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Rebuilding Foundation for shift into next Harmonic Universe and 911 Detonation Codes

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

So we are memorializing our weekly session. This is our weekly mentor meeting today is Friday, September 2 of 2016. In wanting to amplify, acknowledge and recognize the space. The space of energy that is being reconfigured in terms of its structure, very similar to this last week's blog the "rebuilding foundation" and there is planetary theme, consciousness theme, in terms of the structure that is changing and is impacting all of us at different levels, it ripples its effects into our life.

So in holding this space and acknowledging that we are enduring a very deep time of cellular change, consciousness shift, all levels of our being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are undergoing reorganizing, reconfiguring, the rebuilding of a new foundation for our spiritual source light, whether it's our soul body, monad body, or higher consciousness bodies. Whatever level of development we are working on we are undergoing reconfiguration. This is the current theme of that consciousness shift, with the catalyst being the foundational shift of magnetism, the mother principle and bringing energetic balance between the pairs of opposites. Which are represented as that masculine and feminine principles, and all of the energies that are represented in creation. Restoring balance.

In a lot of ways, this is a phase of time that is a restoration. I would like to put the restoration in our awareness, of the ability to build the appropriate structure that is governed in the laws being transmitted to our planet. And then we become an acupuncture point or an embodiment, a physical conduit, which allows that expression to be in the physical world. In allowing the Krystic principles and Krystic structures to be erected, built as it is now. And how that affects each of us individually and within the community field, and as well our interactions at various levels. It ripples through everything in our life at this time.

Beloved holy presence of God, holy Mother and holy Father, holding the Trinity of God head in perfect balance, in the connection with the Trinity to hold the architecture of structure in its highest expression in this stage of building, in this stage of rebuilding, the foundation that we've been given. May we direct our resources, our consciousness, and our life force in the most effective, productive and aligned ways, that support our spirit or consciousness and our unique role in this world, and the fulfilling destiny path of our Krystic being.

May we open all channels of light, open all communication links, so that we are fully resonant with that direction and path. We open this session in our group to support the mentor group and it's interconnection with the community architecture. As we know, in highlighting change of architecture, change of structure, rebuilding foundation, the community itself is in stages of rebuilding or reconfiguring into what's needed in the higher law of structure to support it. That as well, has a type of ripple effect on us in the community itself.

So bringing our attention to the ES community field, the technology it represents in physical matter and in nonphysical matter. Through the instruction sets and blueprints of that structure that comes together through ES community. Bringing this into, as well, dedication and consecration to serve the highest expression in law of structure, through Cosmic Sovereign Law. And for each of us to be directed and supported as a part of our larger collective consciousness construct that is ES community.

In holding that awareness and recognition that as we undergo a shift and change, the architecture is changing. And to allow the space, the synchronicity of divine right order and timing, so that this can unfold in its most effective, productive and useful way. To support our service mission, body of work with which we have been entrusted. To more deeply understand the shift into the next Harmonic Universe and how that impacts the foundation of everything that we work with, in terms of content, and our group awareness.

What is the most effective way for us to pick up a variety of tools, methods, in our physical earthly life experience and to integrate what we have learned thus far? This time is taking the accumulated knowledge of our direct experience on planet Earth, at this time. You know all of the good, the bad, and the ugly as it were, and synthesizing that information into a higher understanding. Attempting to integrate pieces that create more holism or integration with levels of current material. Again, it's how we each orient our self in what we are. How we translate the consciousness that we are into the physical plane. How we translate the conduit of this new law of structure. It is not a new law of structure, but it's a new stage of development, in partnership collaboration with universal laws of structure being transmitted and how this changes the foundation of things.

This will look like integrating new pieces, some new and some old. When you bring... I guess this is a level of polarity synthesis, understanding that we take these pieces of knowledge, information and method to create something new. Things that we have directly experienced and have certain associations that connect into frequency or consciousness resonance. And these become synthesized and integrated into something more cohesive, more coherent, so that it can be translated into... in a sense, a newer language.

It is something that's both new and old, but it's been synthesized into something that has a new foundation of support in the planetary architecture. So even though it's things that we may recognize, maybe old pieces of information that we had studied or been a part of in the past. Many of us here recognize that we are galactic integrators, and the course of our life has taken us into immersion, into extremes of experience. Not only in 3D case study, but to live in a 3-D life. What is it to be a human being in third dimensional timelines? To be born with those imprints, to be born into quite frankly, slavery, consciousness slavery. To experience all of that in this age of darkness, in this age of control and tyranny, and be a part of the transition teams that have had that experience of control, tyranny, the imprints of which we have received as a result of being incarnated in this identity, in this time. Which everybody on earth has without exception. Yet we have been given the seed of awakening, which allows the consciousness shift to have this awareness of things that many others do not have at this time. That with every shift of the cycle, with every shift of the Magnum Opus, going through an annual cycle, we are getting more concentration of the laws being transmitted. To the planetary body and to the atmosphere, and ways in which we, those that could be given the seed of awakening, the consciousness and the awareness to begin to interact with this new consciousness technology frequency being transmitted to the earth body. Braiding it into what we already have learned through our direct experiences and have this be synthesized into a new creation. There is a process of that happening now. Again, it is very lengthy in the Ascension process, because this information we are speaking of is really not anything new for any of us on the ascension path. We understand the core basic of our learning and consciousness expansion is the initiation into new frequencies, new knowledge and new consciousness connections. That data becomes absorbed into our aura, light body, and this starts rearranging the levels of consciousness that function in the light body.

Now we are at a time towards the end of the cycle of ascension, where the light body is merging with the physical body at a cellular level in ways it never did before. Meaning previously that information or light code was held in the aura, and it was very difficult to potentially impossible for most inhabitants to physicalize it, in the density we exist and in the 3D timelines. When you look at the 3D case study, where we have come from, being born in this time, and experiencing the transition phase of consciousness shift. The growth transition phase, the root race changeover, because that's what this is too.

The old root race is dying out, and the new root race cycle of humanity, humanity "5.0" is coming online. The human beings being born at this time are no longer subjected to the same third dimensional imprints that all of us here were subjected to. As adults now, what we have undergone in an attempt to transcend those imprints from limiting us, controlling us, mind controlling us, keeping us in consciousness traps and enslavement. This has been, as we know, a big slog, the big tour of duty. But as well, when you look at the massiveness of the experience that we have had on the earth, and what we have as a learning privilege, it's quite amazing.

Because we start out in a 3D transduction, meaning imprints of planet, miasma at a collective level, taking on collective race miasma at birth. Taking on the collective dump of superimposed waste from negative alien groups that put that waste product into the collective fields. All of that is in the planetary body. And to be able to coexist with planet Earth during her shift and change with this is really incredible in terms of an education. Even though sometimes we may not appreciate it so much when we’re uncomfortable and we are dealing with an onslaught. But looking at it from an educational level, a consciousness experience level, there are no words, in terms of having the benefit, the privilege of actually experiencing something like this. I do know there is a rarity of what is really occurring here.
We seem to be coming through a breakthrough of dimensional doors, so to speak. Moving into a level where things that were previously... Let's say we are breaking through to the other side. From the 3D level of physical matter, breaking through to the other side, the levels of energy light plasma, things that were not experienced as solid things in the timeline that we are accustomed to on this planet, are becoming more and more solid as a substance. It is like saying things that were more amorphous and kind of fluid, are becoming more substantial.

For us in our purposes, understanding what we do in working with accessing and aligning our thought, our consciousness, our higher mind, in service and in alignment to Cosmic Mind, God Mind, Divine Plan, Universal Law. This is again is inherent in understanding the Krystic way of being in harmony with natural laws and creation. Understanding how these laws govern all energy, all things, and all creation. In the world that we are in now, we are becoming more aware at a consciousness level. Whether or not we are humanly aware of it at this time, the laws are changing in the governance of energetic structure. That is rippling into energies that were previously amorphous and fluid, and sort of non-defined, and these are becoming defined now. They're becoming more defined, concentrated and substantial. They are turning into a substance. And this has everything to do with the reconfiguration of our structure. When we think of a house, intending to tend to our spiritual house, and then recognizing that principle is multiplied in everything that we do, everything that we touch. All of our work, all of what we are engaged with or interacting with becomes an extension of that structure. And I feel that's what we are learning now.

We are in a phase where the planet, this is happening a planetary level, this is how it impacts us in our day-to-day. Setting a new way of being so that the structure we create that is an extension of ourselves, is now congruent and coherent with the structure that we have built for our spirit. Meaning the light body structure is the first place we start. We build the structure for our spirit, spirits of Christ, the crystal spirit, the plasma consciousness to inhabit into the physical. Then the extension, once this goes through levels of embodiment, and again this goes on... which seems to be infinitely, in terms of the complexity or the possibility of what our being can hold as a structure. Because as we know, it's possible for people... we don't think of it as people, but stars can be people, planets can be people. We don't think of that consciousness as a person per se, it's definitely a different experience than what we have here.

But understanding the complexity of how our universe is like a human body that is modeled on principles of a body, and we are the cells of this body. We are the microcosm in the macrocosm, and we are constantly learning, experiencing and sharing the feedback of being a principal, within the universal structure. And that principle was divinely created, that's our purpose, our consciousness, who we are at the core essence level, that is a part of our God spark.

There is something occurring now in the shift of structure, the penetration of dimensions moving us into more substantial structures that can be made. I guess now our term for physical is changing, in understanding that as we move through this shift into the next harmonic universe, it's hard to explain that the governance of the laws in that particular dimension are changing. And that means matter is changing, even though when we look at matter, right now it is still kind of looking the same to us. And yet the basis of the architecture governing that matter is being shifted at its foundation, just like we are talking about rebuilding foundation, matter. The foundation of matter is being rebuilt.

A part of our role in bringing our spiritual consciousness, our higher Krystic being here into this reality, into this world, is to physicalize that. And of course the way we do that is by understanding structure, the law of structure. We have to build the house where our spirit can dwell, where our spirit can create, where our spirit can co-create and participate with the Godhead, to extend that structure into this reality. And that's a part of the rehabilitation and the prototyping that we have been working with, naturally on the spiritual ascension process, the development through time, what we are working with.

So understanding the structure is changing. That structure in ES community is currently undergoing the same alignment of shift, in the law of structure. Physically this will come to pass probably in the months coming, the core template will change. The dynamic features of the technology behind the site itself are changing. There is a necessity for that change to be, whether we want to say updated or able to handle this level of amorphous energy that is now becoming more substantial. It is like saying we are moving into areas planetary wise, speaking from just that level, planetary wise we are moving into areas where things are becoming more like a substance. They are becoming more physical. I feel that there's something about the understanding of the extension of the structures that we work with. They are extensions of us, the core essence and consciousness that we are. And that structure is being... we are following that shift and change that's needed and necessary, in order to gather more of that previously undefined consciousness energy. It's becoming more refined and defined through us.

It is kind of like saying this is something that we are not used to. Since we have been born here in consciousness enslavement, we have not had an abundance of undefined energy available to us. Our life force has been siphoned, the merkabas of planet Earth, the reversal grids of our planet have been set up to siphon our life force, as soon as we are born.

So none of us know what that feels like to have a lot of consciousness energy that is being sustained from your inner being to be directed to create new structures. Because what a lot of people have done in order to survive, as we know, and it can be very difficult to be with people like this, is to vampirize the external in order to gather the energy they need, to accomplish whatever it is they're attempting to create. And a person creates parasitism or vampirism in doing so. As we know in working with the Trinity structure, working with 12D, and everything that we learn in the principles of ES community, is to self source and to inner sustain, and to find the inner sustenance within our spirit. And then of course experience while we are in the strange transition and hybridization of worlds to discover, what does that mean? Especially in our relationship with food or water, or things that we were born into in this world, to consume that translate into energy into the cell, how does that change us?

I feel like we are a work in progress. The bodies we are in are undergoing such an incredible transition, because this is again another big shift inside the cells, where our body is receiving and translating energy and life force in order to function. And I think a lot of the physical and other issues we are enduring are also the body attempting to transition with that change in the cell, to find ways to accommodate the world that we are a part of, and function in this new way. Where more of our consciousness that is a part of our inner sustenance, will be accessible to us in a way where that energy can be more defined, and refined into the structures that we create. This is very hard to bring words to, but suffice to understand that we have not had that ability in the past. This is why is it has been so difficult to build anything in the physical world.

Because of the Satanists and the materialists, and the imposter spirits that had hijacked materiality. So if you were going to bring things into the physical, you had to beg, borrow and steal. Make a deal with the imposter spirit. Give away your consent and your intent. And as you know that's what has been done here. The question always has been, in the 3D level of power imbalance and the rape and pillage of this planet, was what was a human being willing to do? What would they sacrifice, what would they bargain in their soul in order to be comfortable, in order to get the material objects that they desire. And as we know people that took that path became absorbed with the Luciferian or Satanic spirits, from becoming immersed in the materiality of this parasitic structure. Not recognizing the consciousness traps that are set everywhere in the structures of the material world.

We are now busting through that limitation. Where it is possible to create structures that are physical on this earth, but that can be, let's say, more pristine. But there is a level of knowing how to do this. And it's the basis, quite frankly, of what we learn fundamentally in the ES community. To inner source, sustaining the inner source, and connecting to the inner source. And being able to translate that into the law of structure that has really only recently been able to be penetrated through, since the 2012 window. Because as we know the structures of zodiac, the building blocks of this reality in the material sense, had been hijacked, had been taken over by those at the planetary brain level. So that when any nerve cell, any human being was working with creating something in this physical world, it was subjected to the alien machinery, the reversals, the parasitism. As we all know, you can see, those people that rose into corporate flagships or into positions of great power, success or fame, they had to take the path of Luciferian or Satanic compromise, in order to make it that far to the top. So in a sense you have a lot of people that don't recognize or realize, they've had to swim with the sharks or make a deal with the devil, in order to do what they thought was something good. In order to stand atop and have power, but as we know, that kind of power corrupts on this planet. And what you get as a result is a shadow creature. When you are working with materiality that has been compromised and hijacked in this way, what you eventually get is a shadow creature. Meaning that person, and most people on this earth, are not mentally strong enough, spiritually strong enough, to withstand the intense pressure of the reversals that are put on put upon people that have a lot of power, money and resources on this earth. To get there, they had to play the game of parasitism and consumptive modeling.

There is a shift now that is possible and is occurring, through this change in harmonic structure. This is something that allows us if we understand it, and again it is something intuitive and is not something to overthink, but it is something to feel into to understand. That new levels of bringing what had been our previous experiences, many of us have had a zigzag path, we may have been in a path of study, path of becoming human, the divine human. The path of learning, the case study of 3D and what has happened here, to be able to not allow the infection to get in. Not allow the consciousness trap, the control and tyranny to harm our heart and our spirit, from our more pristine manifestations in to the world. Being able to bring something into this world, which contains purity, beauty, which contains source, which contains an intention of an architecture that can exchange and multiply by itself. Rather than reverse and collapse upon itself, unless it parasitizes and vampirizes other people. Because that is the controller structure, the massive pillars of world structures are based on parasitism, vampirism of others.

With the controller structure, it forces you to hurt people and the more that you hurt people in the process, actually in most cases, the more money you're going to make, and the more 3D successful you are. This is the current controller system, if we look at the medical system or any of these other structures. They are not humanitarian, or win-win, they are built upon the pain and suffering of those at the bottom. As we know this has been set up on purpose and that's a part of why these structures have infected everybody in them, in terms of those that control at the top. You can't create that much harm and agony in the human race and not have that energy returned back to you at the end of the cycle. Which is happening now. That accumulative energy is returning back, there is a cosmic justification of the energies that been abused to intentionally harm others, and this is happening.

The point of this is that we have an opportunity now, but also to be aware of fundamental changes happening in the structure of our foundation and how that may impact us in our personal life, in our working life, in our consciousness life, in whatever levels we are interacting with. This also may set us into a different pathway, in integrating information or experiences that are allowed to be translated in a new way. The best way I can describe it can be freed of these reversals, freed of this material infection of parasitism, through understanding the laws of structure. Because of the way the controller basis of how these 3D structures have been set up, most humans become then, infiltrated from the abuse of their consent and intent, as we know that's the whole trickery that goes on down here. That you sell away your soul or swindled out of your consent, or you don't know what you are in consent with, and then this infection slowly seeps in and erodes your character, your ethics, it strips honesty and integrity. Your character as a person becomes eroded because you are completely desensitized by the way the psychopaths have set up the control structure to vampirize and parasitize human beings as normal ways of behaving. Everything is done at the expense of another human being, rather than really in support of the collective, support of the whole. It is only very few getting benefit, while everyone else is getting crapped on in the hierarchy. And that, as we know, is a very reptilian Orion overlay.

But with this change in understanding, that we have a deeper insight into the change in the energetic structure. That if we follow our heart and our guidance, and our spirit is leading us to this change in foundation. This will start to bring, I feel for some of us, levels of work or I would say how we are and what we are and how this is translated into the world, starts to change. There are more things that are being integrated into the new knowledge set that can be translated in a material way or in the material world in such way, where it can stand on its own without being infected. Let's put it that way. Because the structure that you create for it overrides the parasitism, because you're consciously participating with an understanding of what your consent, intent and authority is in the law of structure. And in consciously wanting to participate with the law of structure, in alignment, as guided by your spirit, this structure now overrides levels of obfuscation that had been hiding the kernels of truth that is within levels of information, and that knowledge can be very helpful to the human race, but it had been previously used for hijack and reversed for personal greed, profit, and control etc.

Because as an example, many of the people on this planet are not going to be able to understand the language that we understand, in the lexicon of the Law of One or Ascension. Even though I do feel it's becoming more drilled down, in a simpler, common language that is used on the earth at this time to help more people understand what it is. Even though they are unpleasant truths or topics that many people still don't want to address or deal with. But understanding a lot of the information or ways of being... an area that is especially important as we know is health. The medical system has taken over any idea of consciousness that is related to health and the state of health in a human body. The brainwashing and the control mechanism to keep people unhealthy, diseased, sick and their consciousness suppressed, is a massive agenda on this planet. That is, I'm sure, not only extremely frustrating to myself but probably many of you. Because you cannot have a discussion with anybody who is entrenched in the medical system and be able to really help them, until there's a language that can cross over and help them to understand something different.

And this is an area that is extremely convoluted with control and just unbelievable greed and intent to harm with malice, to intentionally create violence and harm in the human being through the medical system. So things that we have learned, whether it's as an example Chi Gong or Oriental Medicine, things that have become integrated into a larger holistic understanding. Previously these modalities or energies because of who created them and what has happened to them in their history, had become infected and reversed, and many times it was very difficult to undo those reversals.

What I'm feeling is that the new structure we are able to create is able to handle more variety of information. Things that prove either resonant or productive in some way, that can be integrated without the slime fest, without the infection, the viral-ness of it that was previously infecting that structure of which it was originally built upon. There is something that allows us to be able to hold more in the structure, when it's built correctly, to incorporate things that may be productive or helpful to the whole. And integrate that into some kind of new content or support, or something that extends out and allows that to become something that is very helpful, without the black magic overlays that have been controlling this extension in the grid system of planet.

As one example, Reiki was a system that became commercialized. And even though it's really based in a type of energy transmission, which is similar to the guru disciple transmission of shaktipat. The energy of Reiki was something that was hijacked in the planetary grid network. So anybody that was pulling up these Reiki codes, was pulling up that false umbilicus astral, false astral light and projecting that instead of their own source light, or their own inner spirit light. Which should be acting as the conduit instead of this astral intermediary force. And as we know, for some people when they're receiving that Reiki, if you are a 3D person and you're being filled with this... it is a higher frequency even though it's being controlled. It's something that puts people into bliss or complacency, or even being bought or tagged, to be trapped from it. The Reiki, as we know, had been taken over in that way, in order to use it as an astral tracking tagging kind of control system for those that were attempting to create consciousness traps in the astral, and to lead people into those astral traps. Which again is about keeping people on the path of horizontal.

You're moving horizontal and you're not moving vertical, and they are very good at that here on this planet. They keep everybody at some level moving horizontal instead of vertical. And the person thinks they are moving vertical, but they are actually moving horizontal and they're not understanding that. So we have a lot of that on planet. So just again feeling this change of structure. It's happening now. We are having some changes in the community field. This will impact us as we move forward. I'm sure in our own personal life we are going to have some different impacts as well.

Currently what has also obviously been on the radar, which is worth acknowledging in this moment is 911 detonation codes. Which seems to be a different way that this is being exploited. At this particular time, as we know, is magnetic peak cycle, this time of year between July, August, September. This period of time is usually the time that some kind of agenda is generated. Last year Jade Helm was put into motion about this time. And all of this connects to Armageddon software programs and 911 detonation or kill codes. This period of time since magnetic peak, the 911 detonation kill codes have been very present with me in my awareness. Where I am recognizing that people that have been subjected to an extremely violent situation, some form of extreme violence. Either they've been killed in extreme violence or exposed to some extreme violence, that before I would feel a black force embodiment like a temporary possession take-over. And lately now in some incidences that I have become aware of, I'm immediately getting the energy signature, this is a 911 detonation kill code. This tells me that there is definitely something, in terms of an agenda right now, to create the usual fears of Armageddon, 911.

What I feel like, somebody in terms of these factions what comes to mind is necromiton entities, omicron. Necromiton entities, Dragon moths want to bring the Armageddon software that is alive and well in the Middle East, and they want to take it to Europe and spread it. Because right now there is like a containment, even though there are a lot of people on planet that run 911 coding, which again is enemy coding, war coding. It's the belief in war, promoting war, enemy patterning, needing an enemy. In the religious factions it's the need for Armageddon, for God to cleanse the earth of all the undesirables, etc. All of that becomes buried in our psyche or subconscious. And that can be played out in the solar plexus of the conscious mind personality. And as these areas of the lower first, second and third layers are dissolving into planetary grid, some people are having shifts in their solar plexus.

Again this personality dissolving, along with the 911 and Armageddon agendas that have been put there, because as we know there is a software that hits the solar plexus to run these 911 codes. Some people through this combination of dissolution or whatever's changing in their consciousness body, it's bringing these 911 kill codes or detonation codes to the surface. I think this is the... earlier when I was talking about that which was sort of amorphous and non-defined, this is again the opposite side of the polarity, where this is playing out. So something that was more undefined and amorphous, in somebodies energy body such as general strokes of Armageddon software. Whether or not a person was extremely fear based or not, that now is becoming something more concentrated that can be collected and used in certain ways. And it is, the point is, it is being used. It is being used in the public. If they're using this now and there's some kind of agenda to runaround with 911 detonation codes, they are most certainly working very hard to get a trigger event going about now.

But this is again understanding the cycles. This is not anything new it's the same thing they've been pushing. But as we know, in 2017 we start moving into next Harmonic Universe. We've got a lot of chaos happening on the surface of the earth, with changing grids. And also I feel the demonic hierarchies in these various black force structures, black magic grids are being dismantled. These entities are still running around and I feel that they become attached, or possessed in people a lot easier than before. Especially with all the chaos and hectic-ness that most people are feeling. And that becomes manifested into a potential explosive powder keg kind of situation, when you have people that are this stressed out. And forces that were not previously running around, like they are right now, and the ability to connect and attach to people and use them and then move on to the next one.

So just holding that in our awareness right now, for planetary peace and to understand that we are in the thick of that agenda. That's their trump card, literally and figuratively. So the use of that is something that again, I don't know, will they ever give it up in our lifetime? I mean clearly that's their leverage to create wars, to create as much strife in between the people of this earth as possible. And until the people of this earth just don't do it anymore, what can we say. Which is probably going to be the die off of that generation and the new root race coming in, that doesn't want war anymore. And will recognize what war is, in terms of the great divide and conquer of the human race.

Anyway with all of this in our awareness and recognizing the changes and shifts in front of us. In holding strength unconditional love, compassion and peace, harmony for all of us in the shift, in the change. And in holding peace as well, for the planet, for people, for areas that are high risk to be infected with the physicalization of the Armageddon software. Which as we know is war and killing, all-out war scenarios is what the Armageddon represents.

In deep love and gratitude I want to connect directly to our Krystal Family our family of peace, harmony, unconditional love, and holding the strength of Christ consciousness. To bring peace to our heart, peace to our mind, peace to our body. May we continue to be a conduit of peace to all those around us, which clearly for me is about dismantling 911 coding in people. It is the energetic power, the power of peace and neutrality that allows that to be dismantled and collapsed really, dissolved in the source light.

So in deep love and gratitude, beloved family, please guide us. Please direct us into the highest expression of our God being. Please help us to be good stewards of the information and knowledge that we have been given. We ask to be directed on the path of light through the changes ahead and to help guide us into the highest expression, in the most productive use of our resources, our time and energy with whatever circumstances we have been given now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is. We seal that opening and into full physical presence and grounded.

(Source: Meeting Transcript)