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Obsolete Chakras still function as energy centers, without old Chakra Wave Spectrum, Skeleton is foundation

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

We are memorializing our meeting, today is Friday, June 17, 2016. In holding our space, I feel the dichotomy and juxtaposition we are enduring now is the increasing skill set. We are required to hold a very strong foundation, in the truth, the truth spirit. The ability to hold that compassionate neutral witnessing, while the planet, planetary body, collective consciousness fields, are undergoing such writhing, and in many places agony, I would say. There's an energy of rebirth and death, certainly nothing new on the ascension path. But really feeling the contrast through the bifurcation that we're moving and evolving, and also being required, on this path, to be able to hold a core strength. A lot of the experiences are demonstrated for us, in the early stages, before we are being strengthened, through another level of the foundation or core. Most of us are aware of the changes happening in the, we could call them, the obsolete or third dimensional chakra systems that are being reconfigured. We are enduring the transitioning phase, where certain levels of planet in the collective consciousness are still operating and functioning within, as for second and third chakra wave spectrums as we have known them up to this point.

Here we are prototyping in the Ascension cycle, and we've come to a new level of prototyping, to understand beyond the reconfiguring in working with Aurora elementals and different configurations that occurred within the elemental body, and what we call the particle wave faction that exist in the first, second and third dimensions. This area is being rewoven. There have been all of these points in the ascension process that have been taking this reconfiguration to this point. We have been talking about how the kundalini was previously disconnected, in that there should be three levels of harmonics, in a interwoven kundalini thread that is connected to the root chakra levels and in the coccyx. This is where the inner spiritual being, for the human being, for us that inner part of the seed of our inner flame should ignite there. How many people on the planet have not had that kundalini or inner light ignition because of being completely out of attunement, not only with levels of the earth field, but levels within themselves? Where so much of this blockage, the reptilian tail, the ego constructs that make up the first, second and third chakras. This all interferes and interrupts the inner kundalini and the fetal cells, the fetal seed. Those seeds, fetal cells, hold the seed that ignites our inner vital force to connect with the larger flame of our God spirit. It is understanding there is this concept, but it's also an experience, but trying to explain it in a concept to try to understand it, is that it the human body as a nerve cell has an inner spark, which ignites a catalyst of the of a small flame of light into energy. This ignites through the bodily matrices, all of these layers of the matrices that create the human body.

When we look at the physical matrix reconnection, we can see that these are levels of the matrices that exist in the body. When you look at physical matrix reconnection it gives you an idea of all of the interconnected layers of the matrices, energetically within the human body, that the ethereal flame access points have to ignite the spark of light within that human being, in order to ignite this inner spark to move through all of these interconnected matrices. When it does ignite, like at a cellular level let’s say, it starts in the foundation of your structure. It ignites the spark of your own vital essence, which is connected, which is sparking your inner spirit, your inner soul, at the first layers of the inner soul energies. And that inner spark moves into the matrices of your body energetically and physically to embody in the etheric level, so that it can finally embody that inner spark in the physical level. So it moves through these etheric flame access points, going through the layers of the bodily matrices. It starts in the skeletal structures so the very foundation of our bones, our bone marrow, our skeletal structure, becomes the harmonic resonator, which carries that spark into the next level of the matrices.

So what is happens is when people are working on those distortions that are within that lower chakra system, we are learning more and more about how the configuration of the unconscious mind, the instinctual body or the pain body, and the conscious mind works together. How each of these became enmeshed and entwined with an artificial intelligence running into the planetary brain, which is the grid network. And how that influences these negative thoughts; in the victim-victimizer, sexual misery, and the Armageddon program. Which is that agenda of terrorism, to keep people in the vibration of fear and in terror, which is a main tool of Satanic force. As we know the goal of Satanic forces, and what we define in our community is Satanic ritual abuse, is to incite terror. So this is the means with which they do it, and we know that this is slowly becoming obsolete on our planet, as Krystal Host has taken gradual control of the planetary matrix.

But as we know it's extremely slow, it is quite gradual and is very slow, and we are part of the vanguard of that new template, in working with the first layers of reconfiguration in the field matrix to allow so many things that we are talking about with Hieros Gamos, and many of the exercises that are processes that we may learn within Energetic Synthesis. These processes are provided to help wean us off that system, because all of us were born into it. It's not something you can just cut off immediately, it's something you have to evolve yourself out of gradually. All of us obviously know that very intimately. The process of initiation, accumulation (accretion) or absorption of these new frequencies and then the ability to embody it. So I am really feeling now, in having that connection of understanding that the kundalini forces on planet Earth, (which has been brought up before) was partially coded.

So it's like saying those three main currents in the kundalini forces in planet, that make up the harmonics, the 36 harmonics of the first, second and third dimension, those harmonics were scattered. So it is like thinking of music in its harmonic tones, where you should be using these 36 harmonics. Then it breaks down into what is known as 12 12 12, because that is what creates the 36 harmonics in the three dimensions. Each of these octaves has 12 harmonic patterns, those 12 harmonic patterns need to be running, and resonating together. Meaning that you know when you go up the harmonic scale that you have a vibration or an attunement to a particular frequency and then that resonates into the next harmonic frequency and so forth and so on, and it just keeps going upwards in the musical scale. So the process of wrapping up or rolling up, the lower frequencies where these first 36 harmonics have existed in the red wave spectrum and the orange wave spectrum and the yellow spectrum, which have been making up the lower three chakras. Those harmonics are starting to braid into triads and this is a part of understanding that this directly impacts kundalini forces, or the inner spark off the fetal cell, that becomes ignited in the tailbone of a person when they begin their ascension journey.

What we are understanding is that what has happened to this planet and to the majority of the people that are on the surface of this Earth is the distortion created from static fields, where the energies that are conducting through the human body, and especially when that human body intersects with planetary brain, is a static effect, and manifests into a distortion of effect. And that distorts the frequencies to reverse and split apart, these trinities that need to weave together in the person's kundalini process, where that spark comes online in the fetal cell of the tailbone, and it ignites these harmonic layers to weave together. Now again if a person doesn't know any of this and they are still in their ego, this is what I feel is contributing to the horrifying results of brain chemistry and metabolic problems on the earth. People are being diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar, and all of the DSM control through the field of psychiatry and psychology, which has been present with us, in this month's newsletter and theme. Really understanding the control matrix that has been created there that is a physical architectural construct that has an overlay on the planetary brain, and that has been impacting the planetary crystals in the subterranean levels of the earth itself.

When we see this shift into higher chakra configurations into orb bodies, there are also results and impacts that are happening in those layers, to people on the earth. Because there are still many people that are stuck in a static field. This has been something that has been happening on the earth for very long time now. Meaning that beings consciousness is stuck in a circular frequency fence, which creates static or discordance any time that human being is interacting with the field. Until that person has some awareness and wants to understand their purpose in life, or their meaning of life, it doesn't matter what mode instigates it. Because it could be scientific atheism, it could be a religion, it could be anything that you interact with. And through that particular modality you come into this awareness of “what am I doing here? What is life, what is the purpose of life?” These questions are what begin to ignite that spark, the potential spark in the tail bone.

I can feel now as we are being elevated into a different harmonic structure that is bringing in a unification of circular orb bodies, into the chakra column, that these lower chakras as we know them, when we think of the masses and with what is happening to people on the planet right now, and also why so many of them are going crazy and losing it, because of the internal sparking, and that extreme level of static resistance that comes up against the inner spark. It is like a static field is electrocuting you, except for many people, they are not sensitive enough to feel it at an energetic level. But that static field electrocution, also feels like a part of the feelings of terrorism, and is a part of how satanic forces are taking advantage of the situation on earth, to irritate and agitate a lot of the human beings on this earth, that maybe are starting to spark. That inner spark is starting to create an effect in the person but they have absolutely no idea that that's the source of their external nervousness and irritation. Because it amplifies the fragmentation and the sharpness that you're feeling and for a lot of people that are not very self-aware, that agitation will play out in destructive emotions. People will feel angry, things you have to think about in what makes people feel really jittery, and very nervous, and they can't relax while they are existing in a state of anxiety all of the time. How they feel the energy of the spark that comes out of the static net, is that it feels as sharpness, the razor type of energy, and that feels like what's happening in the external fields of the collective. This is very difficult for us, as well at times, to see it and feel it, and experience it. Because certainly, we can still see it going on in the masses, on the earth in the collective consciousness, even though we may not be stationed in that particular harmonic level, we can certainly still feel and sense these energies and they are not pleasant.

So the good news about it, is understanding the necessity of how the spark comes online in the fetal cells. There is a seed that ignites a spark of light. This starts putting in, weaving in, very much like music, like reading music and looking at harmonic scales. It starts weaving with the next layer of the sub harmonic in the scale closest to its resonance, in order to connect. A part of this is happening which has a positive result, is the reweaving of the kundalini spark into the triad layers, which allow these sub harmonics to start merging or bonding with each other. It is creating a co-resonance and this allows an amplification of the inner spark to do something. Because the first thing that happens is it has got to move up the central column. And the problem with that is that if you haven't cleared out your pain body if you have not cleared out alien implants out of your unconscious mind matrices down in the root, with all the victim-victimizer and fear and layers, that are put in there, this makes it very challenging for a person who is going to be amplified in all of those fears and not know why. And of course not have the tools to neutralize them without understanding why they're being impacted that way.

But as the kundalini moves up the chakra column it starts moving into higher dimensional octaves, collecting more of the seven harmonic frequencies, and then it starts inter-penetrating into these physical matrix structures. So again the first one is the skeletal structure and what I'm really feeling in this moment, in terms of understanding the changing foundation for us, is in our bones, in our bone marrow and in our blood. Because our bone marrow is very critical, it has information that is communicated to our blood from the bone marrow, as well as the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. So I'm feeling the skeletal structure is harmonic and when these frequencies come in, they move through the harmonic structure of our skeleton. The skeleton tries to reorganize it self so that it can transmit, it is not exactly described as transmitting though, it's more like a radio receiver broadcasting. It's coming out like a boombox speaker, it needs to resonate and amplify the sound throughout the body. It's a sound, the sound tone of the frequency, that carries it into the other layers of the bodily matrices.

So it's like understanding the skeleton structure, the bones in our body that are very much connected to the information and messengering, of what our blood is telling the rest of the body cells. Because the blood works as a traveling mechanism for hormones and instructions sets so that the organs can communicate and the glands can communicate. The blood works in the circulatory system to keep everything connected and communicating. When it is functioning correctly, the liver knows what the gallbladder is doing; the gallbladder knows what the pancreas is doing. As we know what has happened to our bodies, all of these communications between the organs, because our blood has been tainted or infiltrated, and the distortions we are talking about the static fields, it creates disconnection in the layers of our body. And this goes down even to the organ systems not being able to communicate and have a symbiotic relationship with a function of another organ or gland in order for the body to work in a holistic and harmonious way.

So really understanding in this moment, the changes in our root chakra that are being upgraded into these new orb configurations are greatly changing everything in our foundation. That would go into the structure of our body and into our bones. How are bones are able, this may sound funny, but it's like understanding our Skeleton is an instrument, and its playing music. The skeleton needs to be understood as an instrument that plays music and harmonic codes, and when the skeleton structure and bones in the body are blocked or calcified from static energy, they become ossified. It is like the bones of the skeleton are supposed to be playing music, resonating sound waves throughout the physical matrix, and the etheric matrix of the body. It's what is catalyzing the traveling wave that allows this process, skeleton-spinal nerves-muscular-circulatory-heart, organ-immunity-central nervous system into the brain. It it's like understanding the importance of the skeleton for this reason and that our skeleton is coming online to play music in ways it has not been able to because we have been existing in a static field, again in the planetary grid itself. When we understand the collective consciousness of planet, the grid system of planet, a lot of it is still holding static fields, reversal fields, and this impairs our skeletons ability to play music. It's like it grates against the skeleton, it goes in reverse to the skeleton, and what I feel from this is locking up of the skeleton, stiffness, calcification, bone spurs. It's like the skeleton becomes dried up, it loses its lubrication. Again ossification, calcification, is happening to the skeleton when people are not able to shift out of the static field.

How that looks in the physical world, is seeing human beings that are emotionally stunted, mentally stunted, spiritually stunted, creatively stunted. When you can't grow, when you cannot evolve, when you can't move or grow your consciousness, you become stunted. You stay in a static space and that static space also has an impact on your bone structure, and your skeletal structure, which starts to, it literally feels like it's compacting. When you see a very old person and they are hunched over, they start compacting. That's what this feels like. The calcification and that block of the skeleton, and then once that happens it impacts all of these other bodily matrices, because the skeleton cannot hold the foundation for the rest of the body anymore. The skeleton just starts to give way if you will. So okay, this is interesting to know.

But in understanding the internal spark run from the tailbone, runs itself through the skeletal matrix. The skeletal matrix acts as a musical instrument of harmonic sound wave tones, which flood, try to flood the body with these sound tones. It's like seeing a carrier wave, if music was moving in a scale of harmonics and there's a carrier wave. That frequency and energy and harmonic coding, then should move into the matrices of the body to ultimately get into the cells of the person. You know that's the end result, to take it through the layers of the energetic matrix. What I'm talking about first is sound wave energetic matrix of the ignition of that wave coming through the skeletal matrix which is in the architecture in the light body, and then it moves through layers of the light body through these etheric flame access points. When we get to a level where the soul has been able to be integrated enough, in the body, this is when the monad can start to be collected. Then once the monad or the higher spirit, and the Holy Spirit, and this would be that higher heart activation, when the blue heart comes online. The monad is able to be fully contacted. You can contact, communicate and there is a two-way exchange. Meaning there is an exchange and communication that feels fully coherent, if you will. Where as when the soul is fragmented the communication is incoherent. It's very hard to communicate with the monad or the spirit, when the soul has been completely fragmented into a bunch of pieces. When you have to work on the emotional body healing your pain, the things that are emotionally really triggering for you, this is healing the soul. Once you get the emotional body somewhat stable, through spiritual healing, through forgiveness, through soul retrieval, through many of the processes we work with. Then that creates a strong foundation and the soul, which allows the skeletal structure now, in that harmonic music, to be able to get into carrying these harmonics throughout the body matrices. Now it is penetrating into the soul layers and it's moving into the matrices, that we are discussing within the physical matrix connections, and it's able to now communicate in a coherent way with monad.

The goal is getting the monad body, the monad intelligence, in control of the physical matrix. Because the etheric flow access points, work in concert with what's controlling the body. Meaning that the etheric flow access points, until the monad is contacted and communicated with, which is the stage of evolution when someone has got a stable emotional body and a stable mental body. They are learning how to get out of the ego constructs and have a lot more self-control, self-awareness and discipline, over the emotion of emotional functioning and mental functioning. Once you get to that point the monad, is able to be communicated with and the monad again, is what we want to communicate with, to get in control of the etheric flow access points. Because once the monad is stationed in contact with the body, it does not have to be fully embodied yet, it can be existing in a layer of your aura, not fully aligned into your body yet. I think what we are learning, as facilitators, as people that work with energy or work with other people, to understand the stages of where somebody's got to be, in their evolutionary development. The physical markers you can look for in order to reaffirm and verify where they need to start. What do they need to do?

It's so hard sometimes with the kind of questions we get and as facilitators and as educators, and everything that we try to do. People asking you questions and their question and situation tells you that they are completely fragmented. They are at square one, and at the level of fragmentation, it can be horrifying. So where do we guide people in this state? What I'm getting at here is, yes once again, the clear pathway of a person at that level is using the Krystal Aegis, is dedication to negative ego clearing, is understanding the ramification of emotional healing in its relevance to spiritual healing. When you heal your emotions, you heal and then feel your spirit. You are actually healing the soul, in our understanding here, because the soul is the 4th, 5th, 6th matrix, and spirit is that 7th, 8th 9th and higher matrix. And we are really wanting to get to that monad level because once the monad is in control of our etheric flame access points, the monad intelligence starts to take control of the governance of the physical matrix operations. So these reconnections we are talking about, all of these matrices start to be able to communicate and become connected and message each other, through the monadic intelligence, which is running through the etheric body. And then the next layer is the physical embodiment of the monadic identity. Once you're able to have the monad in control of this etheric flame access points, the next stage is actually the physical embodiment of the monad intelligence.

The monad, as we know, is a 16 to 20 foot body that looks just like your human body but is completely connected to you here, the spine of your monad is connected to your spine, the central vertical column is completely aligned, and that's the goal, is to get our monadic body built. Once the soul has been integrated within us, which again holds the emotional components. The monad body becomes aligned within that spinal column, creating a stronger vertical central column. This is when the 12D Shield becomes your center column. The monad starts working with the Avatar Christ liquid Plasma. Because the monad in a sense is like understanding it's a body, and its the higher spirit of us, but it is the container that needs to be built, to hold the liquid plasma light of our Christ Sophianic Self. So the liquid plasma needs the monad body in order to hold the structure for the plasma. Then as we start to integrate plasma and the plasma or Christ Self is now in control of our body. Once we are able to go through the processes of healing in the stages. And of course, in stating our intention and communication with our highest Avatar Christ Self, is always beneficial and productive, no matter if you're at the soul or monad, no matter where you are in the spiritual ascension or integration process. So that's not an issue at all. It's like understanding we go to the highest level of our Christic Self, get the 144 sub harmonic and harmonic codes running through. Then we can get into the universal harmonics, and get those running through. This helps to align the harmonic coding, which has been split off in these reversible electrons.

Going back to the understanding of the inner kundalini source, the spark of our own inner light, has been as far as the majority of human beings that are connected to the collective consciousness, has been made static, so that the inner spark or kundalini goes in reversals. It cannot go up to center, central column of the person because as we know, these forces need to travel upwards. As it travels up it hits blocks. It hits blocks in the root and the sex and in the 3rd dimensional solar plexus, and then it keeps going. As we know, we come back, with every cycle that we move up, the center column from root to crown, we constantly go back and cycle it through again. Because every time we come in the cycle, back to the root and up to the crown, we hit another level of the layer of the onion, if you will. That will correspond to an identity, or another dimension in time. Again our history, the cellular memory histories and those identities become revealed to us in the right timing and alignment. Many times in relationship to planetary evolution, like what's happening in planetary field, collective consciousness field, those histories become available at certain layers of dimensional levels.

As many of us know, we go back and we return to a similar pattern, as an example we've seen so much with the Egyptian time lines. We keep going back to the Egyptian timelines, because the Atlantian Conspiracy today and the alien cover-up that is happening on planet, has strong seeds in Egypt. Because a lot of technologies that were being used in the earlier dynasties of Egypt were remnants of Atlantis. And they had memories of Atlantis still, they knew what it happened. These were the survivors, the surviving generations post Atlantis that held the information, until it was not remembered anymore and consciousness was wiped out. That of course was 5,500 years ago, a big part of that around the Sumerian Egypt invasion. So in understanding this and hoping it's helpful, we have so much change that's happening in our physical body, cellular body, the aura. It seems like this can be so unbelievably overwhelming in terms of the level of content of information in trying to actually comprehend it and understand it, and see what's applicable for our own practical understanding.

So right now, I know that orb bodies are being built in the entire structure of the chakras, and chakra column. What seems to be our focus right now is seeing in the physical matrix level, and probably because this is the change of the foundation, which is so important. Understanding the skeleton is the root, the instinctual bodies, the conscious mind matrix. That has been our identity down here. I mean to say, we were given that identity when we were born into this timeline. For a lot of us, this is such a massive shifting in understanding our experience as a being. Our identity, what is it? These aspects we may remember about our self. When we have some memories about the past and who we were, at that particular time, you know 10- 20 years ago, who were we then? We are such a different being today, and that helps us to understand that here we are once again in the bifurcation, undergoing the split in the frequencies of the field, where this prototyping is occurring in our human bodies. It is a minority undergoing this at the moment, again we are a minority on the planet and we know that. There are not that many of us doing this level of the work at this particular time.

But understanding the contrast. I think the change that's happening in our physical and foundation levels, is quite radical. Learning what this means for us in how we relate with Earth and earthlings, and 3D people in these older or obsolete constructs, and the various challenges we have with that. It seems like we are in a different learning process that we are embarking on now, in starting to work with the new chakra orb configurations. And I think we are figuring out what that means as an experience in this density. As I'm feeling into this, it brings clarity for me, and why we are potentially being asked to go to the West Coast again. If Tomas and I seem to need to go to San Francisco on 7/7, and if this indeed happens, it will be interesting to be in that grid. Knowing what I know about that grid, from my prior visit and seeing what has changed, or what feels different, with the new chakra orbs. What will be my experience there? I think this is a testing out period to better understand that. To experience my influence on the field, the influence of the field on me, is it going to be as unpleasant as it was before, or is it going to be easier? I guess time will tell and we'll see. It feels like a testing out of this new understanding, and consciously participating with it in a different grid system. We have a little bit of understanding that this is changing inside our body’s template right now, and we are starting to work with it.

So I want to say thank you, thank you thank you, to all of our higher God Self and Guidance teams, in understanding these changes that impact the foundation, the kundalini spark, moving up the central column. I had asked the question, so I think this also answered it for myself. In the current newsletter, it did instigate quite a few emails of; "this describes me I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia", "I have been diagnosed with bipolar I am on medications, what can I do to stop this? What can I do to heal myself?". It is such a dicey question, as we know, oh my God, is it a dicey one. Because trying to help people that are coming from that level of asking for help, there are so many areas of vulnerability for dark portal and for blame and attack. And what is the most productive thing you can tell them? I think here we go once again, it all comes back to emotional healing. And it seems like most of the people who have emailed me lately asking this question, are young males or men.

So this means the male consciousness is attempting to try and open their hearts, to try to feel deep emotions again, to try to understand this concept of deeply feeling your emotions, your ability to open your heart, is an embracing of the female and the spirit principle within you. And certainly this is such an incredibly difficult area to navigate with all that ties into the sexual misery program around this, because it's just filled with booby-traps. But hopefully holding that emphasis and focus, healing your emotions, being aware of your thoughts and beliefs. It comes back to that's the foundation for most people that we have to go back to that, to help guide more people through it, in an healthy and integrative way.

Anyway thank you so much for listening. I'm just going to hold the space for a moment, in asking is there anything else within the HG field in this moment? What seems to be happening recently, and I think this is the emphasis of understanding the changes. I would say it's an opportunity, but it hasn't exactly been pleasant. I know it's a healing opportunity, but this is concerning the wounded goddess, histories that are enmeshed with the planetary bodies that help to create the state we know on the earth today. Exploring that with Tiamat, Tara, and the moon chain beings brought to our planet, because of the destruction of Tiamat, the wounded consciousness that represents the holy mother of God, the female presence, in all of its permutations. It's just it's so interconnected with so many things. And then understanding these fragments of bodies, like Sedna, which are traveling asteroids, which are parts of these bodies that had been exploded.

When a planetary body explodes, parts of its consciousness is left in something that could be a remnant that is both physical and energetic. Because again, we have to think of a planet exploding, and all of those bits. These holographic bits are filled with life, there was life there, and there was something that existed there. And then that has an influence on our solar system, when a planetary body or star body that is related to the consciousness we have on earth, our histories, our timelines, the invasion and the consequence and destruction that all of this caused. I feel like all of this, is matrix of false mother, dark mother, satanic mother. It's all mother and again I'm sure some of this may have pieces, with the father and it's all enmeshed there. But it does seem that because the satanic forces are so prevalent in awareness right now, coming to the surface with satanic ritual abuse, and understanding how these sub personalities and splits are caused in the mental bodies. All this is related to dark mother and how these forces abused it, to create this satanic force on the earth, and how that impacts all of us, and of course the female principle. So that seems very present with us at this moment.

As a result of, or an extension of, the mother coming into witness, wholeness, integration in the field, is recognizing when the dark mother was created. It started with the controlled, abused, raped aspects of the female that were used out of necessity, to create, because you can't create anything without the male and female. So you have this enslaved female aspect in consciousness that is being used as a breeder, for hybrids, and for static net hierarchies. So it's understanding the breeding program is both in the creation of fallen hierarchies, and in the creation of hybridized bodies. Meaning at some levels with these ETs that violate the genetics and write all the code, and try to write in reptilian genetics, which again make that human with that particular genetic memory much more susceptible to being controlled by satanic force. Because it's a satanic force that did it, that wrote the code, to create the reptilian configuration. Trying to make the bodies as resonant as possible to these satanic force, so that they can use the bodies in a variety of ways. The mother principal has a type of new self-awareness, in being aware that she's been raped and used to create these hierarchies in this way. There are a lot of emotions and feelings that come out of that. Some of us as females will definitely feel it, and obviously Tomas has been feeling that as well in his male body. Feeling the complexity of sensations that have occurred with reversal mother and the manipulation, that comes with complex deceit and how that came as a result of these satanic creations.

Lately, I'm trying get to the destruction made through this forced breeding taking away the reproductive rights of the female being, in being in control of reproduction and life. Participating cautiously, is what this really feels like, is that the creative joy of birthing something, whether it's a baby, or a creation, or a project. That in many cases in this consciousness, the joy and the creativity has been stolen, because of the inherent abuse of the creative energies in the female womb. So by commandeering the womb, by commandeering the reproductive rights of the women of this earth, this is something to happen in consciousness, so we have to think of the Tiamat and the wounded consciousness. The force that is the cosmic mother herself, and to have this aspect that had been entrapped and ensnared in matter, and controlled and then used to procreate these things she didn't want to create. All the feelings with that, all the experiences and consciousness she would have with this, and have that be an extension through us as females, who can relate and feel that history. Because I'm sure many of us have played that out in in the consciousness field somewhere, because it's an extension, we are the extension of that consciousness.

And to recognize now, as well, that because of the force breeding and the taking away of the reproductive rights and the inability to consciously participate with the birthing process, that this has created a block, pain and distortion in the mother child bond. So what I'm feeling with all of the satanic force coming up is a reintroduction, and a discovery or exploration, of mother child bond. What is the mother child bond? What is it supposed to be? If it's been so distorted on this earth and again obviously many women that give birth on this planet love their children immensely. But there is, what we are going for here is, in the seed of this destruction of female and the taking over of her reproductive rights and the inability to consciously participate and co-create with the life that is growing inside of her, there is really a violation there. It is trying to understand that violation. When there is a life growing inside your body and you have no control, over how you could participate with what you're creating, and what is being created inside you. This feels like the seed of it. It's very violating, very intrusive. It's like your own body being used against you, to birth things you don't even want to birth. Or you can't participate with it or change it, because the consciousness of your reproductive organs have been stolen from you and somebody else has commandeered your womb and said you don't have any rights to that anymore. That is connected to the breaking, splitting, harming of the mother child bond. And this has deep roots that lead to the false parent. Meaning because this set up of the mother happened, where she could not participate with her own creations, the infiltration of the bond in her creation, allowed her creation to be taken from her. So it's like saying if you birth something in consciousness it becomes an inherent part of an extension of you. It would be like understanding a harmonic connection, within the creation of mother and child, as opposed to the discordance of rejection of, and even hatred of. It feels like there is a set up of rejection, hatred, retaliation, against the mother through this broken bond, between the mother birthing and the result of their creation.

And also, clearly in the histories of understanding; mother, female, giving birth, being forced to give birth, to reptilian hybrids, to Nephilim entities. There's a lot of entwinement there with the breeding programs, the refugee races, and the distortion of that bond, seeing that was very convenient for the reptilian entities, because they hate the mother. They don't want... let's say you have a boy and that boy is going to grow into a man. The reptilians want the boy to be a tyrant, they want them to be a killer, they want him to be a warrior, and they don't want him to be a mama's boy. That is part of the destruction of the heart of the men on our planet, because if the boy child cannot feel the heart of his mother, it's like a distortion in his own heart. He cannot feel it, and to acts like a rejection of the mother, rejection of the female, destined to play out those same rejection patterns, with your intimates. Or with your female relations, it could be your sister too. Whether sister, lover, spouse, it distorts all of your female relationships.

It is looking at the misogyny on planet today and looking at how so many men on this planet treat and actually think of women. This has a direct relationship at a causal level, to understand how the men of this planet, en masse, became this way. With his broken mother bond, but as we know it's not just boys that became men, it is also girls that became women. It has its own level of distortion, in witnessing this, and understanding satanic mother in all the permutations. We seem to the seeing this at every level; micro, macro, globally, what's playing out in the news. The distortions in gender, that split apart the male-female, creating the false parent. Because if we take false parent, and we reverse engineer another step, we are back to the distortion in the mother child bond here. This is another level of understanding the split of Christos-Sophia, the split between masculine feminine, and the split between the creational energies of mother and child. Again without being able to participate with it, the violation. It is like we are born into violation, we start out that way on this planet. Because our own mother had no conscious participation, or way to understand, what she was being impregnated with.

We have accepted this on this earth as standard, normal, and that's just how it is. But seeing how this ties into yet another level of abuse of humanity, that contributed to so many of the distortions that we see today. These are playing out in the society, in the mindsets, in the shaping of beliefs, the motivations people have. This is deep, deep, deep in the unconscious. So for a moment, in our compassionate witnessing and neutral observer, in holding unconditional love unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional mercy and compassion for all those that are still struggling with this karmic seed, as it's definitely a big miasm. Allowing the space to witness it so that it can be healed, it can be united with God, that the burdens it creates can be cast into transmutation and exchanged with the neutral zero point in order to become something loving, light filled and productive, for the consciousness of humanity.

For a moment I'm just going to have some silence. If you want to join me in holding just love, forgiveness, and the grace of God the Holy Spirit to the mother and the child, as it's represented. Again to restore the bond of unconditional love and forgiveness, to restore the bond of conscious co-creation with our creations, because this extends much further beyond the creation of children, but into the creation of things. We can co-create with the consciousness of God, in order to participate with our creations, in loving harmonic unified and peaceful ways.

May we hold that unconditional love and forgiveness between the mother and child bond. Thank you, thank you thank you. In deep love and gratitude thank you so much for listening and holding space for today. In closing this particular session or a direction of communication, may we seal the field, and seal the communications of this revelation and its growing conscious understanding within us, is to be unified in the unconditional love of God. And so it is, we seal and in this communication thank you.

(Source: Meeting Transcript)