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Chakras Dissolve and Glands Take Over

In holding the space today, holding the strength and amplification of our individual and collaborative spiritual source, God source, and holding that amplification in our own connection to our inner spirit.

We dedicate and consecrate our session today in service to cosmic sovereign law.

We call upon Beloved God, please open all channels of lights, may all channels of light directly into our vertical channel be fully connected and resonate with the Eternal Living Light code.

We ask for axiatonal alignment and correction of all reversal polarities in our aura.

For a moment in finding the relevance of this current cycle of the magnum opus and recognizing we are in such an amazing time. on one level we have what I feel to be the amplification of what has been coming through the cycles, these annual cycles, since the Krystal consciousness really began its descent and ability to embody, bring that presence, bring that code, the Diamond Sun consciousness to this Earth. With every turn of the cycle, as we go through this magnum opus cycle, this alignment to the magnification and the emphasis of universal laws, which is not about judgment or about bringing any type of justice in the sense of the ego use of that word, but we could call this a cosmic justice. We could call this a universal equilibrium because really what it means is the returning to balance of the law of cause and effect which I feel is the most diplomatic and clear way I can use words to express this, is that each one of us has to find our relationship to feeling that inner truth in our own heart and spiritual expression.

I have found that in the path of discovery, in the path of seeking truth, in the path of loving truth and dedicating myself to the highest expression of expanding consciousness, I have found that the law of cause and effect has indeed been in a dark eon and stage where the bending of the laws by mimicking them, overwriting them, imitating them, creating these laws which we know as the bent architecture, the false architecture, the false light. This is the mutation of, the hybridization of, a genetic timecode if you will, of entities that have exerted their influence on the laws which have governed this earth and humanity consciousness. The word we use to describe that is Ascension. It is the process of our multidimensional human coming into the inner Christ potential that we all have by activating, re-imprinting and reassembling the Diamond Sun Krystal body DNA.

Today I feel is a very auspicious time in amplifying our understanding of energetic balance, the return to balance, the return of the equilibrium through cause-and-effect and how that impacts the dissolution of our lower chakras.

In the last months through this cycle of bifurcation of time, we know we have been enduring a cycle almost annually. Through September we've had this cycle which breaks apart and amplifies the frequency schism, that point of divergence in the collective field where you have this arcing upwards, which is a part of the ascending arc, the great arc light, the luminaries moving up into the bifurcation of time. Then there are those that are with the old order, with the old architecture with the inability to evolve and are trapped in time and space.

Once we understand the nature of ego predator mind and this archontic deception we realize that this is really describing or defining the state of consciousness of which your mind, your spirit, your soul is disconnected, is unable to communicate and therefore you become trapped in time or space. That has been described as well as reincarnation, recycling or consciousness traps. They are all the same thing. It's about trapping the mind in time. When you're trapped in time you become in bondage and servitude to the architecture of the mind.

We can see the architecture of the mind that has been used by ego of selfish motives and whether it's human sources doing it or nonhuman sources, we can see that this is the state of the world today.

It is this state between those that are willing to evolve into this higher consciousness understanding and moving into the arc of ascending light to the upper layers of bifurcation and those that are splitting and going into a descending arc which are connected to these false light fields that we would consider the opposite of sovereignty and freedom. They are of servitude and bondage. Anything that creates servitude and bondage would be that descending arc, that which keeps the consciousness limited, suppressed and trapped in time.

Where we are at right now is experiencing this strange, bizarre and yet incredibly inspiring and magnificent in terms of understanding how this is actually being orchestrated by universal consciousness. How vast this is being able to be on Earth and experience it from this vantage point is indeed levels of privilege as well as we describe levels of a burdensome responsibility at times.

Also understanding once we shift that fear of responsibility and our confusion about what it means to be responsible, accountable and ethical, you realize the seeds of truth, the seeds of your freedom are all there and that allows you to be able to coexist in this space in a peaceful way on the ascending arc, even though we are watching a global scape that clearly is full of disconnection, fear, pain and trauma. They are not understanding what we stand at the crossroads of at this particular juncture in the Ascension cycle.

Today is March 11. As we know it is the anniversary of Fukushima. We know that through the ascending arc there is a natural trajectory. We are learning this is a part of the architecture of Krystal Spiral which is a part of this spiral movement of energy that arcs with luminaries. We can see that in our mind. 

When you think of the bifurcation think that our wave spiral split and how this point of divergence is occurring between these realities of love and fear and of freedom and bondage and how everything in between as well is showing itself in terms of static, of noise or an energetic vibration or frequency that we can observe and be able to discern. Is this on the ascending arc moving into the path of freedom and timelessness or is this on the descending arc which is moving into the trap of bondage and servitude in pain and fear?

In helping us to choose there is the evermore looking at what we are dedicating ourselves towards and placing our time and attention, our love, our hearts. Recognizing that everything we serve is a part of these forces that are undergoing this point of divergence which at times can create a lot of pressure on us. This is because the pressure of these two polarities is gaining momentum. It is gaining amplification because of the state of global consciousness today. As we can see there is less in terms of nerve cell endings of human beings on this ascending arc and there's more in the masses that are still bound to the servitude and the fear programming which takes them on that descending arc.

Bringing this into our mind today that there will be a natural Krystal Spiral moving into synchronicity and alignments which allow you to be in the flow and of course on the descending arc there's more of that sensation of pushing, pulling and using force to make things happen. When you're on that timeline there is a lot of struggle within that timeline. As we know that timeline, that struggle, the confusion, that bondage into that false light structure is used as a counterpoint measure as an agenda to prevent the natural flow of the synchronicity of forces of the Christ consciousness.

Today represents a very good trigger event in Fukushima and understanding that this was a trigger event to disrupt the law of cause and effect, to superimpose and place a false and toxic alignment into the collective consciousness. Not only has it severely damaged the Earth itself, it has created that damage in the consciousness of humanity that is intertwined and connected into the planet's elemental fields, these lower elemental fields that we are dissolving that membrane from, the first second and third chakra. 

I really see this interesting juxtaposition between those of us that are moving beyond the foundation of the lower particle wave spectrum where the first, second and third dimensional spectrum of frequency ceases to exist. I think a lot of us here know that we need not have any fear that that particle spectrum ceases to exist because that particle spectrum was a part of the descending arc of the former builders, what have been known as the usurpers, the hijackers of creation code. They have been using this false architecture in order to control the minds, therefore, the souls of the collectives.

In seeing that a type of freedom of hope and optimism today represents a greater ease of support for those of us that are on this path.

It's like saying the critical piece of knowledge in the law of cause and effect is understanding that what we build in the law of structure is what we create with an accumulation of the forces that we allow our beginning to express. What we allow through us, what we allow is a part of our body as an instrument, As a musical instrument if you will, what frequencies come through. I think now and from this point forward with every turn of the cycle we are going to have more equilibrium in the law of cause and effect, which is a universal law.

Understand that we've been on an earth in a type of dark eon with a consciousness where the architecture that has been supported by the mind control of predator mind and negative ego, these lower mind matrixes, the first, second and third dimensional mental bodies that we inherited and we were born into this earth. We had to clear ourselves of that. We had to see ourselves very clearly in what is the negative ego in terms of the impulses of it and the frequency of it and what it feels like when it comes through our instrument, our musical instrument, feeling the dead weight of the ego, the pain and all that coming through. A lot of it is obviously processing collective consciousness because we are a part of that collective consciousness and we witness the collective consciousness by feeling and experiencing these frequencies. I feel that a lot of the amplification of that through the change in the law of cause and effect which is very present right now. Very amplified right now that the equilibrium in the law is returning and with every annual cycle of the magnum opus we come to a point of that equilibrium where this viewing of superimposition of karma, superimposing one's actions on another person.

For me today Fukushima was from a superimposition of karma. It was very much a thuggery move, a smash and grab to attempt to reinstate this consciousness of hatred on the earth, this superimposition of negative alien control of arcontic deception and to thrust that into the world scape. we have that on one turn trying to break apart unity, break apart the balance between the masculine and feminine. Yet the same time when we see this with our own compassionate witnessing we bring the strength of our spiritual collaboration, of our spiritual power, to take hold in what is the truth. The truth is the balance of the law returning, the superimposition is being seen, the deception. In a sense, keeping deception in the collective is a type of superimposition. If you keep telling people lies about how something is occurring, whether it's a climatic events, earthquakes or tsunamis like what happened in Fukushima, actually, the truth behind it is that was a not a natural event. That was a superimposed event. That was a dark consciousness of fear attempting to take over the human collective mind by inciting this great and terrible violation against humanity and then blaming humanity for the cause of that. This is the ultimate in victim victimizer. 

I truly feel there's something very hopeful. We can see this horrible crime against humanity, we understand this is a superimposition of karma. This is a karmic load, a karmic miasma that is being forced upon humans that are in a sense ignorant to the law. Again, not creating that as judgment but understanding until you understand the consequences of law of cause and effect. What that means is each one of us has to be responsible to what we build in the law of structures. There's no way to get away from that truth in the law. I really feel that the equilibrium of that law of cause and effect is coming into manifestation in ways that is very helpful, very supportive, very gratifying in a lot of ways from a non-ego sense. Meaning we don't want to see pain or harm inflicted on anyone but understanding the power and the Christ consciousness is this deflection, what you send out. Ultimately if you send out harm that harm will be returned to you and that act is benevolent because that being needs to know or have an understanding of what it feels like, what they're sending out, what they're projecting to others and having that be brought back to them to face that within themselves.

So seeing that today with this momentous sort of anniversary and feeling that that was an attack against balance. Fukushima was an attack against the hope, the purity and the love that exists between the Christ and Sophia. I see it as an anti HGS timeline designed to break apart the masculine and feminine. To splinter it, to harm it and yet when we are able to distance ourselves and look at the truth of what they are doing when they are attempting to attack the Christ Sophia, the masculine and feminine, the true mother and father of God, I can see that this is not capable. It's not effective. It's something that is sort of a desperate attempt to inflict pain and yet the pain that people feel is real but seeing that the power is in holding the compassionate witness and seeing the understanding from the law of cause and effect that there is no way to cheat law. They have existed in time and from their own entrapment in time they have become selfish within instant gratification because it's true on Earth it feels like were here for a long time but we are not. We are here for a very short time and their control has actually been for a very short time in the history of the consciousness of humanity of Christ, this whole situation you coming into the head at this time. 

Since that return to equilibrium in the law of cause and effect, allow yourself to feel the support and the presence of benevolence, of kindness being returned to you from the levels of actions of which you have accumulated in spiritual dedication and spiritual service and with the truth, that true genuine development of an open, kind and loving heart, the unconditional loving heart of compassion, empathy and mercy that is truly a definition of what Christ consciousness is and finding that in that virtue, in the power of virtue is the true spirit and that sets you free.

There are a lot of challenging situations in our world that are coming into Energetic Balance and even though that shift may not look like balance, because there is a harmful intention that is flowing into these lower fields, our chakras membranes are being dissolved to become free of obsolete energies and things we were connected to that were trapped in time.

We have understood the necessity of clearing these lower frequencies from the Lightbody is to truly be liberated from Consciousness Traps in time. This holds something relevant to the Second Death with certain inhabitants of this earth. We have a situation that can go either way depending on the bifurcation that seems to be called the same thing, but it manifests in a different way depending on if you are on the arcing spiral or you are on the descending spiral. We come to the awareness that the Second Death is a dissolution of levels of the Astral body and the physical body coming into a synthesized integration within the aura.

The Soul, which is the feeling part of the female aspect of God of ourselves. Everything in existence is either female principle or male principle, the Monad is masculine and the soul is feminine and in order for the soul and monad to communicate with each other, they must unify and so they cease to exist as separate. They do become one, the soul and the spirit become one. Some people call this losing the soul. I don't agree with that because the soul is our feeling body, it is our feminine aspect of the Lightbody and because it merges with the spirit and with the body, doesn't mean the soul is dying so to speak. It doesn’t mean the soul is being lost or fragmented. It means it is being integrated, it is being integrated into the Consciousness of the body and those membranes that were separate ceased to exist in so that they might become unified.

If the person is on the descending path, this same process occurs but because they haven't done the masculine and feminine principle integration that is required in order to have a positive result of the Second Death, the second death for them is a disconnection or an implosion of the Soul body, because the density of that descending arc creates a fragmentation where the physical body and the etheric body of that person is unable to connect, integrate or enmesh with their soul source.

We have an interesting event happening on the earth during this cycle, with what could be termed the Second Death. Something that is very positive on the ascending arc can be not so positive on the evolutionary journey of a being who is going in the opposite trajectory. Yet, we do know with Consciousness Corridors that when the body is dropped in this timeline, the rehabilitation and support to connect or build the soul body to be taught the eternal living structure, will be given to the consciousness, to the person, so that they will be able to rehabilitate themselves.

This feels to be a very important milestone with what's happening in the cycle of the Magnum Opus right now. That schism in the bifurcation that is playing out in the world scape and recognizing that these lower first, second and third chakra membranes that were connected to first, second and third stargates are reconfiguring in us and the particle spectrum that was being interacted with in our consciousness, is going to cease to exist in the same way.

Many of us may have been experiencing collective consciousness processing or Planetary Miasma clearing more than usual because most of the collective consciousness is stuck on planet in those lower dimensions. As we know, that's the primary areas of Mind Control. It is where the extremely low frequencies are sent out to the Unconscious Mind and so most human beings are still extremely reliant on what we call the false architecture, this mind control architecture that has taken advantage of the lower energy centers. People who become completely governed by that without understanding that if they allow that they become in bondage and servitude to the Negative Ego which means bondage and servitude to predator mind Archontic Deception Strategy which has placed this false architecture in there that people believe is their identity when it's not.

  • Holding gratitude and appreciation for the privilege of awareness, understanding our own responsibility and accountability to strengthen our spirit, to acknowledge and love our spirit, to protect the light and consciousness within us
  • Continuing that axiatonal alignment in allowing through any process of which we are reconfiguring or dissolving lower chakra membranes that have been a part of collective consciousness. That collective consciousness is a part of our connection to our brothers and sisters on this earth. In that collective consciousness I would like to hold for the physical atomic body that which is appropriate in cosmic sovereign law in our service to the collective.
  • Beloved God, we ask it to the collective bodies of earth and collective consciousness for the healing correction of the first dimensional atomic bodies of the collective consciousness as is in alignment as God would have it be.
  • We ask that the atomic body corrections of the collective race of humanity if so in alignment for those who wish to receive this benevolence or dispense of grace as through God's natural laws.
  • We asked the atomic body, harnesses and transposition filters of deadline holographic inserts to be cleared and healed easily and effortlessly to support the expanding consciousness and freedom from the bondage and servitude of these deadlight false light inserts.
  • We ask for healing of the instinctual emotional body where people have been trapped in addiction and sexual misery.
  • We ask to return the second dimensional and emotional body functions to the organic and natural template of each individual being.
  • May each of being be able to realize their own inner spiritual light to be free of the addiction, the seduction, the charisma of the archontic deception as it overlays through the emotional body distortions in humanity.
  • We ask to identify locate remove and repair addiction control inserts that are created in the instinctual emotional body that create dead light harness, dead harvesting or transposition within the field of the being.
  • We ask that light harnesses and transposition fields in the second dimension be cleared, healed and united with the Aurora re-encryption in support of the organic template as God would have it be.
  • We also asked for the mental body for assistance in mental body corrections in clearing mind control inserts of any mental body audio insert, mind control broadcast to the third dimensional solar plexus.
  • Please identify locate remove and repair mind control inserts of holographic insert, audio, holographic insert video, voice recognition commands, voice to skull commands, their mind slides, virtual realities chip simulators, all memory wipes, consciousness wipes, phase disruptors, neurological blockers and to assist those who are willing and ready to connect to the heart of God to be able to find that expression within themselves.
  • Beloved God, we thank you for this support, for the presence of truth in our lives.
  • We asked to please clear collective consciousness memories which are no longer in support of our expanding consciousness towards God Sovereign Freedom.
  • We ask our body parts and physical parts to be cleansed of collective consciousness programs, their memories and influences and that which we are ready, willing and able through the intent consent and authority of our dedication and consecration to serve cosmic sovereign law, God and Christ Sophia.
  • We take responsibility and accountability that with intent and with consent we ask all frequency match of the forces that we create, the forces that we allow our body to be a vessel for, is in divine alignment with our highest expression and authority in the structure we are building for the cosmic Christ consciousness the Diamond Sun.
  • We ask to please clear our central nervous system of trauma, abuse, devastation and shock from the collective consciousness programming of which we have been apart.
  • Please correct our central nervous system and we ask the anatomical chart of each and every aspect of our neurological system, the sympathetic system, the parasympathetic system, vagus nerve, the cranial and spinal nerves be fully connected to our God presence as a sovereign brain, as a sovereign nervous system.
  • May our body organs, endocrine system glands, tissues and our cells be fully and completely aligned to be governed by the intelligent consciousness of our inner spirit and highest expression Krystal self.
  • We ask our blueprint structures to be cleansed of these memories and influences all the way into our birth transduction and into the morphogenetic imprint.
  • We ask if our morphogenetic imprint is of service to the collective consciousness that that is assisted in an imprint that is given to any human being in the collective that is a vibrational or frequency match to that particular imprint of Diamond Sun body.
  • Please clear the physical dimension timelines of these blueprint structures holding collective consciousness memory programs and their influences upon our consciousness and body.
  • We ask for a general clearing at inner space time level to clear quantic field impacts of these particular levels in the dimensions.
  • We ask for assistance in any dissolution or dissolving of chakra membranes or obsolete frequencies to begin to be integrate into their next higher harmonic or harmonic band or octave as appropriate for our expanding consciousness and spiritual ascension.
  • We ask for a clearing between the un-manifest to manifest realms and a past present and future integration into this now moment in connecting fully into the highest expression of our Godself.
  • Through external impacts we asked for a level 3 category sweep and clearing through the sacred 777 of which clear the ancestral genetic in my miasmatic relationship of our collective consciousness programming of which we have inherited at the point of incarnation through our transduction sequence.
  • We again ask to be fully released, liberated cleared and united with our highest and true expression in God.
  • Please balance and center our bodies now
  • in masculine and feminine union, sacred union, Hieros Gamos.
  • Eliminate release protect set free sovereign zero point.
  • Beloved Holy Father please simple triad sweep through the collective consciousness, through all of its connections unplugging those connections now. Allowing us to observe, witness, hold witness for the collective. We can be in this world but not of this world now.
  • Protect set free sovereign zero point.
  • Collapsing the time field.
  • Sealing our aura and we close our HGS session.
  • Thank you so much and so it is.

Holding the space for new beginnings, new timelines moving forward into March there's a lot of consciousness power that is pushing us into new directions, new timelines and new discoveries within our self. Allowing that space to be created for that or clearing the space within us so that that can be germinated. The alchemy of these forces because again, as we are able to consciously hold witness into what's happening in the global scape as was described through this amplified point of divergence in the bifurcating field we are able to see very clearly the movement of consciousness or the challenges that are in this world without having to be so enmeshed with them or a part of them.

I feel like there is a level of distance, a level of elevation, not the take the word in a wrong way but a level of enlightenment. It is being distanced from a level of the density. We have an opportunity to be that, to experience that and that does have the seeds of freedom at the level of being able to co-create and work with the natural law of cause and effect and to see the balance returning, the energetic restoration of that balance being returned. It’s gradual with every cycle but we are coming to that end of magnum opus and there is a in a sense, for lack of a better word and not to misunderstand it but a cosmic justice being returned.

What that really means is that the energies in this moment of self, this being right now, the identity that we are participating in the Ascension and we are doing this for many identities in time, but it is this identity now that has reached a point in the bifurcation where what we choose right now in our thoughts, our minds, our presence of forces that our body as an instrument, the music we play, is especially important because it returns a law to balance. That return the law to balance allows us to, I think, truly live in that now moment consciousness and be able to see some fruits of our efforts without having attachment outcome, if that makes any sense. There is more of an equilibrium that is being expressed in the Earth realm for those that are on this ascending cycle and yet what that looks like in the world scape is utter chaos because we have to remember that most people in the earth right now do not hold responsibility to their thoughts. They don't realize thoughts are things. They don't know when they are being exposed to a collective thought form and they're just playing out that archetype and they don't realize it. Again, when you're unconscious and the forces are batting you around and you're just playing it out and you are living from your instincts or your unconscious you become a vessel of that consciousness without knowing it. That consciousness that is unconscious is now going to be experiencing even more of its own unconsciousness. It's like saying it's amplifying the unconsciousness that people are putting out there. It is really hard to see that because we can see it creates pain. That person does not realize a lot of the pain they're creating themselves because they haven't been taught or learned how to think. That's a big challenge we see on Earth today.

Thank you, I hope that this has been felt as helpful. I feel today as a paramount day. Clearly we have the Fukushima event but it feels as well something very clearly related to attempts to destroy HGS, Hiero Gamic union between male-female. Today feels like that to me and the importance of witnessing that and understanding why it was done, where it was done, how it's done is what gives us more tools in our consciousness, again the informed awareness to be present to witness to what is really going on in the Earth. That is where the power is because we can see it. The agenda is not as powerful in its conquest of humans when there are few of us that can actually stay awake and see what the real agenda behind it is. I think it's worth memorializing for that purpose that all of us stand for healing the male-female, bringing sacred union to the planet, restoring freedom and liberation or GSF Ascension capability to the earth and humanity for all humans that choose it. TO also see the anti-agenda to that. To recognize that Fukushima was that.

  • We don't accept that.
  • We will never accept that.
  • We know what the truth is and to that we reject the false law.
  • We return to the light of truth and to bear witness to the truth is what we are doing.

Question: Hi Lisa, hi everyone. I just have kind of a physical question. I been catching up and reading the blogs and whatnot, the news updates and the were talking about clearing the the male pain bodies. I have males in my life that appear to be clearing through their skin. My partners skin is raw. He's just an open rash from head to toe and is on fire. I feel it is related to sexual abuse clearing. It got really painful as he is so sensitive, but what is the skin thing?

Lisa: I’m sorry. I would say that is on schedule and I'm sorry it's uncomfortable but I understand.

Through this cycle of bifurcation, I don’t know if you felt some of the conversations coming up about black magic grids, their relationship to Thoth, their relationship to Metatronics and how the metatronics are related to heavy metals and AI signal. A lot of the metal toxicity in our body and skin is not only related to the toxicity that they're putting in the air but it's also related to something call that Psora miasm, which is the timeline that goes back to the fall of man and the sexual misery program. When we talk about the 666 curse and Yahweh writing his code into the planet to create the fall of man, it's in our skin.

The sextant matrix and aging disease, the Metatronic death code if you will, the black magic was written into our bodies and it is in our skin. It was an attempt to also put it in our blood. Now that we understand more that our blood, our red blood cells, our DNA are emitting signals. So a way to stop our DNA from communicating with the same species and with planet, remember this is all about DNA scrambling and that event in time goes back to what we call the 666 curse. This is where the physical body became densified in the carbon atom, which is 666. If you look at the carbon atom the carbon in our bodies is more densified from the 666 field. This is this something that we could call a genetic block. It's what forced the soul consciousness in the reincarnation trap. We have been talking about ascension for a long time and understanding that we are enlightening the body. We are shifting the body from a physical carbon based biology to a less dense or silica-based structure. Of course this sounds like how is that helpful but understanding the 666 of our carbon atom is the physical body elemental body. We’ve been talking for a long time about Aurora re-encryption of the elemental body this is what we mean. This is helping the human body to mutate beyond the base 666 curse recorded in the carbon atom. I feel that is really intense right now because the coding that does that is Metaronic.

When we began this last bifurcation cycle, it became clear that these lower dimensional chakras and they all that relate to our physical body because what the first, second and third chakras are in people on earth and in a carbon body those first three chakras are what interface with the earth the body. It's like saying if you don't open your higher consciousness, you don’t open your heart and you're not starting to really explore that in some way the physical body has been locked down. It's been locked down in this first, second and third chakra, what we call particle consciousness. That first, second and third particle consciousness of our 3-D human body that we were born into has been interfacing, interconnecting, transducing with the same particle substance of the earth the body and that's how they control the human consciousness because as we know the ELF, the writing of the code, all the mind control and reversal coding. Their whole thing is let's keep all these human bodies as dense as possible. Let's keep all these human bodies trapped in matter in particle world, keep them down there. By doing that you create death or reincarnation. What that meant is body drops and dies much earlier than it's supposed to because we never get to have the spiritual development that we should, the body dies and we reincarnate with our memory wiped, and the person just keeps doing that whole thing over and over. This is a base of that carbon-based atom and understanding what the 666 curse is, what that seal is. It's a genetic block on the consciousness and that got recorded into our bones, our blood and our skin.

This is also called the curse of Yahweh. It means it's a 666 seal. It's what creates a fallen angelic. When you cut this light body off you are cutting the wings off. You're cutting the merkaba off. The energy body can’t build a merkaba, it can’t build these wings. I don't to say the wings are a metaphoric because they are real but they're not wings like we would think of wings, like bird wings. They are are more of a merkaba body. They are what allow our body freedom to move out into multiple dimensions. When we were in this reincarnation cycle they cut our wings off so our merkaba couldn't function. We couldn't be an orb and fly around and protect our consciousness. Which is what we really are as multidimensional beings.

So the eye of Yahweh and the curse of Yahweh are about the 666 seal. The skin manifestation of that when the curse of Yahweh starts coming out, again, this is a part of the Metatronic code that put it there. I know there are a lot of words describing the same thing but is trying to help to connect those dots that the psora miasm, this is a collective consciousness miasm, this means every human has a psora miasm and the psora miasm in the collective consciousness is connected to the fall of humankind which resulted in the genetic block that manifested from the 666 curse. This is the fallen angelic curse of humanity. When we start to clear Metatronic code, black magic or we are reliving in our conscious and we are not consciously aware but the memories is coming back to us because we've got to purge this timeline from the memory of our body. This is recored in our body in the particle dimension that we were born into. It's recorded in our skin, in our elements, in the substance that makes up 3-D body. 

It's hard for us to fathom this but as we are going through what was described in the current newsletter as biological ionization, we are able to create more light in our body. The process of building a light body is this access to plasma. The plasma can be generated in our own body through the natural part of our spiritual ascension. I really feel this is what we are doing right now. Through this bifurcation you have this amplification of the past timeline coming through. The body is now being liberated. It's being moved to a higher octave and in the sub harmonics of this field. We are moving from this one, two and three and we are going up to this four, five and six. The foundation of our subatomic is changing. All the memory of the particle body that we were a part of on the collective Earth, the collective consciousness but also our physical body because everything in our physical body has been recorded from being on this Earth so that naturally comes through the body and that's the Psora miasm. It was what was keeping the consciousness trapped in physical matrix, the mind trapped in matter and the body trapped in matter. The way they did it was something called sextant matrix. It distorted the biological and metabolic time clock of our body. This is what makes us age much faster than we should. The sextant matrix was also the thing that was blocking our glands and organs. If you remember over the last months we started talking about the shift how the chakra membrane was dissolving. The chakra center used to have control over or governance over our glands and that chakra membrane and that chakra energy center is merging into our etheric body and becoming integrated into our consciousness and the gland is now taking over of the function that the chakra had. I believe that is a part of getting rid and clearing of the sextant matrix, the clearing of the psora miasm. Again, psora meaning psoriasis. How does it manifest? In skin rashes, skin diseases, anything skin, eczema rashes, hives, boils, things start coming through the skin. This is what the psora miasm is.

Additionally, we experienced this in our own way. I noticed that on February 25 something really weird happened on the West Coast and this felt like an interesting timing for me. There was a carbon monoxide blast on all of the West Coast. On the 25 of February I woke up with burning inside my female organs. Inside my female organs felt like they were burning. I was having shingles on my back and they were burning like a red rash burning. Inside my private parts were burning. My skin was burning. I felt so uncomfortable. It was interesting with everything having this infectious kind of thing. I was asking what is the key theme? What am I feeling right now? What I was feeling was burning and every time I have felt burning I have had direct memories of holocaust, genocide and something quite horrific in a collective way in the timeline. When I have dealt with anything Holocaust murdering, such as related to Jewish Holocaust I get burning. I get heartburn in my stomach and I'm not even eating anything but I get a heartburn, something starts burning in my body. So I equate that burning with an overexposure to Satanic fields. Anything satanic that is magnified, like satanic ritual abuse. I equate Holocaust timelines to satanic ritual abuse. Anything that's really massive like that kind of energy surfacing, I’ll start to feel burning. 

(Source: Meeting Transcript March 11, 2016)