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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Removing V-V Software


In this meditation we will address the victim victimizer software program that has been used on this planet as mind control, over traumatizing memories that many of us may have experienced in other timelines and other identities. The victim victimizer software program is used by predator forces in order to persecute Christ forces, or to intimidate people into submission into their enslavement on this planet. It is a mind control and holographic insert program whereby human beings completely ignore the terms of war, or issues that involve their own enslavement, even if they come face to face with it. This is targeting software used for those that are targeted for persecution. Spiritual leaders, light workers, compassionate and humanitarian people making progress in certain unapproved areas are especially targeted. This meditation this evening is to support Light Stewardship and to bring Krystal Star support to the Christos people, and to those who intend their consent in the authority to serve God, to serve Christ Sophia and the Krystal Star.

Prepare for meditation.

Beloved presence of God please open all channels of light, please clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the eternal living light code. And as we call upon our group Avatar God-Self, the Aurora and Crystal Star families, those aligned to the Law of One mission. May we exchange together for the highest capacity of exchange in God's infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony. Intend to connect to your inner core. My declaration of intention is to serve my God source. I commit to serve my highest power fully completely and totally.

Now intend to activate your inner spirit and core shield. From with in your 12th dimensional shield, intended now to create your hub handshake with unity intelligence of Krystal Star. As you take a nice deep breath exhaling into your personal space. Now intending to create a boundary test with your exhaling breath, sending out in a concentric circle, filling your room and space with your 12 D shield. Now perform your boundary test; I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

As we extend out into the group container of our celestial Christ force field, we call upon the beloved Mother Arc and our Aurora families. May we connect with the re-animator forces of Aurora. May all aspects in the mirrored reflection of the Krystal Kaleidoscope through the Aurora rays and the Transtime Continuum support the re-encryption of our cellular body and the spiritual energetic memory to be remade in God's holy image.

Beloveds we welcome our families and we thank you for support, protection and foundation, for each and every being representing our group. Beloved God return to inner balance in sacred marriage. We intend to bring the male and female into oneness. We claim our life dedicated to God's living spirit. For those new with us this evening please provide the sequence level required to activate each being into their God-Spirit light body in divine harmony and divine grace of God. As we breath in deeply relaxing the body.

Now bring your focus to your higher heart the location of your thymus gland. This is the eighth chakra the location of the Permanent Seed Atom, which holds the blueprint for the crystal seed to build the Diamond Sun Body. The Diamond Sun Body is the structure, which is built from the 12th strand DNA silicate matrix. As we focus on the higher heart now intend to go into your eighth chakra and focus on the Permanent Seed Atom, the Christ Atom. This is the center nucleus core of the Diamond Heart, which is the Sophianic Body.

While focusing on your Permanent Seed Atom intend to inhale your every breath into this area, focusing your inhaling breath to connect into your eighth chakra. Through the inhaling breath going deeper, into the center nucleus core of your Permanent Seed Atom, the Christ Seed Atom. While you take inhaling breaths we will be focusing on the tone So-phi-a. As you hear the tone for three counts, simultaneously take three long deep inhaling breaths with each tone into your nostrils. But intend to focus your inhaling breath streaming directly into the thymus area of your upper center chest. With all of your intention and all of your focus direct your inhaling breath to connect directly to your eighth chakra, of your upper chest. Breath in all of your breath focused into this aperture, which leads directly to the center nucleus of the Christ Seed Atom. With each tone inhale as deeply as you can, as you listen to the tones...


Relaxing your focus, relaxing your mind, relaxing your body, resume your normal breathing pattern. Allow your breathing to be relaxed and natural.

Now bring your inner focus to your entire heart center see it glowing inside with aqua blue light. See your heart center your heart chakra, filled with a gentle pulsation of waves of Aqua, tinged with blue light. With each inhaling breath pattern, notice how the aqua blue glow moves into the pattern of your breath. The in breath circulates the blue light while exhaling the blue light. which is now intertwined with your breath. Now focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Your breath is no longer clear your breath is now Aqua blue. See your breath filled with the gentle pulsations aqua blue light.

Breathing in you can see the blue light streaming into your chest, breathing out you can see the blue light circulating into your larger auric body. With the next inhale of aqua blue light, intend to push it up into your head, into your brain, now into your crown chakra. Further pushing the blue breath up above your head into your 10th chakra, your Solar Star. While you focus above your head a few inches, intend to push up the blue light from your heart, all the way into your Solar Star chakra above your head. Now bring into your mind and all of yourself, your focus, into this blue room in your Solar Star that is filled with your heart breath pattern.

In your inner mind, see that you are entering a room that is filled with a mist of blue light. The entire room glows aqua blue shades. Everything inside is misty aqua blue colors from pale shades, to deeper shades of blue. The blue lights has a mist that feels intelligent. You can feel the aqua blue mist is guiding you to a location to sit down and to relax. As you walk through the blue mist, you come to a chair and you sit gently down. Gliding into a sitting and very comfortable position, as if you are sitting in a chair made of blue gel that conforms to support your entire body. As you sit down the blue mist starts to clear.

Now you can see a keyboard in front of you with the holographic screen, similar to a computer monitor directly in front of you. Keep your focus on the keyboard and the screen monitor in front of you. I command this space in alignment to Universal Law, which I enact with all of my intent, consent and authority. Beloved God in the name of Christ and Sophia, I consecrate this space throughout all timelines and time zones is dedicated to the Cosmic Sovereign Laws of God, the Law of One. I hold the Krystal Star Aurora Ray patterns as designed in the Krystal Aegis Breastplate, through the power and eternal light of God and Christ Sophia, the Krystala.

We will bring our courage to the forefront to identify and locate victim-victimizer program memories and their trauma, that have been collected into are cellular memories, that generate fear or trigger fear mechanisms or phobias through mind control, or in any circumstances that we may find ourselves. I claim my intent, consent and authority to remove all alien machinery, to remove all alien software, to remove all alien mind control, which obstructs my personal identity in Christ Sophia from its highest expression, to serve God in every aspect and identity of myself.

Beloved Avatar Christ and intelligence of my 10th dimensional layer, please show me where the alien software program called and known to us as victim-victimizer is located in my consciousness. I enact the laws of intent, consent and authority to my Avatar Christ my Lyran identity, all identities of the Avatar Matrix to be in the consent of authority in God and Krystal Star, through all time frames memories and dimensions. I reclaim all of my aspects as God Sovereign Free. Please identify locate the victim-victimizer software program and the memories of trauma, which have been used against me without my knowledge intent or consent. I ask all memories, body parts and aspects that belong to me to be returned to me now, in return to rightful owner.

Now look at the screen in front of you. You may see a directory tree, similar to a directory of computer-generated files and computer software programs. Intend to locate the files labeled victim-victimizer. In your inner mind as you scroll through the file directory you will see the files named victim-victimizer. In your inner vision see the files victim-victimizer across the monitor screen. Now look at the keyboard in front of you. It is just like the keyboard that you use every day on your personal computer.

Focusing on your left-hand focus on your pinky finger and your index finger. These are your fourth dimensional axiatonal line and your first dimensional axiatonal line fingers. Take your left hand pinky finger and left hand index finger and intend to place it on the keyboard, Control button and Alt button. Gently lay your two fingers of your left hand on the keyboard buttons. Now focus on your right-hand. Take your right hand index finger, which is your second axiatonal line. Put this right-hand index finger on the delete button. Now intend to press Control-Alt-Delete buttons on the keyboard, all at the same time.

Now look at the screen in front of you. The screen now says switch user. Intend to choose "switch user", and a new screen will pop up for you to type in the new user. Right now in your mind type in the new user as Krystal Star, and press enter. Now you are in the authority of Krystal Star as the user of your Avatar in all of your consciousness programs.

Now ask the monitor screen to show you and take you back to the location of the victim-victimizer files. All of these files hold the memories you have had in every lifetime that traumatized you, from the victim-victimizer software. It is time to delete these files. As you see many files under this directory system of victim victimizer intend to delete all of them, every last one.

Beloved Avatar Christ locate all files under the victim-victimizer programming and process them for deletion. See all of these files being collected and showing up on the computer screen in front of you. We ask for the Avatar Self to collect all files. Now when you sense all the files have been collected, take your right index finger and press the delete button on the keyboard. Watch the screen delete all of these files at once, as they draw in memories for deletion from many, many different lifetimes.

Now ask your Avatar Christ Self and the monitor screen in front of you, to show you and take you back to the location of the directory of the victim-victimizer software. We will need to return to the source memory causation of the original trauma event, through which this software was installed into your consciousness and user program. Go back to the original timeline and memory where this software was installed for the first time. It is time to delete the victim-victimizer software program.

Beloved holy presence of God, I ask to delete all software installation into my consciousness of the victim-victimizer programming as executable files in any identity, any timeline, and any dimension. Please delete all victim-victimizer software files. Now look at the screen and observe what it plays. Do not waver. Stay very calm while witnessing whatever pictures or movies you may see projecting on the monitor screen. Let the holographic movies play out. All you focus on is your right index finger. Take your right index finger and push it down on the delete button. Hold down the delete button on the keyboard until these movies and their pictures stop flashing on your consciousness screen.

I Am the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest.
I Am the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest.
I Am the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest.

I am fully in the consent and authority of Christ. Beloved Avatar Self in deep appreciation and gratitude, thank you.

Breathing naturally, allow yourself to relax as we clear the memories and influences of the residue of the victim-victimizer files. Beloveds please locate and identify the memories and influences to remove and repair in; the physical body parts, the central nervous system, the spinal cord, the brain, the mind, the soul, the monad, into the God source. Beloveds please continue to clear these influences in the blueprint structures, cellular DNA, chromosomes, mitochondria, molecular, atomic, subatomic, nuclei, sub-nuclei, quantum field, energy to form, form to energy, in birth transduction and through all morphogenetic imprints.

Beloveds from the Avatar dimensions, from the Founder dimensions, into the other selves, through all universes and parallels, into the Triune Transtime and beyond, take this through monad, soul and the physical dimension in this now self in all combinations.

Beloveds please clear the sensory memories, the skin memory, the touch memory, the hormonal memory, the discomfort and pain.
Please clear the shock and the trauma, in all combinations of the sensory memory.
Please clear the inner space time influence of the quantic field impact.
Please clear gravitational influence.
Please clear lunar and magnetic disturbances.
Please clear space time reorganization.
Please clear past to future reorganization, in inner space time.
Please clear bi-wave influences.
Please clear all inorganic fields or artificial fields. Thank you.

Please continue to the in-between space time clearing, of the un-manifest to manifest worlds.
Please clear miasma and superimposed karmic loads and their related contracts, such as redemptive vehicle.
Please clear all false God, religious and other implants related to this software. Please collect all body parts and aspects in Transtime that have been trapped in Phantom or Phantom Matrixes.
Please clear all black magic grid work and their black magicians, connected to these software program residue remains.
Please clear all slavery tags, taggers and trackers of enslavement. Thank you.

Please continue to clear through the external impacts of outer space time.
Please clear the neurological system, sympathetic system, parasympathetic system, vagus nerve, trigeminal nerve, brain, and cranial nerves.
Please balance the biochemistry of the brain through all of the hemispheres. Please unite the corpus callosum in the top of the brain to join with that Avatar Christ consciousness.
Please collect and integrate any time code, vector code or time fragments, as God would have it be.

Mind body central nervous system integration. Clear all spiritual oppressions, spiritual obfuscators in all timelines. STS sweep through all-time fields. Holy Father please clear all memory and influences permanently and completely, through all time. Eliminate, Release, Protect, Set Free, Sovereign, Zero Point. STS sweep, clearing through all of the time fields, miasma, addiction, parasites, entities, SPE', alien software, mind control software. Please perform body retrievals or return to the rightful owner. Collapse time, collapse time field, collapse inorganic time field and seal the aura.

In God and Christ Sophia we close to end our session. Focusing on your breathing and feeling the sensation of your body. Integrating into your physical core with your mental core, spiritual core, emotional core, coming into alignment. Beloved God and Avatar Self we request the one God eternal spirit, to reconnect all body parts and intelligence to the control, authority, and consent of our original God spirit now, as God would have it be.

Beloveds we thank you for this opportunity. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. We seal this session. We seal this group container into the light of wholeness and union. And so it is. Beloveds Thank You.