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Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

We are memorializing our mentor weekly session or biweekly triweekly or however it should these days it is Friday, June 10 of 2016, and bringing our focus, our attention, our hearts and our thoughts into the mentor field. Holy presence of God may we open all channels of light. Opening our links of communication directly connected and resonating with eternal Living Light Code. We dedicate an open this energetic session in service to Cosmic Sovereign Law, and we call upon our families in Christ, our group Avatar God Self, as well as our guidance advisory teams our families aligned to Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, in the highest expression of our individual and mutual purpose. May we join now in this moment to exchange in the highest capacity of God's infinite light love and power, in Divine Right Order and harmony.

Focusing for a moment on the mentor template, or mentor templating. It's interesting we have certainly been through a lot, many of us have been talking about our experiences of physical changes. I mean changes at every level and some of this is obviously residential, moving changes. Lots of dynamics shifting and changing in our personal view, and in whatever ways we are being expanded into this next level of the time field, timeline. June tends to be, June-July, tends to be a month where things start to be revealed. In what we've been learning over the last year, like a completion cycle, and coming into an anchoring, or embodiment. Like a physical practical way to apply what we've learned in the last year. June tends to be the starting line for that. In the cycles, especially when we understand that each of the months of the zodiac represent now a Law of God, a Law of Universal Structure being transmitted, from really what I would say the father principal. Understanding the law is the mental principle, the father principal. Knowing all of the different layers, which both mother and father, need to be rehabilitated healed and united in their true divine presence on this earth. This has been that cycle of the transmission of Universal Law and bringing that law into physical reality, into the material world, applying it. I think all of us are learning how to apply the new laws. They are not new actually, they are ancient but they certainly have not been followed or recognized in the consciousness of this planet. So many of us are living examples of how to practically embody this new structure, or ancient structure, or original God structure, that has been unable to express itself on this earth. I feel a lot of what we are doing at this time is the physical embodiment process, of practically applying the laws, which are coming into transmission and exposure into this planet. As the consciousness committed to that highest expression of allowing our vessel, our body, our mind, our being, to express that higher divinity or divine pattern. Then we become an expression of that divine law. This feels on the heels of, or in the midst of those transitions and changes, which bring us into this new timeline. Where the foundation of our experience is based on the changes that have occurred in the cycle of the laws being transmitted. The accumulative integration of all of that coming into a new being, in a new creation at the same time on earth. I feel like what each of us is holding a piece for that, a new consciousness expression, while in a physical human body, bringing the laws into expression now.

Seemingly I have gone off on this tangent... because it feels that the mentor field has changed, and the basis of that change feels very much related to what I just was describing. I generally feel the mentor field as something that makes universal harmonic of reality, in that fourth, fifth and six dimensional Universal Harmonic. So a lot of the times when I'm saying mentor consciousness, I'm talking about the intelligence that exists at that level of the second harmonic. And how that is, I guess we could say, a governance of the laws by virtue of the dimensional time and space. It's what's expressed as a standard from that point in time and space. What I'm feeling now in the mentor field, which again is applicable to our relationship to what ES community is, and various levels of building the structure of the house for God, as we build this brick by brick, piece by piece, slowly over time. Mindful of the Spirits of Christ; the patients, diligence, the endurance we need to undergo that. We are building this new structure, and this feels like the house of the mentor, the structure for the mentor, has undergone a big change recently.

Understanding more about the shift in the Aqua'elle, the daughter codes, the butterfly grid, again the Edenic state that is represented through that level of consciousness coming from certain civilizations of reality. Or I would say memories, the social memory complex from that harmonic universe, at the second harmonic universe, you know Tiamat, Tara. Feeling that integration into the mentor field, so it feels like the mentor field has been dispersed into the larger field of the second harmonic universe, into more of I would say, a sense of completion or wholeness with it, more of a sense of that completion or wholeness with what it represents. And feeling the stability of that, which is actually quite a beautiful process. It feels very positive and optimistic, as something that offers a foundation of support at this level for us. When I feel this field it feels like a... I'm hesitating for words because I don't want to say intermediary or step down, that's not exactly it. But it acts as something that allows us to bridge realities. Bridging realities between lower and higher frequencies, and dimensional states, and existences.

There's something that has been bridged, in this location of the field that feels very uplifting and supportive. What I do think that has been probably on all of our minds at a certain level, is that level of support in bridging. This is being strengthened and put in place as part of the natural alignments and mechanics of integrating, and healing in the fields. But it feels like it's a construct, or part of the law structure, which allows us to heal, or access, or coexist in fields of very dark density with less sliming. With less weakness created in the structure, from those that are still very desperate and attempting to claw into the dark portals, or into the weaknesses of the structure. As we know the imposter spirit, the dark energy, the dark force in it's manipulation method, exists in a parasitic vampiric form. It requires life force, it latches on attaches and parasitizes, any kind of life that it can, in order to express itself, in order to I think exist, and also feed upon the state of consciousness that exists at that level. Generally it's method is to generate the highest yield of energy it can get, and that's why it generally goes for playing on fears, and shadows, and pain, and suffering, and all of that. Because there's a lot more energy that can be yielded from fear and pain, and sexual lust, then higher and more refined forms of energy that they can't really digest. They can't digest, they can't seem to transform the higher frequencies very well, which makes a lot of sense actually. When you understand where they are existing, they cannot digest or assimilate higher frequencies in a way that allows them to have a light source, or energy source which feeds them, gives them a battery if you will.

So in holding the space for our Mentor field and with each and every one of us, again holding anchor into the support and foundation of this frequency, which allows each one of us to feel the support and protection. Which allows us to move forward with a sense of purpose, power and that support and protection. In moving forward really feeling that strength in its foundation now. In allowing what feels to me to be Aqualine Sun, blue frequency coming up from the outer levels of these grids, that have merged with the third dimensional planet. This is where that Aqualine Sun comes in from beneath us, and that merges in. Looking beneath our feet now, and feeling where that used to be the root, or the ground of our light body in its connection to the planetary body. Feeling the nested hologram of the entire planetary body, that is now they are beneath her feet. It's almost like the possibility and potential to access, it is the access to there. The root area, what used to be a root energy field, there's a shield now that is our earth chakra, and the earth chakra allows an interconnection of travel, in a straddling or a trans-dimensional trans-harmonic traveling, in all the constructs of Earth at the same time.

I think the bridging that this structure in the Second Harmonic Universe, gaining strength and seeing what looks to be... I don't know why this is coming to mind but Doradic Shielding. So it's like a level of heart shielding in the planetary body, which has allowed this sort of anchor to occur. Which allows this ability to go into the descending areas, it's like a slide, it's like a trans-harmonic sliding, moving into the lower dimensions, when we have to. I think obviously from healing, reclamation, transits, whatever particular piece that may be our divine mission, our grid work, or personal healing whatever it may be. It could be personal, collective, planetary, universal, galactic it could be any of these pieces. But i really see the sliding back and forth, and how we can move into lower density areas, and then into that bridge zone. Kind of feeling of that Second Harmonic Universe is a bridge zone, even though they were talking about that as part of the original ascension plan. But as we look at planet today we can see that the whole planet has not ascended. But this bridge down possibility is still there, and that bridge zone into the second harmonic access of planet, and also other planets. I am feeling like the bridge zone, which is a part of these conscience corridors, as people leave their body, to leave the phantom earth, or the 3D lower density Earth, into this this particular area. I'm seeing you know that there are other planets in this area.

Again if we remember correctly, how the fifth dimensional planet, when it inverted and exploded, it exploded or imploded, created a reversal black-hole and then kind of sucked in this reversal pattern. It would be like a reversal black-hole creating a phantom space, and that became what is our solar system in 3D, and where we were existing in 3D Earth. That is the phantom system of the body parts, of the higher dimensional earth that was destroyed. When we connect into that fifth dimensional earth, we are connecting into a timeline in the pre-destruction, of that event. I know that happened we went to Bali we were in the Mother Arc Hub, where the timeline of the original explosion of Tara occurred. And those bits, body parts if you will, became the body parts that are in our solar system that we can see with our visible light spectrum today. The integration of those parts back into their higher counterparts, we are doing this through future time. And like that Alpha Omega exchange into the creatrix, which allows, an access to the blueprints before the explosion, and the integration of those pieces coming through. I guess I'm trying to say is the integration of planets, when you think of Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, certain celestial objects that were pieces of these bodies, becoming holographic prepared and connected to communicate with each other. The stars coming into connection with planetary bodies, to communicate in a way that hadn't been possible before this, is what I'm seeing in this Second Harmonic Universe. This bridge zone area which allows a platform for a lot of people, that can use these Trinity gates to leave what we know as mind control planet, the dark control that is here and be able to have this particular option.

I'm seeing like a whole solar system there within a global evolution that is possible in that Second Harmonic Universe. It feels like that is the preference and the hope, of helping to rehabilitate a lot of what's happened here on planet Earth itself. At the same time when I look at this, I can feel this is not where I'm going in the next cycle of evolution. It feels like it's a place that's being prepared, for the consciousness corridor exits within these tri-gates. To come into that second harmonic universe bridge zone and we have access to it now, is the point. We have access into this area right now. It seems that were learning how to use or access this area, because it's a place that cannot be, at least from this perspective of both point of view, it doesn't seem like the dark energy can go there.

The fallen energies have a really hard time coming into this area, they are either unable to get in there, so it feels like a safe zone if you will, a bridge zone. When were on the 3D Earth and where working in some really dark areas, our body and the and the energy consciousness constructs of our light body, the lower structure of our body that 1st, 2nd, 3rd layer is now there, in this 4th, 5th 6th, layer, it's a foundation for our lower body. Our root, second and third chakra has now moved into an orb body, which is connected to the second harmonic universe level. And that's our foundation now. It's very strange, it's like we are coexisting the material world with lower energy centers of our body have been completely reconfigured to this bridge zone. That's our foundation there. It is almost like the entities that are looking for us on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd layers, are not going to be finding us there, because we don't exist in those timelines anymore. Because the bodies lower energies, chakra systems, have been deflated and moved into this higher harmonic patterning.

So this seems like this year and ongoing, because this will obviously be a gradual thing. I think what were looking at is, those on the ascending path (that are going through the bifurcation and moving on the ascending timeline) are going to be having a new experience of practically applying, in the material structure that we exist in right now, this new lower chakra system, so to speak. This new orb body energy system that is the new chakra system, or the replacement of the old filters that used to be there. As we know the chakras had a filter that was connected to planets in this solar system. So as an example when we were born on the planet, we had the first dimensional red wave spectrum transmitting into our root. That color wave spectrum sent a magnetic imprint that was based upon our birth magnetic imprint, and when we came to planet. It's all a part of the 3D planet imprint, upon our chakra system, when we were born into this timeline. That filter came from Saturn, so it's like saying that Saturnian filter, that Saturn body, has a magnetic configuration that comes through the first wave the first ray in the chakra system and that is a part of what we experience over down here.

Now all of us know what the archons of done, what the controllers have done, through that templating structure. They created the victim victimizer software to manipulate that Saturnian filter, so they could control that area, the root chakra of humanity. Therefore as well, we know the control of the bio-neurology, the autonomic system, the sympathetic system, because as has been highlighted so many times (and in this recent newsletter as well, with Satanic Ritual Abuse) the object of the game for these archons is complete and utter control. And how they do this is through trauma based terror. By terrorizing people keeping them in fear, and understanding all mind control a satanic ritual abuse. And understanding methods of that my control are to incite terror and fear into their subject, into their target. Then they have that person very weekend and they can get in there and infiltrate the body, and the consciousness deeper, deeper, deeper. This is not news to us, that this is the agenda here. But the beauty of this ascension cycle, is seeing this configuration pattern that we are coexisting in a reality right now that is split. And this defines a split.

There are people on planet Earth that are still in the chakra system that we have evolved out of. So it means all of us here, when we were born here, we have the same system. Meaning the light body and chakra system was exactly the same as everybody else. Our spirit or soul obviously may be more connected or have wiring or unique genetic arrangements that made us a little different as star people. But now this starseed group that is on the ascending path is having a new chakra configuration, which is dissolving their lower chakras and creating an orb body, and this orb body is what is in the second harmonic universe. If we were born in the fifth dimension and we were born in that structure, this is what the chakra body would look like. So it's like understanding in this harmonic universe, and in the 4th 5th, and 6th dimensions, this is what the energy body would look like if you were born into a fifth dimensional planet. So it's like our energy system at that level in the physical body, has been reconfigured to this. Which is very good news and I think with this also means, is that all of us here may be experiencing some stages of that. It's hard to tell how long does this take? I think that all of us, each one of us here has to make their own discernment and indication for your selves.

But what this is showing us is that the evolutionary potential, that we are holding a prototype for, so the later waves of ascending humans, and those in our community even more currently, can build this chakra system. Maybe we need to call it something else I don't know. I'll have to meditate on that. It is an orb body, but I don't want to confuse people. I guess we could say it's an upgraded chakra system, which is moving in a different pattern of Trinity, which creates one orb body. So the lower three energy centers are now one center, and that center is an orb body that creates a platform. And that's the platform that our body is now existing on, which has brought us into that second harmonic universe, even though we are still existing on this earth as it is.

It's a very strange feeling. It's like here we are on planet Earth that was 3D. And we are starting to see the existence of that bifurcation and split, where people with the original chakras, those again; red ray, orange ray, yellow ray. They are still existing are very much viable, in many of the human beings on this earth. And the people on the ascending path their whole lower chakra system is now being evolved into, and away from the first, second, and third levels of chakra control. Which is actually really amazing, because when you think of what was in those chakras; the first was a victim victimizer (alien machinery or artificial intelligence software), the second chakra was the sexual misery program (again artificial intelligence alien machinery) and then the third chakra was the Armageddon software. So those three, 1, 2 and 3 chakras, in the majority of the human race now is still running those programs. And we are going to see those programs running in the global scape, because this is again the dissenting pattern. And the consciousness of Earth will be running these programs.

Each person, based upon their unique arrangement and history, and such become oriented in one of the chakras. And when people are either root-based, sexual or desire-based, or will-based, they're going to be activating that program. Let's say if you are an extremely dominating and willful person, the Armageddon software will be more highlighted in your body. If you're very emotional, an emotional basket case or a train wreck, your second chakra and sexual misery programming is going to be really off the charts. Your relationships are going to be a mess. And in that first chakra layer, that's where you get that extreme fear, intimidation, bullying, victim-victimizer structures playing out everywhere. So again we can see how well the intermesh with each other, as a control mechanism for people on the earth. I think in our practice of observation and watching people around us, and watching and observing the global scape, and feeling the energies around us, paying attention to that. Because were going to obviously see this in the descending nature of the matrix, those are baby energies plan out.

From the higher vantage point that we've been given is going to be very interesting to see what new methods or awareness, is coming to us. This is what I am getting and I don't know what it is exactly yet. It seems that we will be practically applying or understanding a new consciousness method of our communication and connection with God, and source and the grid field, and planet Earth and being able to think practice this new experience from this different vantage point, from this different foundational structure. It's like having more of an overview. You have this overview, and it is interesting as mentioned, it's like standing above the planet. It's an interesting thing because in my internal vision, I'm looking down upon the earth. It's like I'm above it, I'm looking from above and it's a it's like that all the time now. So it's very interesting to see energy structures and lower dimensions and people walking around underneath you, from the energy body level.

You know you are looking down and you're looking at humans walking underneath you. It's a little odd, but I think what this is about is, understanding that this is a protection. It is part of evolution, is part of the mechanics of ascending consciousness, and the building of the Ascension Prototype, of the structure of the body changing, the reconfiguration of chakras and energies to bring us into this new pattern of consciousness energy. Which is really fantastic.

But at the same time, I think were really starting something New and this feels very relevant to mentor band, mentor field, mentor consciousness. I feel that the majority of what human beings, the earth seeds, and star seeds that have indigo or polarity contracts, or types of redemption contracts. Because there are definitely some people down here that need to make amends with the earth. This is not from a judgmental view it's from again the choice of the spirit and soul behind it. Understanding that there are these tribes of genetics that have had mutations or hybridizations, or events in consciousness that happened on planet that are here to redeem that, are here to heal that. I think for a lot of them, that's what they're going to be doing. They are not necessarily going to be working with Hieros Gamos. They may be star people, they may be refugee races, entities that came from Maldek or Tiamat and were exploded and then left here. I feel like those beings are not going to understand the Hierogamic Union of the Diamond Sun body. They are going to need to heal their tribe, or genetic connection of hybridization, or their histories of explosion and that sort of thing. So I'm really seeing that this area the Second Harmonic Universe, that is where I really feel the majority of people will go. This is their appropriate evolution space, for their highest expression this time around.

Then there are the star people, the Christic people who want to work with the Hieros Gamos or the Diamond Sun body this time around and you have that group. But it is very clear that that's a smaller group. Our group is a very niche group it's a very small group for that reason. There's just not a lot of Diamond Sun Crystal body, Krystaline Body integration in mass on planet. It feels like there are not that many of us here. Understanding that the majority will be going to the Second Harmonic Universe structure, which is a part of our role here, as Christic beings. We have been building teh structure for it, and it is a structure that we can access for support and foundation, while we are here, to do our job and do our mission here. But it's not where we are necessarily going. It is like a bridge zone place that we can... I'm really feeling, again trans-harmonic sliding. Moving in between, holding our station up there, and then coming down if we need to. But our stabilization point, our homeostatic point where we have homeostasis. The balance point is there, the balance point is not on the 3D Earth anymore, the balance point is there. So that will always be where we return to ground, when were grounding, when were coming into physical body, this is our new station. This is our new grounding and it feels again very supportive to all of us.

This is complete surprise to have that come up at the moment. I want to just send my gratitude and thank our God Self and of course our teams, and Mother Father God and Christ-sophia, thank you. In the privilege and opportunity we've been given, to help build this architecture, and to be the prototypers, and experiencing this new station. And seeing what it feels like, obviously, as we coexist in this realm, in this bifurcated state. Anyway in deep love and gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you. And feel again, in sealing the field, of that image and its connection with ES community, and its support of the Hiero Gamic field as well. In bringing the strength and stability of that anchor, fully integrated with the community field, and structure.

Right on the heels of Tomas' technical upgrades, which is always fascinating, you know to feel the structure through the upgrades. It is always the technology upgrades that are being done on the software or on the computing side that always coincide with some big energy upgrade, or anchor that's happening. So again a beautiful synchronicity to see that integration has occurred, and allowed this new anchor to exist within this band of the mentor or Second Harmonic Universe. So we seal the field of our communication for now. Coming back into our now moment awareness. And so it is. Thank you.

(Source: Meeting Transcript June 2016)