been going on in some of the factions of the New Age movement. Yet, when you think of reiki and shaktipat movement, some of these guru disciple expressions, I for one and probably many of you may have had that question as well. Wondering why for me that energy was always repelling. What is it inside that person, that so many people, actually a huge amount of people, because those movements are huge, multiple hundreds of thousands of people are involved in this and wonder what is attracting them to this energy? Why does that feel right for them? Clearly it's a soul memory and histories.

Understanding the change in the lower chakras is happening on planet, and wondering how this will impact those people in spiritual communities? How does that impact human tribes one & two that have been connected to these lower frequencies? What does that look like for them because it feels like they may have a lot of impact and trauma from that, obviously, as we all do, but this feels very specific for them, I guess we'll see.

(Source: Transcript Meeting January 8, 2016)