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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Alpha/Omega Clearing


Welcome back as we prepare for our group meditation. Taking a nice deep breath within your own still point, that area between the rib cage connecting into the deep core self, God self, feeling your whole body relax, allowing every cell and fiber of your being surrender to that which is God source, God light , commanding your space within your own internal intention through, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

For those of us that work with the 12D shield, feeling yourself in that light, going to now open, Beloved God please open all channels of light, as we clear all light fibers to be fully connected, fully resonant with the living light code as we call upon our group Avatar self, the Guardian races, the Aurora races and Andromedan councils those serving our starseed identity matrix, those families aligned to unity, to the Law of One mission beloveds we ask to collaborate together in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

As you close your eyes a moment place your attention on your personal platinum pillar of light, your personal shield, stay connected in your personal shield, imagine and intend seeing yourself filled with that 12 dimensional liquid silver light, see the feedline of energy still connected all the way into the 12th dimensional frequency portal, spend a few moments focusing on that feeling, the 12th dimensional energy has a cool kind and menthol, like a cool feeling as it fills your body. Some of us have ignited the blue flame energies within us and so as we anchor the blue flame as well, those that feel the blue energy within and also connected into their diamond ray or silver shield were now going to open our group field through our Transharmonic pillar beloveds we ask to open through the Krystal technology, the cosmic and celestial Christ force of Platinum light, grid our space entirely in that 12th dimensional pale silver light we command the Transharmonic pillar and that which is connected to the 13th gate of our blue flame family. Beloveds manifest and lockdown extending and protecting our group field through North-South East-West-Earth-Sky and Heart we direct the corners sealed in the light of unity and wholeness impenetrable and invincible we ask Aurora to anchor our space in sacred service to the Law of One of which we serve.

And tonight as in our group container which is a part of our web community as well as those beloved beings that are joining with us this evening, we are working with an energetic and spiritual clearing to bring cohesion, balance to the bodies, so we ask that each individual Avatar self, each beings personal genetic technicians and ascension teams to support each individual being in fulfilling our spiritual clearing and space command in accordance with God's natural laws we ask the Guardian councils overlight and the Blue Ray family to overlight our Law of One container and mission to be merged into the highest capacity of God's infinite light and to prepare our bodies physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for our service mission work in alignment to God's service. As we set our group intentional field we dedicate to the Law of One and that which stewards the divine plan in human sovereignty and unity.

As we set forth that which is our own individual spiritual clearing to bring cohesion, balance to each of us again as beings, as members of our family of light it is our bodies that bring the light and the truth to where ever we choose to be in universes and through this spiritual clearing intention is inspired through the Guardian races we fully ask all of our individual and group teams of our spiritual forces of living light to help support us with that task of self-actualization and alignment to the highest spiritual purposes of our own personal power and actualization in God's light.

We ask that all new technologies that are coming into the planet that have never been able to be accessed before to be fully and completely circuited to allow us to accomplish the massive amount of work and discipline that needs be accomplished in the here and now. We ask that all coding DNA and matrices that assist us fully and completely to align to our actualization into the next higher state of our evolution or as well as our actualization of our God process to be fully transmitted and supported at individual and in our group container level.

We ask that any transmission or code that is needed for each individual from each of the step downs between novice and to the advanced levels we asked that the variety of all purposes be assisted from the many different levels that are represented in our unity and diversity field in the levels of our beingness here and now. Again, with each beings distinct personal vibration, we ask that each being be fully and completely cleared of any vibration that is attached to their aura or physical body that disrupts any organic patterns of thinking, behaving and physical functioning.

We ask to address any unseen force or seen force to regain full and complete sovereign freedom and control of the personal life stream to correct and align into full harmony all mental, spiritual and physical levels of being we ask that the advancements of the Avatar and all layers of the soul intelligence and levels of that matrix to be continued in advancement with perfect alignment for each being.

We ask that each being individually and collectively be freed of any negative limiting interfering forces of mind control.

We ask that each and every being or spirit that has been deceived into servitude and many others in any situations to be fully cleared released and removed from those bindings.

We ask that each being individually and collectively be fully linked into their higher God purpose and divinity, please open all spiritual links and pathways of communication and expression for each individual and collective being within our group this evening.

We ask that each and every being, as you come into your heart and feel that which you would like to ask or request support, help or guidance in this moment as we commune with our group forces we ask that each being in internal silence please ask the question or information or guidance that you wish to receive in the here and now to further the clarity with your communication with your God self.

Feel yourself formulating a question or support, this is your time to ask and state what it is that you need assistance with at this time and carve a space within yourself, where spirit and God source can embody and support you.

We receive any transmission, geometric patterns or coding to create the vortices which open all interdimensional doorways where the Guardian and spiritual forces can be brought forth to assist in this clearing and through which all interfering forces will exit and be released. We ask that the color and sound frequencies that are needed at the specific waveform and signature and geometric pattern level be transmitted at the exact sequence that is needed for each individual beings highest ascension and spiritual actualization and personal growth in alignment to the living light code, of the eternal and perpetual supply of God. Again understanding like mathematical sequence, very much like binary code language that's used in computers translate the spiritual and Divine language from the divine matrix of God into pure energy form and vibration allow yourself to feel the vibration create their own particular geometry within your own aura and being. The use of this code language is to release codes of light, the living light energy of the cosmic Christ consciousness vibration and that which we command though the sovereign freedom of God and through unity consciousness, fully protected and supported now.

We ask that each being within this call that is joining us this evening be given a gatekeeper if there any dramatic signs of interfering negative energies that are creating obstacles to ascension growth.

We ask that each of these spirits or entities be freed from their entrapment on this plane and any other interdimensional plane giving them choice and reeducation in the realms of the eternal living light of God and to be completed and banned from any further interference with the raising of the consciousness of each individual and collective being to the cosmic Christ level.

Please clear any or all interfering negative limiting attachments of any kind that is not of the eternal living light or of Christ consciousness vibration from each being, their home, their families, their car, their possessions, their workplace.

We ask this also be attuned and released from our community our template our forums, and to each every individual member to be cleared and aligned into their highest integration harmony and vibration with their internal spirit. To each and every being that has a disembodied human spirit guide that has not successfully made their transition into the light, we open a container for each and every disembodied human spirit or guide that is no longer needed or necessary for that persons particular spiritual development, beloveds as we open that space we ask that our guidance that needs to be translated into new guides and new teams as well as any obsolete or disembodied human spirits from our ancestral line or that which have been connected to us, to be be fully cleansed, healed, enlightened and restored into the state that God would have it be.

We ask that any lost or confused human spirit that are somewhat lost or in obsolete belief systems to be healed and aligned as they are protected always into the light.

We ask that any outpouring of the lower astral realms into this dimension due to all of the experiments through time space over the course all timelines within humanity's history to now be given access for release and merge into the higher dimensional space or merge into God's light as God would have it be.

We ask that any unseen energies that are influencing us be brought into the surface awareness and we ask to address fully and completely any and all negative extraterrestrial dark force energies any psychic aggression, such as curses, hexes, spells, conscious and unconscious thought forms that are aimed or projected at another being, any astral psychic or etheric fragment, any shape shifter, jumper, living possession or any conjured down or invoked energy or etheric implant and their blueprints , the negative alien vibration and their energy bonds and genetically engineered or other dimensional beings to be called forth into the appropriate spiritual forces of guardianship and of light that will be necessary to accomplish a complete spiritual clearing package in accordance to the God self, Avatar presence for each individual person involved and for the highest good and alignment for all concerned within this community and that which is impacted or affected by these bonds.

We ask that that which has attuned to the Christ consciousness grid system that is related to the Seraphim or angelic races to be rehabilitated into the new coding of which aligns through the Guardian consciousness and the Blue Ray Oraphim.

Beloveds we ask that each being in divine right harmony and nature to be attuned to the 33 levels of that cosmic Christ consciousness grid and we ask that the Mer-Ka-Ba and each re-patterning code to assist each being to be attuned to the first 12 bodies of that grid system bringing full alignment, full rehabilitation as God would have it be, of the silicate matrix and the subtle body anatomy of the higher dimensional self. Beloveds we ask that the 12 primary sub-frequency bands for each DNA strand be fully contained and aligned to the organic primary seed codes.

We ask that the seed codes within each DNA strand have an antiparticle counterpart composed of the frequencies from the antiparticle system as we know the antiparticle system is the projection of the masculine counterpart it is that which we endeavor to heal and align through our masculine selves.

We ask that each of the 12 particle seed codes that exist within our DNA strand at both base code level and acceleration code level be fixed and merged into the proper chemical alignments which allow the scalar imprint of our blueprint to activate our energy and consciousness field to expand into the God consciousness in perfect and divine ways for our processes of growth.

We ask that each DNA fire code that regulates the relationship between our physical body and the planetary time cycle that we exist within to be merged healed and regulated in divine perfection for each individual being and that which again serves the group.

Beloveds as each of the interdimensional internal stargates of energy inflow we asked that the infinite supply of frequency be fully and continually renewed as the restoration of the organic Divine imprint for perfect health, perfect balance, perfect alignment to Source, to be achieved by clearing any distortion within the arrangements of the personal Core manifestation template and realigned the subtle energy and physical energy systems into the first primal order.

We ask as God would have it be, to clear any and all genetic distortions from misalignment that are possible to bring whole being healing, through the regenesis of the personal 12 Tree Grid system.

We ask to protect each of the individual participants in this code work tonight and ongoing by cloaking them in a protected field that cannot be penetrated by any consciousness that is not in service to I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free on this or any other level of their being.

We ask to provide an ultimate field of impenetrable protection through the Golden Fleece that no interference will be allowed during this clearing. We ask to disconnect any lines of communication through remote viewing, through usurping the specific energy signature of the subject of which any negative thought forms, psychic aggression or life force projection are being sent from any person, place, thing or circumstances in any of the time fields. Here and now beloveds we ask please clear each being of any victim- victimizer or self punishment programs.

We ask to clear and transmute any energy pattern of guilt and any subsequent need for punishment on any and all levels that have been described or a part of the experience of consciousness between this or any piece of the monad in time and space.

We ask to remove any dark force attachment that has been designed to fulfill a self punishment or victim-victimizer program through any time and space.

We further in command, to collect 100% of the original divinely appointed God Essence whenever it is necessary before this clearing is fully initiated we ask to cleanse purify and prepare the soul matrix, the Avatar matrix to re-inhabit the body fully.

We ask for a complete Soul body, Oversoul body, Monad and Avatar fusion process to raise the vibratory rate of each individual person to a level where this can take place and remain fully stabilized and functioning.

We ask to perform any necessary de-possessions and removals of multiple souls, once this takes place and to clear any and all debris created with in and during this process.

Beloveds, we ask and command to re-establish the independent free will choice by the rightful divinely appointed God being of this vehicle both individually, collectively and within our community.

We ask for the replacement of guidance if necessary at the higher vibratory rate and single soul occupancy is established.

There are three people on this call that are now being completed of their Indigo 3 contracts, we ask the replacement of all guides necessary and to guide and protect all released spirits to the light. Again we re-establish the independent free will choice by the rightful divinely appointed God being of this vessel and vehicle we ask for the completion of any soul contract though the Indigo 3's that are being released through this particular session in all that needs to transpire through that completion process , we hold the space for that now.

We assigned Guardian teachers where accepted to teach about the realms of the unified light of one through the law of one so they may follow a path of evolution in the eternal living light of God.

Each of these disembodied human spirits or entities where released and appropriate, we ask that their beings and light bodies can be resurrected and taken to a place where appropriate.

We ask that all energy fragments left by this clearing to be sent into the living light source to be used for the positive good of all those involved in exchange.

Please fill all voids and spaces created by this clearing within the clearest , highest, purest source of Avatar God light exchange available we ask to repair the holes in the etheric body and seal the etheric body once it's been repaired.

We ask that each individual being be brought into a state of balance and harmony to integrate new higher vibration levels at a pace that is comfortable, easy, effortless and supported. We ask each beings 12th dimensional shield be again aligned into the higher vibratory level to maintain all levels of the shield of protection for each individual being and collective being.

And we ask in all levels of the mental body and the masculine that have been distorted through any and all levels of the projections through Golden Eagle Grid, the Seraphim consciousness or that which is a part of the fallen angelic consciousness we again ask that all levels of our masculine all levels of our mental bodies be centered in our spiritual selves.

Please bring balance, harmony , integration and wholeness into our psychological and mental functions

And as each being feels guided at this time bring your focus of consciousness into the center of your brain the very center of your brain to see a wheel with a sun in the center of it and as the sun in the center of that wheel is emanating out the rays from the center of your brain those rays are emanating frequency an energy signature that allows your spiritual self and mental self to be fully centered, fully merged within the Higher Consciousness and with the centering of your spiritual self is anchored within your physical being and within your mental thought processes as you allow this wheel and the sun to emanate the light of 1000 suns emanating from the center of your brain allow each ray emanating from this sun to recode your mental body to heal your masculine self to heal all masculine archetypes from an ego attitude to a spiritual attitude.

We ask to center our spiritual self to override and supercede all ego patterns, all inferior patterns, all superior patterns.

Bring centered balanced integration and harmony and through each of those rays as we bring an energy signature to describe your spiritual self your spiritual attitudinal healing, feel each word as an energy signature moving through every cell and pore of your physical self the sun emanating the rays from the center of your brain is sending the quality of this word through that ray aspect into every cell, every pore of your molecular structure.

May we start now.


Allow compassion as a color as a tone as a signature to flood every cell and pore of your body. See It emanating from the center of your brain. The brain is commanding every cell to be in compassion.

For each word that you resonate with through the same process allow it to be absorbed into every cell of your being.

Now we continue with, Self Love

Now we continue with, Forgiveness

Every cell and pore emanating forgiveness

As we continue, allow every cell and pore to emanate personal power, this is the power of your soul, of your
God-ness, of the eternal living light you are...personal power

As you allow personal power to emanate every cell and pore of your being, that personal power allows choice, allow the feeling of choices, having choice in the moment and through that choice we have patience, allow every cell and pore to emanate with patience, divine patience.

Now we bring happiness into the cells of our being, allow that sun to emanate as a ray from the center of your brain, happiness, joy, to yourself. And through happiness we have cooperation, allow cooperation, flexibility to be in your cells. Through cooperation we have faith, allow perfect faith, perfect trust, allow that faith and trust to emanate every cell and pore of your being.

And through this we bring non-judgement we replace all judgement with discernment. Allow discernment to replace judgement through every layer of your being. In your personal power you are perfectly discerning, allow that discernment through your trust to emanate through every cell and pore of your body.

And through that we bring ourselves to self worth, self esteem, self approval. Allow your personal self worth and esteem to permeate every cell and pore of your physical being. You are the cosmic sovereign law made manifest, you are God's perfection made manifest now. Allowing self worth to fill your being.

And through that self worth brings discipline, through our discipline we balance our spiritual selves into the alignment of personal truth. Allow discipline to be felt and emanated throughout your being.

As we hold Unity we come to a close with our meditation. As we come back into our beings and body come into the gratitude of your alignment and service... to self, to God and to all that Is. And so as we come to a close we thank you so much for joining us this evening. Please rest well and allow yourself to fully and completely surrender and release all obsolete patterns and as we seal our group field with the intention of One. We anchor, lock and seal our session this evening thank you so much for joining us and to all a good night.

Thank you so much.