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Tower of Babel, Glandular implants, Change to Glandular functions, Timeline ties to Sumeria-Egypt Invasion, Targeted attacks towards lightworkers doing spiritual mission for unification,sacred marriage, hierogamic union in all aspects. The attempt to kill the HGS code.

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

So we are memorializing our session today is Friday, October 21st of 2016. In just holding space to strengthen and fortify in our group consciousness, again holding space for our Hierogamic field and for sacred marriage and understanding its intrinsic connection, through everything that we are involved with in our lives on this planet. Wanting to recognize that the weeks preceding this recent newsletter have been very challenging and have really brought forth an understanding, at a deeper level. We keep going down the rabbit hole of understanding the war in consciousness that is transpiring on this planet really breaks down to this bi-wave, tri-wave consciousness conflict, the duality versus the Trinity wave that is created through sacred union through the balance of masculine feminine coming into unification at every level.

We are enduring resistance, conflict and interference, and downright attack to the point of harassment and aggression towards those of us that feel in our heart the connection to the Hierogamic template, which again is drilled down at its core, the masculine and feminine, the Mother and Father, the unification of both. So I think today in recognizing that a lot of the challenges we have been facing with the Michael wars coming into surface, really highlight the most basic part of what we embody, what we stand for. And again it's something that you can't force or superimpose. It's either something that's a dear and sacred to your heart or you just don't feel it, there is a lack of resonance. I think it is that connection to the unification of the male and female energies and feeling the sacredness and really the importance of it in restoring balance and sanity and coherence. That the key is through male-female balance, gender principle unification through all levels and yet we're sharing a planet with variety of beings both human and nonhuman that exist to destroy that very thing. They don't agree with that at all. They do not want to unify, they don't want to exist with the masculine feminine energy in balance.

Hence, I think it's just important to take a moment to really recognize that, and again through the love and appreciation and gratitude for all of us here, that we are holding a support of, and we are standing up for something, that represents our connection to the Godhead. And that the intrinsic nature, honoring the natural laws the natural aspect of creation, and how this is connected to that, but as well to recognize we are in a period of time where there's a tremendous amount of resistance against everything that we are as a human being and especially as a God Sovereign Free being. The forces of resistance are absolutely trying to destroy, interfere with, erode the sacred nature of Hieros Gamos. Going through each of those levels of understanding the process of building wings, this process of building wings, which is intrinsic in healing the soul body and bringing the so matrix into wholeness, interweaving the layers of the soul. The wings trauma is especially highlighted now because of the Michael histories and what's known as that genetic block the 66 seal, which is actually an implant. But it is also a genetic block in the bloodlines down here and this apparently is being heightened at this time, which is creating a lot of anger and chaos in the fields, because of these two opposing factions. And what does it mean to bring wholeness and healing between this Michael aspect the Mary aspect, that brings wholeness in the soul, in the level of sacred marriage.

We're still dealing with right now on a planetary level, Level One of sacred marriage, which is building wings. This is the natural progression that the planet is kind of moving into, and its meeting a tremendous amount of resistance, which again breaks down into this war and conflict between duality, the consciousness that wants to maintain its control over this reality, and the tri-wave which again leads us back into sacred marriage or the Hierogamic template.

So in recognizing we're in a very difficult time in the transition of planet, impacting lots of people around us. Recognizing the strength the dedication the devotion that comes from our heart, to be able to stand and hold the energies required for this. To create a space for this to be manifested is really what were doing here. So again wanting to acknowledge that, recognize it at this particular junction in time. Because I really do feel were in a pinnacle time of resistance against it. Any vulnerability or weakness to destroy union between the male and female, in every possible permutation you could imagine. Whether it's our relationships, whether it's taking us out of balance with ourselves, whether it's keeping us polarized in one side or the other, again more masculine or more feminine. We are definitely in a spiritual battle right now to hold the balance, hold the union hold the sacred marriage. And to understand its importance in creation and again returning sovereignty to creation and being the consciousness example of that, dedicating our body our being towards that purpose, and however that translates into our world on the earth.

So again my appreciation and love and gratitude is so with each of you for holding that space. Knowing the difficulties, knowing the challenges and yet coming together to recognize the importance of it. That this truly is the marker. What we're interacting with, what we are interconnecting with is really the crux of the matter, pun intended. That it really does come between the union of the Mother and Father the Christ-Sophia, sacred marriage the Hierogamic template, versus those who seek to destroy that completely, by any means possible. And that is a real battle it is a real reality. It's the reality we deal with here in understanding we can't diminish it in our lives. We don't want to become overwhelmed by it and let it run us, but at the same time we have to recognize that there is an intensity there is a multidimensional reality of what this is, and it's not something we should discount in ourselves. In following our heart and wanting to support and stand for what this means truly, which is the sacredness of our connection with God in creation and restoring sovereignty and allowing others to eventually get there and know what sovereignty means.

So with that in mind, again holy Mother holy Father holy Christ Sophia, as we open all channels of light in our connection to be fully aligned in right action, right alignment into the Godhead. To support us strengthen us in moving forward. May we endure the challenges, may we endure the times ahead. Again in recognizing that we have been blessed, we have been privileged we have been given access, even if it's just a scratch on the surface. We have received a lot more knowledge and information than the majority of the people that we share this planet with.

So we opened the session in consecration to Cosmic Sovereign Law and our beloved families, the Krystal Star Guardians those that support everything that we are discussing. Certainly what I can say for myself that I stand for, with every cell and breath of my being, is to protect and serve this sacred knowledge and template, to preserve it for humanity, to preserve it for planet Earth. And recognizing as Earth is the heart of this solar system, of where the alchemy occurs, to bring the polarity integration between the dualistic structures of the bi-wave into the tri-wave. The only way to do it is to walk the path as we are walking it now and to greatly appreciate the process of being in matter for that reason, even though sharing the earth with the level of consciousness that is here isn't always pleasant. Understanding the reasons why we are here and the reasons why we do persevere.

In connecting to our families in Cosmic Sovereign Law, helping us to be strengthened and nourished in our God connection. Strengthening our handshake and communication levels in all ways. Again as well, bringing clarity in terms of this time, we are going through many physical symptoms and shifts that are impacting the cells of our body, the cell-to-cell communication in our physical structure. This is impacting our metabolism our glandular structure and again I have been feeling, as was dedicated from this recent October meditation, was really feeling the Albion Body's connection to the glandular system structure. Even though being unable to articulate it completely in a verbalization, that was the intention of the meditation, rewiring the glandular structure into its proper energetic governance. Again recognizing that the glands have their own consciousness and have their own means of function, in ways that they have been suppressed and unable to achieve in our bodies because of implantation. And that implantation that has been with me, on my mind, as a part of breaking down and destroying the Hierogamic template, in addition to the structures talked about Wednesday (Oct 2016 class).

Understanding more deeply about the Michael consciousness and the constructs like Michael-Mary reversal, the blue sword construct. Again why Iran and the Middle East are so important to them. Additionally in the same area in connection to what occurred at the Sumerian-Egyptian invasion, is something coming to mind at this time to memorialize through us here, which is relating to the Tower of Babel. Recognizing what that represents to us as a level and point of invasion. This is one of the series of trigger events that occurred during the time that the negative alien agenda got a very strong foothold into this planet, 5500 or so years ago through Sumeria and Egypt. In the timeline of this sequence there is a relationship to a demographic area known as the Tower of Babel, but also understanding that this was designed at this time of invasion, to confuse and reverse the cellular alphabet of human DNA on this planet. And by doing so disconnected our glandular system out of the Albion tree, through which we are connected with the earth. This was a part of what created something called husks or shells or negative forms, which became a result of the distortion of being torn away or broken off from the core manifestation body of the earth. So it's like again recognizing when we are talking about Albion, we're talking about that core manifestation body that represents the first human, because the earth is the reflection of our body as a human being, the earth being a Michael, a Michael-Earth. Michael is another way of saying an aspect of the higher divinity, the soul divinity of the Christ consciousness on earth, that's really what Michael Mary represents.

And so the destruction of Michael is also related to the destruction of the Albion, in having the Albion invert upon itself and create the black tree of life. Which began to be used as these womb worlds, these pockets through which they would germinate and hibernate these creations through this black tree of life. Which gave birth to these parasites and Satanic creations that are in the earth field, that are controlled by the upper echelon Archons. In wanting to again just memorialize that understanding, that the point of invasion in the Tower of Babel was what destroyed our language with the earth. It's what destroyed the human language and our ability to communicate with nature, with the earth. Because once the destruction or the disconnection between the Albion and Cathar Body occurred, (again the colors are Cathar but the architecture being the Albion), the destruction or disconnection is what created this inability to speak the language of the nature that we are part of.

So it's recognizing the Tower of Babel, when you think of babbling, the reduction of the human being to a babbling little child, the immaturity that happened in our language. Because it really was about stunting the human being into little children, taking away the language of our species through the Tower of Babel implants, is related to the control over our glands. Which then relates to the control of our language, the control over our multidimensional perception, like our brain being able to receive and translate the deciphering of languages from multiple dimensions of frequency, or other frequency realities. This was turning that off. This also impacts our aging, it's again what makes the body die and rapidly decay. It's what created what we call aging disease. It has something to do as well, through the aging disease of messing with the time clock, the biological clock shield of the human being. All of this is related to this tower of Babel timeline and implants that impact the glandular system.

And right now during this particular phase we've been talking about the dissolution of the chakra membranes and the configuration of light body, our light body is undergoing a lot of change of this time. The foundation is changing the base shield, how we connect the interface to the earth or the earthly body is completely changing. That base shield underneath us is becoming a Krystala template, meaning the Seven Sacred Suns of Krystala are sending their tones. We have been working on base tone reconfigurations, in myself through the Ka template, rewiring in the base shield underneath our feet, which connects us to what we call Earth Shield or how we would ground. That base shield is undergoing reconfiguration at this time and this seems to be a successive event of moving through each of the cosmic rays, these cosmic Suns of Krystala again the Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La, and each of these representing a Sun, a new Ray system connected to the Christic Universe or the Seven Higher Heavens, which those of us in the Christ family definitely came from.

So again in holding space for that and recognizing our bodies are undergoing a big physical change that is impacting the glandular system. And overall it looks like again, for those of us that can participate and understand and help our bodies at this time, our body is stretching itself to be able to achieve and attain this, while we are embodied here in the physical. Because as we know, that's a part of prototyping work. We bring that higher prototype or instruction set into the physical and then attempt to embody it and bring it to the earth. Which is again the important part of making it physical, changing the timelines by doing that. So memorializing that. It doesn't feel like there's anything to do currently, but to allow the space to observe it.

What the Tower of Babel represents to us is also seemingly related to the 9/11 distortions. When you think about the Armageddon software it feels like it's intertwined with the distortions of the Tower of Babel. Which we know is Satanic, is used in Satanic ritual as a construct. When they do let's say Satanic Mass or through Crowley Black Magic Grids, you know they talk about the Tower of Babel. The use of the Tower of Babel as a symbol of energy that is used in Satanic Ritual, and I am absolutely certain it's going back to pull the energy of this Egypt Sumerian invasion time. Because at that point in the timeline there is a record of that invasion and the Satanics are pulling on that energy. And again it's about drawing in energy, spreading that energy, you know gathering power from it to run this on the Black Magic Grids. And I know that the Tower of Babel is directly related somehow, to a construct that they pull as a battery source. And then also recognizing that the 9/11 agenda, the destruction of the twin towers in New York... somehow again the energy, the consciousness, the fear over that, everything in terms of harnessing the collective consciousness of the 9/11 agenda. There is also something that ties that into the Tower of Babel, as a construct.

So it's like saying there is a location in the Middle East, because Babylonia is that Iran or Iraq area. This may as well, as we know the mystery of Ezekiel over there, know that he is undergoing this unravel. There could be some things connecting in to this Tower of Babel implant. And again, through us how it manifests from that macro reflection of holographic enslavement harness, the way it's projected upon the human body is distortions in all of the glands. So the glands cannot communicate as one organism, so the glands cannot communicate and rewire themselves to the Albion body. Which they are supposed to be directly connected to the Albion body, like wired in. And this ties in as well with the bio-neurology, and the nervous system. How the nervous system and the brain are deeply enmeshed in the soul consciousness and higher intelligence, and how that intelligence has got to communicate with the Nadis Structures in order to send those messages, cell to cell.

That finally gets into as well, the core template body the Albion and rewiring and connecting the glands and hormones to be produced and distributed and assimilated in our bloodstream appropriately. Something is occurring with that now, so again bringing gentle attention and focus to that. As it may be impacting our physicality in some way as we bear witness to that reconfiguration, and what I feel as evolution. I think modern science or barbaric science in the mainstream as it is today, would consider this a genetic mutation. But this is actually a repair and an evolution of the physical body, the physiology to adapt to the changes that we are coming into. Which will require our glandular system to function in a different way. I think we may be feeling that, or are undergoing that now or maybe seeing that as well in people around us. So keeping that in our mind for compassionate witnessing.

In deep love and gratitude as we connect to the Avatar of Ascension, our guardian group consciousness. Again we ask all that is needed and necessary to correct our glandular system. To help us as well with our prototyping work through the Hierogamic template; to correct the path of the kundalini rising that impacts our brain receivers and all of the glands, so that they can function optimally correctly, as our Diamond Sun Body, Christ Body would have it be, as God would have it be. Again allowing us to align to our highest expression our heroic probability the fulfillment of purpose, of our divine purpose at this time during the Ascension cycle. May we be a vessel of God's love, compassion, mercy, purity and truth. May we learn to speak the language that is the most supportive and helpful during this particular time, to support the planet and support humanity. I think in deep love and gratitude, allowing space for that to be observed. Encircling that space with love and compassion. Recognizing this is as well part of the histories of where we come from, how it got to be this way and why our bodies are functioning in the way that they do today right now. Beloved God please clear us of any distortions if it is so appropriate at this time. Again we ask for the highest expression of our divinity to be made manifest here and now, as God would have it be. We seal our field and communication, with gratitude and appreciation. Please perform a simple triad sweep, clearing out any miasma or imbalances of energy or blockages, which are needed and necessary at this time in order for us to realize and actualize our highest expression. Thank you, Thank you.

(Source: Meeting Transcript)