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Wounded Female, Gravitational Anomaly, Planetary Changes, Old Chakra system re-configuring into Orb Bodies.

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

The shockwaves of the electrical peak are still oscillating in the field. Many of us have been feeling that pushing pulling prickly feeling, a lot of electrical energy coursing, with physical discomfort, and downloads that feel as if they are coming from 360° directions. It has just been an incredibly hectic time, feeling that electrical overload personally, when your nervous system and your brain just feel like they are fried. There's a lot happening in our head and crown, as well as the female pieces. The mother of God and wounded pieces are coming together, and this is the different integration with fallen pieces of the Mother, and Sofia, the Mother and Daughter principle coming into some kind of integration. We are in the middle of experiencing that merge between Mother and Daughter principle now, for some of us. It's not been a time of energetic ease, that's for sure.

Things are in slow motion today, dense and heavy. Following where that slow gathering of energy is happening in this moment. When feeling into the macrocosm energy around in the environment, it is appearing like a ball of waves, like oceanic waves rolling in and out, almost like tides. As I'm looking at this oceanic movement on the field, we seem to be in a period of gravitational anomalies occurring to the earth body.

Feeling into the gravitational field anomaly and asking that which can be harmonized or stabilized, to make our physical and spiritual being more aligned and more comfortable, throughout the process. We have several planets in retrograde. It's clear that there are certain rare types of planetoids that are coming in to, influence in our solar system in such a way, that is very rare alignment. They have extremely long orbits, Its similar to what is commonly talked about in Nibiru with its 3,600 year orbit. There has been recent discussion that has come up around the archetype of exiled feminine planets, the archetypes that represents the timelines from the explosions of Tiamat. Some of us have also been experiencing that observation of the wounded feminine in exile through the Egyptian timelines, through the 18th dynasty timelines, through what seems to be prevalent in important or powerful female figures at the time. 

Revealing the larger pieces for integrating and healing; the fallen feminine, the wounded feminine, and unfortunately as unpleasant as it is, the word rape comes to mind. This relates to how the women of this planet have been unable to have consent and free will in their own bodies pregnancy, a lack of self-determination to direct in their own bodies reproductive cycle. For whatever reasons, this issue feels very emphasized in this moment, and this related to the experience of change in such gravitational density, it has such an immense and heavy weight to it, because it has something to do with those cycles of birth and death and resurrection. Specifically, very much related to the mother principal in those stages of creation, and feeling that stage of creation in a complete cyclic. The Alpha Omega, from beginning to end, and in the creatrix where all begins and all ends, and it's all happening simultaneously in time. It feels that this is the theme of the moment, in this electrical peak period, with the reintegration, or discovery and exploration of aspects of the Mother of God. Understanding her even more deeply, going down the rabbit hole, of how women's bodies have been compromised on this earth, from being in the divine female principle. It's like a passed on imprint through the morphogenetic field created this collective miasma in the human race, from what histories have happened to the planetary body.

The Negative Alien Agenda, once they control the planet's brain and the planet itself, it is their way of controlling the nerve cells of planet, in humanity, in the human race. From drilling this down now into the female aspects there seem to be things now being impacted that are very hormonal, stimulation of glandular functions. Shifts away from lunar cycles and lunar force relationship to either controlling gravity, or this brings up the beast machine and the gravitron, which has been intricately enmeshed with this planet, to control gravitational waves and fields. One of its functions is the control of the 23° wobble, and to create this unnatural black hole technology in the planet. That has something to do with harnessing electromagnetic activity, but also harnessing the force of gravity. Right now there is some something important happening in the planetary and Solar field. Sometimes these incredible ascension symptoms will be directly relational to the coronal mass ejection's of the Sun, when there's a lot of solar flare activity. So this is interesting because this feels as the polar opposite of the solar flare activity. But it has a similar influence on our body. As I can see this oscillating field shifting and I understand. It's a gray field that appears like substance that's being projected in this undulation out of the black holes. As I look at this, some part of me understands that this is a gravitational anomaly, that there is a peak cycle of a gravitational shift occurring to this earth. Something is happening to the planet that is a planetary event at this time, that's creating a different impact on our consciousness and physical bodies. It is how we are experiencing our physical being while existing in our physical body.

There's always a deep association to sound waves, as being the mother principal on the earth. Knowing how sound waves are manipulated on planet to create this reversal dark mother, the alien mother situation. Because a lot of that anomaly is cultivated through these unnatural alien technologies, of black hole types of technologies apparently, creating an artificial gravitational field, this has relevance to how the moon has been a part of influencing tidal movement. This is very interesting because as I'm looking at this gravitational field anomaly, it's not coming from the moon. It is very similar to looking at oceanic tides, they are undulating and come into shore and move out, it’s the same kind of sound wave pattern. It appears as a tidal pattern but it's not coming from the moon or lunar gravitational impacts. It's coming from a change that's happening in the tilt of the planet.

Somehow the tilt of the planet, in this month with the Taurus alignment, seems to have some kind of deeper connections into the planetary navel. There are these parts of the planet that are like an umbilicus to the celestial bodies, where connections into star systems, and holograms from the star systems, these are holographic architecture geomantic activities that connect from the celestial bodies to the earth body. There is something radical that has occurred recently, something has changed dramatically, in the holographic structures that exist between the earth body and Star bodies. Some kind of geomantic structure that connects to the earth umbilicus, and this has tilted direction. This is creating, a more aggressive tilt because I do know that this tilting is gradual. That as the north and south pole, the dipoles are changing on planet, it's changing the tilt. And as we know a part of that lunar control and these net frequency fences, this has been about keeping that 23° angle off of the central earth staff. What we are experiencing at a macrocosm level is some kind of new foundation built, or an anomaly that is not only gravitational, but it is about the earth staff. The center of the earth, thinking of our staff our central vertical channel, like the central vertical channel of the earth. It's aligning in the direction it needs to, but it is very interesting, this tilt movement has a consequence in relationship to this recent change of collecting female Mother of God and female fallen body parts.

The release of what appears to be, as an example, with my recent experience with Nefertiti, is that there were Thothian holograms, holding certain levels of celestial body architecture in place by this 23 degree tilt. This would be black magic reversal Thothian grid holograms, holographic inserts, using the Nefertiti image in nested, negative form holograms. Somehow because of who she was when she came to this planet, even though it is not public knowledge, but it's similar to those people who would worship mother Mary or the Virgin Mary in Catholicism, or important religious female figures. It's a mother figure and this is actually a person who was holding this on the earth plane, and because she was, a portion of her image has been cloned and replicated to support this left-hand path of Satanism. I am seeing Nefertiti's image and understanding her role with the earth was to bring this fullness of the mother principal, and to attempt to bring balance, and some kind of re-threading or integration or embodiment of the mother principal in her body, when she incarnated here. She was not successful then. This has to do with the conflicts, the interpersonal and dramatic things that happened with Akhenaton. This also has an incredible influence coming from the priesthood class of Atlantis, those in this time cycle that were either a part of that unraveling drama of the Atlantian flood and the abusive technologies, and the conflicts between the priesthoods and the brotherhoods. There is something very deeply embedded in Egyptian history with the conflict of the brotherhoods. When we look at all the curses, why do we keep going back to Egypt? I think it's because it is of such significance for all of us because we don't have any remnants of Atlantis or Atlantian times. Most of that is underwater and it's been conveniently destroyed by the extraterrestrials that are trying to control all the artifacts in history available to people down here. The closest thing we have is the sphinx and the pyramid's, because this is a replication of monuments and sacred temples used from the Atlantian times, and it was brought into that Egyptian culture, from the Atlantian priest class that either reincarnated in those dynasties, or went into the underground into the inner world, and then came out during certain cycles of time and brought it to the surface. 

There is something about these timelines that seems to be important in coming into witness with even more clarity. With the emphasis of what happened with the mother principal, the rip and schism, between the androgyny of the union of the masculine feminine on earth. It is that exact moment, there is a causal event in a moment of time, where that split between the unified masculine and feminine happened. Unfortunately or fortunately it's pretty excruciating. I think a lot of us would tiptoe around this realization, because standing in that fully, well, I don't know if everyone can feel this kind of pain surfacing. The pain is really fricking beyond belief in that memory and experience. It is recognizing that this did happen on the earth, it happened to all of us. Then, the necessity of shielding ourselves to not fall down that hole of pain and allow ourselves to be consumed by it.

This is a pain that feels like it can consume us, it's a kind of pain that I think consumed Nefertiti when she was here, where she could not find forgiveness. She could not forgive what had happened. This is such a huge part of the healing of the divine feminine, the feeling of being betrayed by your mate; you have knowledge that he gets out and you don't. You're stuck here in this earth, in ways that feel tortuous to your inner spirit. Your body is being defiled and you're being forced to contribute to the reproduction of grotesque creatures that you want nothing to do with. And yet the mother child bond is something you’re fighting, on the one side the female can be disgusted by it, and yet you are feeling the force of love, while feeling hate. It is so confusing, all of these emotions and intensities of what has happened to the mother's body, and her processing of the confused mental and emotional states. All of these feelings, which feel normal, given the circumstances. We are bearing witness, this compassionate witness, to this extreme level of feeling defiled, like you would when you're raped. Your body is being used, and you have no consent in how your body is being violated. This is really what it feels like when we allow ourselves to feel. I think this experience lends to the contents of the Friday the 13th call. A lot of the session was about the rising of persecution complex and how that is used against the human race. This is taking it to that next deep level of realization and finding forgiveness for the unspeakable acts of which we have been subjected.

The negative alien agenda, what these forces do, is they capitalize on the pain that is very real, that the human race, the planet, and that the consciousness has had. There is an extreme trauma and pain from some kind of causal event of great damage. They use this painful memory and they invert it on humanity. The way they have come to control, through mind control, is through using our own unhealed and hidden pain against ourselves. That's what I feel like we are looking at. We are looking at complexes on the surface that have been generated to infect the females of this earth with all kinds of strange coping mechanisms, that we learned through these archetypes like; dark mother and ice queen and Princess code. How did those distortions of manipulation get there?

There is a seed, a black seed of the massive pain that has contributed to this coping mechanism in order to survive in this field of pain; this persecution complex, this defense mechanism, this sprouted altars. It really is like understanding in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), when you fragment someone by exposing them to the most excruciating pain imaginable, you create these fractured sub personalities. And they become enmeshed with the unconsciousness and I feel like that's what we’re looking at now in the field. Seeing that level of the mother and her daughter aspect of Sophia, and that history and role with the earth, at a cosmic level, universal level, and then seeing how that impacted females throughout history. Not only in a physical human woman, but inside the female body womb, the female consciousness, the female experience on earth. In order to really see this, we have to go into the pits of misogyny and it's really hard to be in there.

This brings up the fact we all are dealing with, as well, the aging disease and the decay of the body in this society. I can see that the aging, the decay of the female, the destruction that it wielded upon the human form. This was taking the beauty of the female away, and it is not like just a superficial beauty. There is something about the female principal in its fullness. There is a beauty in this fullness that is the inspirited part of the inner female. It is hard for me to explain it. It is like in essence, the spiritual essence, it's a fullness, a dewiness, if you will. It would be like the contrast of seeing newborn baby skin, and just a beauty and youthfulness that is just oozing out with this beautiful radiation of light and spirit. Then to see that same form, all shriveled up, the body all sucked out and decaying, kind of like a wizened and old hag. I really feel the anger at that recorded in the planetary body, in the women of this earth.

This level of misogyny, this level of abuse, has created so many different levels of stealing what belonged to the mother, or what belonged to the female principle. What was inherently a part of her essential being, has been taken, stolen, and raped. It's really quiet painful to witness. I'm sorry this is so heavy. This is one reason why so many of us have returned to this earth in the female body, because of the desperate need to find resolution healing and forgiveness with this conflict. The only thing obviously in the path of finding resolution and healing, to return that divine right and spirit to the female presence, which is represented in the earth itself, and in the Cosmic Mother herself, and in her emanations. Because it's like she's been emanated in the grotesqueness. Her image has been so defiled on this earth.

We have such a hard time as women on the earth, with all of this distortion, being able to get beyond that and evolve beyond that, because the density feels like this gravity, this weight of gravitational anomaly. It is extremely dense and I feel how deep it goes, into the soil of the earth, and into the elements of the earth. It's in everything because this planet is a female, it is a female principle, so all of this has become in a sense imprinted, there is an impression of that recorded on the field.

I know as all of us can certainly relate in feeling battle weary, spiritually weary, in dealing with a planet that is in a system of patriarchal domination that uses misogyny as a way to maintain control and power over the inhabitants. There is a causal effect to the women of this earth, and not to say that men are not impacted. But I can feel again very significantly, in this time period that we are in, with the electrical peak as the masculine electrical is putting so much pressure into the environment. The gravitational shift, like the magnetic shift, the sound shift, the domino effect this is having on the female aspect at this time, is loosening up all of this subconscious and even conscious levels of misogyny to rise.

The hatred and all of that, which has been taken from the fullness of the mother of God, who she is, what she is, Really. All of that has been so significantly, honestly defiled. It is a defilement, and this feels very intimately related to the persecution complex, crucifixion complex. It is the vertical female aspects that are being crucified in both men and women.

Somehow these entities are able to control the earth in such a way, that they can force her to reproduce Satanic hierarchies in the earth, which are beholden to her body and yet at the same time, she despises. Again the conflict of this, it is very similar to the understanding of being raped by somebody who hates your guts and becoming impregnated by them. What do you do with that? This is the big conflict I feel in the female healing.

The only answer to this is forgiveness and unconditional love, and yet not being trite with that because I can see how deep this is. It impacts all the women of this earth, that especially attempting to find the mother in them, the mother in their own heart. The reconciliation of the mother and the daughter, the mother and the child, it is a complex one. I think in bringing words to express this, hopefully it will lessen the feeling of energetic burden that it creates. Because most of us now, when we have aspects of macrocosm or planetary shifting, and they trickle down into our personal life and into our personal relationships, whatever is going on in our personal life dynamic. There is a direct trickle-down effect to each of us, and then each of us has, based on our field and our mission and who we are, the personal pieces we have got to heal and workout within that issue. 

It is very clear to me that these pieces that we are working out have to do with our mother principle. How we feel about our mother, these wounded parts that could have been projected into our personality. I know using myself as an example, my earlier life was all about rejection of the female, self-rejection. Because in the external world it was; if you are female you are worthless, you are a piece of crap. Coming up into the false king of tyranny situation, which was completely preparing me as a child for reptilian study. When you see this behavior consciously or unconsciously, because it's being played out between the people of the earth. Women are enforcing this behavior in themselves and in the men that they relate with, in order to acquiesce to this overlay of patriarchal domination. It is so deeply insidious it is like an infection.

This is definitely having to do with changes in gravitational field, the way the sound field and gravitational field organize, in this density, for those who are on the ascending path, and this correlation to reconciling and healing our own relationship with mother roles.

It obviously has to do with father as well because it's how the mother is viewed through the eyes of the patriarchal structure. This is also how the masculine perceives or looks at the feminine, how the masculine treats the feminine, how the masculine talks and speaks to the feminine. It's all of that and it's got a lot of complex ties into who we are as human beings, existing with both masculine and feminine parts. I think this time is giving us another opportunity. It is intense and it's planetary and it's definitely a larger event that is happening. Drilling down into our personal life, our own spiritual journey, and coming into increasing balance and coherence with the genders, with the masculine feminine roles, the energies inside ourselves. Holding that in balance, as we hold that balance by looking at the imbalance first. This is definitely a big part of recognizing that this is a female issue, it's a male and female issue, but the emphasis being for the women of this planet.

This is something that is for all women on this planet. If you exist on this planet there is some part of you; in your makeup, in your cells, in your memories. It is buried in your skin, it's buried in your flesh, because this is ancestral, it's genetic, and it's deep. I think we are being given an opportunity to see it. Take whatever piece, with a slight disclaimer, do it when you can. You know take care of yourself because clearly, it's intense. Because it really does have to do with these bodies we are inhabiting, as females in this moment, it seems especially related. It's happening to men too.

On Tuesday the 24th, I felt terrible all day. That's when I saw the Nefertiti hologram that I explained in the Q&A. It felt like something from the pits of the abyss of the underworld, something so toxic and disease ridden, was coming to the surface. Along with all the spiders and creepy crawlies, it just felt like something came out, and crawled out of the sewage of the abyss and was starting to come up, into surface. This is a planetary event, and understanding the more we understand about the Baphomet field, the second dimensional field, where a lot of the fallen Sophianic parts are enmeshed; with elementals, and the nature kingdoms, and all of those strange piece meal things happening there. It feels this is a part of that purging and it feels very disease ridden. At the same time though, I do obviously feel there's a necessity and a purpose.

If this wasn't happening now, we couldn't get Nefertiti out, we wouldn't understand what Tiamat actually is, we would not understand some of these nuances about the stages of life, that are the mother of God's role. In understanding the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning, the birth, the creation, all of this is intricately interwoven in the mother. Through her the cycles of life, all is defined, expressed, is experienced in consciousness, and this also is enmeshed with our personal healing. Healing of the female, healing of the mother, healing of who we are, really. It is cellular, it is so deep, it is cellular mitochondrial healing. And in order to obviously heal, we see these distortion overlays in the macro and then we connect our personal pieces to that, and it gives us an opportunity to finalize some level of healing, completion, and integration with this piece. Which as we know has impacted all of us on this earth, it has impacted our journey, our relationships, and our experiences on this earth.

This does feel that as dense, heavy, and even unpleasant and slimy and under-worldy, at the same time I do feel the liberation held in it. It is a path to liberation of the female, irrespective of the sick and twisted games being played out in the global scape. It feels like it's something that will allow the female to live in this earth, on this earth, maybe without this painful memory overlay? If I can be so bold as to say that, I don't know. It is definitely a change.

This is a part of the female that has just been buried, like 6 feet under, just buried and hidden in the bowels. No one wanted to deal with it, kind of feeling. I guess we could that this is the wounded female being exiled. The exiled feminine, just so deep and so much pain attached to it. Yet I think as we have some kind of mental context and emotional context for it, it helps us to navigate through it as easily as possible. The hard part about this is seeing that so many people on the earth are impacted by this, whether they are consciously on the ascension path or not, of course, this is a planetary kind of event.

Unfortunately or fortunately what happens is a lot of people will play this out in their dramas, in their life, and I can see how painful this is. It just makes me sigh, "Oh my God". For the people of the earth, "oh please let some grace come down and ease the pain of this one", because it's like everybody's trying to work this big piece out. They are trying to resolve it, but they don't have the context, they can't really participate with it is fully, or easily as we can, because we do have a little context for this pain. I can see that if you play this out in your relationships, oh my god it is just going to potentially, bowl you over.

It's a big one because it holds a lot of betrayal from the masculine, meaning the female is blaming, it's all about betrayal and abandonment. The betrayal and abandonment, betrayal and abandonment, with this persecution it's just deep, it's heavy-duty, it's victim victimizer. It is understanding that once we see the source of the pain, it cannot be manipulated. Pain is manipulated in us by dark forces, especially we are targeted as Starseed and indigo people, but in the average human being on this earth, the pain is being manipulated by forces that you don't understand. You think the pain is being created by this person, or this circumstance, and as we know here, that's not what the pain is sourcing from really. The pain is much deeper than that, and it's much bigger than that. But unfortunately most people don't have the ascension context, so they play that pain out again and again. And really what the soul is trying to do is resolve it; is trying to figure it out, is trying to work it out, and is trying to complete it.

My heart just goes out to the people of earth as I can see without any emotional or mental training, it's quite hard to figure it out on your own without any context for evolution, ascension and what has happen to our planet in terms of its galactic history.

May we be the beauty of our mother of God made manifest on this earth, may we emanate the purity, integrity, and wisdom of our Divine mother, our Cosmic Mother, the mother of God herself. May our heart, our flesh, and body our mitochondria be perfectly aligned to be consecrated to the purpose of the embodiment of the fullness, the completion of our true parent and mother of God. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Question: On the heels of that, and changing the subject a little bit. You mentioned seeing that the platform is really changing how we connect?

Lisa: Yes, you mean underneath? I'm trying to articulate it and feel into it as well. It feels like to me that, we seem to have reached a stage, and this has obviously been happening for a while now. But it has a more defined shape in the architecture and it feels that this is a part of preparation for the shift to the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions timefields, or the next harmonic universe being a foundation for future humans. It's like saying that the old chakra system is ceasing to exist in the way it had.

For most 3-D people incarnated on this earth, the chakra systems have separate membranes, most of them are dormant. Many times again the light body, the central vertical channel isn't there in undeveloped people. There has been a lot of damage to the light body on this earth. It is like understanding parts of the architecture of the spiritual body have been, it feels, accommodating a lower density phantom reality. And when you move into the higher realities, some of the basic functions are the same, when we talk about energetic wave spectrums and how everything is based on trinitized forms and triads that build together. There seems to be a change occurring and it feels like a prototyping. Maybe it's a community project, meaning that some of us are doing that, and it's something that happens without us necessarily knowing exactly, that is what we are doing. It's a natural part of our mission, or our piece, or divinity, because it's a consciousness evolution of our own light body system. But I'm feeling something I'm having a hard time articulating. I am still not entirely grounded in its accuracy and trying to find words to describe what it is. The best way I can describe it, is that three chakras are becoming one. And this unification reconfigures itself structurally to manifest as Orb body.

Where most people on earth have had seven main energy centers, these energy centers are now being built, (as we know with the scaffolding, and that is something in our community we are always working with), that are the horizontal fields and what we call the rod. When they are all connected, it is the horizontal that meets a vertical. Now most of the people that talk about the light body, they talk about only the vertical connections, meaning you've got the column with the chakras. They don't really talk about how the chakras extend a kind of field in back and in front. In back is impacted by your consciousness in the past, and the front of your chakra system, the way it spins is your future consciousness. People have all kinds of blockages on the back and the front, and as you know your future is impacted by your past. You cannot evolve in future time, moving into higher frequency, if your consciousness is not moving, if you are stuck in the past time fields, how Earth was supposed to be with an organic movement through time space fields. If you are flowing, if your energy and your chakras were somewhat working, your back chakra movement spin would be coherent and aligned to your front chakra spin.

But what's happened is everybody has been lied to and deceived on this earth, you don't even know what your past is because you can't remember it. So a lot of the way the negative aliens have also capped evolution down here is by generating a ton of superimposed miasma, in the past timelines. When the person is born, they bring that back in with them, and it impacts their future, because they don't know how to clear the past. So it's like their back chakra is completely black or all messed up, and it's impacting that chakras spin to the front, because there should be a spin in the back and a spin in the front. And in the front it should be moving in a flow that allows your consciousness to experience movement through time and space. How that is represented is through changes in the frequency. So down here we are given this illusion that time exists, and this is the way they have created what I've called the broken record theory, that I always talk about. They create a groove in the past, so your body is locked in the past. The human body is locked in the past. They keep you trapped in this groove in time, and it's based on something you did in the past, or something that you do not remember and thus you can't clear. One of their favorites is to target people that have been in galactic wars, or powerful people in other timelines, and they take that history and they create a negative form around it. They stuff all of this miasma or crap in the back chakra, so that you can't get past it, you can't evolve, you can't move forward. It is literally making the energy centers just completely blocked, you cannot flow in any direction, and that's that static NET that they've created down here.

It's makes people get stuck like a fly on flypaper, and the only thing that gives us the illusion that we are evolving is aging disease. This is why the aging disease is so bad on this planet, because we are not evolving as we should, organically through the time space energies. Instead, many people become stuck like a fly on a piece of flypaper, but at the same time, your body is aging, giving the experience of moving in time, when you are actually not. So the human being down here, who does not understand this, thinks that they're evolving, like you're moving from point A to point B. But in actuality you're not, most of the time your life stream is like Groundhog Day. The patterns and the energies that you're living in, you have become familiar with, and that you are expressing as a consciousness, repeat themselves over and over and over again. And the person has no clue that the only way to get beyond that is to find that block in your past, and move forward from its timeline.

This is basically everything we do to help this to get beyond this past pain in ES, the negative ego clearing, dealing with genetic or ancestral issues that have created pain in us. When you start to look at that accumulated blockage, the stuff you clear out your chakras, because all that stuff is embedded as a memory or as an implant, or a structure that has been put in there at some point in the timeline. The issue is really not that is a history that happened, but that it is an embedded or implanted memory. But in the negative alien agenda, they use our history against us, they use our pain against us. And it's all the events in time that our mind has been erased from, so that most of us cannot access it. Again that's the whole thing about mind wiping, the blank slating of our real history and consciousness, so that we don't remember our identity. We don't know who we really are. So from the pieces of yourself that you don't remember, they steal it, they manipulate it, they replicated it, they play all kinds of mind games with it. And that's what keeps a lot of people on this earth, in that static NET field, like a fly on flypaper. They are aging but they are not going anywhere. That's apparently what they want to keep the slave system going.

With that in mind, and understanding that old chakra system, my understanding at this time is that people in this moment that haven't evolved in the Ascension path to align at that 2017 marker, where we move our foundation into the next harmonic universe, still use the old lower chakra system. My understanding at this time, and it may change, because I really don't know beyond 2017. They will remain with the old chakra system.The people that are in the 3-D Earth are going to have that old chakra system. So it's not like obsolete for everybody, it's a very valid system for a lot of people on this earth, who are still trying to reclaim their pieces. In order to integrate yourself, the chakra system and the spheres in the 12-tree grid, act as a homing pigeon. Aspects of our identity that have fragmented off from a different point in time, from all this manipulation that has gone on, they need to be returned through that chakra. Understanding that that chakra is expressing itself in the body, at the level of dimension in time, at the energetic frequency spectrum that that person needs to gather a part of themselves. Whatever that self is. It is something that became fragmented or incoherent from something that they experienced, some kind of pain or trauma. They can't get that piece, if they don't have that chakra anymore, because it's directly relative to the energetic wave spectrum and a frequency level where that original split and pain occurred. So that pain for the person, whatever that event is, they need to process that piece through the proper energetic channel. If they don't have it, it interrupts their ability to integrate well.

So it seems, the seven chakra system with the membranes, there are going to be people on planet that need to continue the seven-chakra journey. Which means they move up the chakras and attempt to integrate and heal any kind of fragment or trauma or problem that they have in that timeline or energetic wave spectrum. That part of themselves is able to return to them and then they move to the next octave, in the next harmonic, and move their way up their chakra column.

When the chakra column has a relative level of healing, or integration, the column becomes one unified column. The membranes between the chakras dissolve and the chakras start to communicate with each other. It's like saying in the early stages of 3-D-ness the chakras are not communicating with each other. The soul body doesn't know the monad body exist, and the monad body does know the soul body exists. A person has to go through the awakening and realization process to connect these pieces. I'm sure you have heard that emphasized so many times, where our goal is, to get all aspects of our self-communicating, and linked to each other, because what has happened on this Earth is a total disconnection. The neurological system, and it drills down into every function of our body, where our organs aren't communicating with each other. And then somebody goes to the doctor and they are on pharmaceuticals, and it's impacting their neurological and organ system, and that just further separates that organ from being able to communicate with the rest of the body. And that's exactly the problem we have on this earth, and this happens with chakras too. Is if there is a massive damage in one of the chakras, it doesn't communicate with the others, it's operating on its own, and it is not functioning well, and its imbalanced, and it creates disease. You know all of these problems can ensue from it, so this is also understanding this is how genetics are broken down. If this is not remedied, if this is not healed, if humanity doesn't do something about this, you just run yourself into the ground, because you just become more and more distorted, more and more disconnected, and unable to communicate with these other parts of your body. And therefore you can't communicate with the source, or the soul, or the spirit.

So this is happening, as a result of the bifurcation, where we have some inhabitants of this earth existing in what would be known to us now as an old chakra model. We are preparing for right now, and we are still trying to figure out all that's going on with it, because it's quite a task. The unified chakra system breaks down into orbs now. Our body is becoming an orb body. The chakras do not create an orb body, but they create a spinning vortex of energy. The orbs are a spinning vortex, but they are spherical, and the sphere or the orb that is created, is generated from the three chakras unified in one and then reconfigured into orb. The three chakras reconfigure to become an orb, and that orb becomes a unified communicator for the body, and not only just the consciousness and energy coming through the orb that is nourishing the physical self, it also has to do with the connections between the organs and glands.

The orb system seems to be much more coherent when it comes to inter-connection and communication with plasma. As we talk about the old chakra system, and all the difficulty with it, because in each chakra system you have to think of it as an energy system, like a little computer that is sending a system of energy, to be allocated to the function of our body. Like our kidneys get this much energy, the chakras is giving, and if you remember in December this started changing, where the gland was taking over the instruction set of managing the energy for the body, and this is new. In the old chakra system, it was the chakra governing where the energy, the life force and vital force that is generated for the body's functioning. The chakra has the instruction set to tell what the kidney gets, what the adrenals get, you know how much energy is being managed for the body's system.

In December I started to notice there was a change on planet, where the chakra filter and looking at some of these distortions as the chakra was being broken down, in the world scape. Seeing that say Saturn had a filter on the first dimensional chakra it's connected to that solar system planet. It seems like those of us that are going beyond the solar system, are starting this reconfiguration and upgrade in lightbody. The orb body may be a galactic body or universal body, where the seven-chakra system may be a planetary body, at the third dimensional level.

So as we move into a higher frequency foundation, people making the shift in the bifurcation to the ascending pathway, potentially what I think is happening, is that their body chakra system is being evolved to an orb body. Where there were three chakras, it becomes one orb, and that orb has a spherical movement that is a part of governing the energy system of your body as well as your consciousness. But it feels a lot more synthesized, a lot more coherent, and a lot more interconnected than the old system, the old chakra system.

So this orb body seems to be coming online, and making itself known. It's related to the shift to this next harmonic universe, and where our new foundation in time is located. We've been in a shift with the foundation, because we are on a 3-D Earth and yet the 3-D Earth is merging with aspects of the timelines that exist in the 5D earth location. This is creating these ascending Hubs in different parts of the planets body that are existing in the higher frequency, yet there are other parts of the planet that are still existing in that older timeline of lower frequency. So it's quite surreal what's happening. I suspect that our community, and maybe the people in our community, and maybe those of us, may be sensing the building of orb bodies. These are, we could consider them the new reconfiguring for the old chakra system. I am not sure what to call them at this point. Maybe it’s an orb-chakra, because it's an evolution of our previous chakra system. The energy system is still needed, but the energy wave spectrum, the way the energy system is controlled to manage energy for the consciousness in the body, and the links that are connected to it are very different. Sorry that was definitely long-winded but it was a big question.

Question: That was really helpful. I am not sure I am totally following you with the orbs. If you have somebody in their soul station identity, with 4-5-6, would this also become an orb? Would there also be another orb in the monad triad? Would each harmonic universe have its own orb? So there could there be a couple of orbs?

Lisa: Yes. That is what it looks like to me each harmonic universe has its own orb.

Question: And so are you seeing as we move out of the first three chakras, even though there might not be an orb there, that is not where ....

Lisa: I think anybody who is still in the 1st-2nd-3rd frequency wave spectrum will not have an orb body.

Question: Will people who have not resolved or recollected their parts through the chakra system, if they are not doing that, will they be able to get an orb body or will they have to wait?

Lisa: I feel they will have to go through the consciousness corridors, first. They will probably have repeated incarnations, but will eventually be able to get there. I feel they will eventually get there, just not in this time around. And again who knows, that seems that is where it is at right now. But you know as we have certainly known... the Mother of God, and God always have something up their sleeve! And I hope so, but it just doesn't look like it right now.

If you look at the field and you see the changes, and you see the level of chaos? What I'm really feeling more so, is that people are becoming consubstantial with fallen angelic bodies. And when this happens, there's no orb that is going to be created out of that.

Now hopefully maybe what that means, is they will go through the death passage, they will live out whatever their time is here. And that Fallen Angelic may attach to them, because I do really feel as unpleasant as it seems, that there is a service in that. I know that the God source and the universe are always efficient. And in the efficiency, the person that is not understanding what's going on right now, and becomes consubstantial with levels of the Fallen Angelics, and that attaches to the body, it's a way to get the fallen angelic extracted out of the mother's body. It's a form of transit. So there is a service with that, a very important service. Because as was mentioned earlier, it is absolutely mind-boggling to overwhelming, how many of the satanic creatures are in the earth fields. I mean in the consciousness fields of earth, it's like where did they come from? It can feel like a daunting task, my God, it is just a lot.

Some of us do transit work and there seems to be limitations on how much can transit any given point. Cause you go...can we just get them all out of here? But apparently not, because these entities have for so long, have played a role with this planet in keeping some relative balance. So these gateways open and we get these opportunities. It's all about a balance, where whatever is taken out has got to be replaced with something else. So as we transit out all of these entities, then there has got to be a balancing point, some kind of an energetic replacement, to what has left. So it seems like there is this constant, in all of that transiting, it impacts the magnetic field, it impacts the electric field, and it impacts everything in terms of frequency. I can just barely imagine the incredible complexity of the guardians, keeping the balance point of this planet, while it undergoes that transiting. It is just beyond mind-boggling.

(Source: Meeting Transcript May 2016)