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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
Science of Ascension
Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Temple of Loving Kindness
Connect with your Heart and practice Loving Kindness every day!
Quick Practice Steps

Sovereign Sun RA-MA


Let us prepare for meditation.

Beloved God, please open all channels of light. Be fully connected and resonant with the Eternal Living Light Code. We call upon our group Avatar God Selves, the Guardians, the Aurora Families, the Guardian Mentor Band, and the Krystal Star Matrix aligned with the Law of One Mission. May we work together in the highest capacity of exchange of God's Infinite Light, Love and Power.

Intend to connect to your inner Core Spirit. My declaration of intention is to serve my highest Source. I commit to serve my Highest Power, fully, completely, and totally.

Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield, your 12th dimensional Field. From within your 12D Shield intend to create the Hub Handshake in direct connection with Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star.

Bring your focus to your Heart, taking a nice exhale, sending out the Krystic Light in a counterclockwise spiral in your room. Boundary test, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. As we open our group vortex into the Celestial Christ force, we grid our space and session entirely in the Eternal God light.

Beloved Aurora please help us to connect with the pure light of Christos, through the re-animator forces of Aurora. We call upon the Aurora and Christ Family for the HGS amplifier the Double Diamond Sun Body, the Solar King, and the Solar Deity of Ra complex now.

Beloveds, we welcome you and Thank You for your support protection and foundation for each and every being representing our Group Field.

We wish to be purified as the clear light vessel of God's Law, God's Love, God's Light, and God's Power in the world. Beloved Holy Father, Beloved Holy Mother, may we reclaim our sacred and Divine marriage. Please unite our inner male and inner female as one. We claim our Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit dedicated to the principle of Christ, and its Divine Calculus, which is the dwelling for the Eternal God living light.

All personal and group body Ascension teams, Beloved's may the inner God Spirit of each and every being, utilize only what is required in Divine perfection of God's plan and Will. For those new with us, please provide the sequences and levels required to activate each being into their internal God Spirit in Divine harmony and within the Divine grace of God.

For all children of the sun, all children of God, may the perfection of the Eternal Light flow into all Hearts, so that the real Source of all Spiritual love may take hold inside one's body. As we follow the Golden Ray of the Krystic sunlight its rays fill us with the warmth of unconditional Spiritual love. This gathers our connection to all synchronicity, that which is most positive, imparting the highest expression of loving thoughts, which in turn, reflect, and imprint upon our deepest Heart center, while providing inspiration to others.

The Sun's Solar Light is strengthening towards one's Body, Heart, and Mind. The Spiritual Source which imparts the gift of love's purity. As thoughts of love, peace, and purity, progress us onwards, the rungs of one's Ascending Spiral of Life, each loving thought is a link themselves into the path of Divine Will. In one's own life, building towards the Eternal Nature of Truth, may we find within ourselves the impenetrable strength as shelter from the forces of this world, to which nothing can be said, to be known, by the lower nature, as we partner in Unity with God's Eternal Will of love for all.

May the Holy Father, Holy Mother and Holy Child in Christ, be unified through the emanation of Solar Light. Through the Unity of one, we call upon the All One, through the Solar Light principle, we call Ra.

Take a deep breath, fully relaxing your body. Now moving our focus upward to strengthen and amplify our personal Light Body Christos Shield. Bing your focus above your head, to the outermost layer of your horizontal shield, that is a part of the top of your 12th dimensional auric pillar. From within the center of your brain, intend to project your inner vision, focusing directly upwards on your Central Channel line. View upwards to the position about 4 feet or so above your head, or where you sense the top horizontal shield layer that exists in your personal Auric Body pillar of light. Intend to inhale upward.

As you inhale, bring your inner focus upward, with your breath. Intend to gently push your inner vision up the center channel to look upward over your head, pushing past the Solar Star of your crown chakra, moving further upward the Central Channel, asking to be focused exactly where your vertical and horizontal layer interconnect at the top of your 12th dimensional shield.

Beloved, please focus the inner vision at exactly the intersection of the highest outermost point where the vertical channel and horizontal field, unifies within my personal Light Body, now. Hold this awareness in your inner vision. Imagine your entire focus and vision, is looking upward on the extended outermost area of your personal Light Body shield, as if you are looking up exactly underneath the horizontal shield, at the top region of your personal light pillar. Focus your concentration at that exact point, where your Central Channel intersects, into a horizontal shield from a vertical pillar of oscillating light.

We are now going to call in the Universal Gold Ray, in its Solar Light principle of Ra. Ra means Oneness in its tonal signature. Focusing above your head, onto the platform of the horizontal shield, we will sound the tone of “Ra” to call in the Solar Light forces of the Universal Founder Gold Ray, or the Rishic Suns Spiral Light. As we tone “Ra”, see the spiral of Plasma light from the Solar Rays of the Krystic Sun, emanating from the centers beyond Andromeda, from the deepest space region. Let it be attracted to your horizontal platform. Call forth the Solar Light principle to ignite the personal Plasmic Sun, of your personal Avatar Christ consciousness. As we ask the Cosmic Rishic Sun to become known to us now, may the Cosmic Solar Light ignite now. Take a breath in – (hear tone “Ra”).

Intend to connect deeply with the Cosmic Solar Light from the Omniverse of our Krystal Star Family we unite in love and peace, with our Solar Christ families. As you see rays of light spiraling towards you from deep space, see multiple Golden Rays joining together to form a spherical ball of Plasmic Light. As the filaments of the Golden Rays emit light, feel the love, warmth, radiance, and protection it gives you. As more Rays unite their filaments, a smaller Golden ball is growing into a larger Plasmic Sun. It is a large Golden ball of light, a Golden white Plasmic Star, a smaller Sun, a Plasma ball is coming towards you now. In your Heart intend to greet the Sovereign Son and Daughter from the God worlds, being reflected from your own Solar image. Invite the Sovereign Son and Daughter, Plasmic Sun to reside on top of your outermost horizontal shield. See the small Sun as it comes to you connecting into the top of your horizontal shield, in your 12th dimensional pillar and Field. As it integrates the Golden Rays of its radiance moving through the filaments of your Light Body. See all life fibers being lit from the innermost Solar panel of this Plasmic Sun. Allow the waves of Plasmic Light to run through your Light Body pillar throughout your entire energy being.

Beloved through the north, we align to thee. Beloved through the South we align to thee. Beloved through the East we align to thee. Beloved through the West we align to thee. Beloved Family of Krystal Star align our coordinates to the Fire Letters of our true Sovereign Son and Daughter. May the Aurora Time Vector be aligned in the horizontal shield of our Eternal Light being in Christos, to be reflected through every cell, and pore of the fleshly body. Krystala ignite, for I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

As you focus on the small Solar sign as a Golden ball on the top of your outermost horizontal shield, we now ask the radiance of the Solar Light, send the Rays to fuse together, with your bottom shield. Beloved please connect my lowest horizontal shield, my Earthstar to be aligned to the time vector of the Solar Sovereign Son and Daughter. Please ignite the radiance of your perfect light, to connect with my Earthstar. May my feet rise to the glory of Christ ascended in God's perfect Will and vision for my highest expression.

Bring your inner vision moving down the Central Channel. Now focus adjust underneath your feet, the position of your Earthstar. See a horizontal platform of light underneath you. Se the Golden Rays of light filament moving from the top shield, down your Central Channel, and now starting to ignite the layer of the bottom shield. Intend to bring the Solar Light principle of the Sovereign Son and Daughter into the Earth chakra underneath your feet. With as much Plasma Solar Light possible, Beloved ignite my Earth chakra into a Solar shield, to be resurrected into the Sovereign Son and Daughter on Earth. May the Divine architecture of Christ be fully embodied within me, as God Would Have it Be. The Sovereign Son in the bloodline of the Maharaji, or Maji lines, this tone is represented in the Earth chakra as “Ma”. As we tone the sound “Ma” hold in your consciousness the Maji Christ's lineage to be cleared of distortions, resurrected and reborn through this horizontal field and its timeline on Earth, through God's perfect Will. As your lower shield ignites in the Golden Ray of the small Plasmic Sun, we will tone after an inhaling breath. (hear tone “Ma”).

See the Golden Solar Light ignite, and its Plasma waves moving through this bottom horizontal shield, oscillating upwards into your person. Allow as much Golden Plasma Light your body can hold, to fill you through every cell and pore, in perfect alignment to your Christ Spirit.

Blessed is the Child of Light who seeks their Heavenly Mother and Father, for they shall live within the Eternal Light. The Sovereign Son and Daughter dwell within the Sacred Place, that which is the House of the Most High, the Krystal Cathedral. Once again we Will tone “Ma”. Take in a deep breath (hear tone of “Ma”).

Bring your inner vision back to the small Plasmic Sun located at the topmost horizontal layer of your Personal Shield. See the small Sun emitting it's Golden Rays, which are shining down upon your entire body and light being. We now intend to fully interconnect the top and bottom shield, to be ignited with the Universal Golden Rays, radiating through the small Plasmic Sun on the top shield. As we focus the two tones, “Ra Ma”, see the Golden light of the small Plasmic Sun from your top shield sending rays of light to interconnect fully with the bottom shield of your Earth chakra beneath your feet. See your central column becoming fused, connected with the Solar rays of Golden light. The entire midline channel growing wider, stronger, with each pulse of the Golden Rays of Plasmic light. Our intention is to ignite the Solar principle of the Universal Golden Ray, through the Rishic Suns, to be connected and therefore realized in the lower planes of matter manifested as the Sovereign Son and Daughter of the Earth. These are the Maji lines returning the laws of God back to the Earth. Taking a nice inhale – (hearing tones “Ra Ma”)

See the Golden Silver light weave into your central column and ignite its Plasmic Rays, connecting your top and bottom shield, oscillating more pulses of Golden Rays throughout your person. Allow as much Plasmic Light your body can hold to fill you through every cell and pore, in perfect alignment to your Christ Spirit.

Bring your inner vision and focus to the Hara complex about 1 to 2 inches underneath your naval. We now intend to fully interconnect the Solar Light Rays of the small Plasmic Sun into your Hara complex, woven throughout the second chakra layer, to be ignited with Universal Golden Rays, radiating small Plasmic Suns located from your top shield.. As we tone “Ra Ma”, focus on your Hara complex. Intend to fill this area of your pelvic region, the sexual organs as well as the second dimensional energy center, to fill up and heal with the Universal Golden Rays emitted from your personal Plasmic Sun. Intend to bring the Solar Light principle of the Sovereign Son and Daughter into your Hara complex with as much Plasmic Solar Light possible. Beloved ignite my Hara complex into a Solar shield, to be resurrected into the Sovereign Son and Daughter on Earth. May the Divine architecture of Christ be fully embodied within me, as God Would Have it Be. Taking a deep inhale – (hear tones “Ra Ma”).

Relaxing with a gentle focus on your Hara complex, we now begin a Crystal mapping session for the second dimensional Crystal and shield alignment.

Beloveds connect to correct all Crystal keys.
Connect silver Crystal.
Connect Crystal combinations.
Connect customized Crystals, from the Krystal Star matrix.
Beloveds correction and Crystal mapping to the horizontal channel four. Merge triad four within the horizontal channels.
Correction of the Solar Mind, Buddhic Mind, Avatar Mind, combinations.
Please correct the Diamond Heart in the horizontal channel connection.
Correction to the horizontal channel four Hara line point.
Please perform STS sweep of the horizontal channel four.
Crystal mapping of the diagonal channel.
Please correct counter clockwise female.
Please correct clockwise male.
Please repair the clock shield template.
Please correct the inner aura with the diagonal channels.

Please perform all activations of diagonal channels through the Crystal mapping and Crystal keys as needed and necessary.
Please perform a horizontal vertical and diagonal integration and alignment of the diagonal channel in Crystal mapping.
Please perform DNA host imprint of the Krystal Star matrix on the diagonal channel through Crystal mapping as God Would Have it Be.

Please correct to connect vertical channel chakra dimensional spectrums. Please correct orange chakra second dimensional spectrums.
Please connect and correct indigo chakra, chakra dimensional spectrums, on the vertical channel.
Please correct the white chakra in the chakra dimensional spectrums of the vertical channel.
Please correct the pale gold chakra at the 14th dimensional level at the chakra dimensional spectrum on the vertical channel.
Please correct the Hara line on the chakra dimensional spectrum of the vertical channel.
Please correct front to back on the chakra dimensional spectrum vertical channel, back to front, inner to outer, outer to inner.
Please correct Ray bodies connected to the vertical channel.
Align and correct the red Body, the orange Body, yellow Body, the green Body, the blue Body, the indigo Body, violet Body.
Beloveds reclaim Spiritual bodies through the Ray Body system at the chakra dimensional spectrum of the vertical channel.
Continue with the Gold Body Ray Body correction
continue with the Silver Body Ray Body correction, Sapphire Body, Platinum Body, white Body, Krystal Star Body.
Continue diagonal channel corrections. Unlock rotation diagonal channel Crystal mapping.

Please perform dimensional merging of the diagonal channel through Crystal mapping.

Continue on the vertical channel chakra dimensional spectrum corrections. Go to Crystal rotation.
Crystal rotation corrections, modulate frequency, integrate bodies, Axitonial alignment.
Correction and repair of Axiom lines.
Correction and repair coordinate points.
Beloveds, generate master number codes to repair clock shield template of organic matrix by reclaiming parts and collapse timeline. Please perform STS sweep through the Crystal mapping session horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Beloved Holy Mother, Beloved Holy Father, we reclaim our Sovereign crown, the crown of the Magi. As we see the Aurora of living consciousness ignite and build the Divine Calculus which holds the architecture and template of the house and cities of God. In every direction feel your connection with everything in Universal space. You are fully connected and protected in the Heart Core of God. Sense your feeling of deep love and connection with everything in the Universe, one with the Stars, one with the Constellations, one with the Galaxies. Feel and allow the sensation of oneness with all things. Intend to feel and allow this sensation of oneness with all things to pervade your memory, pervade your sense of body. This is the Body of God. This is the city of God. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of all hosts. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of all hosts. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of all hosts.

May the Solar Light of the Solar King, return the Sovereign Son and Daughters to the Earth May all broken and blackened Hearts be revealed to their true nature as one with God. May the Solar Cross upon the human Heart and human soul dissolve into the Diamond Crystal light and Solar Force.

We reclaim are Solar masculine to return to the glory of God's one Heart Beloved Ra. Our Eternal Heart is with you. We reclaim our Solar feminine to return to the glory of God's one Heart, Beloved Ra, our Eternal Heart is one with you.

As we close our session, in the final sacred prayer within our Krystal Heart we emit the tone of gratitude in “Ra Ma”. Taking an inhale breath – (hear tones of “Ra Ma”).

Holding this feeling of gratitude inside your Heart, send your love to the Universal Golden Ray and the Solar King, the Christ, to return the Sovereign Son and Daughter to the Earth. While holding this feeling of gratitude inside your Heart, you send your love and prayers to the Earth and humanity.

Returning into your body, feeling your Heart, your Core, your channel united with the Solar Light of the Plasmic Sun, starting to feel your presence fully back, grounded into your Earthly person and physical body. Placing your hand on your Heart, knowing As Above, So Below, realize that you are here to rebuild the real Heart back into the Earth's Heart . You are the Krystal Heart to activate the Sovereign Son and Daughters of the Earth.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and so it is.

Beloved Family, we thank you for this opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence, we are home in the Solar Light. Our Infinite stream of love is with you.

We seal and end our session into the Solar Light of Wholeness and Unity with God. Thank You.