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Aqualine Sun Session 

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

The Aqualine Sun, which has been described in the April newsletter, has been extremely present with me, with us, while we moved into this particular home and space. Of course a helicopter is moving overhead at this time, right when I say that. Connecting into our Aqualine Sun, from my experience with it, it feels very much like something that is thicker than water, but behaves like water. I know this is plasma light, it’s very blue and kind of has that purple plasma light tinge. When you think of a plasma ball, with this ultraviolet tinge with various violets and blues running in ribbons through it. It has a fluid kind of watery movement to it and it's very abundant, an abundant supply of Aqualine Sun. This watery massive supply feels very much like the chalice of Mother's energies coming to overflow and spill into the environment, when we connect with that frequency.

  • Intending to connect with Aqualine Sun, which is a result of braiding into and with the Mother Arc frequencies. When we think of the Aqua Blue Ray, this particular frequency is now coming from underneath our feet, into surface grids, into the crust. It feels like both; a buffer field, a foundation field, and a connecting field for us into the earth. The abundant supply of these waves of light, of this plasma oceanic oscillating violet blue frequencies are underneath our feet. We can access this and draw it up, both in creating horizontal alignment with our shield, the Christos Shield. In the Aqualine Sun I feel these frequencies sort of braid in and bring, or run, Krystal Star algorithms, this level of architecture into the foundation beneath our feet.
  • I sense this bringing this frequency inside the planet and closer to the surface of earth? I don't know how to describe this sensation, as distance is so difficult to explain. Understanding that the grid of the hosting shield for the Aquarian and Aquaferian races, is related to the Aqualine Sun frequencies. So there is a level of bringing something that used to be... like 1000 feet above the earth atmosphere? Now we are standing on top of it, this frequency that used to be a band around the 3rd dimensional earth. As we have moved up into higher dimensional fields, going back to bifurcation, we realize there has been a subatomic shift in the core manifestation body. In the core manifestation body, that exact point where our spiritual body connects into our plasma source, has connected into the biological filter. We know that is of course the tailbone area, at the first dimensional access. That first dimensional access is where we used to connect to the earth core, which is like an iron core and copper core.
  • Bringing to mind blood and the blood coursing through our veins, and the copper condition of our blood as it resonates with the biorhythms of the larger planetary field. The earth core, the copper core, is related to our blood. As the copper core changes, the frequency fields have moved into a higher dimensional frequency, the color arrangements are now blue. It is interesting to think of blue blood, and the blood is changing to be spiritualized into karmic-less blood, the spiritualization of the Christ blood. This gives me an understanding of moving from that red copper blood flow to a Blue Ray blood flow, which is a part of the healing of the blood, the karmic miasma record of the blood. We've talked about this so many times the crucifixion implants, the spleen implants, and how that was directly related to creating karmic blood on the earth. When we were born into the earth and we were connected at the first dimension, that was when our spirit connected to the biological filter, and we became imprinted with the planetary miasma or the planetary blueprint. That became infused in our cells and became a part of our instructions set.
  • We are at this amazing time in the bifurcation, and it is very new. It's very different for all of us to exist on the earth, at the time this is happening, where subatomic shifting is changing the foundation of that original transduction sequence, where the spirit came into the biological filter. That timeline, that aspect of time is changing, has changed, will change. We are in a process of this gradual shift in time and this is of course defined by the frequency acceleration, moving into a higher frequency. This means we have moved into a higher or future point in time, meaning the shift of the time space vector. That point in time and space has changed, when we had incarnated into this earth, the subatomic shift is moving us into the next harmonic universe. The planet itself is apparently doing this.
  • This has something to do with again this five-year period window, when we talked about the 2012 to 2017 period of time. The planet body, in the ascending areas, when we think of the planetary brain we know that the neurological system, the grid work of planet Earth, has been severely compromised and damaged from a variety of events, including invasion, negative alien machinery, implantation structures that are both at the micro and macro levels. Remember when an implant is in a human body, as an individual nerve cell, this is a part of what keeps the larger implant in place in the macrocosm of collective consciousness. So the more individual nerve cells of the individual human body that are cleared of crucifixion implantation, or a variety of mind control implants are holographic inserts, as we clear ourselves individually, it starts to accumulate into a field impact at a collective level. This is a part of the phenomena of understanding Ascending Hubs. In ascending areas where more energy or more plasma is able to conduct from the galactic suns and the intergalactic waves that are transmitting to the earth plane at this time, these areas become more stable. They are able to transmit to circuit and to connect back into the plasma fields. This is a part of creating these chalice configurations, which can feed back into the center point or the zero point, in that neutralized frequency of the Trinity, allows that kick back into the source field at zero point.
  • It is a part of our role in holding higher frequencies, where we allow that particular kickback or exchange of energy in that connected circuit to come online and to be active. When we are able to hold this plasma field, which exchanges with the zero point, this allows more exchange of that energy to happen through our bodies or consciousness as our conduit. Many of us are being shifted or changed, into different demographics, different home spaces, different stewardship agreements so that we can bring this particular level of frequency exchange into zero point from the stewardship with land, whatever that may be. Our particular stewardship at this point has been given in an exchange, which is an imprint of governance in the law of higher dimensions. When we take universal law and we allow ourselves to understand, we want to be in alignment to universal law. We want to get all actions, behaviors, and thoughts to be considered in the governance of higher dimensional laws, which we call the laws of structure, of cosmic sovereign law. We are learning about this now and it's a learn-as-you-go kind of experience.
  • Here we are learning stewardship, we are bringing the laws of structure into the land, into the house, into physical structures and environments in a new way. Whether we live in a house that has a legal contract, we understand the legal contracts and how they have been abused to interfere with consent, intent, and authority. But when we become aware that the use of that legal instrument has been used as an enslavement tool, we become a cause in the higher dimensional laws. Because what they have done is imitate the laws, the universal laws have been replicated into man-made laws that have been distorted by the negative ego and by predator mind, and by all the forces that have sought to gain dominion in this realm over the human beings and the consciousness that exists on this earth. When we see this for what it is, and have an accurate assessment, we can interact with that same legal instrument and change the impact of the energetic quality of that, based upon our own interface with that instrument, individually. I feel that this is an opportunity, even though can be unpleasant dealing with these instruments of enslavement that have been purposely used to deceive the public by swindling people out of their intent, consent and self-determination from out of their own soul. There is no doubt in my mind that's what these legal instruments have been used for, but at this time to recognize whether you are moving, whether you're relocating, whether you have been relocated, we are in a phase of change with bifurcation that is shifting us to move into the next stage of our growth, development, and consciousness expansion.
  • This is allowing our consciousness to become a conduit in the physical world, in alignment to the law of structures, in ways that I don't feel many of us have been interacting with previously. This is a new level of interaction with the law, it is a new interaction in transmission and exchange, and is certainly a new learning opportunity of directing consciousness, and how we hold it. Paying attention to our sphere of influence and impact in the environment in new ways, because this feels like this is being amplified now, with Aqualine Sun, with intergalactic plasma wave transmissions, and wherever we are, as we know we have some kind of tie. It could be our spiritual mission, it could be a polarity integrator contract, it could be for genetic or ancestral reasons, for whatever reasons we are connected to a personal part of the land demographic. Many of us are feeling we are being shifted, we are being moved, we are being taken into a new stage of development so that we can interact with a law of structure in a different way. Apparently that means moving to an area of the earth that is more appropriate for us to work with this. It's a natural byproduct of the spiritual initiation and the embodiment process of our plasma light and connecting with our plasma light. As we know the highest expression in form of the plasma light body is the avatar Christ-Sophianic body.
  • As we build the soul we are building a type of light source, we are moving into the monad, the monad is a creating a light structure and then the plasma, this level of plasma light that comes in is more a different substance than the soul. The soul is plasma but I want to say it's more electron based, it is photon based. It is recognizing that the higher in frequencies we go, the same components of electron, proton and neutron that exist in the three, with every dimension that we move into a higher frequency those same three components are there. But the substance that is created from the three components gets less dense, until you get to the Avatar Christos body, which is pure I want to say liquid, but that's not accurate. Understanding what plasma is, plasma needs a container through which to express itself, it needs a body to express itself. As has been discussed, we are building the Diamond Sun body, we are building the architecture of Crystal Star Diamond Sun body, to hold the plasma light; plasma liquid light, hydro plasmic liquid light.
  • We need a body that can hold that plasma frequency. As we know that plasma is very hot, it's a very high frequency. It's hard to imagine solid plasma, but the recent newsletter (Plasma) helped us understand that part of the ascending body on planet Earth, part of the reclamation of Christ consciousness, cosmic Christ consciousness, is returning the plasma light, creating a solid plasma and that is our body. Our body is becoming capable of holding a higher level of this liquid plasma light and embodying it. As we embody this liquid plasma we interact or exchange with the intergalactic plasma waves that are accessing and coming into the planet at this time.
  • It makes sense at this time, that as the Aqualine Light is a woven braid of Intergalactic Suns, merging with the Suns of the future planet Earth the fifth dimensional earth. As we realize there's a flame, there's a sun, there's a soul in the center of the earth body. The earth body has higher selves just like us. It has a soul body, has a monad body, has a Christ body. Those bodies the higher Krystalline body or Diamond Sun body of Earth, has become aligned now. We could call this Aurora Earth or Krystalline Earth, being connected into the center core, which is where all of these plasma layers, these levels of plasma have interwoven. These allow a contact, a connection. This helps us to understand more about consciousness corridors, where we have all of these interwoven braids of plasma connecting to multiple parallels of Future Earth, which allow a progression of those on the earth in the ascending cycle, in their next incarnation or their spiritual evolution in the next cycle. I can see that these braids are the corridors, this is what allows the souls on 3-D planet Earth to move in and out of here in a way that was not possible in the previous cycles. As we know these cycles, apparently, have been closed at this level for over 250,000 years or so. It's been a very long time where the souls have been recycling down here.
  • Seeing all of these plasma waves being threaded into a braid that is being held by the Galactic Suns. Seeing that this corridor of plasma allows multiple access points. This looks very much like what has been described as consciousness corridors, where the appropriate frequency and consciousness level for waves of beings at that vibrational level, are able to move through that consciousness corridor. With the understanding of Aqualine Sun, the understanding of moving into the next phase of our development, in alignment to the highest expression of our divinity, our spiritual growth, and expansion of consciousness. We are connecting to and understanding more deeply the Aqualine Sun, the plasma field that is now plentiful on the Earth surface and crust.
  • It seems for a moment, the community field is in need of some removal of fragments and some Fallen Angelic distortions. Holding space for shadow vortex retrieval and removal of fragments, attachments, and any Fallen Angelic distortion, creating any accumulative karmic debris, astral debris which is, required to be cleared, moved and transited out of energetic synthesis community field. Identify locate remove and repair within the community as a whole, scanning astral body, pain body, collective body elements. We asked to identify Fallen Angelic distortions and to perform necessary spiritual deliverance and evictions. Beloved God we call upon our Krystal Star Host for intercession, we ask Holy Mother Arc for transit of these fragments, attachments and distortions, as God would have it be, in divine right order and timing. Doing a general transit of minus 1 entities, and I am seeing a black substance. This looks like shadow creature forms, you know the ones that don't have faces, just sort of a mass of black substance is actually what I'm seeing at this moment. Transit all minus 1 entities and black substance, lunar substance, moon chain or lunar distortions, connected to these fragments or attachments now.
  • Continuing to clear any black substance, conjured spirit, conjured projection from any black magic, magician or grid network. Clearing negative forms of these distortions existing within black substance. Looking at this black substance, I need to identify and locate energy leakage, energy harvesting. When we go through this shift at the subatomic level in the foundation of the change at the first dimension, this creates vulnerabilities of root leakage, Qi leakage. Looking at the perineum, as if ES was a body and we are looking at the root, and it is almost like a drain. I am looking at the bottom and I am looking at a drain and I'm seeing where energies leaked. It's actually pretty good in there but we want to identify and locate all energy leakages, Qi leakages, group leakages and drainages in the community at large. We ask to identify locate remove and repair, the weight of the black substance accumulation of collective pain body and astral body distortions, connected within the community. This is a part of transit and clearing removing that accumulation from the group body.
  • This feels like a very first and second dimensional clearing, healing, and conscious witnessing of it. Clearing negative forms of collective pain body accumulation and their plug-in, to the collective consciousness black magic grids. Interestingly enough, just feeling through the changes that have happened with Giza recently, this brings up the Thothian grid and the Phoenix grid, which have intersections with that particular area. Those of us that have been working sessions can see a variety of things happening in the global scape. Certainly areas of Indonesia, Micronesia, and this is what Oceana is, Australia and into these many island chains in this area going up to Japan, Korea and into as well the Middle East. As we know this is always a problematic place, being the core areas of Golden Eagle grid distortion, previous Giza infiltration and the Phoenix grid, which is related to the fourth and seventh dimensional intersection and healings. When we think of crucifixion implants, Dove grid and a lot of connection there in the Phoenix grid, because we got 4th to 7th dimensional intersections being used in that Phoenix grid.
  • So from the astral body to the Logos, running links of healing, releasing, and removing black substance. I don't know why I am calling it black substance, because it feels similar to miasma, but this is something else. I'm trying to get a lock on it. It's like shadow... black... it's lunar accumulation, like a black substance mass. It's a little different than the shards of glass and dead energy. I am trying to get a lock on trying to describe what this black mass is, and moving it out, that had created leakage. It feels like a deposit as a result of shifts happening and clearing crucifixion, and planetary crucifixion records, holocaust records and the collective pain body stuff, that is been so prevalent in the field lately. It's like a vomiting of pain body. This may be the Aqualine Sun, comes into the crust and is trying to create room on the crust, on the surface horizontal grids, and it comes up against this black substance; not only the miasma, the broken shards, and the dead energy. But this is like lunar, just a black massive lunar crud. There are some bodies in there. It's like there is a consciousness in there, like body parts, all kinds in there. Anyway clearing that black substance, moon chain lunar substance, from our field. We asked to identify and locate any leakage points, and to seal those leakage points with the highest frequency of plasma light.
  • (Detailed HGS session continues, these clearing points not included in the interest of brevity for this summary)
  • Running through a simple triad sweep through the collective body. Holy Father please run a simple triad sweep through this section of astral pain body accumulation, clearing black substance of miasma, addiction, parasites, entities, suppressors, and software mind control. Please perform appropriate body retrievals and return to rightful owner. We asked to collapse time, timelines from that particular collective pain body intrusion from the 4th gate. Please seal the group community and collective aura.

(Source: Meeting Transcript April 15, 2016)