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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Law of Structure Michael-Mary Wings

In this meditation we will address the Universal Law of Structure.

There are Universal Laws governing structure or architecture which exist at both pre-matter energetic levels and physical matter levels for absolutely everything in existence. To be an expert builder, one has a trade of which understands the principles and Laws governing building a structure in both the macrocosm and microcosm. In this example, the Universal Law extends the Knowledge to exist at both the pre-matter level and Energetic Spiritual Blueprint, as well as the manifested result of the Structural Form in matter. The energetic purpose of the structure must be defined by the architect builder. This same Law of Structure applies to all things that have physical form and moves consecutively down to the collective human level which impacts what kind of consciousness Spirit inhabits the structure of Form.

Tonight we will reflect on our Human Core Body microcosm reflection of the Law of Structure of which its principal in matter is formed as the skeletal matrix, or the bone matrix, of our human Body. Prepare for meditation.

We call upon our Beloved Aurora Family and all Aurora Amplifiers. Beloved we welcome your support, protection and foundation, for each and every Being representing our Group consciousness.

Holy Presence of God, Mother and Father, please open all channels of Light. Clear all Light Fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Eternal Light Code. Connect with your Inner Core. My declaration of intention is to serve my Highest God Source. I commit to serve my Highest Power fully, completely, and totally.

Now activate your Inner Spirit and amplify your Core Shield, your 12th dimensional Hub. From within your 12th dimensional Field create the Hub Handshake with Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star. Taking a nice inhale breath into your Heart, exhale out counterclockwise circle within your space and perform a boundary test - I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

All personal and group Body Guidance Teams and Ascension Teams, may the Inner God Spirit of each and every Being utilize only what is required in Divine Perfection of God's Plan and Will. For those new with us please provide the sequence level required to activate each Being into their God Spirit Lightbody, in Divine harmony and Divine Grace of God. We hold the intention now to build strongly the Universal Law of Structure, represented in our skeletal and bone matrix, to resonate with the Krystal Star and Ray Harmonies, the tonal sound color waves to build Perfect Patterns of our Diamond Sun Body, the Form holding Blueprint of our biological Christ Light, the Highest God Eternal expression.

Now bring your focus to the outer sensation of your physical Body. Move your awareness of your physical Body from bottom to top, feeling your toes, your feet, moving awareness up your legs, and to your hips, pelvis, into your torso, and now chest, sensing your neck, your face, your head and Crown. Intend to connect and communicate deeply with your entire physical Body with Loving intentions.

Now intend to connect inside of your Body, going deeper through the Skin, now move deeper into the muscle matrix, further past into the vascular and venous system, lymphatic system, moving deeper into your Body to the nervous system matrix, finally connecting to the first layer of your Body, the bone and skeletal matrix of your Being. This is the first and main Structural Body of your Spiritual House. Visualize your inner skeleton and bones, intend to send Love, gratitude and appreciation to this foundation of your structure as an incredibly important part of your Core Body.

Our skeleton serves many functions. It supports us through movement, protection, it produces blood cells, it stores ions, and it regulates our Endocrine System. Our bones are also Harmonic Resonators which conduct electromagnetic frequencies throughout the rest of our bodily systems. Our skeletal structure is very important that it obeys the Law of Structure to which it has been attuned. It is this principle of the Universal Law of Structure that we address now through our own skeleton.

Beloved Holy Presence of God, I command that my physical Body, and all aspects of my skeleton, bone and joint system, throughout any Space, Time or identity, past, present or future, be governed through the Universal Laws of God, and be directed through the Laws of intent, consent and authority, to the Laws of structure which are to build my Spiritual House as a House of God and Christ.

I request that my skeleton and bone matrix be Returned to the Rightful Owner, as per my Consent to my Highest God authority and expressions in Christ Sophia. I ask that my body parts, specifically my bones, bone Marrow, and bone minerals, as well as the Morphogenetic Imprint in my bones throughout all identities in SpaceTime and throughout all aspects of my Earthly life, be Returned to Rightful Owner in the Cosmic Sovereign Law of God, which obey the Law of Structures, to reflect the image of biological light in Christ, and that my skeleton as my spiritual foundation be Dedicated and Consecrated in the Sacred Self Sovereignty of God's Universal Law of Structure.

Beloved God please apply the Universal Law of Structure in my Consent to your complete authority in Christ, and terminate access or infiltration of any Imposter Spirit, parasite or alien force, miasma which I may have inherited through ancestral, genetic, or collective, or other means of my consciousness experiences throughout my histories on the Earth. I address all ancestral, genetic, and collective identities which have been committed to this Earth. Beloved please witness my declaration of the Law now, of sound Mind, Heart and Spirit, in certain Hope of the Resurrection to Eternal Life through the Universal Law of Christ. We Consecrate our Body, blood, bone and Skin to the Holy Presence of God. And we commit that our Body, through the past, present and future, which has been committed to the ground, or in any form return to this Earth, through Earth to Earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Beloved God Bless all of my Bodies to be committed to your Presence and Purpose throughout all the days of my life, throughout all the days of my identities, through that which is the Realm of Holy Spirit, May the Grace of God, the Holy Mother and Father lift up all Bodies to Ascension and extend Perfect Peace to All.

May we continue in clearing through all aspects of identity in the Astral Body, clearing psychic distortions of sympathetic resonance in our skeletal and bone matrix. Clearing absorbing negative energy of psychic distortions in our bone and skeletal matrix. Continuing to clear harmful portals. Absorbing family, ancestral or genetic issues from past, present and future. Clearing astral manipulation of my Bodies. Clearing any holographic inserts upon my skeletal or bone matrix. Clear all entity attachments to my skeletal or bone matrix. Continuing clearing of Astral Body trauma. Clear Egyptian timelines of mummification or any curse, spell or hex from the Egyptian timelines. Clear the Zeta Implants of Astral Body trauma. Clear the defacing of the Sacred in the Astral Body trauma. Clear Ahknaten Astral Body trauma. Clear Annunaki related Astral Body trauma. Clear Melchizedek priesthood Astral Body trauma. Clear Moon temple and Lunar sacrifices, Astral Body trauma. Please clear betrayals, mission failure, mission guilt, of Satanic ritual, and all false memories inserted from these Astral Body trauma and their timelines.

Please STS sweep all alien machinery, alien abduction, alien body parts, alien surgery, through this Astral Body trauma, impacting our skeletal matrix and Law of Structure. Simple Triad Sweep all inorganic holographic inserts, war alien machinery. Clear miasma, addiction, parasites, entities, suppressor parasite entities, alien software mind control, and perform body retrievals through Return to Rightful Owner now. Please collapse time, clear memories and influences, and seal the Aura.

Now we move to planetary miasma influences. Through the Universal Law of Christ, the Universal Law of Structure, clear planetary miasma influences within the Planetary 12 Tree Grid. Within the Solar and Planetary Shield. Within the Morphogenetic Field that is recorded in our bone matrix.

Beloveds please clear the Blueprint Transference, the Chemical Lens of our DNA into the Manifested Form. Clear all dead influences in all combinations, now. Beloveds, please sweep personal miasma influences as related to planetary miasma influences as the micro to the macro now. All combined sequences, STS sweep, personal miasma influences in timelines clearing body parts, clones, and genetic harvesting. Terminate and remove from past dimension, present dimension and future dimension through any and all timelines. Collect Selves and collect all body parts. Perform transits in the Unity timeline through our Beloved Holy Mother Arc. Holy Mother Arc, preparing transits.

Clear miasma Record from the Soul Record, from the Other Selves and Other identities Memory. From collective consciousness memory. Through the ancestral genetic connections. Terminate all attachments, fragments, personalities from these influences. Holy Mother transit those tortured, trapped, enslaved through these influences in any SpaceTime now.

Through the Grace of God through our Beloved Aurora Ray and Krystal Kaleidoscope, please clear the first through the third Chakra wave spectrum of all miasmatic Record. Please perform 12 12 12 Sphere alignment in base Chakra. Please perform 12 12 12 Sphere alignment in Chakra two. Please perform 12 12 12 Sphere alignment in Chakra three. Replace Organic matrix and STS sweep. Please clear collective, genetic, ancestral and the 12 Tribe Layers throughout all Time.

Now bring your focus to your collarbone. Take your fingers and feel the clavicle bone which is the only long bone in the Body that lies horizontally. The clavicle is a key to our Michael and Mary consciousness Soul Body healing. When we carry unresolved pain in our histories, from Wing trauma, from being separated from our Beloved, this impacts our collarbone and its functions. This has an important role in receiving the Spiritual Key, receiving the Spiritual Password to the Union of Michael and Mary, which is the Union of Souls, to build the Spiritual Wings.

Taking your right hand, rest it on your left collarbone. Send a love to this beloved bone as it holds the key memory for Mary's Wing. Acknowledge this memory inside your Body, and this bone that holds that Wing memory.

Taking your left hand rest it on the right side collarbone. Send love to this beloved bone as it holds the key memory for Michael's Wing. Acknowledge this memory inside your Body, the bone that holds that Wing memory.

Now touch the top of your Sternum and feel the notch where the two clavicles meets in the center. This notch at the base of your throat and neck is connected to our throat Chakra. When it expands into Higher Function, opens more petals and its colors alter. This area when cleared is able to hold the tone “Sa” which is Sophia's Krystal tone.

Bring to your mind the Sapphire Diamond color of the tone “Sa”. See it like a Sapphire Diamond Crystal sparkling White Diamond Light, emanating off of a Sapphire blue colored ray. We will tone the sound “Sa”, while each of these three areas are given our attention and focus. When you hear the musical tone, send all of your Love and attention, to this area of your clavicle bone and intend to release all emotional blockages in this area.

Taking your right hand, rest it on your left side collarbone. Send love to this beloved bone as it holds the key memory for Mary's Wing. (Hear tone “Sa”)

Taking your left hand, rest it on your right side collarbone. Send love to this beloved bone as it holds the key memory for Michael's Wing. (Hear tone “Sa”)

Now touch the top of your Sternum. Feel the notch where the two clavicles meet in the center. (Hear tone “Sa”)

Now bring your gentle focus to the base of your throat. See that the Sapphire Crystal is now emanating Emerald. See Emerald colors emitting out of your throat like an Emerald Crystal gemstone sitting in between both of your clavicle bones. Focus on the beautiful Emerald colors filling this area.

Beloved Holy Presence of God, we present the Michael and Mary United as One in your beautiful Emerald Light. Please bless those Hearts and Bodies to reflect your Perfect Will and Image as designed by Krystal Star We Consecrate our efforts to the Diamond Sun Body, and so that all may know Truth, Beauty and the Way to the Eternal Light. Beloved God may please Christ Michael, and Christ Mary be Home in the Light. May their Sacred Union be witnessed as One, be witnessed as the intended design of our Holy Alliance and Holy Covenant with God. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

As you focus on your breathing, feeling the sensation of your Body, your head, your shoulders, your arms, your hands. your torso, pelvis, moving into both of your legs, and into both of your feet, firmly connected, firmly grounding your Presence. Integrate the physical Being, with the Mental Body, Spiritual Body, and Emotional Body. System to system integration.

Beloveds we Thank You for this opportunity. It it with great Joy and Reverence we are Home in the Light. Our Infinite Stream of Love is with You.

We seal this session container into the Light of Wholeness and Union. Eliminate, Release, Protect, Set Free, Sovereign, Zero Point.

And so it is Beloveds. Thank You.