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Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

Today is April 29, 2016 and it feels like there has been a time of death, rebirth transformation, relocation, a lot of different things are shifting, I think in our personal lives, our professional lives. Every aspect of which is influenced through us or by us, has certainly been undergoing some kind of alteration and transformation. This is the touchstone to start to put the toe in the water, to change the ripple and the direction of the HGS field. Meaning the strength of the HGS field, through its transformation into a different and higher elevation, as it is being shifted now. We are being shifted into a different time space continuum, that time space continuum is impacting the ES community, and the HG field, it's impacting our organic field, and as such it feels like it's best to allow it to resettle itself and organize itself within the structure.

As we move into that relative balance of a higher expression of frequency, of light and plasma, we have the meeting point of the polarities within that field of energy. When that light meets in that dimension of time, and then clearing the obsolete energies that exist there. A lot of the attention and energy and awareness has been given to a tremendous amount of work, in these past months. These past months have impacted all of us. Dealing with fifth dimensional Satanic coding, Metatronic coding, reversal 55 coding, for many reasons. But in knowing that the Metatronic coding and that five based coding that is used, in many of the satanic field architecture, is used to manipulate black magic and this is where these entities are gathering their power. This is how black magicians conjure, subtle energetic forces and direct it to people. 

As we move into higher fields, we all know the plan of attack of negative hierarchical forces and imposter spirit forces. There's a lot of smash and grab, thuggery and Mafia like behavior happening with these hierarchies at this time. It doesn't feel good, it is not fun, but I do feel that in alignment to the shift and change. We are undergoing that shift into that next platform and it requires seeing, clearing, a certain level of fifth dimensional distortion, that was existing in the next harmonic universe.

Essentially that's what is occurring. When we talk about the subatomic shifting, the point in time and space, and the time continuum in which we exist, is being moved into the next harmonic universe structure. Those of us on the ascending path are undergoing this while we are coexisting on a planet with many people that are maintaining or descending the third dimensional timelines, on the 3D Earth. So you have both, existing in parallel to each other, on the planet together. And yet we are located at a different point in the timeline, in the time space continuum. We are actually, our foundation or energetic body, and some of you may have been sensing that. That when you do your shielding work or when you do certain work, you may not be connecting into 3D Earth anymore. You may be connecting into fields of plasma.

We are elevated above the Earth field and yet, the physical body is existing within the fields of earth. So we are existing in a different time space location, a different time continuum, and a different actual harmonic universe entirely. I think this is the gradual shift until the end of 2017. It will be interesting to see, to view and observe what happens within the community, within us, as we undergo this sort of shift. I do feel as unpleasant as it is, and as difficult as it can be, this is the time where people that are not moving, or that is not their path to move into this next harmonic universe continuum, may not be coming with us. This may be manifested in a multitude of ways. We may be holding the anchor for those people, as many of us have understood, many of us are anchors for biological family members, or community, or at certain levels of our field service designation. Our Light body is an orb body, a spherical body, that once developed can hold human souls and it. So some of us will have that as well. There is so much going on, it's really hard to define it all.

But to understand that the time space coordinate location, of where we are moving to at the end of 2017, and this process is beginning now... is moving into these fourth, fifth and six dimensional fields. It's like saying the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension, become connected into the energy centers where your first, second and third chakra previously existed. Many of us don't have the first, second and third chakra anymore, while we are existing on the earth. That is the best way to describe the reconfiguration of the light body at this time. Those of us that are in contact with Founder Consciousness are going to have the Emerald looking or green Father energy, or the Mother Blue energy and that is going to be a full embodiment. And over the head is the Christ Sun. So again at this time what I'm experiencing is a whole different configuration and how the body is connecting to the earth realms. And the earth realms feel very much as it is existing underneath my physical body, in a way that is experienced spatially, differently.

My orientation in space has completely changed the bottom of me is completely filled with this blue plasma light and above me now, at that 4 feet position above head, all of that is bright gold light of the liquid plasma sun. It's completely filling that whole area, and it is just omnipresent now. There was the experience years ago, like in 2009 when I really saw the blue aura coming in, from the Mother Arc, being threaded into the earth and holding the Mother Arc. I think that's a part of being an acupuncture point for that frequency. Now it's a different level embodiment. The Krystal Star Diamond Sun body and the way that it is anchored in, it is very interesting in my experience at this moment. This is something to discover as we move on with this, those lower energy centers do not exist anymore, and yet you're on earth. Which is very curious, right?

The harmonic universe of the third dimension that is making up that particle level, and yet there's a part of us, our body is now sitting on a foundation that is not existing in the first, second or third dimension. And yet we can go into those dimensions. What I have been experiencing is that when I am looking at a human body that is stuck on the earth, a disincarnate. Their body from a distance is a sphere, until I shift my perception in the field and recognize that is a human being. I used to see humanoid disincarnate people, looking just like humans walking around, and now their energy field is spherical. My point of reference in looking at them on the inner planes has changed. I'm still experimenting with that experience, but I know it is people stuck in the lower dimensions, in the first, second and third dimension timelines. I'm looking from a higher dimension at them, rather than looking at them from the first, second or third dimension timeline. So it's very interesting and just sharing that in case that is something that has been experienced, or will be experienced by any of you and the future.

In holding this field for stabilization and of course allowing it to hold the next stage of its development. And for each of us to be informed and aware and in alignment, from an energetic level, not a mental level but that feeling level ... what our role or connection to the HGS field is, in the context of course of all of the shifts and changes that are occurring. So holding stabilization, strength, amplification and clarity for the Hieros Gamos field, and of course an application of that field through its manifestation in the physical, the HG manual, the Hiero Gamic manual. In sacred rod and staff in dedicating and consecrating our field to the purposes of God, we ask to please open all channels of light. We ask to clear all filaments and light fibers of our plasma to be fully connected and resident with the eternal living light code. As we consecrate today's group session in service to Cosmic Sovereign Law we call upon group avatar and God Self, our guides, guardians those that assist us in managing, administering to and holding the Hieros Gamos field, our Guardian and Aurora family.

Please help to connect with our Hiero Gamic field, we fully activate our Christos and what seems to be above us now, is that Aquaferion Shield that connects to the Aurora pillars and platforms. Beloved's again we ask to please join with us, guide us into the highest expression of our divinity and mission, as appropriate for each individual and of course our collective group field. We asked to balance center and stabilize the Hiero Gamic field now. Please perform axiatonal alignments connecting all vertical links, calibration and alignment of modulation between the white-hole black-hole spin points, through these axiatonal lines. And where they meet through their intersections horizontal and diagonal. We asked for re-connections as appropriate, which allow all spiritual energetic communication links between our individual collective being, and the mind, body and heart, of the Godhead. We ask to assist us in correcting all body parts, again allowing all aspects of our body. In feeling the cells, the mitochondria, the instructions set the cellular membrane, how that energy is vitalized, the mitochondria itself to nourish and support our organ systems.

Some of you might be aware of recent on posts in the community, speaking about Trinity fields and Trinity Gates. Noting that as a part of the subatomic shifting that has occurred from this bifurcation, and in this movement into this different time space continuum. Our vantage point in working with certain Earth grid problems is changing. My feeling is whether or not we have experienced it directly in this moment that may be something that in the future we feel more directly. Is that from this elevated vantage point of consciousness, again being moved into a different time space continuum if you will, then the majority of the inhabitants on the earth plane at this time. Again there's not that many of us moving in that direction.

So understanding that this is a premium, it's a privilege, it allows us access point into certain levels of the field, which feels that it will be more powerful. Meaning that we have talked about this before, that it is from higher dimensional access that the lower dimensions are influenced. If we are going to make any meaningful architectural shifts in the planets grid, we are accessing a space from a higher dimensional plane, in order to impact the sound light and creational codes that are arranging these fields, and fields of expression, instruction sets, in and this and that. As we move into the higher time space location, it allows us more influence or hopefully more accuracy, or ... do I want to see permanency? I don't know if I have the words at this moment, because a lot of us will find the complexity of the interaction of the fields of Earth, is just something that cannot be described in words. It's incredibly complex in terms of how things interact or influence each other.

Clearly when we work with HGS, we are being guided through that process, and creating very specific templates in order to influence a particular instruction set, for whatever the intent, or direction, or location, or demographic of that particular session is being directed to. It makes sense to me that from the higher perspective, meaning that coming from a higher dimensional perspective of which to impact the lower dimensional fields. Because the majority of the people, the souls on this earth, the collective race field of humanity is existing there. They are existing in those fields, so in a sense there is this strange and surreal experience of, you being on the earth and yet in a completely different time space, and an energy field than the people around you, than the majority of the people around you. And also determining, and I think we have to explore and feel into that, are we a hub of a particular area that's holding a certain parameter of that ascending hub, that supports the people in that area?

One thing I'm understanding is that during the bifurcation, we had damage in the Trinity Gates. These Trinity gates are intrinsic and responsible for and a part of, the structure of what has been described in the consciousness corridor or cosmic evolution edict, in supporting the transit and the rehabilitation, and the assistance of the majority of the people on this earth. Again in the cycles of their evolution, being moved into that appropriate space-time, whatever their consciousness level maybe. We have an incredible array of consciousness perspectives and differences in frequency on planet. 

We also have groups; you have star groups, the Satanic, Luciferian and Christic forms of beings, but also all of this hybridization, and also beings that are highly identified with a certain culture or star system. An example one of the things that is very present lately, are the Maldekian beings. The consciousness and souls that are on planet Earth, that came from what we call the refugee races. They were brought here or dumped here, however you want to look at it, after their planet exploded. Brought here with a lot of damage, and so those beings, a human that has a tremendous percentage or weighted memory or identity, which they have not healed yet. They have not even begun to encounter this aspect of themselves, from Maldek, and they're here on the earth.

So the Maldekians will have certain healing objectives, and they'll be resonating with each other. They were there like a soul group or soul pod, or star system. Those souls will have a common theme of evolution, and most of them will probably choose the same planet, or the same consciousness corridor in order to play that out, in order to heal it. Because it's clear the Maldekian problem and the refugee race problem that happened on this earth, is not healed. Obviously we do our parts in healing the architecture here, but I also recognize that many of the souls here are going to need to work on that in their next lifetime. How are they going to do that? Through the consciousness corridor. 

Now what has attempted to be interfered with, disrupted and disconnected, is this process. And that's a lot of what we are feeling right now, obviously and the vulnerability of this spread. The juxtaposition of this huge spread of frequency, this point of divergence, is what it's called. Where the frequency is now repelling itself in a different direction. When it does this it creates a really strong momentum, and that can increase the feelings of chaos, specifically when in the presence of something that has an opposing polarity to you. Before it used to be attracted to you like a magnet, now it's been repelled from you. There can be some really strong sensations from the force that is generated, because it's a repelling force now, between the ascending and descending frequencies.

A lot of those people that are somewhere at the bottom, or somewhere in between, are going to need a Trinity gate, in order to move into the next series of their evolution cycle. Without what we know is the problem on planet Earth, the enslavement, the artificial intelligence, and the mind control and all of that. So the Trinity gates have been very present, but it feels very much related to Hieros Gamos. Our Hieros Gamos sessions our Hiero Gamic code, is capable of repairing, strengthening, and reconnecting the architecture in these systems of transiting. This is a part of understanding this larger objective of the consciousness corridors, that these gates are where the majority of the humans on this earth, at this time, will be exited. Exited, transited, rehabbed, in transit stations, to prepare. What's going to need to happen, is most of these gates require a human being, with at least three genetic strands operating. When we start digressing and we go into Metatronic reversal, when so many human being start going into Metatronic reversal, they actually lose their code.

The majority of people that do not awaken, like that the narcissistic wounding, they are dealing with Metatronic fields that are highly susceptible to AI signal. Running AI signal so the black magic fields and the Metatronic fields, are easily converted to AI signal. That is a part of what the war is about. This is why so much of our work, you may have noticed, has been clearing black magic grids, clearing Metatronic coding. It's all the fifth, this 5 and 10 base coding that is used by the Thothian and black magic grids, because these grids are first to go. They go Metatronic and go into AI. Which I would say is the next stage of decay or deterioration of the planet consciousness, being assimilated into an AI program. Metatronic is a reversal that is splitting the consciousness apart. AI is an assimilation into a computer program. It's like the complete deterioration of the consciousness at AI signal level. So the project, or work, which is through us, or through our night time adventures, through our sessions, you may see this theme.

In working with these horrifyingly disgusting grids, as we know, there is no easy way to be neutral while you're in there. But I had to try to find words to describe it, I mean there just aren't any. It's pure hatred and its sewage it's not pleasant. Feeling some of that has been in the community field recently, and it's a result of this work, and it's something that eventually, when we regain our sense of consistency in our weekly meetings, and regain our balance this is going to be restored to balance, and return to a stronger and more intense light field, within the community. But over the last months, this has been a weakness and a vulnerability. Because as we all know, when we are undergoing transition into a different field set, higher frequencies, what we call initiation. It's a shift into a different frequency set. There is always vulnerability, there's always people that start acting out. They get in entrenched in the black magic, and the feeling of these forces. And that goes into the victim victimizer, and the psychic attacking.

You may have noticed, this is why I Have tried to beef up our ascension glossary and information in the community, to discuss negative spirits. Because most of the people at the higher level, we're dealing with negative alien invasion who is taking advantage of the lower spirits in the earth plane, to manipulate them. Most people that are not galactivated yet, meaning they're not holding monadic consciousness yet. The majority of their problem in clearing is not negative alien entities, its ancestral spirits, its satanic spirits, its attachments. A lot of it could be from family of origin stuff, it could be genetic and generational stuff. One of the things that is very clear, is that not that many people realize the importance of personal focus and responsibility. Really where the work is, what is so crucial, is that every action that you are engaged in; whether it's eating, whether to drinking, whether it's walking down the street. That you are in full consent, and this is your intent to do that activity in that momentThat you are not allowing your body to be controlled by something, or someone, or some power outside of yourself. This is what sets up possession, in either thought form possession, which is possible or an actual entity possession. 

At the highest level, it's a negative alien pulling the strings. But that's not the layer that's going to shift or heal, because generally that person is not at that Galactic level of embodiment. Where it's impacting at that level, or we can go to that as the source field. Sometimes we can and sometimes we can't, but the majority of the time the person needs to clear and understand, their physical actions need to be always in their consent. That means no autopilots, no automatic reactions, being excruciatingly careful obviously with anything that is an influential substance that takes you out of your body. Again we know the dangers of that and why the pot and the legalization, and all of this partying thoughtform is being sent as broadcast to the vulnerable youngsters. Because it's the easiest way to take you out of your body and therefore out of consent. Now you become under the control of a force you don't understand, and the more that you do that, the more that you let go of your full awareness to participate, with the actions that your body is involved with, the easier possession is. And this is the dark agenda right now, of the smash and grab thugs that are using these disincarnate spirits, ancestral spirits, and things that are conjured, or evoked through black magic. A lot of these things are conjured and evoked bindings, this is a negative curse, hex, spell, black magic. They are constantly casting that, throwing that out.

Generally they are ancestral spirits, they're connected to you, in your family biology someway. Could be connected to a past life. And these are various hierarchies of what we call satanic spirits, or spirits of the earth. They are lower spirits and these guys are controlled by a gatekeeper, and that's usually a fallen angelic. But the demon is controlling these other groupings of entities. There is a power structure that goes on within a chain of command. 

The more the war goes on for the sovereignty of that person, there is a chain of command. It is exactly like the military, it works exactly like mafia. The world of spirit is actually set up that way, it's bizarre. But these are hierarchies of these dark entities. Understanding that these are the ones primarily that are wreaking havoc right now. When we can observe the glazed over eyes of people that have forms of possession, most of that is disincarnates. This isn't negative alien stuff. I think in the more advanced destructive activities that people carry out orders, the ones that are killing people, and some of the really sinister stuff, satanic ritual abuse. Many times those destructive events are carried out by a temporary reptilian embodiment. But most of the harassment, the smash and grab, is this low-level dark spirit. And mostly, in my personal theory, because there are a ton of them. There are more of those than there are negative aliens. There aren't that many negative aliens, in population, in comparison to the disincarnates and the black spirits, of human souls and those that have been absorbed into the demonic streams, under the control of the Fallen Angelics.

This is important to bring that awareness to surface, because this is impacting me at the moment, because unfortunately or fortunately I am the steward of the ES community. So I'm dealing with this witch that's got a hold of ___________. It's recognizing that it is that kind of entity that is generally going to be wreaking havoc with people around us, when you're looking at possessions, and this kind of thing. Even though it is clear that many of us are working on these low level spirits, these dark black entities. Because where are they getting their power? The black magic grids, they get it from there, they siphon that energy off. When they are casting their spells, and creating these ugly patterns, or weapons, or creatures like spiders and insectoid crap, to suck off of you. This is the conjuring, not the robotic ones, as that's different. That's a part of the AI signal ones. And usually the AI is attracted to a star seed or high-level indigo on planet. But for most people, you're going to get what I'm talking about, something that is conjuring and working with the black magic fields, and they get power from that black magic or Baphomet field. And then they get kudos from their higher up, whoever's controlling them. You have to remember these are spirits of servitude, they don't have self-determination, someone else is giving them an order. And remembering that I think is helpful, in eviction and facing off with these entities, to realize this is a spirit or servitude to someone else. He may say he's all that, he may think he's all-powerful, but he's not. He's actually answering to someone above him. Always remember that this is a spirit of servitude.

In bringing clarity to current circumstances in which we may be exposed. Hopefully to have a greater understanding of some of the forces that may be influenced in the periphery, or sensing around, and why. Hopefully it gives a deeper clarity into understanding that these entities are also attempting to hitchhike off humans, as they move through the consciousness corridor, and they will not be able to. Now if they kill the human, if they're able to possess the human and kill the human, and stay in the body, then there will be some rehabilitation or direction, where those entities will go. But ultimately it will be the human souls involved in that enmeshment, because whatever that enmeshment is, it could've been something that happened lifetimes ago, many lifetimes, repeated lifetimes. Those beings have to figure it out and take responsibility for their actions. They have to take the course of evolution, and learn how to exist within a different space, without the alien control, without the mind control, and be given a process through which they can evolve in a body. They are given a new body with which to work within the context of evolution.

That is what the Trinity gates are designed for. And so in understanding the opposition, the attacking, why so much black magic and these low-level spirits all over the place. A lot of these entities have got to be routed, moved out. The Trinity gates need to be repaired and sequenced. The black magic fields through which of these entities gain power, you can see it's kind of like a starvation structure. These entities used to get a lot more black force. We've got changes in lunar, changes in magnetic, and changes in gravity. All of these changes are impacting their food source, which is their energy supply that they can draw off these black magic grids. Because it's like a black substance, what these fields are. It's not a plasma body, it's like a type of residue body of the black force. And in order for them to cast spells and get around, and then play their games, they suck the energy off of people. But they suck the energy off these grids. These grids are shifting, where there's not enough food source for all of them, so now they're really going for human beings. Meaning in order to jump on the human being, and try to get the energy from the human being, as an act of desperation. As well as a part of that smash and grab feeling, when you have that thug smash and grab on his way out in desperation. This is what they're doing right now, smash and grab, and they are grabbing some people on the way out. And of course that is not pleasant at all.

But understanding the Trinity gate is a part of consciousness corridor, and so the importance of clearing the black magic grids, and these particular ancestral entities stuck on them. And how they are harassing so many people. This is happening simultaneously, to the repair of the Trinity gates, because these gates are where the people of this planet will exit. Into a safe space where they will not be astral harnessed and mind controlled into what they have been on the earth, over many cycles of time.

Question: I had a question too, about when you were describing the chakras and moving into another harmonic universe. I'm used to thinking of the chakras as; one is the root, etc. Are you saying that like the root area, would correspond to the fourth chakra now?

Lisa: Yes. The people on the ascending path are moving. If you think 1, 2 and 3 as the harmonic universe of 3D, then 4, 5, and 6. Four is the root of the fifth dimensional earth. So think about the cosmology of that universal time matrix, and you think of these multiple earths. You have the 3D Earth and the 5D earth. So the 3D Earth energy field, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakra, was a type of dimensional wave of spectrum.

For the people in the bifurcation, going through the Ascension process, those first, second and third chakras are now being upgraded. And it will probably be gradual, to allow them to collect or integrate pieces of themselves. Through the Ascension process this energy now is coming into the root, the first, second and third areas. I think this gives us insight into how the masses are going to be eventually freed, from this insidious mind control and artificial intelligence, right? Because most of that structure is controlling the first, second, and third layers. Now all the sudden, it is a dimensional rollup. That would be the best way to say it. The dimensions are rolling up and they still exist, but they have a different quality of frequency governing them. It's like saying the fourth dimensional governance, because remember every dimension has a different ray structure, a different quality of energy. And how that energy moves, it's colors, it's consciousness, has a theme to it. So it's like saying 'that' now evolves to replace the first enrgy center as the foundation or chakra for people.

The first chakra as we know it, as born on 3D Earth, is ceasing to exist in the groups that are ascending. I think what is being described as descending, is probably these people that are becoming more consubstantial with these lower demonic forces. As we know, we are still coexisting with these demonic forces, and these black forces are primarily (that are earth bound, the ones stuck on earth) in the first, second and third layers. So as this role up occurs, it also describes why the entities that used to have a veil of separation from our reality, they are no longer veiled from us. Because that dimension is rolled up, and it's now floating around in the third dimension. These entities now are elbow to elbow with the human being, where previously, it was more like a veil or membrane there that made it a little more difficult for things like possession to occur, and this type of body hijack. It's a very positive thing, because it means that that energy, that quality, that extremely dense waveform is ceasing to exist in that space. That's exactly what we want, to evolve and get beyond the victim-victimizer program, that's been loaded in the first dimension. They use a lot of that root, that red energy wave spectrum to run that thing.

Now we still have a lot of people on earth that are used to that frequency. They obviously grew up with it, they've been conditioned since birth to think that's how the world works, and that's a part of the problem. Because when you have someone on earth, a human being feeding that victim-victimizer program, they are keeping the root energy alive, they are generating more of it. They don't realize that they don't have to, because again that's the sad thing about this mind control programming. You only know, what you know. Then you can see why there is so much violent aggression in the media being directed towards the general public, to keep them cycling in the victim-victimizer, and in this warring consciousness, and why it's been getting worse. Because they're desperate to keep that same energy running down here, even though the planet is ceasing to support it. The body of planet is evolving and these dimensions are rolling up and being absorbed into the next higher dimension, and they're desperate, running around trying to make people create more of it.

As we know there are things that exist as collective agreements. If you have thousands, millions of people on earth who are projecting thoughts of victim-victimizer, hatred, control, master slave, whatever it may be. Then there is a lot of people in that thought form, there's a collective agreement that keeps that low energy circulating. There are people that are synchronizing to the reality bubble that they are most comfortable with. This is of course the horrifyingly sad thing, that so many people on earth are familiar and feel comfortable with these destructive energies. So even though these energies are horrifyingly enslaving and parasitic, it's like people are familiar to it, so they continue to propagate it still. Not knowing that you need to move on into a different thought form, you need to shift the way you're thinking, you need to behave in a different way.

But I think we've seen some of that happening on planet Earth, where you see more people on earth concerned about worldly things, and larger issues that impact the world. We are getting beyond the selfishness, about me, me, me and what I need, and what I should do. There is a move from the individual consciousness and we start thinking about larger things that impact the world, and more people are concerned about that. That is definitely a way to describe that shift in consciousness, because there's less of that quality of energy being supported in the planet itself. Then people start changing their thought forms. The biggest challenge we have on planet earth is recognizing that we are dealing with people that have been severely abused, and severely victimized. All of us were born here and we know what it's like. We went through it too, but at varying degrees of trauma. We are dealing with a population of completely traumatized people, that are not understanding the tools, and how to shift their consciousness.

In our context here, and in speaking about energy and intelligent energy, and that everything has a blueprint. Most people just do not understand or conceive of that. But if you shift your consciousness it's going to remove that quality of energy from impacting, or running through your chakras. We have reached a point in the bifurcation, where some of us on the ascension path, in the ascending hub moving in 2017, are aligning to the next harmonic universe. This is what's coming. I'm seeing that right now, it is impacting us in the community, it is impacting the Hiero Gamic field, and the Mentor field. It is something that is happening as we are transiting and moving through this time. It's clear as indigo star people with this information, that we are the first wave, we do this jump into the higher platform first. This is clearly happening in the community, and I'm experiencing it directly in my own body, so I know it's happening. This will be a trickle-down effect. More and more people, if you're not there already it's going to happen. Those that choose the ascension path, this is what's happening. So that the whole configuration in our particle body, what used to be our particle chakras in the first, second and third layer. It means that those frequencies that we were born into on the earth, what our chakras used to transmit or transduce or move through the body, those become non-existent. Those are not in our body anymore and that's a great thing, because those are the energies of black magic, AI, black substance, and control. Those are the primary levels, where they control the body of the people of this earth.

There are obviously others, Metatron is coming from the 9th and 10th dimensions, in reversing and breaking up the Christ consciousness, the avatar dimension. Obviously they tried to split, that's the monadic reversal, in the splitting of the electron of those fields. But drilling it down, coming into the physical body, the first, second and third chakra are energies that govern the physical body; the actions of physical body, the autonomic system, the nervous system. Now their whole agenda has been attack the autonomic system, so that we can gain control over the brain receiver, and the neurological functions of the human. Now if a human is shifting their neurological and brain receivers to a different or higher dimensional frequency broadcast, it's hard for them because there most of their system of control is this AI Metatronic code, that is drilled down to those three main software programs.

First chakra was controlled by a software coming out of Saturn called victim-victimizer. This is a software program like an AI that runs programs through your body, if you let it. And of course most people do, because you don't know. So this software is running your chakra and it's putting in all of these archetypes, victimizer archetypes, and belief systems. And until you become conscious, you don't know this is going on. So your unconscious mind is under the complete control of this software, and that's how they get you. They get access to your autonomic system they get access to your transduction sequence, which is again that moment where your spirit being came into physical biology. So they try to control the biology immediately, and this is how they do it.

The second chakra is sexual misery program software. So the sexual misery coming out of wormwood and UK, is spread all over the planet and it is meant to promote lunar force in the second chakra. And as we know all of these distortions for the female, were created in order to keep the satanic dark mother force alive on earth. That's what sexual misery did it exacerbated and created more satanic force, more dark mother force, because it's using these frequencies that are inherent in the second dimension of planet Earth. And it's converting it into these reversals, and that's again a part of what creates this satanic force intelligence. Then more and more people feed it, more and more people create more of it, and it just grows and grows like a cancer, but the instigation of it. This program didn't create Satanism it advanced it. It created more of it. Satanic force was always an interplay, but what it is today of course, has been manipulated from this advanced technology of artificial intelligence, creating software to control the instinctual and unconscious minds of people. To get them to do this automatically and not know any different, so that they would create more of this black lunar force that could be converted back into the satanic force on the earth. So that satanic force will completely control the earth. And we can see, of course, how incredibly successful that has been, because you look around today and see this satanic force everywhere on the earth. This is a part of what is propagating it, generating it, distributing it, across the earth, the NRG program sexual misery. This is why it's the big burrito and this is why it's so hard for me to go to the UK, because somebody knows I have that mission. And they don't want me there, because this is a prolific generator of this satanic force.

We get to third dimension and you get into the software of Armageddon. That's the 911 Alpha Omega agenda. This is also software, again all of this was placed in the collective consciousness of the planet earth, and it is running software to control the chakras of the 3D humans, to play these programs out. These are the three main software programs that are being used. When you think of the software, it is running off a particular electromagnetic wave pattern. So the program and the code that they wrote, to run that software that controls the chakra systems of the average human being, was with the goal of complete and utter control of the body. That is their goal, that's why the software was written, that's why it was put into the planetary field. So that every aspect of the human's physical function could be sourced and controlled by these forces.

Now when we see that in the ascension, and with this bifurcation, these energies are being rolled up. There are still have many people on planet, that have the software installed. This is obviously the problem, and this is what they are betting on. So when you see the smash and grab, and all of these blatant attempts, this is working that agenda. They are absolutely doing everything they can in the global scape, to get the people to run this software in the lower chakras to keep it running. Because if they run this software they are going to be assimilated into that AI, and they're going to spread, or create more of that satanic force. The bodies will be under the complete control of these negative aliens at the top level. If they want to use a body or whatever else, thinking from their point of view. You have to think of their agenda, why are they doing this? Why do they want to control every last breath, movement, action of humanity?. I mean it almost seems ridiculous the level of this micromanagement of control. But when you start to look at the information profiling, into the Prism and into the Snowden leaks, and all of this coming out, there is hard data that shows the micromanaging of every last detail of a human in order to gather profiles for AI assimilation. 

The micromanaging of the human being, it's jaw-dropping, right? When you think of how much control that these negative beings want over the public, and this is the reason why. Understanding that it's not over till it's over, they just keep doing it. And as we can see there are some people on earth that let it happen, because they are unaware, they're traumatized, or whatever else. So hopefully though, the good news about this movement, is understanding that in the future generations, more of our higher consciousness souls, can actually embody in a human body, and this will die out. If you think in the long-term range, you can see that the writing is on the wall. There's no way they're going to be able to handle this shadow and mirrors imitation for another 1000 years, trying to desperately control, or micromanage every breath a person takes. But I think it is an evolutionary issue, there are going to be future generations that are not going to have first, second and third energy wave spectrum from the 3-D Earth. They are going to be carrying these higher levels of being, and a lot of these thought forms like victim-victimizer or sexual misery will be totally foreign to them. And I think the planet will be able to support that different way of life. We are the transit (transition) team in laying the groundwork for the future generations.

(Source: Meeting Transcript)