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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Christ Archetype Healing 


lets take a nice deep breath as we prepare for meditation.

We will be focusing and letting your body relax.

Closing your eyes, feeling the stillness from your core, letting the waves from you inner core light extend to relax your body, relax your mind, relax your emotions.

Allowing your body to be fully relaxed.

Now, as you are comfortable, breathing easily, may we start our group meditation.

Beloved God, please open all channels of the eternal living Light.

Clear all light fibers of my soul, my monad, my God spirit, fully connected, fully resonant with the living light code.

As we set our space, we call upon our group God spirit and Avatar, the Guardians serving the One, our Aurora families and those that serve the starseed and indigo identities aligned to the Law of One Christ mission, beloveds, may we exchange together in the highest capacity of Gods infinite light, love and power in its divine right order and harmony.

For those of us that are new to the 12 D shield in creating the expanding 12D hub, just as you close your eyes quickly reinforce your seal around your body. Feeling yourself incased literally a hermetic seal of platinum crystalline osculating light. Allow that light to flood your cells, your pours, your energy being completely running the osculating pale silver light, platinum light of the Christ consciousness.

Some of us may see the inner hub spinning, meaning that as we connect to the 12D field of the Krystal consciousness the earth frequency of that consciousness will also generate and you may feel the spinning of that field.

Allow that spinning to extend to your place of residence where you are listening to this meditation. Extend that field into the entire space of where you are in this moment now. Protecting the space, expanding the space.

Only allowing that which is I am God, I am sovereign, I am free and that of which is the cosmic sovereign law of God is invited in this space.

As we spend a few moments focusing on the sensation of the platinum and pale light moving through your body in the external or around you may feel the the Aurora, the pastel energies, within the body moving in a beautiful dance of that light within and without. Moving in and moving out through your body.

Feel yourself sustained and nourished as this is breathing in and breathing out. Allowing that force of frequency, that God force of light, sustain and nourish you.

As we now open our group field and our group crystalline unity field, we open into the Celestial God force. We set our space entirely in the Christ force as we command the transharmonic pillar and Mother to manifest and hold down our pillar, extending and protecting our 12D group field.

We seal the corners.

We call upon on the elementals of Aurora to be our pillars of light through North South East West, through the Earth, and through the Sky, and our own heart we direct all aspects of these corners to be sealed in the intention and the eternal light of God through unity and Oneness as we are inpenetratable and invincible in God spirit.

We ask our families to anchor our space in sacred service to the Law of One and service to God as which we commit to our service now.

As we open our group field, we invite the God forces aligned to the Law of One and Krystal and Christ mission, to work together now in the highest capacity of unity and Oneness.

As we state that which is our intention of open architecture of unification in God spirit light, in the internal infinite light of God, in the love and power of God itself.

We command this space in divine right order and harmony to prepare for our meditation. To prepare our beings and our body, both as individual and in our collective field to be fully aligned and resonate into our God actualization and our service mission.

As we now call for cosmic Mother, the God aspect of the mother of all. As we connect with the Mother presence we hold the intention now that we are going to recalibrate and bring into our divine heart the Diamond Sun Heart. The true sun and star of our inner core and being.

For a moment place your mental focus in the inner chamber or your heart.

Feel yourself sinking deeper through the layers of your heart, almost as if you are laying down and you are falling backward through the dimensions. You are moving deeper and deeper into the layers of your multidimensional heart.

From the deepest layers of your heart complex, see a perfect crystalline diamond glowing from the inner heart chamber.

As you connect to your diamond heart, notice it is a perfect cube rotating on its side axis. This is the perfect cube, the divine schematic of Gods spiritual house.

As you see the two triangles of your diamond heart merge together, with one tip pointing up and one tip pointing downward, focus on your inner heart diamond. As you focus and allow your inner heart to emanate, we command God source as consecrated and dedicated to this sacred heart, our sacred heart.

We ask to ignite our entire God essence into presence, into the living life, beating into our heart now.

The living is our diamond sun heart and we ask now to be ignited fully into our diamond heart now.

As you feel guided, you may want to repeat this in your mind or say it out loud.

Beloved God, please ignite the power and glory of your essence within my diamond heart. Manifest God essence now.

As you sense the igniting of the small flame of your diamond heart igniting with the larger flame of the cosmic heart of God, the cosmic heart of the Mother herself, we unite as one.

We now calibrate our position to the universe as a group, as our journey into unity and Oneness into the heart of God, the heart of Mother itself.

As you connect into the deep chamber of your heart, see the inner diamond light aglow.

It is now time to calibrate your heart channel to be in direct alignment with the violet flame, the violet ray and all colors spectrums of the violet and the blue ray light.

The Mothers trinity has returned to this plane and her diamond heart will expand and ignite its violet heart light to purify the violet light in your body and into the channels of our planetary mind and the planetary body.

Before we move into the next level, strengthen your heart tone with the Krystal Star tone.

That heart tone is KA RA YA SA TA AA LA.

With each tone, you can hum it in your own being and voice. Feeling the tone of that hmm move into your heart, strengthening your heart tone. These tones are your navigation to home as they guide you to the crystal light in the heart of God, the Krystal star of the eternal living light.

For a few moments either saying out loud or humming the tones, strengthen and build the energy of your heart tone with these tones KA RA YA SA TA AA LA.

You may sing these tones or hum these tones as they build the strength of your heart light to hold the higher frequencies that expand your heart complex in he diamond light of your heart.

Allowing these tones to resonate through your being. In your own way strengthening and building your heart tones and your heart energy.

As you build the tone and the strength of your heart, spend a moment in silence feeling your diamond heart and your true position in complete zero point. Complete 360 degrees as your consciousness is circular as you are at one with all things.

Feel your true position of oneness.
You are one with God.
You are one with the cosmic heart.
You are one with unity.

Now from this stillness, ignite from your heart a full sphere of crystal light spinning from your heart and from the power of the tone and the building of that crystal light.

Feel it pushing outward from your being into your aura.

The Crystal light of your heart, spinning and building momentum, pushing outwards into a large mirrored ball of iridescent light. That iridescent light is like streams of pastel luminousness of multiple colors refracting from the mirrored ball. Allow that to push out, growing as it spins, as it builds its strength as it build it lights. Expand entirely to encompass your light body. A full sphere of Krystal light spinning into a large mirrored ball of iridescent light.

See that spinning light mirrored ball encasing your 12D pillar. See it expand out as a huge mirrored ball completely surrounding you. Completely encasing your 12 diminutional pillar.

What you are going to do as this spinning light of your mirrored ball emanating from the chamber of your heart is pushed out, feel the push from he front of your heart pushing the Krystal light, spinning it out in a sphere, spinning it out in a spherical motion out from the front of your heart chakra and out of the back of your heart chakra, encasing your entire being in a Krystal light spinning sphere. Which is a large mirrored ball that is iridescent light that grows as it spins.

Allow this spinning light of this mirrored ball to encase your body, your 12 D pillar.

Now you are going to get ready as that spinning light and that mirrored ball is encasing and you are felling that it is at the proper size it need to be, let it lock down into your new body architecture.

It is the foundation of your spiritual house that is anchoring into the physical manifest. This is your relationship with God for you and God have built your spiritual house and know you are anchoring it into your field, into your light body.

As you feel yourself inside the spinning mirrored ball, you feel it stabilize almost as if it is snapping into place in the foundation 12 inches beneath your feet.

Feel that spinning mirrored ball literally snap securely into place.

As you feel yourself steadied inside the spinning mirrored ball, now invite the violet flame to ignite within your heart.

In your heart see the violet flame.

Now, as we intend to be purified in the Krystal ball that is spinning around you, we are going to ignite the violet flame and allow it to circuit inside your body while you are in the Krystal ball that is spinning around you.

As this mirrored ball spins around you it glides softly, similar to butterfly wings. It is very smooth and seamless as this is an extremely high and refined frequency of light.

See the violet ray in your heart ignite and while you are inside this spinning mirrored ball, we now ask you to clear and remove all false light, broken light, or wounds in the heart of the Christ consciousness.

See the violet light spark into the spinning filed of the mirrored iridescent light and within that house, that sphere, that mirror of light, let it be transmuted, transformed.

As it transforms, allow yourself to breath a sigh of relief as the violet light is purified in every particle of its consciousness units.

As you see this violet flame, violet being reconstituted, let it open and run through the circuits of the violet light channels of your body.

As the violet ray emirates it turns from shades of electric violet to electric blue as the Mother’s triple heart purifies its ray structure .

We now send the violet light in its purified form to all parts of your body that need recoding to the purification of the violet light ray and the violet heart of our Mother returning the perfect radiant love back to the female, back to the male in the violet light spectrum of color.

While you allow the violet light to circuit within your light body, take it through all complexes, all channels, all meridians.

Now it is time of you to scan your body for these energies signatures that we will be stating now. With each energy signature, allow them from non judgement, with no emotional charge, allow them to be revealed and surfaced and then forever purified and removed from the false white light and broke light matrices that have existed in all past, present or future cellular memories.

All that matters now is perfection in the light of God, perfection in the violet flame.

With each of the three words that are said, feel the energy signature, put it inside the mirrored ball and ask your God source to bring all frequencies of this distortion through these energy signatures to be completely released and purified through its violet flame correspondence.

Taking a deep breath, feeling yourself completely encased in this mirrored ball, we are now going to work with some frequency of energies of words that have been used in the past as a part of our relationship to the Christ consciousness.

We are now going to release these polarities, these energy blocks and these forms as the forms they have taken are a part of the wounds of the Christ.

Now was we state that fully we dissolve and clear all wounds of the Christ within our body, our being and our eternal God perfection.

Here is the first triad.

As each word is said, feel its signature, put it in the mirrored ball and allow it to transmute and completely alchemically shift its relationship in your body as we clear and release all entanglement and attachment to these words.

The 1st triad


The 2nd triad


The 3rd triad


The 4th triad


The 5th and final triad

False God
False King

Now, as we remove the impacts from negative mass consciousness energy or leakages connected to these particular programs within the collective, we further command for our entire group, beloved God, please clear any and all imbalanced and misqualified energies related to these triad now.

We claim the sovereign right and liberation for all persons involved through any timeline and time zone.

In the light of God and love of Christ, we dissolve and clear any imprints, manipulation, enslavement or interference with these triads between ourself and any person place or thing, both human or non human, to be removed, cleared and terminated from our involvement.

Clearly stated, we resign from any and all involvement in this control matrix.

We resolve and resign from this game fully and completely.

We are free from entanglement, attachment or disturbments now and forever.

Our authority is taken as the Christ through Gods sovereign law.

We command this space, our space, as sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of one source light.

I hold in my heart the truth of God’s perfection and the truth of the Krystal intelligence of the Christ. Our Christ in the glory of God and in the glory of Christ I hold all that is the promise of eternal life and resurrection to be at-one-ment with God’s spirit, God’s source.

I command this in the cosmic sovereign Law of One as a channel of God’s eternal light.

Now within each of your beings, any entity or spirit that has been involved in any of those programs of the the triads that we have so forth named are claimed their God given light to return to God’s light or to their time space continuum of origin.

God force, God self, please assist and transport any approbate of release of sovereign freedom consecrated to God source with all intention now is chosen.

We seal and end our communication portal.

Fully and completely in the truth of the Light of One.

As we are now one in unity, we are inspired to send our one heart to the troubled or distressed human beings on our planet. In your heart, take a moment to gather your inner light and power and as you feel guided to set your command into presence now.

Beloved God, ignite the truth within us to instill and protect your cosmic sovereign law upon the earth, upon the universes.

May the truth set us free as we serve the Law of One, the Law of Love.

Now, in the presence of perfection and one source light, for all of the human race and of our beloved planet, as we choose now as representative, please beloved God, beloved Mother, cleanse all ancestral and miasmatic record through the human hologram, through the histories of origin and through the planetary interface records of cellular memory.

Reinstate the divine blueprint of Christ to the records of all human all layers of our human families to be unified in the truth vibration, liberated sovereign and free now.

Thank you God
Thank you God
Thank you God

And so it is.

As we come to a close within our evenings meditation, we close our group field and allow ourselves to now disengage from the group consciousness, coming into our own personal field, still within the mirrored ball.

As you feel this mirrored ball, this is a new part of the architecture of our God spirit, the divine house of God. It is now up to you to feel this new architecture and structure in allowing it to support you, allowing it to protect, allowing it to connect you into the God spirit and the God protection.

Through your own inner guidance, as you feel resonant to the mirrored ball, understand that this your direct refection through your spiritual house.

Beloved family, I thank you for this opportunity this evening. As we are open to all processes to align fully to our highest God purpose, my infinite stream of love is with you in all ways.

As we seal and end our session, come into our own divine presence, fully relaxed and fully aware in the moment.

We seal and end this season into the light of wholeness and union.

Beloveds thank you.

As we seal our field and end our communication, please rest well. Know that your are infinitely supported in your new spiritual house.

And so it is we end this evening session.

Thank you so much.