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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
Temple of Loving Kindness
Connect with your Heart and practice Loving Kindness every day!
Love Yourself
PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love.

Beloved holy presence of God, holy Mother, holy Father, holy Christ-Sophia, we command this space as dedicated and consecrated to Cosmic Sovereign Law. We ask to open all channels of light. Our vertical channel fully connected, amplified with the eternal Living Light code. We dedicate and open our session in service to Cosmic Sovereign Law, to GSF timelines of the Aurora timeline continuum. We call upon all of our beloved Guardian teams, advisory teams and our highest God self, all those aligned to support the Law of One. Please join and amplify with us now. May we exchange together in the highest capacity of God's eternal and infinite light, love and power in divine right order, timing and harmony.

We ask you from across the Omniverses to join with us now through our unification principle. Again feeling deeply into our heart note, into our group note, into the individual note that we are; sounding our group heart note to you now. We dedicate our container, that which is shifting into many changes at this particular time through shifting timelines; through as well what seems to be particularly related to upcoming magnetic peak cycle within August and changes that solidify the upcoming alignment into the new timelines, which are pushing us forward into a new type of momentum of our purpose, of our spiritual mission; of course our attunements to that which is starting to reveal itself to us now with the changes, alignments. And as well I think the new levels of embodiment of attunement to higher consciousness access the level of protection and support that this extends to us at this particular timeline.

Again in dedicating our container, holding first the anchor within ES community. It feels as well for a moment to strengthen focus upon a Krystal Star architecture pillar that has been slowly building in the Earth body through us. Understanding that many of us act as a bridge between micro-macro and as well the embodiment of celestial structures, what we call geometric structures, holographic geography by merging and uniting these levels of architecture between celestial star bodies that have long been disconnected from the Earth body due to problematic issues involving negative alien manipulation and invasion of this particular planet for their own agendas and purposes.

As we know this has over this period of time - for hundreds of thousands of years actually - has disconnected those attunements and alignments from running into the planetary body, rendering many portals and levels of consciousness access, nonexistent to the people. When we think of ray spectrum qualities of energy that have been rendered dormant, inactive, even nonexistent in being able to pick up that coding, to not be able to run that coding within our physical embodiment. During the timelines shifting as we prepare for the movement of bifurcation that is shifting in between the densities, bridging into the next harmonic universe, we've become more aware that locational moves, directive moves, things that we've been working on are changing also. This may be changing our orientation in the world ever so slightly, or maybe even quite radically, as we have to be aligned and in purpose to support this shift. I can really see the necessity of being 100% in your heart, your mind, your spirit, your higher self-alignment and how that full alignment to the higher spiritual directive of our soul to have governance over our mind, our body, and our direction. We must follow our spirit without hesitation in everything that we are in terms of our core essence while we're on the Earth. I can see the challenge and difficulty for some of the people in the spiritual community.

Again many of those that maybe have need to exit the group consciousness layers of a community field, because we're reaching a level where our personal spiritual house, must be focused upon and in most cases we do this spiritual work in isolation. That which we have built as a part of the construct of our aura, our divine source field, that which is working towards the building, strengthening, amplification of our divine source body: this is manifested through our direct focus, alignment, attunement, the acknowledgment and the emphasis of placing our attention upon our spiritual source, on our spiritual path; on making this a priority, and as we know, that is made very difficult on the earth. It's much easier said than done, especially when we are born into this world, into becoming led into material constructs that are designed as consciousness traps to prevent us from actually achieving these spiritual goals.

It can be nearly excruciating and very painful when we are called upon to be fully dismantled away from 3D thinking in this way, and yet as we know the choice is always left with us. Can we trust in the process of dismantle? Can we truly allow when we're in the process of being dismantled and it looks extremely grim and isolating, maybe even lonely to be on this path, and to still put our faith, our trust, our love and our heart on the altar to serve God? This is definitely something that requires an extreme strength of character, an extreme strength of purpose, an extreme strength within the spirit of our being, that directs us to focus on this priority above all. And certainly having larger awareness of what happening to the earth, this is very difficult, it's very challenging, there are many people in the world that are suffering, in pain, and are confused. They feel isolated, and may not understand what is being asked of them to shift the way they perceive and think. We cannot think our way through this spiritual transformation process, it has to be felt and experienced directly by the heart through gnosis.

As we have said many times, in order to receive all you have to give all. There can be no fence-sitting now, there can be no one foot here - one foot there, straddling the worlds. We do the straddle of worlds for a very long time in terms of our exchange and interface that forces us to interact with 3-D world, but for most of us here now, no matter what the outer demands in terms of our showing up for that outer emanation of what we need to learn or experience in our case study and mastery of the world of forces - that we understand everything we are involved with in the material world is about self-mastery for our highest spiritual development. The fulfillment of our highest expression, whatever that may be for us in its unique emanation.

In the past nine months, I have seen or observed people's spiritual houses being collapsed, because they were not built properly. They were not built with the correct alignment and attunement for that person. We cannot build our spiritual body on a house of cards, on deceptions and delusions, it will be weak, infiltrated and collapse. Again recognizing with the utmost compassion how easy it is to be confused in this world, and of course the set up for that in this world is to be confused, to misinterpret the clues of information that we receive and to not understand what's actually truthfully being asked from us on the ascending path. With all my heart, with all of my passion to serve God, I dearly hope our community does its very best, given the limitations of written language, to help people find this inner truth and knowing that no matter what the outer world looks like, no matter what we are involved with and whatever construct, whatever profession, whatever we are involved in the material world: the material skeleton structure does not matter, it is always the content of our heart, what is being directed from your heart.

Rebuilding Foundation for shift into next Harmonic Universe and 911 Detonation Codes

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

So we are memorializing our weekly session. This is our weekly mentor meeting today is Friday, September 2 of 2016. In wanting to amplify, acknowledge and recognize the space. The space of energy that is being reconfigured in terms of its structure, very similar to this last week's blog the "rebuilding foundation" and there is planetary theme, consciousness theme, in terms of the structure that is changing and is impacting all of us at different levels, it ripples its effects into our life.

So in holding this space and acknowledging that we are enduring a very deep time of cellular change, consciousness shift, all levels of our being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are undergoing reorganizing, reconfiguring, the rebuilding of a new foundation for our spiritual source light, whether it's our soul body, monad body, or higher consciousness bodies. Whatever level of development we are working on we are undergoing reconfiguration. This is the current theme of that consciousness shift, with the catalyst being the foundational shift of magnetism, the mother principle and bringing energetic balance between the pairs of opposites. Which are represented as that masculine and feminine principles, and all of the energies that are represented in creation. Restoring balance.

In a lot of ways, this is a phase of time that is a restoration. I would like to put the restoration in our awareness, of the ability to build the appropriate structure that is governed in the laws being transmitted to our planet. And then we become an acupuncture point or an embodiment, a physical conduit, which allows that expression to be in the physical world. In allowing the Krystic principles and Krystic structures to be erected, built as it is now. And how that affects each of us individually and within the community field, and as well our interactions at various levels. It ripples through everything in our life at this time.

Beloved holy presence of God, holy Mother and holy Father, holding the Trinity of God head in perfect balance, in the connection with the Trinity to hold the architecture of structure in its highest expression in this stage of building, in this stage of rebuilding, the foundation that we've been given. May we direct our resources, our consciousness, and our life force in the most effective, productive and aligned ways, that support our spirit or consciousness and our unique role in this world, and the fulfilling destiny path of our Krystic being.

May we open all channels of light, open all communication links, so that we are fully resonant with that direction and path. We open this session in our group to support the mentor group and it's interconnection with the community architecture. As we know, in highlighting change of architecture, change of structure, rebuilding foundation, the community itself is in stages of rebuilding or reconfiguring into what's needed in the higher law of structure to support it. That as well, has a type of ripple effect on us in the community itself.

So bringing our attention to the ES community field, the technology it represents in physical matter and in nonphysical matter. Through the instruction sets and blueprints of that structure that comes together through ES community. Bringing this into, as well, dedication and consecration to serve the highest expression in law of structure, through Cosmic Sovereign Law. And for each of us to be directed and supported as a part of our larger collective consciousness construct that is ES community.

In holding that awareness and recognition that as we undergo a shift and change, the architecture is changing. And to allow the space, the synchronicity of divine right order and timing, so that this can unfold in its most effective, productive and useful way. To support our service mission, body of work with which we have been entrusted. To more deeply understand the shift into the next Harmonic Universe and how that impacts the foundation of everything that we work with, in terms of content, and our group awareness.

What is the most effective way for us to pick up a variety of tools, methods, in our physical earthly life experience and to integrate what we have learned thus far? This time is taking the accumulated knowledge of our direct experience on planet Earth, at this time. You know all of the good, the bad, and the ugly as it were, and synthesizing that information into a higher understanding. Attempting to integrate pieces that create more holism or integration with levels of current material. Again, it's how we each orient our self in what we are. How we translate the consciousness that we are into the physical plane. How we translate the conduit of this new law of structure. It is not a new law of structure, but it's a new stage of development, in partnership collaboration with universal laws of structure being transmitted and how this changes the foundation of things.

This will look like integrating new pieces, some new and some old. When you bring... I guess this is a level of polarity synthesis, understanding that we take these pieces of knowledge, information and method to create something new. Things that we have directly experienced and have certain associations that connect into frequency or consciousness resonance. And these become synthesized and integrated into something more cohesive, more coherent, so that it can be translated into... in a sense, a newer language.

To address the discussion of chakra removal and to better understand the function and original purpose for Chakras.

Thank you for sharing experiences with chakra and implant removal, and listing the various implants that you have been clearing. In regards to the information and inquiry you are sharing in regards to the Chakras, I will give a particular perspective in an larger overview of their function and purpose, although, much of the content you have shared in the interest of greater discussion, has many kernels of truth within it, this is a matter which needs a balanced perspective, as there are different roles that are related to the spiritual blueprint of an individual and that is exactly relative to the earth’s planetary lightbody. As always, with this information, take in what is resonant and discard the rest. This is an extensive topic that a simple written response here is not adequate, and it is a topic that is unraveling right now during this particular time of bifurcation, as there is a reconfiguration of many energy centers, such as the Stargates and the Chakra centers that exist in the collective consciousness fields that make up the human race, and this is simultaneously occurring with the earth body.

The Chakras that exist in the 3D earth’s energetic consciousness body are replicated in the 3D human energetic body at the point we incarnate on this 3D earth , as a result of coming here, we accept the planetary body imprint on our consciousness body, which configures itself into what we know as the main chakra cones. Each of these cones have an opening that directly interfaces with the same dimensional plane of the earth’s consciousness body and the 12 planets in our Solar System, that together, make up the total consciousness body of the original earth. Each of the chakras have membranes that separate the dimensions and the Ray forces that exist within that specific wave spectrum. As the planetary membranes collapse as a result of collapsing timelines and collapsing obsolete dimensional spaces (pockets of space time), so do the membranes dissolve that have created these separate compartments for the chakra cones. What is happening to dissolve the chakras membrane and the chakra panel is a result of the Ascension cycle and is an evolutionary event. Yet, some of the masses are not ready to leave the chakra system because they are fully interdependent on the energy centers governing the life force to circulate into their bodes functioning, until they awaken to choose to go beyond the ego programming, it is nearly impossible to remove or clear these membranes, as they will be seriously impacted. Some people on this earth are going absolutely crazy from this change happening in the chakra fields, as they have not been prepared for what is occurring. So it is helpful to comprehend that all beings that incarnate on the 3D timelines of earth, currently have this configuration in their personal energy centers, or through spiritual ascension and developing their lightbody, they may have evolved past the chakra membranes that created the separation in-between the dimensional planes, that are represented as the chakra energy cones in an individual. A person incarnating into this density, a very low vibration, will not be able to hold the necessary high frequency that allows them to join fully with all of their many stations of identities that had been split apart and sitting inside the dimensional access of their own chakra cones. The person through developing consciousness, gets their identities integrated, retrieves missing pieces, and those pieces reintegrate through the chakra cone, so this in itself is an appropriate function for the overall collective consciousness state that exists on the earth right now. The majority of people will not have the consciousness ability to be involved in what you are referring to in evolving out of chakras yet, and many of us here are not only here to develop our lightbody, but to hold the necessary energetic space for the entire planet, the human tribes in the collective consciousness, to be the prototype that allows future humans to continue where we have left off.

In our perspective here, the Chakra overlays on top of the main core manifestation body, were originally designed in the earth body and imprinted in the earthlings as an energy center connected to a specific timeline, dimension and identities, that would operate to help that individual being, in concert with the collective planet earth consciousness and human tribes, to recollect soul fragments, recollect missing identities of exploded pieces that had been lost during many of the cataclysms. The Chakra panel would act as a homing pigeon, with a magnetic imprint, that acts as a way to recollect missing body parts, DNA imprints, and identities that had been lodged, impaled or stuck in multiple dimensional planes o the earthly body. These identities and body parts are strewn across the main seven solar planes of this earth, and these pieces of identity did not have any opening to evolve or move out from the location of where they had been stuck for eons of time. These fragments are identities in the higher dimensional planes that through a variety of disastrous events, such as planetary bodies exploding with all of its lifeforms, this consciousness became fallen in 3D matter, they became what we know as the broken mirrors of consciousness that were shattered into pieces, which need to be recollected and pieced back together. For people that have these pieces strewn on the earth, they will most likely still need these chakras, but for many of us, this is nonexistent, we do not have these chakras anymore. Once you reintegrate your spiritual bodies beyond the Solar planes, they collapse. As a part of the planetary event at the end of 2017 merging with the timelines of the 2nd harmonic universe, this dissolution of chakras will happen at a faster rate, and in relationship to our work with planet body, the 3 lower dimensions are rolling up, and the chakra and energetic wave spectrum that existed at that level will cease to exist on the earth.

Obsolete Chakras still function as energy centers, without old Chakra Wave Spectrum, Skeleton is foundation

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

We are memorializing our meeting, today is Friday, June 17, 2016. In holding our space, I feel the dichotomy and juxtaposition we are enduring now is the increasing skill set. We are required to hold a very strong foundation, in the truth, the truth spirit. The ability to hold that compassionate neutral witnessing, while the planet, planetary body, collective consciousness fields, are undergoing such writhing, and in many places agony, I would say. There's an energy of rebirth and death, certainly nothing new on the ascension path. But really feeling the contrast through the bifurcation that we're moving and evolving, and also being required, on this path, to be able to hold a core strength. A lot of the experiences are demonstrated for us, in the early stages, before we are being strengthened, through another level of the foundation or core. Most of us are aware of the changes happening in the, we could call them, the obsolete or third dimensional chakra systems that are being reconfigured. We are enduring the transitioning phase, where certain levels of planet in the collective consciousness are still operating and functioning within, as for second and third chakra wave spectrums as we have known them up to this point.

Here we are prototyping in the Ascension cycle, and we've come to a new level of prototyping, to understand beyond the reconfiguring in working with Aurora elementals and different configurations that occurred within the elemental body, and what we call the particle wave faction that exist in the first, second and third dimensions. This area is being rewoven. There have been all of these points in the ascension process that have been taking this reconfiguration to this point. We have been talking about how the kundalini was previously disconnected, in that there should be three levels of harmonics, in a interwoven kundalini thread that is connected to the root chakra levels and in the coccyx. This is where the inner spiritual being, for the human being, for us that inner part of the seed of our inner flame should ignite there. How many people on the planet have not had that kundalini or inner light ignition because of being completely out of attunement, not only with levels of the earth field, but levels within themselves? Where so much of this blockage, the reptilian tail, the ego constructs that make up the first, second and third chakras. This all interferes and interrupts the inner kundalini and the fetal cells, the fetal seed. Those seeds, fetal cells, hold the seed that ignites our inner vital force to connect with the larger flame of our God spirit. It is understanding there is this concept, but it's also an experience, but trying to explain it in a concept to try to understand it, is that it the human body as a nerve cell has an inner spark, which ignites a catalyst of the of a small flame of light into energy. This ignites through the bodily matrices, all of these layers of the matrices that create the human body.

When we look at the physical matrix reconnection, we can see that these are levels of the matrices that exist in the body. When you look at physical matrix reconnection it gives you an idea of all of the interconnected layers of the matrices, energetically within the human body, that the ethereal flame access points have to ignite the spark of light within that human being, in order to ignite this inner spark to move through all of these interconnected matrices. When it does ignite, like at a cellular level let’s say, it starts in the foundation of your structure. It ignites the spark of your own vital essence, which is connected, which is sparking your inner spirit, your inner soul, at the first layers of the inner soul energies. And that inner spark moves into the matrices of your body energetically and physically to embody in the etheric level, so that it can finally embody that inner spark in the physical level. So it moves through these etheric flame access points, going through the layers of the bodily matrices. It starts in the skeletal structures so the very foundation of our bones, our bone marrow, our skeletal structure, becomes the harmonic resonator, which carries that spark into the next level of the matrices.

So what is happens is when people are working on those distortions that are within that lower chakra system, we are learning more and more about how the configuration of the unconscious mind, the instinctual body or the pain body, and the conscious mind works together. How each of these became enmeshed and entwined with an artificial intelligence running into the planetary brain, which is the grid network. And how that influences these negative thoughts; in the victim-victimizer, sexual misery, and the Armageddon program. Which is that agenda of terrorism, to keep people in the vibration of fear and in terror, which is a main tool of Satanic force. As we know the goal of Satanic forces, and what we define in our community is Satanic ritual abuse, is to incite terror. So this is the means with which they do it, and we know that this is slowly becoming obsolete on our planet, as Krystal Host has taken gradual control of the planetary matrix.

But as we know it's extremely slow, it is quite gradual and is very slow, and we are part of the vanguard of that new template, in working with the first layers of reconfiguration in the field matrix to allow so many things that we are talking about with Hieros Gamos, and many of the exercises that are processes that we may learn within Energetic Synthesis. These processes are provided to help wean us off that system, because all of us were born into it. It's not something you can just cut off immediately, it's something you have to evolve yourself out of gradually. All of us obviously know that very intimately. The process of initiation, accumulation (accretion) or absorption of these new frequencies and then the ability to embody it. So I am really feeling now, in having that connection of understanding that the kundalini forces on planet Earth, (which has been brought up before) was partially coded.

So it's like saying those three main currents in the kundalini forces in planet, that make up the harmonics, the 36 harmonics of the first, second and third dimension, those harmonics were scattered. So it is like thinking of music in its harmonic tones, where you should be using these 36 harmonics. Then it breaks down into what is known as 12 12 12, because that is what creates the 36 harmonics in the three dimensions. Each of these octaves has 12 harmonic patterns, those 12 harmonic patterns need to be running, and resonating together. Meaning that you know when you go up the harmonic scale that you have a vibration or an attunement to a particular frequency and then that resonates into the next harmonic frequency and so forth and so on, and it just keeps going upwards in the musical scale. So the process of wrapping up or rolling up, the lower frequencies where these first 36 harmonics have existed in the red wave spectrum and the orange wave spectrum and the yellow spectrum, which have been making up the lower three chakras. Those harmonics are starting to braid into triads and this is a part of understanding that this directly impacts kundalini forces, or the inner spark off the fetal cell, that becomes ignited in the tailbone of a person when they begin their ascension journey.

Daughter Codes, Butterfly Grid

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

We are memorializing our mentor weekly session or biweekly triweekly or however it should these days it is Friday, June 10 of 2016, and bringing our focus, our attention, our hearts and our thoughts into the mentor field. Holy presence of God may we open all channels of light. Opening our links of communication directly connected and resonating with eternal Living Light Code. We dedicate an open this energetic session in service to Cosmic Sovereign Law, and we call upon our families in Christ, our group Avatar God Self, as well as our guidance advisory teams our families aligned to Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, in the highest expression of our individual and mutual purpose. May we join now in this moment to exchange in the highest capacity of God's infinite light love and power, in Divine Right Order and harmony.

Focusing for a moment on the mentor template, or mentor templating. It's interesting we have certainly been through a lot, many of us have been talking about our experiences of physical changes. I mean changes at every level and some of this is obviously residential, moving changes. Lots of dynamics shifting and changing in our personal view, and in whatever ways we are being expanded into this next level of the time field, timeline. June tends to be, June-July, tends to be a month where things start to be revealed. In what we've been learning over the last year, like a completion cycle, and coming into an anchoring, or embodiment. Like a physical practical way to apply what we've learned in the last year. June tends to be the starting line for that. In the cycles, especially when we understand that each of the months of the zodiac represent now a Law of God, a Law of Universal Structure being transmitted, from really what I would say the father principal. Understanding the law is the mental principle, the father principal. Knowing all of the different layers, which both mother and father, need to be rehabilitated healed and united in their true divine presence on this earth. This has been that cycle of the transmission of Universal Law and bringing that law into physical reality, into the material world, applying it. I think all of us are learning how to apply the new laws. They are not new actually, they are ancient but they certainly have not been followed or recognized in the consciousness of this planet. So many of us are living examples of how to practically embody this new structure, or ancient structure, or original God structure, that has been unable to express itself on this earth. I feel a lot of what we are doing at this time is the physical embodiment process, of practically applying the laws, which are coming into transmission and exposure into this planet. As the consciousness committed to that highest expression of allowing our vessel, our body, our mind, our being, to express that higher divinity or divine pattern. Then we become an expression of that divine law. This feels on the heels of, or in the midst of those transitions and changes, which bring us into this new timeline. Where the foundation of our experience is based on the changes that have occurred in the cycle of the laws being transmitted. The accumulative integration of all of that coming into a new being, in a new creation at the same time on earth. I feel like what each of us is holding a piece for that, a new consciousness expression, while in a physical human body, bringing the laws into expression now.

Seemingly I have gone off on this tangent... because it feels that the mentor field has changed, and the basis of that change feels very much related to what I just was describing. I generally feel the mentor field as something that makes universal harmonic of reality, in that fourth, fifth and six dimensional Universal Harmonic. So a lot of the times when I'm saying mentor consciousness, I'm talking about the intelligence that exists at that level of the second harmonic. And how that is, I guess we could say, a governance of the laws by virtue of the dimensional time and space. It's what's expressed as a standard from that point in time and space. What I'm feeling now in the mentor field, which again is applicable to our relationship to what ES community is, and various levels of building the structure of the house for God, as we build this brick by brick, piece by piece, slowly over time. Mindful of the Spirits of Christ; the patients, diligence, the endurance we need to undergo that. We are building this new structure, and this feels like the house of the mentor, the structure for the mentor, has undergone a big change recently.

Understanding more about the shift in the Aqua'elle, the daughter codes, the butterfly grid, again the Edenic state that is represented through that level of consciousness coming from certain civilizations of reality. Or I would say memories, the social memory complex from that harmonic universe, at the second harmonic universe, you know Tiamat, Tara. Feeling that integration into the mentor field, so it feels like the mentor field has been dispersed into the larger field of the second harmonic universe, into more of I would say, a sense of completion or wholeness with it, more of a sense of that completion or wholeness with what it represents. And feeling the stability of that, which is actually quite a beautiful process. It feels very positive and optimistic, as something that offers a foundation of support at this level for us. When I feel this field it feels like a... I'm hesitating for words because I don't want to say intermediary or step down, that's not exactly it. But it acts as something that allows us to bridge realities. Bridging realities between lower and higher frequencies, and dimensional states, and existences.

There's something that has been bridged, in this location of the field that feels very uplifting and supportive. What I do think that has been probably on all of our minds at a certain level, is that level of support in bridging. This is being strengthened and put in place as part of the natural alignments and mechanics of integrating, and healing in the fields. But it feels like it's a construct, or part of the law structure, which allows us to heal, or access, or coexist in fields of very dark density with less sliming. With less weakness created in the structure, from those that are still very desperate and attempting to claw into the dark portals, or into the weaknesses of the structure. As we know the imposter spirit, the dark energy, the dark force in it's manipulation method, exists in a parasitic vampiric form. It requires life force, it latches on attaches and parasitizes, any kind of life that it can, in order to express itself, in order to I think exist, and also feed upon the state of consciousness that exists at that level. Generally it's method is to generate the highest yield of energy it can get, and that's why it generally goes for playing on fears, and shadows, and pain, and suffering, and all of that. Because there's a lot more energy that can be yielded from fear and pain, and sexual lust, then higher and more refined forms of energy that they can't really digest. They can't digest, they can't seem to transform the higher frequencies very well, which makes a lot of sense actually. When you understand where they are existing, they cannot digest or assimilate higher frequencies in a way that allows them to have a light source, or energy source which feeds them, gives them a battery if you will.

Wounded Female, Gravitational Anomaly, Planetary Changes, Old Chakra system re-configuring into Orb Bodies.

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

The shockwaves of the electrical peak are still oscillating in the field. Many of us have been feeling that pushing pulling prickly feeling, a lot of electrical energy coursing, with physical discomfort, and downloads that feel as if they are coming from 360° directions. It has just been an incredibly hectic time, feeling that electrical overload personally, when your nervous system and your brain just feel like they are fried. There's a lot happening in our head and crown, as well as the female pieces. The mother of God and wounded pieces are coming together, and this is the different integration with fallen pieces of the Mother, and Sofia, the Mother and Daughter principle coming into some kind of integration. We are in the middle of experiencing that merge between Mother and Daughter principle now, for some of us. It's not been a time of energetic ease, that's for sure.

Things are in slow motion today, dense and heavy. Following where that slow gathering of energy is happening in this moment. When feeling into the macrocosm energy around in the environment, it is appearing like a ball of waves, like oceanic waves rolling in and out, almost like tides. As I'm looking at this oceanic movement on the field, we seem to be in a period of gravitational anomalies occurring to the earth body.

Feeling into the gravitational field anomaly and asking that which can be harmonized or stabilized, to make our physical and spiritual being more aligned and more comfortable, throughout the process. We have several planets in retrograde. It's clear that there are certain rare types of planetoids that are coming in to, influence in our solar system in such a way, that is very rare alignment. They have extremely long orbits, Its similar to what is commonly talked about in Nibiru with its 3,600 year orbit. There has been recent discussion that has come up around the archetype of exiled feminine planets, the archetypes that represents the timelines from the explosions of Tiamat. Some of us have also been experiencing that observation of the wounded feminine in exile through the Egyptian timelines, through the 18th dynasty timelines, through what seems to be prevalent in important or powerful female figures at the time. 

Revealing the larger pieces for integrating and healing; the fallen feminine, the wounded feminine, and unfortunately as unpleasant as it is, the word rape comes to mind. This relates to how the women of this planet have been unable to have consent and free will in their own bodies pregnancy, a lack of self-determination to direct in their own bodies reproductive cycle. For whatever reasons, this issue feels very emphasized in this moment, and this related to the experience of change in such gravitational density, it has such an immense and heavy weight to it, because it has something to do with those cycles of birth and death and resurrection. Specifically, very much related to the mother principal in those stages of creation, and feeling that stage of creation in a complete cyclic. The Alpha Omega, from beginning to end, and in the creatrix where all begins and all ends, and it's all happening simultaneously in time. It feels that this is the theme of the moment, in this electrical peak period, with the reintegration, or discovery and exploration of aspects of the Mother of God. Understanding her even more deeply, going down the rabbit hole, of how women's bodies have been compromised on this earth, from being in the divine female principle. It's like a passed on imprint through the morphogenetic field created this collective miasma in the human race, from what histories have happened to the planetary body.

The Negative Alien Agenda, once they control the planet's brain and the planet itself, it is their way of controlling the nerve cells of planet, in humanity, in the human race. From drilling this down now into the female aspects there seem to be things now being impacted that are very hormonal, stimulation of glandular functions. Shifts away from lunar cycles and lunar force relationship to either controlling gravity, or this brings up the beast machine and the gravitron, which has been intricately enmeshed with this planet, to control gravitational waves and fields. One of its functions is the control of the 23° wobble, and to create this unnatural black hole technology in the planet. That has something to do with harnessing electromagnetic activity, but also harnessing the force of gravity. Right now there is some something important happening in the planetary and Solar field. Sometimes these incredible ascension symptoms will be directly relational to the coronal mass ejection's of the Sun, when there's a lot of solar flare activity. So this is interesting because this feels as the polar opposite of the solar flare activity. But it has a similar influence on our body. As I can see this oscillating field shifting and I understand. It's a gray field that appears like substance that's being projected in this undulation out of the black holes. As I look at this, some part of me understands that this is a gravitational anomaly, that there is a peak cycle of a gravitational shift occurring to this earth. Something is happening to the planet that is a planetary event at this time, that's creating a different impact on our consciousness and physical bodies. It is how we are experiencing our physical being while existing in our physical body.

There's always a deep association to sound waves, as being the mother principal on the earth. Knowing how sound waves are manipulated on planet to create this reversal dark mother, the alien mother situation. Because a lot of that anomaly is cultivated through these unnatural alien technologies, of black hole types of technologies apparently, creating an artificial gravitational field, this has relevance to how the moon has been a part of influencing tidal movement. This is very interesting because as I'm looking at this gravitational field anomaly, it's not coming from the moon. It is very similar to looking at oceanic tides, they are undulating and come into shore and move out, it’s the same kind of sound wave pattern. It appears as a tidal pattern but it's not coming from the moon or lunar gravitational impacts. It's coming from a change that's happening in the tilt of the planet.

Somehow the tilt of the planet, in this month with the Taurus alignment, seems to have some kind of deeper connections into the planetary navel. There are these parts of the planet that are like an umbilicus to the celestial bodies, where connections into star systems, and holograms from the star systems, these are holographic architecture geomantic activities that connect from the celestial bodies to the earth body. There is something radical that has occurred recently, something has changed dramatically, in the holographic structures that exist between the earth body and Star bodies. Some kind of geomantic structure that connects to the earth umbilicus, and this has tilted direction. This is creating, a more aggressive tilt because I do know that this tilting is gradual. That as the north and south pole, the dipoles are changing on planet, it's changing the tilt. And as we know a part of that lunar control and these net frequency fences, this has been about keeping that 23° angle off of the central earth staff. What we are experiencing at a macrocosm level is some kind of new foundation built, or an anomaly that is not only gravitational, but it is about the earth staff. The center of the earth, thinking of our staff our central vertical channel, like the central vertical channel of the earth. It's aligning in the direction it needs to, but it is very interesting, this tilt movement has a consequence in relationship to this recent change of collecting female Mother of God and female fallen body parts.

The release of what appears to be, as an example, with my recent experience with Nefertiti, is that there were Thothian holograms, holding certain levels of celestial body architecture in place by this 23 degree tilt. This would be black magic reversal Thothian grid holograms, holographic inserts, using the Nefertiti image in nested, negative form holograms. Somehow because of who she was when she came to this planet, even though it is not public knowledge, but it's similar to those people who would worship mother Mary or the Virgin Mary in Catholicism, or important religious female figures. It's a mother figure and this is actually a person who was holding this on the earth plane, and because she was, a portion of her image has been cloned and replicated to support this left-hand path of Satanism. I am seeing Nefertiti's image and understanding her role with the earth was to bring this fullness of the mother principal, and to attempt to bring balance, and some kind of re-threading or integration or embodiment of the mother principal in her body, when she incarnated here. She was not successful then. This has to do with the conflicts, the interpersonal and dramatic things that happened with Akhenaton. This also has an incredible influence coming from the priesthood class of Atlantis, those in this time cycle that were either a part of that unraveling drama of the Atlantian flood and the abusive technologies, and the conflicts between the priesthoods and the brotherhoods. There is something very deeply embedded in Egyptian history with the conflict of the brotherhoods. When we look at all the curses, why do we keep going back to Egypt? I think it's because it is of such significance for all of us because we don't have any remnants of Atlantis or Atlantian times. Most of that is underwater and it's been conveniently destroyed by the extraterrestrials that are trying to control all the artifacts in history available to people down here. The closest thing we have is the sphinx and the pyramid's, because this is a replication of monuments and sacred temples used from the Atlantian times, and it was brought into that Egyptian culture, from the Atlantian priest class that either reincarnated in those dynasties, or went into the underground into the inner world, and then came out during certain cycles of time and brought it to the surface. 

Chakras Rolling Up

Meeting Transcript Discussion Summary

Today is April 29, 2016 and it feels like there has been a time of death, rebirth transformation, relocation, a lot of different things are shifting, I think in our personal lives, our professional lives. Every aspect of which is influenced through us or by us, has certainly been undergoing some kind of alteration and transformation. This is the touchstone to start to put the toe in the water, to change the ripple and the direction of the HGS field. Meaning the strength of the HGS field, through its transformation into a different and higher elevation, as it is being shifted now. We are being shifted into a different time space continuum, that time space continuum is impacting the ES community, and the HG field, it's impacting our organic field, and as such it feels like it's best to allow it to resettle itself and organize itself within the structure.

As we move into that relative balance of a higher expression of frequency, of light and plasma, we have the meeting point of the polarities within that field of energy. When that light meets in that dimension of time, and then clearing the obsolete energies that exist there. A lot of the attention and energy and awareness has been given to a tremendous amount of work, in these past months. These past months have impacted all of us. Dealing with fifth dimensional Satanic coding, Metatronic coding, reversal 55 coding, for many reasons. But in knowing that the Metatronic coding and that five based coding that is used, in many of the satanic field architecture, is used to manipulate black magic and this is where these entities are gathering their power. This is how black magicians conjure, subtle energetic forces and direct it to people. 

As we move into higher fields, we all know the plan of attack of negative hierarchical forces and imposter spirit forces. There's a lot of smash and grab, thuggery and Mafia like behavior happening with these hierarchies at this time. It doesn't feel good, it is not fun, but I do feel that in alignment to the shift and change. We are undergoing that shift into that next platform and it requires seeing, clearing, a certain level of fifth dimensional distortion, that was existing in the next harmonic universe.

Essentially that's what is occurring. When we talk about the subatomic shifting, the point in time and space, and the time continuum in which we exist, is being moved into the next harmonic universe structure. Those of us on the ascending path are undergoing this while we are coexisting on a planet with many people that are maintaining or descending the third dimensional timelines, on the 3D Earth. So you have both, existing in parallel to each other, on the planet together. And yet we are located at a different point in the timeline, in the time space continuum. We are actually, our foundation or energetic body, and some of you may have been sensing that. That when you do your shielding work or when you do certain work, you may not be connecting into 3D Earth anymore. You may be connecting into fields of plasma.

We are elevated above the Earth field and yet, the physical body is existing within the fields of earth. So we are existing in a different time space location, a different time continuum, and a different actual harmonic universe entirely. I think this is the gradual shift until the end of 2017. It will be interesting to see, to view and observe what happens within the community, within us, as we undergo this sort of shift. I do feel as unpleasant as it is, and as difficult as it can be, this is the time where people that are not moving, or that is not their path to move into this next harmonic universe continuum, may not be coming with us. This may be manifested in a multitude of ways. We may be holding the anchor for those people, as many of us have understood, many of us are anchors for biological family members, or community, or at certain levels of our field service designation. Our Light body is an orb body, a spherical body, that once developed can hold human souls and it. So some of us will have that as well. There is so much going on, it's really hard to define it all.

But to understand that the time space coordinate location, of where we are moving to at the end of 2017, and this process is beginning now... is moving into these fourth, fifth and six dimensional fields. It's like saying the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension, become connected into the energy centers where your first, second and third chakra previously existed. Many of us don't have the first, second and third chakra anymore, while we are existing on the earth. That is the best way to describe the reconfiguration of the light body at this time. Those of us that are in contact with Founder Consciousness are going to have the Emerald looking or green Father energy, or the Mother Blue energy and that is going to be a full embodiment. And over the head is the Christ Sun. So again at this time what I'm experiencing is a whole different configuration and how the body is connecting to the earth realms. And the earth realms feel very much as it is existing underneath my physical body, in a way that is experienced spatially, differently.

My orientation in space has completely changed the bottom of me is completely filled with this blue plasma light and above me now, at that 4 feet position above head, all of that is bright gold light of the liquid plasma sun. It's completely filling that whole area, and it is just omnipresent now. There was the experience years ago, like in 2009 when I really saw the blue aura coming in, from the Mother Arc, being threaded into the earth and holding the Mother Arc. I think that's a part of being an acupuncture point for that frequency. Now it's a different level embodiment. The Krystal Star Diamond Sun body and the way that it is anchored in, it is very interesting in my experience at this moment. This is something to discover as we move on with this, those lower energy centers do not exist anymore, and yet you're on earth. Which is very curious, right?

The harmonic universe of the third dimension that is making up that particle level, and yet there's a part of us, our body is now sitting on a foundation that is not existing in the first, second or third dimension. And yet we can go into those dimensions. What I have been experiencing is that when I am looking at a human body that is stuck on the earth, a disincarnate. Their body from a distance is a sphere, until I shift my perception in the field and recognize that is a human being. I used to see humanoid disincarnate people, looking just like humans walking around, and now their energy field is spherical. My point of reference in looking at them on the inner planes has changed. I'm still experimenting with that experience, but I know it is people stuck in the lower dimensions, in the first, second and third dimension timelines. I'm looking from a higher dimension at them, rather than looking at them from the first, second or third dimension timeline. So it's very interesting and just sharing that in case that is something that has been experienced, or will be experienced by any of you and the future.

In holding this field for stabilization and of course allowing it to hold the next stage of its development. And for each of us to be informed and aware and in alignment, from an energetic level, not a mental level but that feeling level ... what our role or connection to the HGS field is, in the context of course of all of the shifts and changes that are occurring. So holding stabilization, strength, amplification and clarity for the Hieros Gamos field, and of course an application of that field through its manifestation in the physical, the HG manual, the Hiero Gamic manual. In sacred rod and staff in dedicating and consecrating our field to the purposes of God, we ask to please open all channels of light. We ask to clear all filaments and light fibers of our plasma to be fully connected and resident with the eternal living light code. As we consecrate today's group session in service to Cosmic Sovereign Law we call upon group avatar and God Self, our guides, guardians those that assist us in managing, administering to and holding the Hieros Gamos field, our Guardian and Aurora family.

Please help to connect with our Hiero Gamic field, we fully activate our Christos and what seems to be above us now, is that Aquaferion Shield that connects to the Aurora pillars and platforms. Beloved's again we ask to please join with us, guide us into the highest expression of our divinity and mission, as appropriate for each individual and of course our collective group field. We asked to balance center and stabilize the Hiero Gamic field now. Please perform axiatonal alignments connecting all vertical links, calibration and alignment of modulation between the white-hole black-hole spin points, through these axiatonal lines. And where they meet through their intersections horizontal and diagonal. We asked for re-connections as appropriate, which allow all spiritual energetic communication links between our individual collective being, and the mind, body and heart, of the Godhead. We ask to assist us in correcting all body parts, again allowing all aspects of our body. In feeling the cells, the mitochondria, the instructions set the cellular membrane, how that energy is vitalized, the mitochondria itself to nourish and support our organ systems.

Some of you might be aware of recent on posts in the community, speaking about Trinity fields and Trinity Gates. Noting that as a part of the subatomic shifting that has occurred from this bifurcation, and in this movement into this different time space continuum. Our vantage point in working with certain Earth grid problems is changing. My feeling is whether or not we have experienced it directly in this moment that may be something that in the future we feel more directly. Is that from this elevated vantage point of consciousness, again being moved into a different time space continuum if you will, then the majority of the inhabitants on the earth plane at this time. Again there's not that many of us moving in that direction.

So understanding that this is a premium, it's a privilege, it allows us access point into certain levels of the field, which feels that it will be more powerful. Meaning that we have talked about this before, that it is from higher dimensional access that the lower dimensions are influenced. If we are going to make any meaningful architectural shifts in the planets grid, we are accessing a space from a higher dimensional plane, in order to impact the sound light and creational codes that are arranging these fields, and fields of expression, instruction sets, in and this and that. As we move into the higher time space location, it allows us more influence or hopefully more accuracy, or ... do I want to see permanency? I don't know if I have the words at this moment, because a lot of us will find the complexity of the interaction of the fields of Earth, is just something that cannot be described in words. It's incredibly complex in terms of how things interact or influence each other.

Clearly when we work with HGS, we are being guided through that process, and creating very specific templates in order to influence a particular instruction set, for whatever the intent, or direction, or location, or demographic of that particular session is being directed to. It makes sense to me that from the higher perspective, meaning that coming from a higher dimensional perspective of which to impact the lower dimensional fields. Because the majority of the people, the souls on this earth, the collective race field of humanity is existing there. They are existing in those fields, so in a sense there is this strange and surreal experience of, you being on the earth and yet in a completely different time space, and an energy field than the people around you, than the majority of the people around you. And also determining, and I think we have to explore and feel into that, are we a hub of a particular area that's holding a certain parameter of that ascending hub, that supports the people in that area?

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