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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Brain Integration Treatment


Prepare for meditation

We set our intention here to be fully connected and protected in the external light, the internal light of One.

Bringing the congruence of both the body and the inner light into oneness and unity.

We ask beloved God to open all channel so light and to clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonate to the living light code.

We set our space fully connecting to your own 12th dimensional cylindrical platinum pillar of light.

For a moment, please reinforce that cylinder of your protection, your personal body and energy being fully contained in that platinum pillar of crystalline light.

Close your eyes and place your attention on your personal pillar and person shield, staying contained in that filed.

See yourself fully filled with that spinning silver light and the feed line of energy fully connected into the 12th dimension vortex Krystal consciousness.

Allowing your body to be sustained an nourished within your own light source.

We are going to open our group field.

We intend our dimensional vortex to open into the celestial Christ force.

We ask our space to be gridded fully in that celestial crystalline force of platinum light.

We ask our friends, the beloved Aurora, the Guardian forces, the God force, the Avatar consciousness to fully lock down our field as we command this space fully through I am God, I am sovereign, I am free, to that which is only directed through unity, through God consciousness and the divine plan.

As we begin an installation of this command, we ask that those aligned in the Law of One mission to work together in the highest capacity of exchange of Gods infinite light source.

We ask each beings individual guardians, guides, medical teams, the ascension teams that support each being individually and collectively in this field.

We open that space and ask that each beings perfect attunement to the galactic surgeons for medical assistance, spiritual and light body assistance which connects them into their higher Good intelligence and Avatar consciousness.

We ask the Avatar aspects of ourself, both as an individual and collective being body, to return all that belongs to us .

Return all energies, parts of bodies, the etheric crystals information, jewels, wings, the energies and part of bodies that fully belong to each of us. We ask them to be returned now to the rightful owner in the name of God in self sovereignty.

We herein command into presence to that which is in service to the infinite stream of light.

We call back now all that is the self sovereign and right as each being

As we open to the self sovereign God power and ignite and resurrect that passion and inspiration of the source within us, every cell and pour of our being and body.

We now set the intention fully of reharmonizing our nervous system .

Upgrading and harmonizing our brain waves.

We ask for those systems of both our nervous system and brain to be attuned into the new global brain of the unification patter and that which supports each beings personal perfection of God actualization, self realization into the Goddom, ully experiencing and connecting into the infinite source and through the sovereign right of each beings protection, support and connection to God to be fully fortified and nourished in that connection.

Beloveds, please offer the stabilization of the parasympathetic system.

As we allow the atomic nerves balance and stabilization of both, the three layers of our nervous system, understanding all is in the power of three, the trinity and the trintized form.

We bring the atomic nervous system, that which controls our body’s function and our brain function to be brought into stabilization.

Beloveds, please stabilize the parasympathetic system.

The parasympathetic nervous system brings deep relaxation to the body. It the nervous system that is responsible for when we are relaxed, when we meditate, when we feel that warmth spreading through our body before we go to sleep, that is the parasympathetic nervous system.

We ask for any disturbance in that system, which usually comes for shock, anxiety and trauma in our life, to be removed, released and cleared from its impact on our body, on our nervous system and on our parasympathetic system.

Please stabilize and bring balance and activate the parasympathetic system to its optimum and perfect functioning within our nervous system functions.

As we connect our parasympathetic nervous system to our sympathetic system, this is like understanding the binary control of the nervous system that controls the binary system of the brain, both the right and left hemispheres. The sympathetic nervous system is the fight or flight response of our nervous system and that sympathetic nervous system has been getting an workout lately.

We want to bring healing, love and forgiveness to our sympathetic nervous system and allow that part of our being to be stabilized and in full communication with the parasympathetic.

As you feel the wiring of your nervous system conjoining, bring them into balance, perfect union between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system function brings us into neutrality.

Aligning the sympathetic system, allowing your body to release any fears and anxiety that create a fight or flight response.

Allowing the body to relax.

Allowing the parasympathetic to relax the body.

Reprogramming both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to be in balance and perfect functioning centered in your body.

This brings us to the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is the nerve that is from the center of the brain, literally like if you felt the center of your brain going through changes, the vagus nerve is the nerve that brings the balance between the two hemispheres. Its the nerve that starts at the center of the forehead and moves up the very center of your skull, goes back to the back of the skull down the spine and connects into the stomach. When you have butterfly in your stomach, when your solar plexus feel constricted or tight, it is the vagus nerve that is causing that reaction to your body.

We are going to bring the vagus nerve into perfect resonance and stabilization with your body.

See the movement of that nerve function, connect into the center of your brain, intend to connect to your vagus nerve.

Now follow it from the center of your brain, like one line moving up to the center of your skull. See that joining hemispheres of your brain.

As you move the focused white light all the way through your brain and cranium, seeing that it is fusing and merging the hemispheres of your brain into one brain.

Bringing the corpus colosseum which is the membrane that connects the left and right brain hemisphere, seeing across stitch.

The corpus coliseum is like a cross stitch pattern. It is like two little stitches that actually connect a membrane and neural net connection that allows the joining of hemispheres.

As we join the brain hemisphere we become into union which true self, the higher self.

See the corpus coliseum merging with the vagus nerve as the vagus nerve is activating from the center of your brain.
Allowing it to merge a perfect line that is bringing the seams of your brain and hemispheres together.

Moving to the back of your head, connecting into the occipital which is at the base of your skull where it connects to your neck. See that merge perfectly connected, perfectly attuned.

Bring that vagus nerve, follow the line of the vagus going down your spinal column now. Now from your cervical vertebrae, which is at the base of your neck, follow it all the way down to the mid thoracic to literally where the bottom of your tummy and navel area is.

See that nerve completely connecting into your stomach and midsection.

Relying it’s bodily functions in perfect harmony.

Allowing your vagus nerve to resume in perfect function.

Allowing the connection and contact between your vagus nerve to the sympathetic and parasympathetic system.

It is literally like seeing three levels of wiring that is a part of the electrical in you body. Your central nervous system is made of three parts.

Connect in your mind and intend that all three levels of your nervous system perfectly stabilized, perfectly functioning, perfectly communication with your brain.

For those of us that have been very worried or stressed we are going to increase the consciousness stem, which allows theta waves to wave through your body, relaxing the body.

As we bring in brain wave patters we are leaving our alert patterns, which many of us have been existing within. This is why many of us are so tired all the time. We are existing in a meditiatonve state while we are standing up and supposed to be functioning in the 3D plane. Our nervous system is getting a workout.

As we adjust the wave speed percent of our brain we are going to treat our body with loving care and kindness.

Stabilizing the alpha beta waves.

Coming into the theta waves which stimulates our consciousness into higher patterns and allowing our autonomic nervous system to fully be in balance with the theta wave speed.

Allowing our brain to exist in theta with ease.

Allowing our brain and nervous system to connect into that higher consciousness in perfect normal function and optimum function pattern for the physical self.

The physical self is getting used to the transition of leaving the alpha state and coming into the theta state as the normal waking consciousness. Prior to this, when we meditated, when we were partially asleep and out of it we would be in a theta state. We are now maintaining a theta state while we are awake. We want the body to learn how to do this easily, gracefully so when we are in theta state we are able to access higher intelligences, connecting to the cosmic intelligence field, allowing our body to connect to that consciousness, feeling alert, feeling connected, feeling in our body still, fully calibrating into our nervous system.

We are now going to do brain correction. For each being we are going to do a brain integration patterning.

Beloveds we ask for correction and assistance in all issues and weaknesses that may be interrelated at any and all possibilities.

Beloveds, we ask for brain integration at the first levels and layers to assist in the cerebral cortex, cerebellum and brain stem and their center functions. Please perform brain integration in the first phases.

For all those beings, both individual and collective, to be attuned and aligned into the new global brain patterning into unification and source code adjustment.

Releasing any old patterns.

Releasing any old archetype.

Clearing the neurological structure.

The interrelationship of the body’s function to the central nervous system function.
Improve and correct the brain, brain stem and cranial nerve to be restored, rejuvenated and reintegrate into their highest capacity functioning.

We clear this through the axions, dendrites, synapsis and nerve cell body.

Ensure the structure of the neural junctions to be fully in integrity allowing brain integration to be fully and completely corrected and aligned into the highest attunment and physical optimization of each beings personal genetic and spiritual actualization.

Thank you

In you brain, as yo connect into this inner part of your brain, we are going to connect all aspects of your brain, ensuring each level of your brain, brain stem, neural net and those neurological junctions are communicating with each other.

Connect left to right
Right to left
Top to bottom
Bottom to top
External to internal
Internal to external
Back to front
Front to back

At the corpus coliseum at the center of the brain right to left, left to right.

This is brain integration patterning, in the deep symmetries of the brain, bringing balance and continuing through each of the layers and levels of these patterns, bringing any disorders of amplitude or general asymmetry to the brain to be entirely upgraded function into the highest pattern of each beings brain capacity

Rewire and remove any fatigue and stress on the brain, stress on the vision and the optic lens that connect into those functions.

Correcting the asymmetry of the brain.Removing any patterns of personality disfunction that are patterned in the brain neural net.

We are going to clear this through DNA, chromosomal and other sub cellular structures of the brain.

As you hold brain integration we come to a close.

As we have opened for cognition upgrades to happen in the order of priority as God would have it be.

Take this through the instruction field of your being and all components of the core soul level and beyond.

As we anchor, lock and seal through our hologram, we take this through the entire time matrix.

Beloveds, thank you so much for joining us this evening.

As we open to all processes required to align to our highest God purpose now.

Our infinite stream of love is with you.

Fully come into your physical self.

Feel yourself anchored into your core.

As you come into the deep presence of your physical beings.Allowing this upgrade and rewiring to continue through sleep state.

For you now we anchor lock and seal our session.

We end our session and communication this evening into the light of wholeness and union and that which the serves God’s union and purpose.

Have a beautiful evening and goodnight.