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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Umbilicus Reset


Please prepare for meditation. Taking nice deep breaths allowing your body to completely relax. Come into a feeling of complete peace and connection allowing your body to release the stresses of the day connecting to the inner sanctum of your own personal peace and God connection. And now we begin:

Beloved God open all channels of Light, clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Living Light Code - the breath of life.
As we set our space now for the Unity field and our Guardian families we call upon our group Avatar, our Guardian families, the Aurora races, the Andromedan Councils, those that serve the Indigo and Star Seeded Identity Matrix aligned to the Law of One Mission. Beloveds we ask to combine together for the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinity Light, Love and Power in Divine Right Order and Harmony.

For those of us that are familiar with the 12th Dimensional Shield and connecting to the 12D Hub: reinforce and hold the amplification of pale silver light. Again we imagine the spark of that pale silver light which is the Krystal Consciousness deep within the pineal gland of the brain - the Third Eye and exhaling it rapidly towards the Earth's frequency Hub or for those of us that are connecting into the Earth's Core you can send your spark through the Core as we allow the pale silver pillar to expand encompassing completely around every cell and pore of our body, allowing every part of our Being to be saturated in the personal platinum silver light. For those of us that are anchoring and holding that process please stay contained in your own personal shield.

For those of us that are not used to the 12th Dimensional Shield - just in your inner vision from about 3 1/2 feet above your head to a foot beneath you, imagine and sense a complete platinum pillar of light about 4 feet in diameter around you, cylindrical, completely covering and saturating your being. Feel this protection, has the glass-like quality to it, feeling yourself contained in your own personal pillar and shield of light. Connect or intend through your imagination or through your intention. Those of us that are new to feeling that frequency feel your self energetically attempting to remember this energy signature. This liquid silver light has a cool and mentholatum sort of feeling to it. If you can't feel it yet you will at some point because this is the frequency of the Krystal Consciousness that contains the original Divinity and blueprint of your 12D body otherwise known as the Krystal body or the Krystal Consciousness. Feel yourself sustained and nourished in this Light Source. This is your Light Source and those of us that are more advanced will feel it emanating in waves from our Still Point.

As each of us are contained in our personal shield we're now going to continue in opening our Group Field:

Beloved families of Light as we open our vortex to include our group into the full expansion of the Celestial Christ Force of Platinum Light we ask to grid our space entirely. Please anchor, lock and seal in our hologram here and now. As we command the trans-harmonic and trans-density pillars to manifest and lock down extending and protecting our group field. North, South, East, West, Earth, Sky and Heart: we direct these corners to be sealed in the light of Unity and Oneness. Impenetrable, invincible we ask Aurora to as well anchor our Sacred Space in service to the Law of One of which we serve.

And again as we begin the installation of our command - in your mind or out loud as you feel guided please repeat this command:

As the 12D Avatar and the Light of God I am, I cancel all contracts and agreements I have made with any entity or guide in this timeline or any reality that were not in my highest alignment and expression of my light source in the law of One. I terminate all false matrices. I terminate all false illusions that may have obscured my highest God Purpose and Soul Mission from past, present and future. I declare the cancelation of such contracts irrevocable and permanent in all timeframes and realities. I choose my perfection to stand in the light. I choose to represent my full sovereignty. I choose freedom for myself and all human beings on this planet. I receive this gift as I will share this gift with all. All is One with the Light. I am Unity.

As you hold that intention for your Being, commanding the presence of those words into the active force of God within your personal pillar of light we now prepare for the 13th pillar bio-circuitry:

Beloveds please activate the Stanza Code (an arc gate stanza code, which is a smaller piece of the larger arc covenant code from the pillars being accessed) as we command the commandment code to activate the bio-circuitry of the 13th pillar we ask to fully protect our space through the zero point 144space alignment now. Thank you. As we open the group vortex, now that you are in your personal pillar - in your mind’s eye see a larger pillar that contains our entire group. As you maintain your own personal pillar at the same time feel yourself joining our group vortex, step into our group vortex. As we grow our group field we lock down the field now with the mental command "lock down now".

And so we begin:
Bring your attention and focus back into your core again - your core of your presence within you, fully connected and protected to the God Source and in that opening to bring your consciousness and your awareness into the Still Point area in between the rib cage. Feeling the core of the presence of that Divinity imagine and see as you are feeling the sensation of an Umbilicus of God's Light streaming into the Still Point area in between your ribcage. This area of the light body is connected into an umbilicus function and is the core of the personal God power connection. As you are feeling the core of your presence we now ask all guidance and gate-keepers assigned to each being to support this process further with complete grace and ease and divine harmony.

In your mind’s eye see yourself standing in the middle of a road with a horizon in front of you. In your consciousness as you are looking to the future you’re looking into the future event horizon. As you look out to the horizon see it leading into 2 roads both leading in separate directions. Understand that you are standing at a crossroads. As you look in front of you standing in the middle of the road making a decision of which road to take you are standing at the crossroads of the future.
As you take this in I want you to feel yourself completely turn around. For now you are looking at the timeline of the past. As you feel yourself turning around and looking behind you see the long road of this timeline that has led you to be in the here and now. Understand that this road is a timeline. You are standing on your own personal timeline. You are now consciously choosing the highest evolution for yourself.

And we are returning to the birth incarnation of the exact moment of your birth. We are returning as we go back looking through the timeline of the past intend to take yourself to the exact moment of your birth, the exact moment right before your umbilicus was cut from the placenta of your mother's womb. As you look into the past follow this timeline backwards and see yourself returning through time as if you’re watching a movie seeing the key components of decisions and choices you’ve made throughout the years - all that which has led you to be standing here now at this exact moment of time. As you return through time, the timeline of the past allow yourself to observe neutrally all events. You are the watcher and you are the one being watched.

As you go back through time 10 years ago, keep going back to the age of 33, to the age of 22, to the age of 12, going back to the age of your birth. Bring yourself to that exact moment of time. As your intention or your imagination (they are just one and the same) feel or see yourself as a watcher in the room watching yourself be born into this world. Imagine you see your mother, the doctors, the hospital - all the conditions that you chose to be born into at that exact moment in time. And if you allow or feel any trauma bring it into neutral, feel the neutral association of complete observing consciousness.

We're going to ask that our guidance gatekeepers veil all trauma and birth pain by bathing each individual in the Krystal Consciousness of Divine Love of the Grace of God. Spilling the white veil of protection and allowing the Krystal Consciousness to veil you, hold you. Again hold this vision, this birth vision without emotion as best you can. Allow your self to watch it only and take away the nervous system stimulus and stand neutral and watch. Unplug the nervous system for the moment from emotional reactions in the body. Keep neutral association.

And again intend as you see yourself entering the birth canal and exiting the birth canal as you are watching yourself be born into this world, into this planet. As you see the doctor or midwife put a clamp on the umbilicus I want you to prepare yourself with every bit of Divine Will of God you have resonating in your cells now. Taking in deep breaths and holding the power of your breath in your chest at the exact moment you see the doctor begin to cut the umbilicus take all of your breath and with great force of personal will command that God's Divinity and Will be the force and action.

Blow your breath as a force of Crystalline breath, the breath of God and direct this breath in spiral, the Force of Light to literally solder the Umbilicus shut and seal all openings in and around the bodies at the lower astral, all levels of the Astral body as you direct the Crystal Seal around the Umbilicus.

Direct the 12 Dimensional Shield of Crystal Light around your entire baby body. Bathe every cell, every pore of your baby body with this Crystal Light. Again as you are watching and being watched allow the breath of God through you to fully nourish and saturate your physical baby body and the Aura of that baby body to be completely saturated in this Crystal Light.

In your own way tell yourself, tell this baby self when you became incarnated on this planet at that exact moment that you are here now to take care of you, that there is nothing to fear that you were never forgotten and you were never left behind. God is here, always was here and has returned to your conscious awareness so that you can remember, so that you can remember to free you of all pain, to remove all trauma, to clear all impositions and burdens from you. You are eternally loved and always will be perfection made manifest in the Glory of God's Light and Love. Through that exact moment of birth where the umbilicus is cut command in your own language or within your mind now:
I consecrate my body now to god's eternal light.

And now for a moment bringing yourself into the awareness of your etheric body and as you're still in the room and circumstance of which you are watching the changing transduction point of your birth - for a moment connect to your Heart. Come into feeling of your heart chakra as you allow the feeling expansion with the center of your own heart inhale and bring the Celestial Silver Light from underneath your feet inhaling deeply from the Crystal cord in the center of your being. Inhale as if you are inhaling from 1 foot (12 inches) beneath your feet that there is a source there. Inhale up allowing your Hara and center column to be a conduit of more Silver Crystal Light. As you allow that energy to come up allow it to reside in your heart as if you are filling your heart chakra with every breath from beneath you allowing the breath to move upward into your heart and to allow the pale and crystal energy to expand deeply into the heart chakra.

And now for a moment we're going to do the same action but we're going to connect to the Pale Turquoise Light that resides in the same place. Connect to that place - there is a sphere about 12 inches beneath your feet and see that there is connected to that crystalline light a pale turquoise energy. As you connect to that pale turquoise energy we're going to stream through your center column and bring it into your heart.

So again, connecting again to the Source, the Turquoise Pale Blue 12 inches beneath your feet, like a gas flame that has been lit there. Taking nice inhales feel with every breath that flame expanding into a conduit of source in through your Hara bring that pale turquoise light up through your body all the way in to the heart chakra. Again as you're inhaling and bringing that frequency and light you start to see that the silver and the blue are merging into a combined field and as you're inhaling that energy up and you're seeing it spread into your heart we're going to now send that into the entire Astral and Etheric body.

As you inhale and feel that frequency growing in through the heart know that your heart is a channel like a funnel that opens into your Astral body and into the etheric layers of the lower astral body and project that frequency, that flame of light through every cell and atom of your Astral and Etheric layers. See that glowing shimmering pale blue and silver energy moving through you, pulsing through your entire etheric and astral body. And as you are inhaling the blue flame up into the heart, exhaling and sending the energy outward throughout every cell of the body and expanding through the entire body and outward several feet into your Aura. As you send that out expanding you're building your Spiritual House, you are building your Inner Sanctum, you are strengthening your structure.

For a moment as you're taking natural breaths and feeling yourself encased into this shimmering pale silver turquoise light now take a moment to bring your consciousness into your third eye and with laser focus come back into the attention of your belly button area. This again coming into the source of your own etheric body as you bring your awareness in your inner vision into your etheric body at the second chakra area around the belly button sense and feel in this area you can see through the spinal column and the nerval matrix especially look around the spinal column and the spinal nerves in this area.

Sense, or in your inner vision look or feel for any black spot, implant or dark matrix and upon finding it remove it now. Our guides, gatekeepers will help us do this. If you laser in and focus on an implant in this area take a deep breath and blow the Light of God’s Unity into the structure to be deactivated and pop it off the nerval system, pop it off of the spine or skeletal structure, pop it off the etheric nadis or light body structure. You have the power to do this. In your mind's eye with the intention of any implant or spot fully command its deactivation and removal from it's impact or influence on your consciousness, on your body and on your Ascension.

As you come back into awareness now bring this back. Move your station of feeling into your 3rd eye and coming into your 3rd eye connect to a blue silver flame emanating like a blue diamond crystal in the core of your brain, in the core of your pineal, in the brow chakra. Connect to that blue diamond crystalline light in your third eye.

As you connect to that blue diamond light focus it as if a laser beam is generated out of your 3rd eye and direct it to your baby body in the room. And as you are still viewing your being, your moment of birth - focus this blue diamond light as a laser beam towards the baby body. Send it through the belly button and the umbilicus level and allow it to spread through the umbilicus and the belly button sending out blue pastel light. Clear and bathe that tiny baby body in this light. Focus that light through the umbilicus and the belly button moving up the spine, clearing the spine, clearing the nerves in the spine, clearing all implants on the spine and check specifically the tail bone and the sacrum area, the second chakra and see if that blue laser light beams through it will pop off any debris of any kind.

Now anchor your command and dominion through the repeat of these words:
I am the cosmic sovereign law made manifest.
I am the cosmic sovereign law made manifest.
I am the cosmic sovereign law made manifest.

Beloved God, Beloved Guardians change the transduction sequence now and the timelines to reflect this change at this moment of birth. We call forth the new transduction pattern. Adjust and change the coordinates and the timeline in the bodies now as God would have it be. Take this through the central nervous system, the biological rhythm and the blood, brain, chemical organs, and tissues. Take this through the nucleic core to the DNA and RNA manifest to every nadis structure that is fed within the central nervous system and molecular structure. Take this through the nadial capsule into all levels of the DNA and RNA imprint that create the aura and chakra system fields. Take this through each of the Merkaba field sets that create the blueprint of the morphogenetic field instructions all the way to the core manifestation template of the aura and aligned body all the way through the actual consciousness units that came into the exact moment of biological form.

And now as you come into completion, as we leave the timeline of the past, turn around, leave your back to the past and walk to the future and following your timeline and road that leads you to the present moment. With clarity, as you come to that exact moment of now in time looking into the horizon notice there is only one road to follow. That one road is your highest expression of God Actualization. That one road is the Divinity of God's will made in action in you. Know there is no mistake, there is no decision to be made - only walking your path forward consciously with presence in the now moment.

And as we come in to our present body awareness into the now moment taking some breaths to feel your physical presence coming back into the full now present, the communion with your physical self, with your spirit self. We harmonize and hold our space in the name of One Self God Self and as witness to the One we seal this into the Light of Union and Wholeness. And so, it is full and complete.

Feel yourself disengaging from our group field stepping in to only your individuated pillar of light and know that you are sustained and protected in this source. Again, you appreciate and love your body at this time allowing yourself to rest and recover as need be and drinking lots of water, fluids. Be a good inner parent to your child, be a good parent to your body. Again as we end our session this evening and remember to rest and allow.

Beloveds thank you so much for collaborating with us this evening. May we all rest now.

To all those in Divine Love and Divine Truth
much Love, Joy and Peace as we embark on our one road together.