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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Reclaiming Christos Body


Let us prepare for meditation.

And for this evening we dedicate our body to serve the eternal living light of God. We resign from any agreement or use, with an intermediary in all exchanges. We dedicate to be returned and reclaimed, to the true Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, single and original eternal God's spirit, manifest essence here and now. We reclaim the Christos body for one and for all.

As we take a nice deep breath, authentically declare your intention from your heart, to serve the eternal God source and oneness. Activate your inner spirit, and core shield. Connect to your 12 dimensional shield now. From within your personal shield, create the handshake with unity intelligence of the Krystal Star. From inside your 12th dimensional shield, bring to mind the threefold flame of God Sovereign Free, to spin your field outward into your personal space. Test the perimeter of the field by stating I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. Intend to transmute all energies that are misqualified, to be replaced with the God Sovereign Free field of the crystalline and Christ force.

Beloved, may we prepare axitonial alignment. Please balance, center and stabilize, the inner core. Unify, I am Unity. Beloveds, we open all reconnections into the eternal God spirit. Please open all spiritual energetic connections communications between the eternal God source, all spiritual bodies, all mental bodies, and body parts. In your inner vision, see all aspects of your being, your body, your spinal cord, your central nervous system, your brain, your mind, the etheric nadis, the soul body, the monad body, the avatar light, and the eternal God source, fully connected in all exchanges now.

Bringing your awareness to your center point, bring the neutral observer of your consciousness to seat in your still point. No judgment, I am discerning, fearless, and timeless. As the compassionate witness now, breathe in deeply and relax your body. I am neutral. Our amplifiers this evening, we call forth the Double Diamond Sun Body, the Crystal Rainbow Body and Diamond Ball Krysthala amplifier. We call forth the Paradisian Sun, the seven higher heavens of the Crystal Palace cities of God as our talisman this evening. In your personal space, include a shadow vortex for removal of any elements from this meditation. As we apply core soul protection to any session visitors or displaced entities. In your inner vision in the placement of your shadow vortex, set a space for the release and removal to transit any shadow elements from your aura, your body or your room. As we move into multidimensional body connections, move your awareness to your blueprint level. Intend to correct and connect all aspects interrelated to your personal hologram, your personal blueprint. Connect the Double Diamond Sun Body talisman, and the Paradisian Sun talisman to amplify your blueprint body. As we scan your blueprint, we are going to be looking for ancestral and genetic healing and clearing. We call upon all ancestors and genetic relationship within the blueprint to be brought into core soul protection in harmonization through all levels of time and identity.

Connecting intentionally to your blueprint, as we call forth all ancestral genetic influences which can be healed and cleared to be released now. We are clearing all collective mind influences within the ancestral and genetic patterns of your blueprint. Feel the Double Diamond Sun Body the Krysthala light cleanse your blueprint, cleansing the collective mind influence, cleansing the ancestral and genetic influences through the collective mind. Allow your body to be freed of these influences now.

As we move to the next level within our blueprint healing, we address all addiction and phobia within our blueprint. Beloveds, please clear all interrelated levels of the multidimensional bodies of addictions and phobia influence. We go to the core fears and anxiety which feed these addiction programs. Allow all pathways of the brain, the neural net, the central nervous system, we connect to our sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic system, and the vagus nerve, See your nervous system, your central nervous system, cleansed with the Double Diamond Krysthala light. See the rainbow ball of frequencies moving through your entire central nervous system, cleansing all fears, cleansing all anxiety. As we move through general fears, focusing on your central nervous system, now into your brain. To focus on your brain allowing the cleansing and resetting of all programs of fear and anxiety, cleansed and washed away by the Double Diamond light Krysthala. As we again identify general fears, we allow these fears to sweep through our body being released. Send them to your shadow vortex for transit and transmutation now.

Beloved release all fear of letting go of the ego self. Beloved let go of all fears of change. Beloved release all fear of losing money or losing status in your life.

Now let's move to all fears in relationship. intend to cleanse your body, your brain, your nervous system, of all patterns of fear around relationships.

And now cleansing all fear around darkness. Allow your body to face the shadow of darkness. To register and recognize the fear of being in the void, of being in the dark. Bring all of your courage to know you are safe and connected in God's eternal light. In this truth, face all darkness, in all of the hidden aspects of your body, and your being. Call out all fears of darkness. Allow the diamond Krysthala light to cleanse your body of all fears of darkness.

And now bring up all fears from your past, present, or future from all identities, all fears of being forgotten by God, of feeling or believing that you were God forsaken. As you allow these fears to come to the surface, we call upon the Diamond Krystal light, Double Diamond Sun Body of Christ, to cleanse your heart, to cleanse your mind. Allow all fears of being forsaken by God to be cleansed and washed from your body.

Now at this time may we bring up fears around our commitment. The fear of committing to trust our spirit. The fear of making commitments within our life. Commitments to spiritual truth. Commitments to live our life authentically. Allow yourself to scan your body and surface any fears of commitment. Allow these fears to be released from your body now.

And now let us feel and bring forth any fears in our body, mind or being, around betrayal. Bring forth all the courage from your inner core spirit to know that ultimately you are never betrayed. Bring forth all the pain, the past fears of betrayal. Allow your body to feel and release this betrayal. Clear from your brain, your nervous system and your body, through all identities in time.

Now as we bring up fears or issues that you may have carried lifetime after lifetime, we ask to bring forth and release, in clarity and connection with the light of truth, your inner core spirit. Cleanse all debts from the family line. Cleanse the fear of enslaving debt. The fear of debt itself. As you allow your body to be cleansed of those burdens of debt, cleanse the ancestral layers, removing from your family line, from your family of origin, from past, present, and future, all debts are forgiven. Clear all fear of the past with money, debt, not having enough. Allow the Double Diamond Krysthala body to cleanse all aspects of your brain, your central nervous system, and your body. Release all burdens of debt now. As you are guided repeat, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

And now we address all spiritual fears. Allow your body and being bring to the surface awareness any spiritual fears. Again bring any fear around knowing too much, feeling unworthy of knowledge. Allow these fears of knowledge, of knowing too much spiritual truth. Allow these feelings to surface, from past, present, and future. You are a loved child of God. You are one with the Spiritual Light. Spiritual knowledge is your divine birthright.

And now as we move to the next theme, the fears or anxiety around persecution. Many of us have memories from the past or the future of persecution. Allow your being to bring forth all feelings or complexes that are nested in your body around persecution, allowing these fears to dissolve entirely in the Double Diamond Krysthala ball of light. Beloved Christ self, please wipe away all tears and pain from persecution through all time and space.

Now we move into the multidimensional body. Again intend to focus or connect with your mental body, but allow all of these fears to be released and cleared from your mental body. Let's allow all programs, all belief systems, they no longer serve you now, let's clear and release these belief systems and programs in the mental body now. We call upon the Krysthala Double Diamond Christ body to cleanse and release the mental body of all obsolete programs, all harmful belief systems. Allow the light to wash through you, cleansing your mental body.

As we cleanse your mental body, we now go to the multidimensional body connections at the next level, to clear through the collective mind. Beloveds may we clear the collective mind influences. Cleanse all attachments to the collective mind. Clear all leakages to these collective mind programs. We ask to sweep all service to self entities from the collective mind program. Beloved God as we ask Holy Father, clear the simple triad of miasma, addiction, parasites, entities, archons, alien software, mind control, through the collective mind. We ask to retrieve all body parts that are rightfully ours, all essences and energies to be retrieved and returned now. Please collapse the timeline through the collective mind of these attachments. Seal and heal our personal aura from any further intrusion.

We now call forth the collective consciousness influences that have impacted our body. We ask to be cleared of any harmful or obsolete inorganic influences. Please clear the collective consciousness influences through our relationship individually and through our community as a group to the collective mind. Clear these collective consciousness influences as they impact each of us individually through our unique ancestral and genetic lineage. As we see the collective community, fully embodied in the eternal Christ light, the Double Diamond Sun, the Krysthala body, intend to reclaim the Christos body, the Christ consciousness, Sovereignty and freedom for your ancestors now.

Beloved Guardians and God, Holy Mother we call upon the Aqua Portal of light, as we extend in our inner vision the vision of Aqualine Light of the Mother Arc. We call forth the transit portal and gateway. Beloveds, God Force and Mother, please transit all ancestors from the past, present or future, which require assistance and support to connect with the Divine Mother, the Cosmic Mother now. Feel your heart expanding to encompass the Divine Mother Cosmic Mother Arc, her love. Feel your love encompass all creation. Send your loving support to your ancestors bidding them a safe passage and journey, to be reconnected with the eternal God light.

As we return to our multidimensional body, coming back to clear any addictions, phobias or programs that are associated with our ancestral and genetic lineage, we clear all karmic blockages or reasons for these conditions. As we clear this from our family line, we clear the victim/victimizer programs of polarity which have been dominating our planet. We intend to clear the victim/victimizer program to our family members, our ancestral members. Allow any cords or experiences of empathy, or sympathetic resonance to the victimization of a family member, our human family, our animal family, our plants family, bring forth all that which you love and care for, and clear all empathy of cords of victimization to these families and kingdoms. Through each of these kingdoms and families, we are clearing the victimizer programs and our feeling of these programs operating in the beings, and the animals, and the kingdoms of which we love and connect to the earth. For each of us as we connect to the deepest part of ourselves, and we allow that which we love, that which we care for, we allow ourselves to feel our love for the planet, for humanity, for the kingdoms of the earth, for our families, for our ancestors, for the life we were given through our genetic creation. Clear all inorganic programming. Clear all victim and victimizer programming.

As you open your heart, fill your heart with that which comes to immediate mind now, sending your love to this aspect of yourself, the planet, your family, your children.

Now we bring all memories and influences which have impacted all aspects from this evening. Beloved God and our family of light, we intend to clear all memories and influences of these issues from our body, mind and spirit. Please locate and identify the memories and influences to remove and repair now. Please clear this through our physical body parts. In your own mind pay attention to any body parts that call out to you now. Focus on that part, and send your love, and your light, to release any patterns now. Allow this to be cleared in the central nervous system. We allow all clearing and reconnections between the organ system and the central nervous system. Please see your central nervous system sparking communication links with all of your bodily organs. Bring your focus to your heart, the organ of your heart chamber. To your heart is the connection to all of your feelings, emotions and spiritual bodies. Reconnect the central nervous system to communicate with your physical heart. In your mind's eye see those connections fully sparking, fully communicating. Your central nervous system is fully communicating with your physical heart. As we clear these influences from the blueprint structures, Beloveds, clear through the cellular level. Clear through the DNA instruction set level. Clear through the chromosomal level. Clear through the molecular level. Clear through the atomic levels. Clear through the subatomic levels. Clear through the nuclei and sub nuclei. Through the quantum energy field. Through energy to form.

We clear all timelines in the physical dimension. We clear all timelines through the other selves identities. We clear all timelines in the universes and parallel realities. And we clear through the soul timeline dimensions, through all ancestral and genetic combinations, and known or unknown existences. For each being please clear timelines in all combinations as needed or necessary in order of priority for each beings direct and spiritual connection growth.

As we move to the quantic field Beloveds, please clear the memories and influences. Please clear electromagnetic field disturbances in the bodies. Please clear all harmonic disturbances in the bodies. Please clear all dead energy influences. For each body and being, please perform a quantic field space time reorganization. Please make adjustments between the black hole spin point in the quantic field. Please perform a past timeline to future timeline reorganization to the ascension alignment. Please clear all frozen dead light miasms in the quantic field impact. Please correct all electron distortions in inner space time. Please adjust and correct all proton distortions in inner space time. Please clear and correct all inorganic fields.

We clear all memories and influences permanently and completely. Beloveds eliminate, release, protect, set free, Sovereign. zero point now.

As we take this through all timelines of identity, we perform a simple triad sweep. Beloveds sweep and clear miasma, addiction, parasites, entities, suppressors and archons, alien software, mind control, Perform body retrievals, collapse timeline, seal and heal the aura now. As we seal this into the light of union and wholeness, we seal our bodies, consecrated and dedicated to the eternal light of God source, our family of oneness. We reclaim the Christ embodied.

Beloveds thank you so much for this opportunity as we seal this group session in your individual body intend, disconnect, from the group field focusing on your personal 12th dimensional shield.

As you take a nice deep breath, feeling relaxed and refreshed, come fully back into aware presence.

Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways.

As we end this evening's meditation we seal our group session into the light of wholeness and union.

Thank you so much for joining us this evening. Have a beautiful night.