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Healing Hybridization Trauma


Whoever has control over the thoughts of one's mind is who has control over the direction and actions of the entire functions of the physical body. The actions of the physical body are that which influence and lead to the control over thought forms. Control over belief systems. And these belief systems control the soul and spirit. One can live either in bondage to their thoughts or be freed by one’s thoughts, which ultimately free the soul. Whoever controls the mind, controls the soul.

Make the intention now that you alone as a God, Sovereign, Free being are in full command of your thoughts, in full command of the direction of your mind. I am the master of my mind, brain, emotions and behaviors; therefore, I am master of my soul spirit, which I dedicate to Christ.

Our intention in this treatment is to command our Divine right to reclaim our mind, reclaim our mental cohesion, reclaim our mental health and well-being to be restored to balance, restored to integrated thoughts and behaviors.

Our thought forms are the behaviors we have, and to observe one’s thoughts will precede the actions taken through outward behaviors. At this time, it is important to be aware of our thoughts and what we allow to shape our belief system that inform and influence our behaviors.

Our planet and the human race has suffered alien hybridization trauma. This hybridization trauma is caused from the hidden histories this planet underwent from alien invasion, memory wiping, and removing and destroying the correct historical record of our entire human race. This alien hybridization trauma has manifested genetic damage, both physically and spiritual-energetically, which makes human beings’ brain and mental bodies vulnerable and weak to alien technological mind control strategies.

With all of your heart, mind and soul, monad and Krystic intention, decide to reclaim your right to own your thoughts, to command your brain, and devote your mind, brain and nervous system to the purposes of the Divine mind of Christos. We pray with all of our heart, mind, soul and Krystic Avatar self to assist and support our strength, clarity and alignment to the Divine Mind of God, as God would have it be.

Prepare for meditation.

Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Christos Sophia, please open all channels of Eternal Light. Clear all Light fibers and connections to be resonant with the Eternal Living Light code. We set our space and call upon the Group Avatar God self, the Guardians of Christos Sophia, the Aurora families, those of the Krystal Star Matrix. Beloveds as we aligned to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One Mission. May we work together for the highest capacity of exchange in God's Eternal Light, Love and Power.

Intend to connect to your inner core and heart. Focusing on your heart chamber, declare your intention of service. Now activate your inner spirit connection to your core shield, the 12th dimensional field. From within your 12th dimensional shield and hub, now extend your hub handshake with Unity Intelligence towards the Krystal Star.

Boundary test in your space now North, South, East and West.

I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

Feel yourself sustained and nourished from within your own Light Source. Emanating in waves from your still point and heart.

As we extend our group vortex into the celestial Christ Force, we grid our space and session dedicated and consecrated entirely to the eternal God Light.

Beloved Aurora and our entire Christos family, we ask for your help and service individually and collectively in our group to create Krystal Star God, Sovereign, Free spiritual freedom in our bodies. in our minds. in our emotions. Freedom in our spirit, soul, monad and all spiritual essences, so that we may live free of elemental control, free of mental mind control, free from artificial alien technological control, free from archetypal identity control. May we live free of enslavement, live free from torture and pain at the hands of another. May we be educated away from our own ignorance. We ask God and our families in Christ to release the bondage of spiritual or energetic servitude to another being, entity, person, place or thing – whether human, nonhuman or alien – in any agreement or bond, which is corrupting our dedication and desire to truly be at One with the Eternal Light of God itself.

We wish to align and be purified as the clear Light vessel of God's Divine mind, to embody the Divine mind of God, embody the Divine cube of God, embody the Divine eye of God, embody the Divine Rosy Cross on the throne of God, as the perfect house in God's Crystal Cathedral upon this Earth.

We call for the freedom of the bondage from the nadial network and etheric network that may have invaded our nervous system, our autonomic system, all of our elemental physical body. We call for freedom from genetic distortion of fear, mind control, and trauma and pain.

With all of our heart, mind and soul, we consecrate our body and being, our spiritual light, to serve the Eternal Light of God in the light of eternal truth. And we join with you now to demonstrate our heartfelt devotion, commitment and kindness to live as the Law. To live the Law of One, the Law of Love. With love in our heart, please make us an instrument of your love, truth, freedom and sovereignty.

With love in our heart, please free us from the pain in ourselves, and the pain we see in others around us. With love in our heart, please give us the direct guidance to free ourselves in God's real authority and name in Christ here, now and forever.

Beloved God, Holy Divine Mother, release the quarantine and blockages. We call upon our genetic race line and families in the Christos light to remove, terminate any and all genetic block. Terminate any and all influence of alien hybridization trauma in our DNA, fleshly body and cells. Heal our mental body and brain. Heal our soul spirit and monad, safely removed from alien hybridization impact and its methods, which may influence its damage in our body, brain, thoughts and instincts.

We claim the Divine Light ruled within in the sacred sovereignty of God's Law now and always. Please return my true heart compass, as aligned with God's Divine mind. Please return my true heart compass, as aligned to the true house of God and for the sacred purpose of my life on this planet to be revealed to me now. I claim my right to know my true sacred purpose with God. I claim my Divine right to own my own mind and thoughts as an instrument of Divine will, and to serve my ascension and evolution purpose. I claim my right to have direct relationship with God as my creator to guide me through my life. I renounce and terminate all false gods in my life.

All personal and group body ascension guidance teams, the inner God spirit of each and every, being please utilize only what is required in Divine perfection of God's plan and God's will. May the sequence levels required to activate each individual being into reconnection and full cognizance with their Divine being, happen in the Divine grace of God now.

Beloved Aurora band of mercy, we thank you for your support with us as we set forth the new architecture in order to heal and clear our bodies from alien replication trauma and alien hybridization genetic damage.

As we move through the timelines, we ask to identify and locate all clones, replicants, and abuse or misuse of our genetic record to reclaim all body parts in past, present or future timelines to the rightful owner in Cosmic Sovereign Law. Please terminate and destroy all clones of my image, clones of my body and my spiritual energetic self that are made by unholy alliance.

Beloved God, please align me and all identities that are true with my Eternal and Godly Creator body, made Holy in your name and image, and in perfect alignment to serve the Divine and Holy mind of God.

I terminate access to my genetic record through all alien and unholy alliances, totally and completely now.

Prepare for reclaiming, healing and recovering replicated and damaged genetics from alien hybridization trauma memories and technological mind control now.
We ask to apply our script command: identify, locate, remove and repair for all items now set forth individually and collectively as only the Eternal God self would have it be.

Correction of human-animal hybrid trauma. Please locate in each dimension of harmonic triad. Please locate within any body part: Zeta hybrid trauma and pain.

Sweep through each harmonic triad and body part: Annunaki hybrid trauma pain.

Sweep through each harmonic triad and body part: Dracon hybrid trauma pain.

Sweep through each harmonic triad and body part: Nephilim hybridization reversals.

Sweep through each harmonic triad and body part: Luciferian hybrid trauma and pain.

Sweep through each harmonic triad and body part: Atlantian Solar Lord implants hybridization trauma

Sweep through harmonic triad and all body parts: Kumara master implants

Sweep through each harmonic triad and body parts: Zeta Reticula fourth dimensional astral seal implant.
Sweep hybridization trauma through each harmonic triad and body part: Annu sixth and seventh dimensional seals of wings being cut off trauma.

Clear replication hybridization trauma through each harmonic triad and body part: Orion solar cross replication and hybridization trauma.

Clear through each harmonic triad and body part: Archangel Michael sword splitter hybridization trauma.

Sweep through each harmonic triad and body part: Mother Mary splitter and Sofia splitter.

Clear replication hybridization trauma through each harmonic triad and body part: Vesica Piscis harnesses replication and hybridization trauma records.

Erase through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear hybrid or alien genetic viral strains through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear Fallen Angelic schism trauma through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please heal all mind splitter hybridization trauma through all harmonic triads and body parts.
Please clear Indigo 3 contract hybridization trauma with Nephilim and Annunaki hybrid through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear hybrid neurological damage through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear alien hybrid children from genetic breeding and the hybridization trauma and pain of the replicants in all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear hybridization trauma of DNA diseases in the elemental body from replication through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Beloveds, please continue to clear genetic race memory hybridization trauma: Enki, Enlil, and Marmaduke through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Clear Thothian, Thelema, Ulema genetic hybridization trauma and Galactic race memory from all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear Alpha Draconis and Orion group Galactic race genetic memories from hybridization trauma and replication through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear underworld and Anubian trauma Galactic race and genetic memory from hybridization trauma from all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear Metatronic bodies monadic splitting from genetic race memory and genetic hybridization and other trauma from all harmonic triads and body parts.

Please clear all massacre or Holocaust trauma from genetic Galactic race memory from hybridization wars through all harmonic triads and body parts.

Beloveds, we now ask to apply our script command of identify, locate, remove and repair for all items set forth now individually and collectively, as God would have it be.

Please repair damaged genetics, DNA splicing, DNA merging of body parts.

Correct DNA seed codes.

Correct DNA cellular alphabet.

Correct DNA fire letters and vector codes.

Correct DNA base code: female.

Correct DNA accelerate code: male
Correct DNA imprint genetic code to silicate matrix.

Correct DNA abduction or stealing body.

Correct DNA staff code.

Correct DNA rod code.

Clear all DNA axiom bonding reversals.

Correct DNA crystal seals.

Correct DNA imprint for silicate matrix through Double Diamond Rainbow Body of the Oraphim.

DNA correct imprint for Hierogamic template.

DNA correct for Aurora host re-encryption colors, harmonies and geometries.

Taking a nice deep breath. Feeling your body, mind, emotions spiritual energies, integrated and connected with your spiritual core.

We take our Guardianship agreement into completion through the outer-inner levels of the mind-grid DNA karmic contracts, core soul level and beyond.

Please take this and record it through the morphogenetic fields of all energy systems and levels of components of our being fully, completely, totally and permanently.

We anchor, lock and seal through the holographic record. We anchor, lock and seal through the time matrix.

Beloveds, please perform a simple triad sweep of all miasma, addiction record, parasites, entities, suppressor parasite entities, Archons, alien software, mind control.

Perform all body retrievals,

Clear all memory and influences, permanently and completely.

Eliminate. Release. Protect. Set free. Sovereign Zero Point.

As we collapse the time fields, we seal the aura and our communication.

Breathing deeply, allowing yourself to stay relaxed. Coming back into the full presence of your physical body. We bring our focus to apply all corrections to easily integrate, hydrate and nourish the living tissues and cells of our body. May the cells be flushed of all toxins and purified. Hydrated in the pure, Krystic Light and Krystal water.

Beloved family, we thank you for this opportunity. As we open our heart, mind and body to receive the blessing and grace of the Eternal Light of God. We commit to align fully to our highest spiritual God purpose now. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways.

And so it is. We seal and end our session in the Light of wholeness and union.