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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Reuniting with Holy Father


We call upon our Krystal Star and the Father Arc the Cosmic Holy Father and his hand of compassion in action in the Yod of the Father and the Mother Arc amplifier. Beloved, we welcome you and thank you for your support, protection and foundation for each and every being representing our group field.

Please prepare for meditation.

Beloved Holy Father, Holy Mother, and Holy Son, in pure love please open all channels of light, clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Eternal Living Light Code.

We call upon our Group Avatar God Self, the Guardian and Christ Families, the Krystal Star Matrix Families of the Law of One. Beloveds, may we work together in the highest capacity of God's infinite Light, Love and Power, in Divine Right Order and Harmony.

We command our space, sanctified and blessed in the name of the Eternal Light of God and consecrate it to the service of the One Source Light.

Now intend to connect to your inner core. Closing your eyes and focusing on your heart. My declaration of intention is to serve my highest source. I commit to serve my highest God power fully, completely and totally.

Now activate from your inner core spirit your 12-Dimensional field and shield. You amplify and fortify the spiritual shield, the cylindrical light around you. From within your spiritual hub, create the handshake with Unity Intelligence and Krystal Star.

As you close your eyes placing your attention on your personal pillar of light, stay contained in your personal shield. Spend a few moments focusing on that feeling as you allow the light, the liquid light, to fill your body. See the light filling your brain. See the light filling your heart. See the light filling your still point. See the light filling your navel. And see the light filling your entire hips and perineum. As you feel yourself sustained and nourished within your own light, now perform your boundary test. I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. Pushing out the light counter-clockwise to fill the entire expanse of your room and space.

Beloveds, grid this space entirely in the Eternal God light. We set the spin accordingly to calibrate to the transharmonic pillar of Mother's 13th gate. We ask to extend encompassing the light to protect our entire group and individual field in the double diamond and Krystal Star architecture. May the grace and essence of pure divine presence reweave our body into unified, pure, eternal white light within the Krystal Cathedral in the House of God.

We hold the intention to build strongly the inner foundation, the core to house our entire inner Spiritual Light Presence. I command this space in the Sacred Self Sovereign God power of the Eternal Spirit in Christ.

Beloved Family of Guardians of the God and Krystal forces, please assist each person's integration process in divine perfection and sequence of God's perfect will for each being.

Our intention is to break the bondage of subconscious mind programs of the False King of Tyranny and its mind control over the body to free the core spirit and route to unite with the Holy Father, with God's Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Christ in love, peace, and harmony.

So you focus on your heart and chest. Intend to build and ignite the inner Christ Heart Flame within your entire being now.

We intend to identify, locate, remove and repair subconscious mind aspects which inflict negative ego delusions, inflict mental bondage of pain or suffering in any layer or part of the instruction set within the spiritual and energetic layers from the False Father mind control program through the entire course of this treatment.

Now let us take three deep breaths. As you inhale with each breath say to yourself, "relaxing now." Taking in a deep breath and exhaling, we now bring our immediate attention and focus to the heart of the continent of Australia. In your inner vision see yourself traveling to the center of the Australian continent, to the red earth dessert plain, the large sandstone rock formation in the northern territory of central Australia called Uluru.

As we connect with Uluru we intend to ask permission of the gate keepers to enter the Mother Arc Gate of the Alpha and Omega, the place where time has no end and no beginning.

Beloved, we call all forces of God, all forces of goodness with God's grace and blessing to be dispensed to all beloved gate keepers of this cave portal in Uluru. May the Light of God shine forth and bless all hearts here with peace and joy. May the Living Light return and remain as the nurturing presence and soma that nourishes all life.

In the Cosmic Sovereign Law of which the choice of sovereign freedom is for all. We claim this space in Uluru as consecrated for God's perfect plan, that which serves the Eternal Light, Love and Power of God Force. We ask the three flame founders to ignite this land as belonging to the true keepers and holy representatives of Father and Mother God, the Holy ones who protect this sacred space for the Earth, for humanity, for the universes.

We ask to see, we ask to hear, we ask to know the transparent truth of God's will as it applies to our direct spiritual person, our spiritual being who chooses to serve God's will and God's plan for the Earth over all others.

Feel yourself standing at the base of the majesty of the sacred space of Uluru. As we stand in front of the dimensional doorway which leads throughout the inner spaces of no time. Feel the sand under your feet. Feel the warmth of the spiritual source embracing you here. Imagine the majesty of the Uluru monument and send your blessings of appreciation to all of nature, to all of the Earth spirits located there.

Now bring your focus to your first chakra, at the perineum level. Bring to the surface the awareness of the feeling of the energy wave spectrum, the red orange gold colors that may be present in this area of your body. Intend to go deeper and deeper into these layers, into the more dense colors that exist in this lower area of your physical and energetic body between your legs. Keep your focus in this area of your lower chakra.

Intend to move into the deepest layers of your inner complex through the first chakra, now moving deeper into the layers through the aperture that takes you into the spheres and dimensions of the root of your tree of life. Intend to send your consciousness into the first dimensional sphere of your personal tree of life. Travel within the time of that sphere to connect with Uluru, the sandstone rock formation through your first sphere, the base level of your personal tree. Connecting with the rocks, connecting with Uluru. They will lead you through a dimensional doorway that leads into a dark cave inside the mountain. And so intend to go into the opening of the mouth of Uluru, the cave that enters the space of no time.

As you go into this cave keep your heart open in peace and love. Wish peace and love upon all beings you may encounter in this visit. In your inner vision see yourself entering the cave-like portal of Uluru. As you slowly walk into the darkness of the portal, do not fear, feel your strength. Feel and call upon your courage as you call upon the Holy Father to meet you there in the cave, right now. Call upon the Holy Father, now.

In the depth of the distance perceived in the inner spaces beyond time. See the magenta lights in the depth of the dark cave moving towards you now. Feel in your heart you know this is the Divine and Holy Father. Through the Mother he is coming to find you, coming to meet with you, coming to help support and protect you now. You are safe and secure with the Holy Father. See the cave burst into magenta, violet, and gold lights. The violet golden cast of light illuminating the cave, filling the darkness, filling the void with the bright violet pink goldish light.

With your right hand extended intend to shake the hand of our Holy Father. Greet him as you would your father that you're being reunited with at this time.

Beloved Father God, through your compassionate witness and hand I ask to be reunited with you in perfect trust, perfect faith, and perfect virtue to reflect the Holy Spirit and the virtues within your highest expression and image. Beloved Holy Father, please help me to know of you directly, in my heart and mind; to gain trust with you true presence. Please help me to heal my spiritual fears. Please help me to heal the pain I have endured in my mind, in my heart, in my body, and in my spirit on this earthly plane.

With these words now I intend to consecrate and dedicate all levels of my identity, all levels of my intelligence, all levels of my heart and spirit, all levels of the gift of my life to serve the goodness, the glory, the truth of my relationship with you, the Holy Father. May this intention and blessing be wished through the Father's Prayer which I dedicate now to you.

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day your sustenance. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into falsity. Deliver us from the bondage of darkness. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever.

Through my inner spirit and Avatar Christos, I request that which is my eternal nature and Holy Self to be commanded in the natural laws of God and to which I resign and renounce all unnatural laws unholy structures that have been made unintentionally within my entire living breathing existence throughout all time and space. I choose to be made whole. I choose to be made in my Highest Expression to God and I ask my holy relationship to Father God be revealed to me personally in truth, in love, in Eternal Light and Nature, that I believe and know with all of my heart is the only thing that is real.

Holy Father, please consecrate my body, mind and spirit; please deliver my inner child from the bondage of pain and suffering, with all of my heart, with all of my might, with all of my mind. I pray to be released and relieved of the bondage of the False Father, the False King of Tyranny, and my confusion from not knowing who you really are. I ask with all of my heart to be shown directly who my real father is in this life, on this earth and that my relationship to the Heavenly Father, my relationship to the Holy Father Arc be revealed in my heart, in your perfect alignment, in Divine Right Order and Harmony throughout all of my earthly life.

Holy Father, now and always I place my trust with you. I place my heart at the altar of your heart. I am one with my real Father in God.

Holy Father, please remove all structures of False Father deceptions; remove the structures of illusion; remove the structures of ego mind walls; terminate all artifices of Victim-Victimizer and bullying from any person, place or thing, human or non-human, any spiritual force which separates my existence from experiencing your direct love, your direct protection, security and compassionate hand in directing throughout my life.

Please guide me now through the reorganization in Divine Perfection and Timing. Plase go through these intentions to resurrect my personal tree of life and hologram to represent the true Holy Father of infinite love and compassion, terminating all substructures and inorganic false architecture that contain False King of Tyranny programs and their impostor light and false structures of ego.

Please clear spiritual fears. Clearing... Self-rejection. Rejection of God. Losing identity. Losing sanity. Losing soul. Humiliation. Fragmentation. Feeling lost in the dark. Knowing too much. Abusing my power. Self-doubt. Stupidity. Spiritual terror. Persecution. Armageddon. Possession. Haunted. My family or my safety. Being condemned to purgatory. Holocaust and genocide. The planet explosions. Being trapped. Fears of responsibility. Fears that no God exists. Fears I will be crucified. Fears of being locked up. Fears of being consumed by the dark. Fears of the dark void. Aliens. Angels. Meteors. The dark void. And that I will rot in the earth.

Holy Spirit please baptize the Heart of the Child of the Holy Father for I am one with my Father as He is one with me. All deceiving and interfering impostor spirits identify yourself now to the Holy Father Presence for I am the Child of Holy Father. I am one with my Father as He is one with me throughout eternity.

Holy Father, please clear all Victim-Victimizer stage one. Holy Father, please clear Victim-Victimizer stage two. Holy Father, please clear Victim-Victimizer stage three. Holy Father, please clear all targeting stages as needed and necessary to correct reversals, collapse time, and resign completely from the Victim-Victimizer software. Please terminate all archetypes of the Impostor Spirit, replace with the organic Living Light, the Eternal Source of God.

Holy Father, please clear and remove any planetary miasm addiction links which feed the Victim-Victimizer or False King of Tyranny programs and their impostor light and false structures of ego.

Holy Father, please clear all inherited addiction miasms that contain False King of Tyranny programs and their impostor light and false structures of ego.

Holy Father, please clear disease miasm addiction links that contain False King of Tyranny programs and their impostor light and false structures of ego.

Holy Father, please clear and remove all addiction and phobia links which contain architecture of the False King of Tyranny programs and their impostor light and false structures of ego.

Holy Father, please clear the addiction tracker software through the NRG architecture of the False King of Tyranny programs and their impostor light and false structures of ego.

Clearing... Tailbone. Fetal cells. Spinal chord. Spinal column. Atlas axis alignment. Foramen magnum. Reticular formation. Icasation of the pyramid. Motor fibers. Muscle fibers. Central nervous system stimulus. Brain stimulus. Medula oblongata. Cerebellum. Occipital lobe. Parietal lobe. Basal ganglia. Cerebrum. Temporal lobe. Frontal lobe. Thalamus. Hypothalamus. Pituitary. Amygdala. Hippocampus. The pons. The pineal. The brain stem. Corpus callosum. Cingulate gyrus. Limbic system. Sensory cortex. Pineal gland. Correct mutation. Correct reversals. Auroral Host reprogram.

I am the Child of Holy Father. I am one with my Father as He is one with me. All deceiving and interfering Impostor Spirits identify yourself now to the Holy Father Presence for I am the Child of Holy Father. I am one with my Father as He is one with me throughout eternity.

Beloved Holy Father and Mother, we open the 13th gate, the aquamarine portal. We ask for all transits as needed and necessary. Beloveds, please transit all possessions, shapeshifters, suppressions, shadow creatures, portal jumpers. Beloveds, please perform all transits now.

Holy Father, all deceiving and interfering spiritual oppression and demonic essences and their impostor spirit structures and programs are cast out of my body in your Holy Presence and Christ's name permanently, completely, and totally. I accept and allow the power and healing of Father God's Eternal Light as the plasmic spirit of Christ to unite me with the Holy Presence of Father God.

Every personality, identity, multiple personality, alter, generational or ancestral identity located in any time and space, any identity that has inhabited this body in any shape or form, I terminate any legal agreement and energetic law that serves demonic spirits or harmful entities from prebirth, birth, childhood, teenagehood, and into adulthood now, through the act of my personal will I choose self-determination for my core spirit to unite with my true Father God. I choose sanity, wholeness, integration, and healing as the perfected truth inside my body, mind, and spirit which I know is made in God's image.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest.

Holy Father, please perform system to system integration in my communication directly with you. Reconnect, integrate and perform a system alignment. Replace the organic matrix of my body, mind, heart, and spirit, to be integrated with you.

As we allow the Holy Father Presence to be with us, we clear all memories and influences, residues and remains from our bodies. Please perform corrections through the nervous system. The spinal nerves and the spinal column. In your inner vision, from the tip of your tailbone, focus your attention moving up from your tailbone in the coccyx to the back of your skull, at the medula oblongata level. See your coccyx moving up your spine, as your spine is filled with light.

Holy Father, please clear the coccyx, sacrum, 5th lumbar, 4th lumbar, 3trd lumbar, 2nd lumbar, 1st lumbar. Continue to the 12th thoracic, 12th thoracic, 11th thoracic, 10th thoracic, 9th thoracic, 8th thoracic, 7th thoracic, 6th thoracic, 5th thoracic, 4th thoracic, 3rd thoracic, 2nd thoracic, and first thoracic. Continuing through the 7th cervical, 6th cervical, 5th cervical, 4th cervical, 3th cervical, 2nd cervical, first cervical and into the medula oblongata, the holographic projector of my spirit and consciousness.

Please connect my medula oblongata with my vagus nerve, with my trigeminal nerve, the sympathetic and parasympathetic system. May we perform a system to system integration within the central nervous system to the spinal nerves and spinal column.

Beloveds, take this through all blueprint structures of energy to form and form to energy in the quantum field.

Holy Father through the outer space time influence please clear memories and influences and all external impacts of the False King of Tyranny and its impostor light and false structures of ego.

Clear all memory and influences permanently and completely from outer space time and external impact. Eliminate, release, core soul protect, set free, Sovereign Zero Point.

I am the Child of Holy Father. I am one with my Father as He is one with me. All deceiving and interfering Impostor Spirits identify yourself and transit now through the Holy Father Presence for I am the Child of Holy Father. I am one with my Father as He is one with me throughout eternity.

From this moment in all spiral time, I dedicate and consecrate my body, my mind, my spirit and all essences of being into service of God and the power of the Living Spirit of Christ.

Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Christos, may the Sacred Trinity ignite your powerful healing spirit within my heart, mind, and body to propel me to purity and perfection in the highest expression of the true essence and light of God.

Taking a nice deep inhaling breath. Bringing your focus back to your physical body. Feel your consciousness returning back from the root areas, returning back from the spaces of Uluru's portal. Returning back to your physical body and physical space.

Feel your consciousness moving from the root area, moving up your column to expand back into the full witness presence, the full now awareness of your feeling heart complex. Feel the compass of your heart. As you feel the inner heart compass allow the compass of your heart to return you back to center, back to core, return you back to present time, return you back to the station and residence of your now physical self.

We send our love and gratitude for the gatekeepers of Uluru, to Holy Mother and Holy Father for their presence with us this evening.

As you feel back in the present time and current awareness, confirm to yourself, I am one with my true Father as He is one with me throughout eternity.

Feel yourself reunited with your true Father Presence. Feel His love, compassion, protection, and support of your entire being. You feel the support knowing your are safe, secure, protected in your earthly life on this earthly plane. When you feel you want to connect with your Father repeat, I am one with my true Father as he is one with me throughout eternity.

Beloved Father, we ask for all human beings on this earth to be a knower of their soul and to release the burdens of humanity's servitude to the False Light and False Power through the deception of the False Kings of Tyranny. We now pray for all humanity and this planet, for peace, love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness, and so that every being may find its way back home to the Living Light and to their true Father.

Holy Mother please comfort those in pain and so they may come to know peace and love and know the perfect peace of God's Eternal Light and Love existing within the Christ Consciousness.

Beloveds, thank you for this opportunity. As witness of oneness we seal this into the Light of Union and Wholeness in service to the One Self in God's name and Christ's authority. We seal our bodies consecrated to the Eternal Light of God and our Families of Oneness.

Please collapse all time fields, seal the aura, and perform Simple Triad Sweep of transits to continue as needed for each individual within our field.

May we close to end our evening session as our infinite stream of love is with you always. I seal the session container into the Light of Wholeness and Union. And so it is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And to all, a good night.